Newz: Mr. Anderson Would’ve Signed with ROH, but Couldn’t Agree on a New Last Name

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Some good news for TNA in the long, dark hallway that has been their 2013: Mr. Anderson will likely soon be re-signing with the beleaguered company, which lessens the possibility of the company having to find a ham-fisted excuse to blame this on Bruce Prichard, as Brother Love-to-be-Incompetent was turfed months ago.

Anderson’s one of the few ex-WWE talents within the company (Bully Ray being the supreme example) that embraces the challenge of actually working toward being a dynamic personality, and not relying on the fumes of yesterday, waiting for WWE to send out feelers (“How do you feel about being managed by Ricardo Rodriguez? You know, the butler guy? I know you’re not Hispanic, but work with me: we can have him wear your shirt.”)

I wonder if the revelation of Anderson re-signing ‘soon’ could have to do with TNA needing to free some cash up once a certain balding, balls-deep-retweeting, bi-bi-bi-BIGGEST AY-CAWN IN WRESTLING leaves this week? While Dixie’s at it, throw some of that newfound reserve toward bringing Mickie back, and why not bring in John Morrison and MVP? If I’m going to watch ex-WWE guys, make them ones that we’d never heard of until the Attitude Era was dead and buried.

But let’s not put the cart before the horse; bringing Anderson back is a fine move. Help yourself to one of Mr. Daniels’ appletinis there, Dixie.

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8 Responses to "Newz: Mr. Anderson Would’ve Signed with ROH, but Couldn’t Agree on a New Last Name"
  1. Ryan says:

    I said it months ago, getting rid of Hogan & Family, and Bruce Dickard, are the best moves TNA could make.

    Hogan’s very (old and useless) presence was dragging the on-screen product through the dirt, and Dickard’s antics (via hookers and blow in my opinion) wasn’t doing the company much favors behind the curtain either.

    Now, with all this extra capital on hand, get a manager who knows what the F he is doing behind the scenes, bring in Morrison and Mickie (not MVP, he was never that great) and maybe a few more indie talents, and just do a clean sweep of the programing. No more Heel Stables, no more pointless promo bs, bring back the stuff that worked! Good matches, believable drama, insanely gorgeous women who actually know how to wrestle.

    • Anonymous says:

      They’ve tried all that and it’s never worked.

      Why is it so hard for wrestling fans to understand that NO ONE WANTS TO WATCH WWE LITE WHEN THEY COULD JUST WATCH THE REAL DEAL INSTEAD?

      It doesn’t matter if they’re “better” because they’ll still always be the Brand X imitation and no one wants to dedicate their time and money to the B show. The ONLY thing that’ll ever turn shit around for them is differentiation (meaning finding a way to do something other than exactly what you just suggested [since that would just make them white noise], but still making it something that people outside of the dedicated wrestling viewership wants to watch) and A F’N NAME CHANGE, because right now they sound like a late night cable skinemax flick.

      Of course none of this will ever happen, so what WILL happen instead is that eventually the Carter’s will no longer be able to justify subsidizing TNA’s losses and they’ll just quietly go out of business and that’ll be that. And no company is going to “fill the void” either. Wrestling’s days as a viable business (outside of WWE) are likely over and will likely never return.

  2. Mister Forth says:

    Well put.

  3. Frozen Banana Expert says:

    My opinion on TNA is that it should always try to act like the alternative: a more mainstream ROH. I watched the early days (masturbating midgets and all) and yes, it was hokey, but it was different. They got me hooked with the X-Division (just like everyone will tell you) but they did capture my early attention by having Ken Shamrock on the card, by having Jerry Lynn and Psicosis wrestle two guys I had only seen on Jakked in AJ Styles and Low Ki.

    The problem for awhile was that TNA realized that yeah, picking up someone like Jeff Hardy is going to get people’s attention but only for a second, they need that stronger undercard to try and carry people along to main events with the “same old shit” and they don’t have that anymore. They don’t have strong tag teams (which is a Southern wrestling staple and they should be ashamed of themselves), the X division is weak (X division champion is now code for “Indy Wrestler with a lot of buzz”), and then they just up and killed their Knockouts division.

  4. aidy says:

    yes yes etc

  5. Aidy says:

    I Tivo TNA on a sunday night here in Ireland and watch it when I can during the week. Lately I find it a chore to watch and if it wasn’t for Austin Aries and EGO I’d give up on it…I’ve been watching since 2005 but by gawd its awful at the moment……Hopefully Hogan is gone for good too.

  6. Mark Cardoso says:

    I wouldn’t bring bcck Anderson.. he is TNA’s answer to the Miz. No one cares about him being face or heel.

  7. Andres says:

    You refer to Ricardo Rodriguez as “the butler guy.” He actually wore the tuxedo because he had a ring announcer gimmick.

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