Pro Wrestling Desecrated, Issues 1 and 2!

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Hello and welcome to the first installment of “Pro Wrestling Desecrated” where we’ll take old pro wrestling magazine covers and try to be funny by changing up the text. Sometimes it will be smarky headlines, sometime silly ones, but usually ones that amuse me and no one else. Maybe if we get really lucky, you’ll laugh once or twice too.


We’ll also occasionally present original wrestling-related comic strips, poems and absurd true-life pro wrestling history lessons, and I’ll even blackmail some of my pro wrestling pals to contribute their own wrestling magazine cover desecrations. So let’s get this jibber-jabber out of the way and proceed to the desecrations, shall we?



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When he’s not busy with his life’s mission of burning bridges, Troy Lowe finds time to create belt designs for Universal Championship Belts, which you can check out "here"!!!
18 Responses to "Pro Wrestling Desecrated, Issues 1 and 2!"
  1. Kerry B. says:


    I so approve of this one.

  2. Raven7309 says:

    I’m picking muttonchops over a plain, old mask.

  3. drunkenmaster says:

    Hahaha! Hilarious, especially the Pro wrestling Illustrated cover. (I’d watch the Mr. Wrestling II vs Ole Mask versus Muttonchops if it existed…)

  4. Wrestlecrap's Janitor says:

    I love this feature!

    Give us more!

  5. Apter says:

    THE APTER loves this (read that in Rock’s voice) and is awaiting the royalties!
    WELL DONE Crap!!

  6. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    I love it! Nicely done.

  7. Jay "The Brain" Mann says:

    I remember reading these before… ah, who cares, they’re still funny! Keep them coming!

  8. Rick Rude's Mullet says:

    Why does it look like Stan Lane has ‘goo’ on his eye? What was he doing with Steve Kearn? LOL!

  9. Dr. Phart-Ebum says:

    I swear I’ve never seen these on Kentucky Fried Rasslin…

  10. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    Nice work! Looking forward to future installments!

  11. Matt McGovern says:

    I’m down with this!

  12. Budsgrand says:

    When reading about Strongbow and Haystacks the first response I had was… “GET IN MY BELLY !”

  13. Walt says:


  14. Escape says:

    I forever have Skinner burned in my brain whenever I see Keirn.

  15. TMM says:

    Valliant did take a turn for the worst, quickly become a rather creepy looking character.

    Great work indeed, it’s great to see workers I actually saw wrestle getting the Wrestlecrap treatment.

  16. Paul R. from says:

    Here’s the original image for #1 (Inside Wrestling, October 1974):

    Here’s the original image for #2 (Pro Wrestling Illustrated, May 1985):

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