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When he’s not busy with his life’s mission of burning bridges, Troy Lowe finds time to create belt designs for Universal Championship Belts, which you can check out "here"!!!
6 Responses to "Pro Wrestling Desecrated: Issue 41!!"
  1. ChuckUFarley says:

    The magazine covers are hilarious. The movie poster ones sucked bigtime.

  2. kmtown says:

    Actually, Dick the Bruiser’s WIFE owned the WWA (along with Mrs.Wilbur Snyder)…Indiana state law…

    And to this day i still remember the disillusionment when I saw the map of the territories for the first and realized that the WWA “world” champion was actually the champion of Indiana…and southern Illinois…

  3. Long haired ass O says:

    I love the Little Rascals reference
    Theys ain’t babies, theys is fidgets

  4. Porter "Budsgrand" Sultzbaugh says:

    Meanwhile, Bruno Sammartino is awarded the NWA World title after defeating champion Buddy Rogers in Toronto, Ontario, but refuses to accept the title because Rogers had wrestled with an injury.
    And Gorgeous George is shaved bald after losing a hair vs. mask match to The Destroyer at the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles.

  5. Mister Forth says:

    Triple-H may have this cover.

  6. Doc 902714 says:

    I’d like to see the Judy Glover full-color portrait for framing

    Checking Wikipedia…..damn no page

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