2014: A Look Back in Horror – The Worst in Wrestling!

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Quick note from RD: Gooker voting will begin next Monday, January 5. To prep yourself, here’s Justin Henry’s recap of what was a pretty dang horrible year in pro wrestling.


2014 was a year of Daniel Bryan overcoming the corporate leviathan, a developmental territory becoming must-see television, the number two wrestling promotion finding a cable home that intends to make them the network’s tentpole, the WWE Network finally finding launch with a treasure trove of old and new content, a new international entity headed by Jeff Jarrett that has acquired the iconic Jim Ross for American commentary, and the debut of Sting in WWE.

This list will cover none of those things.

No, here at WrestleCrap, it’s our duty to cover the WORST in wrestling. It’s more than just a tagline ya know.

A year ago, I cobbled together the 50 worst wrestling items of 2013, quite the polarizing list. At this time, I would like to apologize for the following entries:

-48. Bad News Barrett. Much more awesome than it should have been, thanks to Barrett’s natural enthusiasm.

-21. Ethan Carter III. The former Derrick Bateman stood out in a sea of poor booking as a more-than-acceptable villain.

-5. CM Punk stealing the urn. I still think it’s a bit hokey, but hearing Jim Cornette say on Jim Ross’ podcast that ‘Percy woulda loved it!’ dampens the shoehorning a bit.

A year from now, I may be apologizing for some of the entries below. As a perfectionist, I sincerely hope not! Here are, in my opinion, wrestling’s worst ideas, gimmicks, angles, and incidences of 2014.

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A harmless entry, but it serves as our benchmark. WrestleMania XXX guest host Hulk Hogan was so wrapped up in nostalgia, namely his WrestleMania III win over Andre the Giant, he referred to the Superdome as “Silverdome” twice. Steve Austin soon after called him out on the gaffe.

49. We Stopped Bo-Lievin’

Lo and behold, WWE had something in once-mindless Bo Dallas: a human motivational poster, imparting his wisdom in a shrill, mousy voice. Dallas’ bit had potential, complete with undefeated streak. He was then hastily fed to a cold R-Truth, and has since been lost in the shuffle.

48. Give it a Girl’s Name

What a weird 2014 for Cesaro. There will be other entries involving this man later on, but this place is for the halving of his name. Cesaro had his “Antonio” removed this year, reportedly due to Vince McMahon believing the first name sounded ‘feminine’. Wonder how that makes Antonio Inoki feel?

47. Layla, Summer Rae feud over Fandango

What an odd feud. WWE has been attempting to get Summer Rae, star of their next Marine installment, over with fans, but her ‘Talk to me, talk to meeeeee” entrances were received with silence. Fandango dumped Summer for the saucier Layla, and the battles were easily forgettable.

46. We do as we’re told

In February, Jim Ross took part in an interview on Opie and Anthony’s radio show, revealing a story about Vince accidentally ‘sharting’ his pants before a Raw around 2001. On the March 3 Raw, JBL went on an unprovoked tirade about how Vince was a better announcer than ‘non-English speaking’ JR.

45. Yes, Young, Yes!

Not to discredit Eric Young at all; the man has been an underrated talent for years. However his TNA World Title win on April 10 far too much mirrored the underdog rise of Daniel Bryan. Young was even presented as a plucky, lovable champion with a trademark scraggly beard by creative.

44. Three of one, a trio of another

I’d like to think the choices in this poll are just a rib by WWE, since they’re all essentially the same kind of match. They’ve presented the choices before, mind you. Of course, there’s the hint that WWE holds its audience in a low regard, and doesn’t think the core base would know the difference.

43. Paige vs. AJ Forever

On the surface, the Paige vs. AJ feud was fine. Two Divas who can actually wrestle and are mostly respected competing for the gold provides few faults. That is, until you take away any semblance of a storyline, and just have them wrestle for months non-stop while taking a backseat to certain other Divas.

42. Kane Goes to Hell: The Final Monday

If you needed further proof that WWE never intended to put the gold on Daniel Bryan, check out his post-WrestleMania feud with suddenly-a-demon-again Kane. Brie Bella took the role of helpless scream queen while Bryan fended off Kane’s attempts at Voorhees-ian carjackings.

41. Samuel Shaw threatens suicide

Shaw’s Dexter Morgan-meets-Patrick Bateman character is slightly buoyed by his natural iciness, but his stalking of Christy Hemme was comically absurd. At Lockdown, Shaw threatened to leap off the cage if Hemme didn’t appear. The fans encouraged him.

40. WWE turns Mr. T’s sincerity into a joke

Upon his induction into WWE’s Hall of Fame, Mr. T did go into overdrive praising his mother, to the point where it drew some unintended chuckles. Mr. T was insulted when Kane, as rodeo clown, cut off the speech. Wonder how he felt when the company made a viral video out of the ordeal?

39. Alicia Fox is crazy!

Suddenly, without warning, Alicia would begin doing bizarre things after matches, like clang the ring bell, or steal JBL’s cowboy hat, or snatch a ringsider’s beverage. There was never any explanation for the incidents, and Alicia became a normal babyface later on.

38. Slammy voting rigged?

The graphic depicts an illuminated shot of how the WWE app “Superstar of the Year” ballot reportedly looked. Assuming it isn’t tampered with, it suggests that votes for Ambrose went to Cena, and those for Bryan went to Reigns, the declared winner. Makes you go hmmm.

37. Horny-Gator

As the temporary mascot of ‘Slater Gator’, Hornswoggle becomes a mini gator and wrestles El Torito before a Brooklyn crowd that is just having none of it. If only they could have heard Michael Cole’s laughter, they too would have known that this was supposed to be hilarious.

36. Putin power

Xenophobia will always exist in wrestling, and WWE is all too excited to exploit it. Bulgarian Rusev packed up his things and moved to Russia, all so the comely Lana could hail Vladimir Putin before all of his matches. Cheap heat, yes, but if nothing else, Lana makes it all seem so sexy.

35. Sandow in costume

Before settling upon his amusing role as Damien Mizdow, the one-time intellectual savior began an odd run of dressing in random outfits, such as NBAer Lance Stephenson, Abraham Lincoln, and Bret Hart, among others, with no payoff other than to be squashed like a bug in said segments.

34. Kathie Lee and Hoda waste everyone’s time

Ever one to cling to celebrities like pompadour’d barnacles, WWE brought in Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb during Pinkwashing Month. The two shilled wine and caroused with Adam Rose’s unruly band of misfits. Little wonder why ‘NXT’ has become an en vogue chant.

33. Tables, Ladders, Chairs, and Stairs

The roster tasked themselves with trying to top NXT’s R-Evolution event, and largely failed due to creative handcuffing. Each proceeding gimmick bout was more lackluster than the previous, and the show thudded with a bad ending that we’ll visit later in the list.

32. Michael Sam invited to Raw

Sam is a pioneer in sports – an open homosexual in a world not always receptive to them. After being cut by the Rams, Sam was invited by Stephanie McMahon to Raw to speak, solely for media attention. Sam ignored WWE completely, and the company quietly rescinded the invite.

31. Adam Rose, The Bunny, and The Rosebuds

A Russell Brand wannabe, an anthropomorphic rabbit, and some Lets Make a Deal rejects run around harmonizing while waving their arms. That is the most coherent synopsis of a midcard act that makes little sense. Rose could gain mileage from his self-absorbed musings, though.

30. The Menagerie

Mike Knox takes over the family carnival and brings the posse with him: a one-note clown, Rob Terry in a hood, and the charming ampleness that is Rebel. Awful circus music plays throughout their bouts, similar to New Jack’s ECW brawls, without the benefit of excitement or wild mayhem.

29. WWE fires Emma

After forgetting to pay for an iPad case at a Walmart self-checkout line, Emma was arrested. She was soon fired by WWE, which drew outrage from internet fans who tweeted about other wrestlers keeping their jobs following run-ins with the law. Hours later, she would be rehired.

28. WeeLC

This is not to criticize the hard work of Hornswoggle and El Torito, who ended up having one hell of a match with each other, a true sleeper of a bout. The midget commentary crew and the undercutting with ‘HA HA THEY’RE LITTLE PEOPLE’ narrative actually took away from an enjoyable showing.

27. You Can’t Do That on Episodic Television

The Dean Ambrose-Seth Rollins grudge felt more like a blood feud than anything else in WWE. Leave it to the company that cherishes visual gags to have Ambrose steal the MITB briefcase, rig it with Nickelodeon slime, and have it give Rollins a Barth Bukkakke when he opened it up.

26. ‘XChampCrownded’

The different-hashtags-for-different-matches deal that both WWE and TNA do can be irritating, but it bit the latter hard. In TNA’s last original match on Spike, that amusing spelling gaffe appeared. After nine years of seemingly more bad than good on Spike, it all ended with goddamn ‘crownded’.

25. Roman Reigns spikes the McMahons’ coffee

Okay, so WWE wants to push Reigns. He’s a silent killer with the might of ten men, and a scowl that could stop a bullet mid-trajectory. What does WWE do? See the slime-entry: they have Reigns lace Stephanie’s coffee, so that she pukes all over departed comic fodder Vickie Guerrero.

24. Florida Georgia Line at Night of Champions

Country duo shows up at a PPV, does half-assed commentary, and then beats up Sandow to the delight of hopefully someone. Kicker is when they promote the “Support the troops thing” which they say is very important to them. Presumably they meant Tribute to the Troops.

23. ‘Brass Rings’

McMahon’s appearance on Steve Austin’s podcast was a journey into uncharted waters. Among the thoughtful responses, however, Vince claimed that Cesaro does not connect with the crowd, which provided a headscratcher for those watching. Does Vince watch his own product?

22. WWE rips off Claire Lynch

At least when TNA steals from WWE, they knock off the GOOD ideas. Stephanie attempted to drive a wedge between Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella by claiming someone named Megan Miller, Bryan’s rehab trainer, was having an affair with him. ‘ClaireLynch’ actually trended as a result.

21. A New Day

Originally, Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods were to band together as a stern, militant faction. With recent civil unrest in America, the company went the opposite way, turning all three men into all-too-eager babyfaces that warble “New DAAAAAAY” while hopping to the ring.

20. CM Punk chants

Not since “WE WANT FLAIR” has there been such a groundswell for an MIA performer. Eventually, the chants grew old, and Punk admitted being uncomfortable with them, especially when directed at his wife when she’s trying to work. Still, they occasionally persist.

19. Growing Up Bella

Really now, who WOULDN’T want to hear Nikki Bella ramble aimlessly in several vignettes about what an awful person her sister Brie is? I thought Total Divas was quarantined over on E! so as to not infect the already unctuous Raw with more badly-acted drek.

18. Hologram Lantern

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were wrapping up a brutal Hell in a Cell match, with Ambrose in control, when the lights went out. A rambling incantation blared, culminating with a smoking lantern appearing in the ring. Then Bray Wyatt appeared for some reason.

17. Worst ref bump ever

TNA official Brian Stiffler was meant to be whacked by Bobby Roode during Bully Ray’s powerbomb lift. The two avoided contact by accident, so what does Stiffler do? He freezes, wobbles, and crumples to the mat in an act more business exposing than a primetime NBC special.

16. Ramblin’ Roman

Some people can make scripted lines work. Roman Reigns, to date, hasn’t been one of them. While convalescing with a severe hernia, Reigns made several satellite appearances, where his attempts to sound confident and powerful came off as wooden as Pinocchio’s jawline.

15. WWE Network delayed in the UK

Americans had it bad enough last February navigating the sign-up system. That gridlock was child’s play compared to the United Kingdom fans finding out 20 minutes before November launch that the Network would be delayed indefinitely. Fans during the UK tour expressed much anger.

14. ‘Recent current events’

WWE pushed a caustic button at Battleground, having Lana make faint allusion to a Malaysian airliner crashing in Ukraine, purportedly via shoot-down by Russian insurgents. Lana only went as far as to say ‘recent current events’, but the media connected the dots, blasting WWE.

13. Willow

The manifestation of Jeff Hardy’s darkest intentions came to life as a masked, umbrella-toting lunatic with a high-pitched loon’s laugh. After spewing meaningless riddles for months, the character vanished when Kurt Angle requested the presence of Jeff himself. The fans agreed.

12. Brock Lesnar, absentee champion

Lesnar as champion in and of itself is fine. Missing three straight PPVs and sitting out a span of 90 days is just wrong. It devalues the company when they put their eggs in a basket that makes so few appearances. Usually a 90-day no-compete doesn’t apply like this.

11. I wish you died in the womb!

If you’re going to invoke Traci Lords-esque acting in WWE, may as well throw in some hokey lines that nobody ever says. The Wiseau-level line-reading scraped new bottom when Nikki told her sister Brie that in hindsight, a partial miscarriage would have been just lovely. That would lead to….

10. The Bellas, hosted by Jerry Springer

Yes, 15 years after Springer was last a pop culture low-light, the host of the obviously-staged trash TV smorgasbord attempted to mediate this serious issue between the twin sisters. Naturally it ended in a fight. Betcha Steve Wilkos had ANYTHING better to do than be involved.

9. Demonic Wyatt child

John Cena single-handedly wipes out all of the Wyatt Family members at Extreme Rules during a steel cage match. During his attempt at escape, the lights dimmed, and his path was blocked by Jameson’s son, lip-syncing that ‘Whole World’ spiritual. But hey, at least Cena lost.

8. Grumpy Cat hosts Raw

Yes, an inanimate object was put in charge of Raw, the first since Brad Maddox mysteriously vanished. I’m sure WWE got a nice check for helping promote the insipid Lifetime Christmas movie, but the only solace was dumbass Michael Cole saying ‘Gumpy the Cat’.

7. Vince Russo revealed to still be in TNA

Spike TV did not want Russo, who had left TNA in early 2012, involved with the promotion. Dixie Carter swore he was gone, but this proven to be a lie. An e-mail in July confirmed once and for all that Russo was on board as a consultant, apparently rehired in October 2013.

6. Spike cancels Impact

The bad news broke in late July, shortly after the Russo leak. Without TV, the number-two American promotion was circling the drain while Dixie tried to spin everything. Fortunately, Destination America stepped in before Thanksgiving to save the day, thus saving the jobs of so many.

5. WWE fires Alberto Del Rio following backstage incident

You know the story: a social media employee deigned cleaning a lunch tray as ‘Del Rio’s job’, and the star wrestler confronts him physically. WWE fires Del Rio after a lawsuit is threatened, though the consensus sympathizes with him. The backstage culture takes some serious hits.

4. CM Punk makes serious allegations about WWE

Forget about the trashings of Vince and Hunter; Punk broke his silence this past November by lighting into WWE doctor Chris Amann, who he claimed misdiagnosed a life-threatening staph infection as a fat deposit. If true, Punk worked night in and night out with the infection for months.

3. Exploding TV

What is now an IWC running gag sees Dean Ambrose try to waylay Bray Wyatt with a plugged-in TV monitor to close out TLC, only for the cords to spark and smoke into his face. The ridiculous spot is followed by Wyatt cleanly pinning Ambrose with Sister Abigail to end the night.

2. WWE whores $9.99 price for Network incessantly

Desperation set in this summer. Network purchases hovered around 700,000 domestically, far below the profit line. To rectify this, Vince and company tried turning ‘9.99’ into a catchphrase. A great product like the Network now has the stigma of an annoying tagline rivet-gunned to it.

1. The 2014 Royal Rumble

An unwelcome Batista winning the match. Daniel Bryan being left out entirely. The Pittsburgh fans dumped all over the show following Bryan’s loss to Wyatt, with a Cena/Orton title bout being booed out of the building, along with the Rumble once it was clear Bryan was not entering.


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80 Responses to "2014: A Look Back in Horror – The Worst in Wrestling!"
  1. The Angry Jobber says:

    Good synopsis of all that went bad in wrestling in 2014! Can’t wait to see this list 12-31-2015.

  2. Adam says:

    … That’s actually a sweet-looking Rainbow Brite shirt, King’s wearing at 46. Even if I have to ponder that it actually exists in 2014.

  3. Stephen says:

    Until I saw your name at the top of this page, Justin, I didn’t realise how much I’d missed you.

    Having said that, I’m going to do what everyone will do and say that the order is dodgy. Kathie Lee and Hoda so low on the list?

  4. Mister Forth says:

    A very bad year in wrestling. There was no doubt what #1 on this list would be.

  5. Penguin says:

    How is a cat an inanimate object? lol

  6. Cpt SuckerPunch says:

    justin f’n henry! glad to seeya back on the site!…great job on this sir…

  7. John C says:

    That was more crap running through my system than the time I tried super red hot Buffalo Wings. I shall celebrate the ringing in of a New Year by watching Iron Mike Sharpe vs S.D. Jones from the Boston Garden in 1986. Happy New Year to all and to all a good crap.

  8. BaltoJim says:

    Great job of hitting all of the low-lights! A few comments:

    #42 – I bet Kane thought he was in Hell when he had to job to Ryback as “Concession Kane”.
    #36 – I wait with bated breath every week for Lana to come to the ring and show everyone her Putin.
    #33 – According to the “Anatomy of the Stairs”, the bottom part of a set of ring stairs weighs 275 lbs – and yet they bounce every time they hit the floor.
    #19 – “You can look, but you can’t touch. Unless you’re gonna pay me twenty bucks…”
    #14 – I’m still trying to figure out how Rusev “resides in Moscow” when he’s always wrestling here in the States.
    #12 – “Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Disappear for a few weeks.”

  9. Alexandru says:

    A RR was utter garbage outside of the Wyatt/Bryan match. Yeah the mishandling of Dallas was a dumb mistake as he could have been a goofy/solid mid carder. Lesnar’s title run should be higher not just because of the lack of appearances but the lack of opponents besides one’s named Cena. Honestly the UK/Network debacle should be higher considering the UK is WWE’s second biggest market

  10. KatieVictoriasSecret says:

    Excellent list

    47: Had actual potential back when they put Layla and Summer together and had them trying to make Fandango’s life miserable, because that was at least something of a twist on the two-girls-feud-over-a-guy thing. Then the whole thing died and now Rosa Mendes is randomly with Fandango and at this point the whole gimmick’s reached who the hell cares status.

    43: Again, this had so much potential, especially when they were cutting these great promos on one another. The whole thing suffered from the feud being dragged on and on – but I’d actually take another round of AJ and Paige versus whatever the hell they’re doing with AJ and the Bellas.

    42: Classic wrestlecrap. Did someone up think the Undertake/Page feud was worth unearthing for this POS?

    39: And thank God for it, because she would’ve been the third mid-level heel diva in as many years with a nutbar gimmick.

    38: The E’s been doing crap like this for ages with its online polls; it’s been an open secret for centuries so

    34: This, like Total Divas, is yet another example of how not to market to women. You’d think the cheapest and smartest way to pull in a female demo would be to give us well-booked Divas angles but nooo!

    29: Has Emma been seen since? This sort of killed her career momentum, too, which is freaking ridiculous.

    25: Every few years we end up with some kind of poop-or-puke-centered angle, don’t we? Let’s just cross our fingers and hope Vince McMahon never signs a deal with Happy Madison Productions.

    20: This was (and is, sadly) the worst example of what happens when smarky BS collides with total lack of respect for workers like AJ. I’d rather Punk be working for the E than for UFC, but he’s not coming back FFs.

    16: I pretty much blame these for killing his heat.

    2: What’s just as bad is the WWE dumping on its pay-per-view buying fans for paying $59 for the event through cable. The words ‘mitigating circumstances’ have never crossed the company’s mind. Did they ever reach the subscriber threshold they were racing after?

    And now I shall quietly salivate while waiting for the Gooker poll.

    • Autrach Sejanoz says:

      Emma’s still around, but she’s more likely to be seen on Superstars or Main Event than Raw these days.

    • Guest says:

      Emma never had no momentum to start with unless you think playing the role of valet to Santino is a momentum getter.

      • KatieVictoriasSecret says:

        I’d actually count the Santino shit as a kind of momentum. People were doing that dorky dance in the audience, and she had some tiny fleck of a spark of public interest.

        It’s better than, say, the chance Rosa has to get over dancing with Fandango right now and the chance poor Natalya has mired in the crap angle she’s in, because at least Emma got some kind of heat.

  11. The Scanian Maniac says:

    Steve Austin said pretty recently on his podcast, that the “Silverdome” gaffe was planned and scripted, I think?

  12. Doc 902714 says:

    Gee nothing from WM 30 made this list. It was a pretty solid card befitting of the 30th anniversary but you missed the obvious; Cesaro (now given the Diva effect by having his name shortened) wins 30 man Andre the Giant memorial battle royal (later changed to 31 for his inclusion), hires Paul Heyman as his manager the night after WM on RAW and watches his career decline… How WWE could have messed up what seemed to be a MONSTER push is beyond me. Vince for saying that Cesaro has no connection with the fans must be asleep by the time Cesaro does his 23rd swing on an opponent. The whole freakin’ arena is counting along so they must be TUNED in…duh! Oh and if you’re going to list Kathie Lee and Hoda, then you also have to include Michael Strahan who was horrible as guest host. It was so bad that I don’t remember the segment he took part in but they were cheering Sandow when it concluded.

  13. Doc 902714 says:

    I stand corrected. Plug Hogan is top of the list from WM 30

  14. Anonymous says:

    I’m shocked that TNA’s piss-poor version of Bound for Glory isn’t included.

  15. TRO says:

    Maybe the Network would have had a better launch had the Royal Rumble turned out better.

  16. Ian says:

    The Willow character was pretty nutty. TNA didn’t seem to learn from the old “Rellik is Killer spelled backwards”, as those fans who weren’t already aware were constantly reminded that it was “Jeff Hardy’s alter ego”. Then the angle gets dropped so Jeff can get squashed by Lashley and go back to wrestling in a tag team with Matt all over again.

    If that wasn’t bad enough, towards the end of the year, TNA still attempted to make $ off the Willow character by shilling merch for a character who hadn’t been seen on TV in several months. Go figure.

    Way I see it, I would honestly be shocked to not see Willow listed as a Gooker nominee this year.

  17. Thomas Moffatt says:

    Hulk Hogan and his massive ego should be number one – he has been lobbying WWE for one more title run despite being past it and WWE having a part-time champ already. WWE have pandered to this obnoxious man all year with so much that could be described as Wrestlecrap. My worst fear for 2015? Brooke Hogan v Nipple H…

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you really think Hulk Hogan has ANY say over the scripts that he’s given to read?

      • Thomas Moffatt says:

        If he is lobbying for another title run then I think he has pre-senile dementia and doesn’t fully understand the scripts he is given… probably thinks he’s making a movie… one about a has-been wanting to remain relevant… with a company he bad mouthed for five years… directed by RD Reynolds…

  18. Dan Sheldon says:

    I was at the Rumble last year. I thought it was a good show even though Batista won. Bryan vs Wyatt was awesome and the Rumble is always fun no matter who wins. The fans ruined a perfectly fine Cena/Orton match too. Sure I’d rather see two others fight over the belt but I felt bad for these two. It was a good match. The only match that stunk was Big Show/Lesnar

    • Thomas Moffatt says:

      Yeah but they sadly brought back Sheamus in the RR which was disappointing – his uber bland personality is not missed…

  19. Peter Sanzone says:

    Another great recap of the year’s worst in pro wrestling, and again probably at the cost of your sanity.

    I’d almost say The Authority coming back on the last RAW of the year was the final kick in the teeth that we fans got. I was finally happy to not have Steph and Hunter on TV every week, only to be fed a Wrestlecrap Sandwich the last show of the year.

  20. pablo says:

    what about the return of the authority? an induction waiting to happen

  21. Jon Milne says:

    I think, looking at the list, I think it’s clear the WWE should be winning the Gooker this year. Not for any storylines, but for the sheer PR disasters that were their treatment of CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio, as well as Vince’s incredibly stupid comments on Steve Austin’s show and the disrespect shown to the audience via how they handled the WWE Network.

    So basically, the backstage and business antics of the WWE and the clear demonstration that Vince needs to bloody well retire should win the Wrestlercrap Gooker Award for 2014. Hands down.

    • Guest says:

      Yeah because Vince retiring and being replaced by his daughter and notoriously divisive son-in-law is somehow supposed to be better. I wonder why none of the smarks have come to the realization that this isn’t somehow better.

  22. Brad says:

    -Batista’s mid-life crisis outfits
    -John Cena officially hitting Hulk Hogan circa 1993 “mailing it in” mode all while acting as a roadblock to any and all up and coming talent.
    -Jack Swagger surpassing Lex Luger as the least believable patriotic babyface of all time.
    -the fact that someone mentioned to me that Seth Rollins talks like Mr Garrison from South Park, so I have a hard time taking him seriously despite him being the best thing going in the WWE right now(which is no fault of his or the WWE’s)

  23. WrestleTrekker says:

    Hey, that green slime thing also revealed that Seth Rollins owns a vibrator.
    So yeah, it is actually awesome in my book.

  24. Cenamark says:

    I disagree with 50. It was just a gaff and Hulk Hogan made a great recovery.

    Vince Russo’s version of 44 would give the audience these choices.
    A. Viagra on a pole match
    B. Lavitra on a pole match
    C. Cialis on a pole match.

  25. Anonymous says:

    The Mr. T thing was the most disrespectful of them all to the point of being borderline offensive. You don’t disrespect a man’s family like that in normal society and WWE made themselves look problematically out of touch by acting so totally and completely ignorant of accepted social behavior in that situation.

    Michael Sam was the BIGGEST diss and shows how far professional wrestling has fallen in the minds of the public that a NFL player thought it beneath him to even acknowledge WWE.

    And to be fair, “I wish you died in the womb” IS pretty nasty and I’m guessing that’s what they were going for.

    • Cenamark says:

      It was a bit disrespectful to Mr.T, but they must have given him prior notice about a time limit. Also, I was extremely disappointed in his speech. I understand he wants to thank God, his mother, and his kids, but this is an acceptance speech for the WWE Hall of Fame, how about a little talk about WRESTLING!!!
      I would have loved if he shared some backstage stories or anecdotes about Piper.
      Sorry T, I love you, but I pity the fool who wastes the WWE Universe’s time on a boring speech about his mamma.

    • KatieVictoriasSecret says:

      The reason why the whole “died in the womb” thing has becomes notorious is because of the awful, awful line delivery.

      I think Sam wants to be taken seriously as a queer activist and he probably has a pretty good idea of how the WWE handles situations like these when they’re trying to milk them for cash (IE: poorly)

  26. Down With OPC says:

    Last year had “Spoon with Sunny” on the list; you should have had “Cam Session with Sunny” this year.

  27. Jerichoholic Ninja says:

    Very good list. I would have included some stuff about the Network programming, “WWE Network documentary shows turn out to be repetitive and cover the same topics. For example, the Vince/Austin rivalry has been covered in every one: Countdown, MNW, WrestleMania Rewind and Rivalries and it’s just the same interview footage used over and over again.

    Also: “WWE Network episodes seem designed to put over how ‘great’ Vince, Steph and Trips are”. And “Highly anticipated Monday Night War series ends up repeating the same nonsense over and over and buries WCW while overstating the greatness of Vince and DX”.

    And the WWE wonders why the original network stuff isn’t drawing anyone.

  28. Thomas Moffatt says:

    And another thing that should be mentioned about JBL sounding off about JR – he took to the net and went on about how great an announcer Cole is.. enough said…

  29. Thomas Moffatt says:

    AND another thing! WWE released a guy from development who had been assigned the name Troy McClain… he was SCREAMING OUT for his gimmick to be a Troy McClure parody!!!!!!!!! I can just see it,
    “Hi, I’m wrestler Troy McClain, you may remember me from such matches as Dog Doo on a Pole v Randy Orton and The Atomic Wedgie Submission vs John Cena…”

  30. lll says:

    Wow. That list takes pro wrestling fans down memory lane. When it comes to the worst, 2014 wears it very well. Listing order is debatable, but ninety five percent of that list is right on. Storylines that had potential were dropped for no reason, others were done for controversy/ratings (45, 32, 23, 14, 12, 8, 4, 1) while the rest were head scratchers.

    #27 didn’t hurt the Rollins/Ambrose feud. It cheapened it a bit, but no long term damage was done. That honor goes to #18.

    #30’s background of the menagerie sucked big time. The team has potential (more Rebel than the rest) but booked horribly.

    Blame #43 on creative for dragging it out too long with nothing to compel the audience with. Everyone knows these girls can go in the ring but what’s the point if there’s no meaning behind it.

  31. MARTY says:

    8. Grumpy Cat hosts Raw
    Yes, an inanimate object was put in charge of Raw, the first since Brad Maddox mysteriously vanished. I’m sure WWE got a nice check for helping promote the insipid Lifetime Christmas movie, but the only solace was dumbass Michael Cole saying ‘Gumpy the Cat’.


    • Justin Henry says:


      • Stephen says:

        I agree that one was too high. It was two segments, so who cares? It wasn’t even the worst thing on that episode of Raw; Erick Rowan was especially bad.

        • Justin Henry says:

          When the sentence, “The cat hosting the wrestling show wasn’t the worst thing on that episode of Raw” is a thing, it’s clear how low standards have fallen.

          • K says:

            The cat is adorable. It sure as hell shouldn’t be number 8 and above Hoda and Kathie Lee.

          • Stephen says:

            Yes, it is. What’s your point? If anything, it sounds like you’re agreeing that it was a lot better than it could’ve been but you still rank it way too high on the list.

            Those segments were short and inoffensive. I can’t say the same for any of the Bella segments listed or Kathie Lee and Hoda.

            • Justin Henry says:

              It’s the ‘bend over and take it’ aspect. It’s quite clear that the marketing department for the TV movie slipped Vince a nice check for the cross-promotion, and that’s the irritation for many. At heart (not very deep into it), McMahon will trade any semblance of dignity for what is deemed a celebrity connection, due to his own insecurities as a ‘rasslin’ promoter.’ A star of renown like Shaquille O’Neal or Bob Barker I can kind of get, but a muted creature from a C-level movie based on a played-out meme? It’s the depth of the well, not the well itself. Maybe the guy from my local Empire Carpets commercial could take part in a ‘short and inoffensive’ bit on Raw, but it’s the depth of Vince’s need for acceptance and a quick payout that is irksome.

              Hey, it’s his company. He’s resigned to being a whore either way, and to an extent, he has to be. But there’s a difference between being a high-end hooker and one who turns tricks for meth money.

              • Stephen says:

                So why isn’t “Vince’s need for acceptance and a quick payout” on the list instead?

                To me, it’s a lot more damaging to wrestling as a whole to have horrible, offensive segments that are going to be dragged out for months as part of a wrestling feud than a couple of segments that will be forgotten about the next day. Look how long we had to suffer through that Bellas feud — which was a Total Divas tie-in, adding to its pointlessness — only to have both sisters back together at the end with zero explanation. Kane and Daniel Bryan was another example.

                It’s just incredibly jarring to see someone get so hung up over two segments and put them in a Top 10 Worst in Wrestling list for 2014, when worse stuff has been dragged out longer and everything that ranked higher than the Grumpy Cat — with the exception of Ambrose and the exploding television — was actually damaging to the wrestling business in some way (with the exception of the Rumble, which was a blessing in a very ugly disguise).

                • Justin Henry says:

                  I’d argue that Vince’s need for acceptance and a quick payout *is* on the list. It’s in the form of both a meme cat and Kathie Fucking Lee.

                • Justin Henry says:

                  what it boils down to for me: if I wasn’t a fan, and I turned on WWE, would I laugh *at* the product? That, to me, is what defines WrestleCrap. I might laugh at Repo Man, but as a fan, I can appreciate its innate cheesiness. I would laugh at fuckin’ Grumpy Cat on Raw, and not in the good way.

                  That’s how I make my distinction.

              • BaltoJim says:

                I’d kick in a few bucks to see the Empire Carpet guy take on The General from the car insurance commercials on an upcoming Raw.

  32. Adam Coleman says:

    Sooooo, with 50 items on the this specific list for the year, it means that almost every week, on cue, something craptastic hits the world of “Sports Entertainment”, be it WWE or TNA.

    For mine, that really summed up the year for me re: WWE. Serve up so much crap consistently that frustrates fans, then once every 4-6 weeks, have a moment that breaks the PPV or RAW that makes everyone smile, lights up the internet and make everyone feel that everything’s better. Then go back to the status quo a week later.

    I’d like to also add the Storm Family…… sorry, I meant The Revolution – A crazy leader but with the ‘crazy’ turned down 80% and a lower card ‘who’s who’ of TNA talent.

  33. John Q Occupier says:

    Was the 2014 Rumble REALLY worse than the Bunny, if we’re honest?

    • Thomas Moffatt says:

      It had Damien Sandow eliminated, first Kevin Nash & El Torito, no Daniel Bryan or Bray Wyatt, a potentially entertaining JBL eliminated under 30 seconds, no really good cameos, the return of Sheamus, Miz lasting 12.01 minutes which is 12 minutes longer than anyone wanted to see him, the moment Punk was gone it looked nasty and was won by Batista plus Michael Cole squawking like an insufferable idiot through the whole proceedings

      The good thing is that Daniel Bryan ended up scooping the title due to this crapfest – I can’t help but wonder what the original plans were for Mania. I mean if the fans hadn’t reacted how they did and Punk hadn’t had enough and walked…

      • Guest says:

        We very likely would’ve had Batista vs Orton, Punk vs Bryan vs Orton, or a fatal 4 way involving Punk, Batista, Orton, & Bryan….

        • Zachary W says:

          According to CM Punk, it was just going to be Orton vs. Batista. Punk himself was supposed to wrestle Triple H, and he didn’t mention what Bryan was doing. Based on what they were doing on television, it probably would have been Bryan vs. either Wyatt or Roman Reigns.

  34. Whlteshadow says:

    How is AJ Styles last “match” in TNA not on this list? This travesty of a match even happened to be on the Top Ten Moments of TNA history episode when it should not be on any discussion for “top moments” and rightfully deserves a place on any “worst moments list”

    The fact that Dixie Carter did the countdown and views that as a top moment, along with Dixie going through a table being Number 1 in the list…..then you have to wonder just how the hell TNA would grow their audience on Destination America (which they probably won’t due to all the stupid decisions by Dixie, John Gaburick and company)

  35. Jimmy Jack Jericho says:

    A cat isn’t an inanimate object you tool.

  36. Zachary W says:

    I wish that I could vote for multiple entries. I really think that the way WWE has handled the CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio situations should count as one. I remember reading somewhere that in response to Del Rio and Punk, WWE has added in a clause that if a talent is fired for disciplinary reasons, they are barred from competing in professional wrestling or mixed martial arts for a year afterwards in addition to losing their rights to royalties.

    The royalties clause is fair, but not the one year prohibition. Aside from that being a douchebag move….it’s also illegal. It would be legal if they were actual employees, but independent contractors have their own set of laws. In an industry that’s considered highly specialized (wrestling, acting, sports, etc.), you cannot legally prevent someone from earning employment. The only reason that the 60 and 90 non-compete clauses are valid is because they pay the former contractor during that period. So unless WWE wants to continue paying someone that they fired for allegedly being a jerk for a full year, that clause will be thrown out by a judge the first time that’s taken to court. Didn’t Brock Lesnar win a lawsuit against them for prohibiting him from competing in UFC?

    • Justin Henry says:

      I think what would be truly interesting is to see if any current active roster member dares walk out a la Punk and use the “Well, I’m an independent contractor” reasoning to his advantage. It’d be hard to enforce in court if Punk was able to get a handy victory (though I imagine the settlement may have been tied in to the medical negligence claims).

      Really, Punk’s walkout may have been a big dent in the dam as far as how the workers are classified.

      • Zachary W says:

        I’m sure the medical was a huge part of it (medical negligence can be pretty expensive in courts), but after taking a business law class (mind you, I’m not a lawyer. I was merely pursuing a business degree), I really think that beyond the basics (wages, dates, etc.), Punk was right: the contracts aren’t worth the paper that they’re printed on.

        WWE is really just betting on their talent not taking them to a lawyer and having them examine it. In most states, the non-compete clause is enforceable when combined with compensation. Once WWE stops paying them, they’re free to do whatever they want. So, once again, unless they pay the person for the full year that they are prohibited from wrestling or competing in MMA. For someone who just wants out and doesn’t care what bridges they burn, they’re effectively going to force WWE to give a year long paid vacation or else get a publicity black eye. And you know that since WWE is a mutlinational corporation, they’re going to get harpooned by the media in that scenario.

        • Justin Henry says:

          to make matters worse in your last point, despite all of the buttering up WWE’s done with the media, any bad news against wrestling is good news fodder (“Wrestling giant WWE takes a major bodyslam in court today….”), and little guy stories are the stuff news copy is made of.

          I reckon it’d have to be a name, though. Raven, Kanyon, and Mike Sanders challenging the label a few years back didn’t get too much press. If someone like Mysterio makes a public stink of it, that would be interesting.

  37. MartialHorror says:

    For those complaining about Swaggers turn, while it was certainly…odd…the fans reacted strongly to it. Personally, it was the first time I found Rusev interested since their matches were really good.

    Although I wasn’t thrilled when they chose to go back to it for TLC. The year started off strong, but quickly went downhill once people started getting injured.

  38. Casey says:

    I don’t think the Vince Russo thing is getting enough credit for exactly how stupid it was.

    Dixie Carter, despite knowing how her television provider felt about Russo and despite the fact that said television provider was the only reason her company could stay in business hired Vince Russo anyway.

    Dixie Carter thought that this could somehow be kept a secret in the year…2014. This despite the fact that Vince Russo’s calling cards showed up all over the show to the point where most anyone who pays attention to this sort of thing knew Russo was back months before it came out because of what was on iMPACT every week.

    Vince Russo outed himself by emailing the wrong person named Mike (Johnson not Tenay) in his address book. Russo then claimed that this was a swerve which he perpetrated on Mike Johnson. Only to backtrack when Johnson threatened to print the email.

    This all happens in the middle of TNA’s television negotations. TV being the lifeblood of this company. It may have played a part in Spike walking away from iMPACT and probably made look Dixie Carter look like an even bigger moron when negotiating with other companies. How could this story have possibly made this woman look to be professional and capable of running any kind of company?

    As far as I’m concerned, this is on my personal Mt. Rushmore of Gookerdom or should that be gookerdumb? It joins The Gooker himself, Shockmaster and The Invasion.

    Also, I’d replace #50 on this list with TNA’s attempt at house shows.

    I’d better stop or Dixie Carter might call me “not nice” on Twitter again.

    • KatieVictoriasSecret says:

      What I find amazing is that Russo actually thinks ‘swerving’ people in 2014 would actually work.

  39. Meh says:

    49. We Stopped Bo-Lievin’

    The problem that ruined Dallas was by WWE making him into a generic heel that attacked guys after the match and stuff like that. The guy was better as a heel that deluded himself into being a face (He was in NXT as NXT’s version of John Cena and in more ways than one.), but because Vince thinks the audience is stupid… then again, if he reads WrestleCrap articles (Most likely since WWE copied Claire Lynch as where else would WWE have gotten that Claire Lynch idea from?) and Facebook comments, I can see why he’d think that >__>

    29. WWE fires Emma

    Swagger driving while high? Still gets a Mania match. Emma steals something and is fired. IMHO, both should have gotten at least WWE suspensions for breaking US law.

    Michael Sam and Kathie Lee & Hoda should’ve been higher. But 9.99 should’ve been #1 as the plug was very annoying in 2014.

    Why isn’t Magnus’s title reign listed. That deserves a Wrestlecrap Induction on its own, especially his match with Styles and how they handled his match with Sting and how weak Magnus looked in general. First British World Champion in a Major Company within the US and a legitimately good wrestler with poise…and they mishandle him so badly that it probably ranks up there as one of the bigger injustices in wrestling.

    But TNA did have its moments as the Team 3D/Hardys/Wolves series was fantastic.

    2015’s list most likely will have Neville’s rumored Mighty Mouse gimmick if the rumors end being true.

    • Guest says:

      “29. WWE fires Emma

      Swagger driving while high? Still gets a Mania match. Emma steals something and is fired. IMHO, both should have gotten at least WWE suspensions for breaking US law”.

      Two problems here though.

      1. Is that suspending Swagger wouldn’t have accomplished much especially when they could easily kill his push that he was getting at the time…..and what is exactly what happened.

      2. Same thing as Swagger Suspension would’ve served no purpose when they could easily bury her (which they were doing before her arrest and what they would do after it).

  40. Clifton says:

    I actually voted for the 2014 Royal Rumble for the Gooker this year. Glad to see someone agreed with me. LOL

  41. Mike says:

    I think you owe #21 an apology for 2015.

    • Aaron Peterson says:

      Yeah, well, had the New Day not been given free reign to take the act in their own direction by turning Heel, they probably would have won a Gooker Award.

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