Newz: Ken Shamrock, The World’s Most Desperate Man?

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If the Ultimate Fighting Championship had been as well-marketed and popular in the mid nineties as it is today, Ken Shamrock would be a star on the level of Rampage Jackson, Jon Jones, and Anderson Silva. Sadly, Shamrock was a star in the days of UFC when future ‘Duck-Duck-Palin’ winner/loser John McCain called the sport, “human cockfighting,” and it’s popularity was on par with rugby-sevens on NBC Sports.

Nonetheless, Shamrock carved out a decent career with WWE, after going 23-5-2 as a mixed martial artist. By the time Shamrock returned to fighting in 2000, he was 36, and hampered by injuries from the ring.

Since returning to the cage, Shamrock’s gone 5-10, including three losses to future TNA (heatless) icon Tito Ortiz. After one of his final wins in early 2009, Shamrock tested positive for the juice. He hasn’t fought since late 2010, when he had to forfeit a fight after injuring his leg….after taking a misstep backward.

Why is any of this important, you may ask? Shamrock, a man once feared for his fighting prowess and no-nonsense image, is making public overtures to WWE and TNA about one more run, months shy of his fiftieth birthday. Shamrock’s claim that he’s blackballed from WWE seems puzzling, as anyone with any ties to the company’s past is seemingly brought in, if only for a nostalgia pop. Hell, Shamrock was an Attitude Era unlockable on the WWE ’13 game released last fall.

On the subject of excommunication, the cornerstone of UFC is essentially blackballed from Dana White’s company, partially because Shamrock’s washed up as a fighter, but mostly due to bad blood between the two, which resulted in a Twitter battle a few weeks ago with many vicious remarks. Among the barbs, White claims Shamrock owes him money, and points out his peddling of a “Shamrock Slam” energy beverage as a sign of how far his one-time client has sunk.

With his fighting career all but finished, claims that he allegedly owes money to a powerful sports promoter (one that’s unafraid to rip away any dignity from those he perceives to have wronged him), trying to muscle into the sports drink biz, and announcing an intent to return to wrestling’s big leagues if anybody’ll have him. As a long-time fight fan, it’s hard to reconcile Shamrock’s fall from grace.

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15 Responses to "Newz: Ken Shamrock, The World’s Most Desperate Man?"
  1. Down With OPC says:

    Ken Shamrock, TNA Hall of Fame inductee, class of 2014 (if they’re still in business).

  2. patricko says:

    I still get confused by the NEWZ posts and how they fall under the banner of wrestlecrap.

    • Justin Henry says:

      discussion fodder not always available elsewhere. Helps us create the facade of being a legitimate website 🙂

      • Down With OPC says:

        A legitimate wrestling website, or just a legitimate run-of-the-mill website? If it’s the latter, I don’t think there’s enough swag and #yolo-ness going on for that.

      • James Mitchell says:

        I don’t see a problem. I think that WrestleCrap has diversified to survive (something that many sites fail to do and do, indeed, disappear from the landscape) and I think that’s a good thing. It offers a little bit of everything and I, for one, enjoy the more fact-based articles just as I do the likes of Headlies and the Inductions. I would also not like to see the site go back to just an update on a Friday – I think it’s nice to be able to drop past and see new content at different times of the week. Moreover, I’m not sure why there is a sense that WrestleCrap had to keep to some original vision. The vision (though I cannot speak for the people involved) has only changed slightly and I think, on the whole, it’s for the better. If having factual news on a site called WrestleCrap is an issue, I guess they could change the name – but surely no-one wants that now, do they?

        In fact, I would say my only criticism, for a bit of balance, is that JH has gone backwards from a point where he would offer more analysis (something that sets his stuff apart from the vast majority of wrestling ‘writing’ out there), the same as I think Art’s Inductions became quite brief as people moaned about reading something too ‘long’. But, in short, I think we should just be pleased that we have such a talented array of writers putting their work, of various styles and aims, on this site for us all to read and enjoy. I enjoy most of it, and I would not suggest that everyone has to agree with that. However, I would say that if you don’t enjoy certain things, you don’t have to read them, and it is better to choose to do that than to complain and give the impression to writers that people do not like what they are doing when some of us do.

  3. THE Jeffry Mason says:

    Screw Shamrock… where the hell is Steve Blackman?

  4. John says:

    It’s funny how cocks and McCain go hand & hand. Shamrock really jumped the shark when he bailed on the fight with Kimbo Slice on CBS for Strike Force.

  5. Matt Soileau says:

    He should go to TNA. Shamrock/Angle would do them good (once Angle returns from his “time away.”) I mean, shoot, people were practically wetting themselves at the notion of a past his prime Undertaker vs a past his prime Sting. So why not? And if it’s TNA, what’s the harm?

  6. Raven7309 says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that the tights Shamrock’s wearing in the photo look similar to the tights that John Cena wore when he made his debut on Smackdown against Kurt Angle?

  7. Poor Stranger says:

    A lot of Shamrock’s losses during this era looked like dives. Especially the one against Rich Franklin, where he slipped after a phantom punch, the same night as the Griffin-Bonner fight that saved the sport.

  8. adamclark52 says:

    If you heard him on the Sirius XM show Busted Open last week you’ll know why Shamrock will never go back to the WWE. That man does not like Triple H and was very vocal about it.

  9. Sir Thomas says:

    The last time I saw Ken Shamrock, he was fighting in a promotion named, oddly enough, IMPACT. I only ever saw one pay-per-view of theirs, and that’s probably because one was all they ever produced. As memory serves, it wasn’t that great of an event. Which leads me to think naming your promotion IMPACT, regardless of what you do with it, is like the kiss of death. Or maybe I’m thinking too hard about this sort of thing.

  10. Walt says:

    If anyone can reach Ken Shamrock to give him a message…tell him if he really wants to get back in the ring I have three letters…I…G…F.

    The Inoki Genome Federation would be perfect for Shamrock. Inoki is crazier now than in the past and just like how Vince has a thing for muscular blonde guys, Inoki has a thing for former MMA fighters. If Bob Sapp can be a semi regular at IGF events, Shamrock can sure make it onto a card. They do a hybrid of strong style pro wrestling, shoot style pro wrestling, MMA and kickboxing.

    Some former names on IGF shows.

    Bob Sapp- former K-1 fighter, PRIDE mixed martial artist.

    Fujita- Former New Japan wrestler and PRIDE fighter.

    Peter Aerts- Legendary 2 time K-1 Grand Prix winner

    Jerome LeBanner- Former K-1 Star, he held the IGF title for close to a year

    Josh Barnett- Former UFC and Strikeforce Champ, former NJPW wrestler.

    Bobby Lashley- Former WWE and TNA wrestler turned MMA fighter.

    I can’t why Shamrock couldn’t make it on there.

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