NEWZ: 364 Days Until We Induct Los Matadores

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Unless RD gives us permission to waive that pesky ‘one-year’ rule.

Tito Santana’s rolling around his grave. Well, actually, he’s not dead, and it’s not a grave, but he can roll around in the pit WWE dug to hold all of the cash Susan G. Komen’s forking over for their part in the ‘pinkwashing’ campaign.

I’d say the very sight of this would drive Carlito to self-medicate but….well….you know….

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48 Responses to "NEWZ: 364 Days Until We Induct Los Matadores"
  1. Gary Oransky says:

    At Least We Can All Be Grateful It’s Not A Leap Year.

  2. RD Reynolds says:

    Gooker Nominee for sure!

    • EMad says:

      Gooker Nominee? It’s going to take one hell of a crappy gimmick to surpass this. I’d say it’s all sewn up and no poll would even be needed this time around. The whole time, through the vingettes up until yesterday, I thought “RD’s keyboard is practically typing by itself with this one.”

      • Josh Dionio says:

        TNA’s woes causing Dixie Carter to become a heel authoratay figure doesn’t cut the mustard? Damn…..

        • Thomas Moffatt says:

          All things Triple and Nipple H is the sure fire winner – they’ve been following crap after crap…

        • Kerry B. says:

          Dixie’s definitely in the running… She’ll need to stay on TV as long as these two to win it though. Vegas does have her as the favorite at the moment.

    • Down With OPC says:

      I think Total Divas will take the cake, even if this would be the second Gooker Winner in 5 years to have a bull in it.

  3. Gabriel Gentile says:

    So not only did they bring back a gimmick that bombed when they tried it on Tito Santana…
    They brought back “Mantaur” and made him a midget?


  4. patricko says:

    And, to my knowledge, both wrestlers are P.Rican.

    is there even bull fighting in P. Rico?

    Thank god they doubled down on bad by including a midget.

  5. patricko says:

    my bad. Epico is PR, Hunico is… a Texan.

  6. Jimbolian says:

    Finally; my sure fire nomination for Gooker 2013. Before this, I was actually having a hard time to think up of a definite Gooker nominee, but all I came up with was Total Divas. But if Total Divas was Gooker of the Year, I feel like it would’ve been a mix-mash up of the previous Tough Enough and Diva Search inductions.

  7. James says:

    Fun gimmick that gets two talented wrestlers working on TV…

    Yep, we must all immediately hate on it…

    • Chris D says:

      I agree with that. Sure, it’s real silly and maybe even worth of a Gooker nomination, but let’s where it goes first before we start giving out awards. I don’t have high hopes, but let’s save the hate for a few more weeks…

  8. James says:

    WWE tried pushing these two as themselves, and it didn’t get over. Here’s another chance rather than releasing them.

  9. Jimbolian says:

    But when you combine El Matador, Mantaur, AND Aldo Montoya, you can smell the crap a mile away.

  10. greatmutah says:

    I hardly feel that they’re hating on this. This is genius level crap here. Two Tito Santanas and a pint sized Mantaur? That’s mining their own crap right their.

  11. Hashington says:

    I predict it will only get worse from here. You can smell the inevitable Matadores vs Oddities 2013 (Santino/Kali/Hornswaggle) “feud” from a mile away.

  12. Tim Wheeler says:

    You can just picture Vince or HHH at the gorilla position saying, “FOCUS ON THE BULL MIDGET, FOCUS ON THE BULL MIDGET! DID THE KIDS SEE THE BULL MIDGET YET?”

    *Replay shows bull midget instead of the finish*


    Please let this suck so bad, we waive the induction rule. I mean, Fandango got lucky, but come on. This is NOT going to work. The only way it works is if Primo and Epico REALLY haul *** in the ring. Even then, it still won’t help.

    • Guest says:

      Yep Tim, it won’t help. Just look at the crap that was 3 Count vs Jung Dragons during WCW 2000. All 6 of them could go, but the gimmicks were so horrible..

  13. David Jr. says:

    I said when I saw that last night to a friend. Well there’s an induction for RD’s site.

  14. Guest says:

    When I had to remind myself while watching this that it was NOT 1992’s cartoony WWF, you know it’s pure crap.

  15. Luke(Not the Bushwacker) says:

    This gimmick didn’t work on Tito. Won’t ever work on Primo and Epico. Unless they pull off some really amazing ring work.

    Then again,they may have lost all motivation when their manager changed from Rosa Mendes to a Bull Midget.

  16. Noel Frey says:

    I was seriously hoping that this was cut from the 90 minute hulu plus Raw show. It wasn’t.

    • Noel Frey says:

      Although, their entrance WAS cut, so seeing those tweets later in the match about how great their entrance was made me laugh quite a bit. Pretty blah finisher though, sort of a double samoan drop? And JBL saying “Tito Santana is smiling”, no he’s not, I bet he’s bitter as shit seeing this.

  17. TheDude says:

    Mantaur jr can not save this horrible gimmick. and since i saw it mentioned earlier, 1992 wwf > wwe now. i miss when wrestlers all had gimmicks, too many people are generic nowadays

  18. Guest says:

    Ok. It’s been 24 hours and guess what. It’s still pure crap. 🙂

  19. Jacob Gunther says:

    Bull Midget is actually supposed to be a great luchador too. Now? A mascot.

    Talk about what’s best for business..

  20. Sir Thomas says:

    I realize it’s only been one show, and I probably ought to give it the benefit of a doubt, but after seeing it, and hearing the attempt at a “BORING!” chant from the crowd (I think that was “boring” they were saying anyway), the only way this could get worse is if they reveal Hornswoggle is “El Torrito” or whatever they’re calling the midget in the bull costume.

  21. zeedeevel says:

    I posted a comment about this in the meme event last night. To those of you who say give it a chance, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Without little mantaur I would have said this wasn’t that bad, but midgets ruin things. Hornswoggle involved with the gooker so many times should be enough evidence of that. I have been watching wrestling for over 20 years and that was one of the worst debuts I have ever seen. At least the Shockmaster was funny.

  22. TR says:

    silly.but this is wrestling. it’s often silly.not saying it has to be, or should be, but we are all fans. we know how it is was always has been. total divas much worse than this

  23. James S says:

    Am I the only one to think that these guys should have been in the WWF in 1990? Gooker 2013 for sure 😛

  24. Jay "The Brain" Mann says:

    Well, I’m not voting for this because I know TNA’s gonna do something even stupider. Plus, I actually like this gimmick because it’s So Bad It’s Good.

  25. hulk6785 says:

    Do they even do bullfighting in Puerto Rico? Because, I’ve always assumed that sport was mainly big in Mexico and Spain.

  26. Jimbolian says:

    The only saving grace about all this is if they pull a “Beaver Cleaver” where they do a worked shoot calling the gimmick retarded and drop the whole thing.

    • Horsemen4ever says:

      But then you’re still stuck with boring Epico and Primo… of course Chaz was pretty boring too approximately 30 seconds after the worked shoot.

      I wonder what kind of reaction Los Matadores get in front of a big Chicago/MSG/Boston crowd.

  27. Thomas Moffatt says:

    Can Tony Dawson be inducted yet?

  28. Huw Roma says:

    Their music sounded like a reworking of the Red Rooster theme.

  29. Doc 902714 says:

    To those of you hate the new Los Matadores gimmick….it won’t be the be-all, end-all
    To illustrate with a few points

    Batista was Deacon Batista
    Kane was Isaac Yankem DDS
    Steve Austin was The Ringmaster
    and Battle Kat was Brady Boone….okay bad example

    This is merely a testing formulae for these three future superstars. They will get better than this eventually. They just can’t debut at the top. It may take years for the Superstars to find their niche. Epico & Primo, even with Rosa Mendes. were never really OVER, even though they were given a title run. I hope to see them again on SmackDown! Oh yeah and I love their new finisher

  30. Time Lord Soundwave says:

    – El Matador times 2
    – Aldo Montoya-esque half masks
    – A midget dressed as Mantaur
    – …and an airbrushed muscle suit ala Giant Gonzales

    Dear God! The layers of WrestleCrap in this gimmick are STAGGERING!

  31. Lefty says:

    I am not a big fan of how this website takes a dump on things when they are only a week or two old. I have seen alot of negativity regarding angles and characters before the idea has any time to gain speed or fall flat. The ole power ranking was horrible at it and now this. I say let this two rasslers (and their bull)play the hand they were dealt and see what they make of it. And for the people complaining about them being from Puerto Rico and not from Mexico, I have a surprise for you….. Undertaker was not from Death Valley and the Ultimate Warrior has never even been to Parts Unknown.

  32. drunkenmaster says:

    The only thing that will make this one bigger is if Midget Mantaur reveals himself to be Cheatum…

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