It Came From…!?!

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Someone simply posted on Twitter, “Go to and search for ‘the diva who had sex with everyone on the roster”

That result above is what came up.

Better yet, some random searches have yielded some unreal, hilarious results!

Put in “major douchebag”, and you get……Bill Demott

Put in “loves the ring rats”, and you get……Bad News Brown?!?

Put in “purchases HGH illegally”, and you get……SHANE MCMAHON?!?!

Put in “cunning linguist”, and you get…….Brie Bella? (I am intrigued)

Seriously, give it a try, and let us know what ya found!

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155 Responses to "It Came From…!?!"
  1. Frank says:

    Put in “botches on every show” and you get Big Show.

  2. Frank says:

    Put in “strangled his wife and son” and you get Bob Armstrong

    Put in “main evented wrestlemania 20” and you get Paul Orndorff

  3. Shawn Carnathan says:

    Fat bitch brings up Melina

  4. Frank says:

    Put in “miss piggy’s biggest fan” and you get Miss Elizabeth

    Put in “is here to show the world” and you get Big Show

    Put in “likes crazy chicks” and you get Derrick Bateman

    Put in “wwf no mercy for the nintendo 64” and you get Big Show, which is weird, since Big Show wasn’t in the game.

  5. RD Reynolds says:

    Tony Chimmel apparently “likes to do it with poodles”. TMI!

  6. Chuck says:

    Put in “who likes pie” you get Bob Backlund,

  7. Jordan says:

    if you type in fails at life miserably, you get dx

  8. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    “Blade Braxton Trash Bags It” brings up Duke Drose. Hmm…

  9. Paul says:

    Actually Killed Chris Benoit –> Chris Masters (Someone has some ‘splainin to do)
    Boring –> Lance Storm
    Rich Fathead –> Umaga (?)
    Crazy –> Tajiri
    Had sex with every diva on the roster –> Kelly Kelly (!!)

  10. RD Reynolds says:

    Steve Blackman is also “Waffle House’s best customer.”

  11. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    “Stubby’s Biggest Fan” is Bob Uecker. I believe that.

  12. Jordan says:

    This explains it all!

  13. Bob Taco says:

    “Wrestlecrap’s biggest fan” is…. Bob Uecker!

  14. Bob Taco says:

    Oh man… this one is just too good:

  15. Christian (no relation to Edge) says:

    “Who screwed Bret?” Bret “Hitman” Hart…Vince was right all along!

  16. Trench Reynolds says:

    Crapped in a gym bag brings up John Cena

  17. Tony Wilson says:

    “Can’t work” gets you Slick.

    “Terrible worker” gets you the Gobbeldy Gooker

    “Always botches” gets you Ultimo Dragon

    “Nepotism” gets you Randy Orton. Okay, I made that one up.

  18. Angry Hero says:

    Wrestling Sleaze = Gene Okerlund

    Which wrestlers are gay = Natalya

    Alcoholics = CM Punk

  19. Chuck says:

    “who was the star of caddyshack”…………Tensai

  20. Philip J Fry says:

    Put in “eats shit” and you get George “The Animal” Steele

    Put in “likes bondage” and you get Torrie Wilson

    Put in “still uses Myspace” and you get Rick “The Model” Martel

    Put in “gave the clap to the entire roster” and you get Ken Shamrock (the fuck??)

  21. Art0Donnell says:

    “the man who has sex with men” is the Big Boss Man

  22. C.G. Scum says:

    Ok, had to try this and get in on the fun so here goes:

    Biggest Scum- Sgt. Slaughter
    Smells Like Sh*t- Torrie Wilson ???
    Complete Slob- Papa Shango

    And in trying to get to the bottom of the whole Mae Young birthing of the hand debacle….two that may have some guys with some ‘splainin’to do….

    The Father of the Hand – Rocky Johnson
    The True Father of the Hand- Epico

    Great find, by the way

  23. Erik Widi says:

    “enjoys pleasuring goats”

    Tony Chimel!

  24. Captain Scarlet says:

  25. Chuck says:

    “ass faced monkey goon”………..Justin Roberts, ha

  26. Jason says:

    “Butt fucker,” yields Duke Droese. I guess that’s why they call him, “The Dumpster.”

  27. Philip J Fry says:

    “Light a fattie” gets you Gillberg

    “How much does this guy weigh?” gets you Big E Langston (sorry Art, you inspired me!)

    “Ran WCW into the ground” gets you Rick Steiner

    “Who better than Kanyon?”…well apparently it’s Tajiri!

  28. Jay "The Brain" Mann says:

    This is brilliant… I should know, I stole it from some other SITE and tweeted it… still hilarious!

    Here’s one I found:

    “Whose milkshake brings all the boys to the yard?”

    The Nasty Boys

    …try getting that out of your head.

  29. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    “Who stole Rafiki’s Banana?”

    The Brooklyn Brawler! That bastard!

  30. Justin Henry says:

    “once performed cunnlingus on a gumball machine” – Paul Ellering

  31. Erik Widi says:

    “what exactly did you do in 2012?” Curt Hawkins

  32. RD Reynolds says:

    Torrie Wilson “likes tomato soup.”

  33. Chuck says:

    “which superstar is hiding in my closet”

    Mr. Fuji………….sneaky Fuji!

  34. Justin Henry says:

    “washes himself with a rag on a stick” – Steve Blackman

  35. Philip J Fry says:

    Big Daddy V “loves botchamania” while Greg Valentine “blades frequently”.

    And apparently Hulk Hogan “eats nothing but Jello pudding”…I may be wrong, but that wasn’t ever one of his demandments, was it?

  36. Edgar Etheridge says:

    Put in evil and you get the Hurricane

  37. RD Reynolds says:

    Primo “enjoys playing Hungry Hungry Hippos.” C’mon now, that should be Ken Patera!

  38. C.G. Scum says:

    Apparently The Missing Link “bangs goats…..

  39. Philip J Fry says:

    So just who is “Taylor Swift’s biggest fan”?? Why none other than Bam Bam Bigelow of course!

  40. Art0Donnell says:

    I did too many searches to list here. I posted a bunch of pictures on my blog (click my name). Yes, shameless plug here, but it’s easier this way.

    However, some searches of note are that Damien Sandow is the “next to be future endeavored,” Mil Mascaras “can’t draw a dime,” and Gillberg “is better than Kanyon.”

  41. Paul S says:

    Registered Sex Offender – Jerry Lawler
    Heavy Drinker – The Sandman
    Worst Heavyweight Champion – JBL
    Reads Wrestlecrap – Tugboat

  42. Down With OPC says:

    8806 results found for “how many apartment buildings can you own” with Miss Elizabeth.

    5559 results found for “actual wrestlemania iii attendance” with Bob Eucker

    First person to win wwf championship? Tony Atlas!

    Kane’s brother is Kane, but Undertaker’s brother is the Valiant Brothers.

  43. Stevie J says:

    Put in “the worst wrestler of all time” and you get Joey Mercury.

  44. Jozzy Von Rokkenstein says:

    “prefers the company of minors” Johnny Cutis
    “president of Elton John fan club” John Laurinitis
    “owns several copies of playgirl magazine” Maria
    “once had sex with McCauley Culkin” Bob Backlund (poor Kevin McAllister)
    “had a fake ID with the name McLovin” Raven (That’s hardcore!!!)
    “worlds smallest penis” Rey Mysterio LMAO!!!
    “diva with the largest labia” Eve (Now I understand the boy-shorts!)
    “HUGE fan of Robot Chicken” Pete Rose (I actually see why this came up)
    “scared of triangles” Daniel Bryan ??????

  45. C.G. Scum says:

    Not sure how they will work him into the storyline so quick, but “world champion at WrestleMania 29” is….Pete Rose

  46. Justin Trichell says:

    “Deep in the closet” -Jim Ross
    “Member of NAMBLA” -Vladimir Kozlov
    “Sleeps in an empty box” -Drew Carey
    “Wanted by the Yakuza” -Sid
    “Dated Taylor Swift” -Bam Bam Bigelow

  47. RD Reynolds says:

    Stacy Keibler “prefers to use an abacus.” I seriously doubt that.

  48. Julie Hankinson says:

    Both “donkey balls” and “salty balls” bring forth William “Refrigerator” Perry. I guess they’re saying that guy had some balls.

  49. GeneMean says:

    I never expected Bobo Brazil to be the “most racist.”

  50. Justin Henry says:

    “why are ratings down?” – Curt Hawkins

  51. Justin Henry says:

    “killed Frank Grimes” – William Regal

  52. RD Reynolds says:

    Sabu “doesn’t know what a reel to reel tape player is”.

  53. GeneMean says:

    Seth Rollins loves One Direction.

  54. RD Reynolds says:

    Somewhat bothered that Roddy Piper “thinks RD Reynolds is hot.”

  55. RD Reynolds says:

    Mae Young “has won many spitting contests.” This does not shock me.

  56. GeneMean says:

    Rick “The Model” Martel “still uses a rotary phone.”

  57. RD Reynolds says:

    Somewhat bothered, yet not surprised, that Triple H “thinks Blade Braxton is hot.”

  58. Chuck says:

    “who’s green”…….Percy Watson


  59. Justin Trichell says:

    “Drove the white hummer” -Maryse
    “Better a love story than Twilight” -Dusty Rhodes
    “Won the Hunger Games” -Brock Lesnar
    “Beat against the Harlem Globetrotters” -Bad News Brown
    “Twelfth Doctor” -Slick

  60. zombie ducky says:

  61. Chuck says:

    “king of the indies”………..King Kong Bundy

  62. Philip J Fry says:

    “Biggest alcoholic”… CM PUNK?!

  63. Brian says:

    Apparently, Mr. McMahon has his head up his own ass…

  64. Brian says:

    …and George Steele still plays with dolls. Go figure

  65. John Silva says:

    the diva who had sex with everyone on the roster – Kelly Kelly
    Biggest Whore – Bob Uecker
    biggest botcher – Bob Uecker
    mother fucker – Paul Bearer
    never does the job – Ryback
    loves to fuck midgets – Big Daddy V
    biggest prostitute – Bob Uecker
    butt hole rapist – Duke Droese
    anal warrior – Ultimate Warrior
    ass pirate – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
    biggest homo – Bob Uecker
    shittiest wrestler – Jamie Noble
    Mr. Botchamania – Mr. Fuji
    Biggest Racist – Bobo Brazil

    Funny…..Bob Uecker comes up a LOT for these searches….

  66. JK says:

    “Killed a woman in a motel room” — Shawn Michaels

  67. Kellen Nitro says:

    worst breasts: Joey Mercury?!
    most likely to steal a car: JTG
    Worst hair: Brutus The Barber Beefcake.
    Superstar whom has killed the most victims: Evan Bourne
    Superstar with the angriest mother ; Paul Bearer
    Worst smelling diva: (OL GREASY!) Maryse

  68. Michael Lawlor says:

    The Pope’s favourtie wrestler is Jamie Noble

    The Queen’s favourite wrestler is Maria

  69. Down With OPC says:

    is secretly rd reynolds in drag: Hunico

    So, is this it? Is this going down in history as “The most commented on post at EVER!”?

  70. JK says:

    Good thing Vince was the Higher Power

    Rick Steiner?

  71. Luchaporn says:

    “She’s a whore”- Maria
    “Who voiced Christmas Ape?”- Gordon Solie
    “Who is Zorro?”- Damien Sandow
    “Getting their own spin-off”- Johnny Curtis
    “Has two tickets to paradise”- Gorgeous George
    “Feels like makin love”- Big Daddy V
    “Who took the cookies from the cookie jar?”= Vice J. McMahon
    “Who wants to have sex with lucha?” – Sid (okay that scares me)
    “Luchaporn’s real identity”- Brie Bella(Damn you I wanted to keep that a secret)

    Damn now I’m too disturbed by the thought of a Brie Bella/Sid Vicious porno.

  72. IC says:

    hairiest diva – maryse
    most fake – big daddy v
    luckiest wrestler – jamie noble
    most talented superstar – billy kidman
    full of crap – tiffany

  73. Luchaporn says:

    Bit of truth.
    “Looks good in leather”-Aksana.

  74. MTRodaba2468 says:

    Typing in the following lyrics from the chorus of Foxy Shazam’s song “I Like It”:

    “That’s the biggest black ass I’ve ever seen and I like it! I like it!”

    …brings up Akeem…

  75. No Pants Mafia says:

    Who deflowered Aurora Rose? Pete Rose.

  76. Darth_Phoenix says:

    Vince might want to rethink who he gives his company to because Stephanie apparently “thinks TNA is better”.

  77. Matt Sunblade says:

    “Takes it in the back end” = Akeem
    “Taken a trip down to Cobb County, GA” = Big Boss Man
    “Is a goat who eats cans = Bob Backlund
    “Katie Vick’s boyfriend” = Torrie Wilson ( Huh?! )
    “Famous titties” = The Iron Shiek
    “The greatest night in the history of our sport” = Fabulous Moolah
    “That’ll put butts in the seats” = Dusty Rhodes
    “Watches child pornography” = Primo
    “Always books himself” = Sgt. Slaughter
    “Steroid abuser” = Paul Bearer
    “Anal bum cover” = Don Muraco

    And finally
    “Guilty of insatiable bloodlust” = Layla ( Who knew the Deever was a vampire? )

  78. Ant says:

    If you put in “douche bag” you get John Cena. Go Figure!

  79. Y2Bane says:

    “Blew Lord Alfred Hayes” Sgt. Slaughter (huh)
    “Shit their Pants” The Bushwackers
    “Lives in a Homeless Shelter” Justin Roberts
    and maybe the funniest one…

  80. jackdarippa says:

    does a gary colmean impression: johnny curtis
    prays to satan: the boogeyman
    pisses on the electric fence: wendi richter
    has a flat ass: the rock
    jeffery dahmers biggest fan: bob uecker
    has no testicles: ranjin singh
    paid vince russo to screw up wcw: vince mcmahon sr???????

  81. chipsgravy says:

    Who “can’t wrestle for toffee”? Why Miss Elisabeth. Of course.

  82. Sean says:

    who will job to Barry Horowitz next? Randy Orton

  83. Philip J Fry says:

    “Fuck this company” yields Vincent J. McMahon

  84. Sean says: really???’s%20love%20child nuff said.

  85. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    Mike Check – Mike Tyson
    Sir Alec Heinekin – William Regal
    Stubby the Hobo Dummy – Paul Ellering
    The Midnight Rose – Buddy Rose
    Nintendo John – John Morrison

    Gay Popeye turned up nobody, by the way.

    Oh, and “botch” results in Ultimo Dragon. WRONG MASKED WRESTLER, WWE!

  86. MIB says:

  87. Alyson Guard says:

    Can’t wrestle – Mr Fuji
    Can’t Fight – JBL
    Can’t Dance – Road Dogg
    Can’t Fuck – Pete Rose…

  88. Buffbeenstuffed of youtube says:

    i typed in ….who is jesus and the result was Damien sandow

    then i typed who is the anti christ …… punk

  89. Down With OPC says:

    You could really have an endless supply of headlies and @wcnewz tweets with all this.

  90. Buffbeenstuffed of youtube says:

    ok to top the last one i just put up…….. search who is god and you get

    Mr Vince mcmahon.

  91. Alyson Guard says:

    Who Lost the Car Keys – Gorilla Monsoon
    Who is a Fat Greedy Bitch – Kharma
    who is the ugliest lady of all time – Rick Rude
    who is the ugliest man of all time – The Big Boss Man
    Who Hates America – Hacksaw Jim Duggan
    who is the biggest jobber of all time – Bob Uecker
    Who is a slut – Damien Sandow
    Who is a bigger slut – Billy Gunn
    Who hates black people – George Steele
    Who lives in a box – Mike Tyson
    Who is a Murderer – Bobo Brazil
    Who has ridden Space Mountain – Tom Prichard
    Who is the worst wrestler of all time – Joey Mercury
    Who is the worst woman of all time – Sunny

    And some random word association
    Fat – Melina. Skinny – British Bulldog. Blonde – Cherry. Really Stupid – John Morrison. Big Penis – Big E Langston. Small Penis – Camacho. Bully – Alberto Del Rio. Pimp – Damien Sandow.

  92. Mr. Chopper says:’s%20done%20dudes%20when%20drunk

  93. Mr. Chopper says:

    Stands to reason…

  94. MightyK says:

    “Who is the Hand’s Brother?” As in Mae Young’s offspring) got me the Valiant Brothers

    “Who killed Walt Disney?” gets me Randy Orton. The bastard

    “Ran for the hills, ran for their lives” got me Stu Hart

    “Plays Jin, spams Icecar” got me Todd Grisham.

    I could do this all day.

  95. ArnieCunningham says:

    Stu Hart “isn’t house trained,” and “has 5000 pennies buried in a glass jar under porch but can’t find them.”
    Great Khali is “the most popular member of Cam4.”
    Pedro Morales “didn’t lose virginity until age 30.”
    Buddy Rogers “cries when listening to Jewel songs.”
    Hacksaw Jim Duggan “has a massive scat fetish.”
    George Steele “took on A-Ha and was handed own ass.”
    Edge “can’t sleep without fresh lilies next to bed.”
    Mad Dog Vachon “feels alone in this cruel world.”
    Sid is “about to cut footloose!”

  96. MightyK says:

    For the Botchamania fans

    “Super Dragon” got me Ultimo Dragon
    “Japanese Table” got me Sabu. How appropriate
    “SEND FOR THE MAN” got me Big Boss Man


    “God Emperor of mankind” got me Mick Foley. BOW BEFORE HIM.

  97. Peter Santellan says:

    Apparently, Road Dogg “likes Double Petertration.”

  98. Ant says:

    “sold shrooms to a school bus of children”-Tatanka

  99. Peter Santellan says:

    Tatanka = Joined NAMBLA.

  100. charles B says:

    1. Brodus clay dances with wolves.

    2. maurice mad dog vacon is insane in the membrane.

    3. the nasty boys are the ultimate mommas boy.

    4. stacy keibler is batman apprantley.

    5. The big boss man is spider man.

    6. Mr mcmahon comes up when you type in saddest day every.

    7. The boogeyman comes up when you type in sucker punch.

  101. Ant says:

    “shops at thrift stores” Gerald Brisco

  102. charles B says:

    I typed in be quiet and andre the giant came up.

    2. princess= stephanie mcmahon

    3. lost money= johnny rodz

    4. gun= curt hawkins

    5. dynamite= jim niedhart

    6. anti christ= jim niedhart again

    7. hell= seth rollins

    8. fire= john laurinatis.

  103. WC Fan says:

    I Hate Life = Giant Gonzales
    Killer Clown = Killer Kowalski
    Dancing King = King Kong Bundy
    What = Titus O’Neil
    Fool = Nikki Bella
    Metal = Batista
    X-Pac Heat = Scott Hall
    Stuff = Cameron

  104. Down With OPC says:

    This post broke 100 comments! Woo!

  105. The Cobra says:’o

    Has a fake girlfriend like Manti Te’o – Dolph Ziggler

  106. Ant says:

    “likes beastiality sex” Kelly Kelly
    “drinks from the toilet” Nikki Bella
    “likes to sell crack to other wrestlers” Scott Stanford

  107. Justin says:

    Apparently, Scott Hall is the “Biggest Douchebag in the Locker Room”
    “Why so serious” brings up Joey Styles (complete with Joker grin).
    “Who caused Linda to lose the election?” – that would be Michael Cole.
    Paul Bearer danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight.
    Chris Jericho ended the NHL lockout.
    Kelly Kelly shot JFK (I knew it was a conspiracy all along!).
    Kamala caused the Civil War.
    Tatanka defeated Napoleon at Waterloo.
    And naturally, The Boogeyman checks under his bed every night for Chuck Norris.

  108. Justin says:

    And in case anybody is wondering, babies come from Jinder Mahal.

  109. Jack says:

    Apparently Jamie Noble is still a virgin and The Great Khali is great at blowjobs (which would explain why he still has a job).

  110. Sean says:

    Let’s Get Weird=Gillberg (sounds about right)
    Loser=Layla (aww that’s mean)
    Stolen Office Supplies =Big Boss Man (he stole from beyond the grave!)
    Who’s behind held back by WWE=Four Horsemen
    The Biggest Douche in the Universe=Lilian Garcia O_O
    Who Shot the Sherrif? Kelly Kelly
    What is the meaning of Life? Michelle McCool
    What the hell?=Hornswoggle
    Wants to go to TNA=Titus O’Neil
    Is secretly a furry=Brie Bella (what does that say about Cena!?)
    Likes Showtunes=Torrie Wilson
    The reason WCW died=Dean Malenko
    Owns TNA=Cameron

    and i think I found a spoiler…Who will win the 2013 Royal Rumble?

    EVE! She didn’t leave after all!

    • Art0Donnell says:

      Brie isn’t *secretly* a furry. She made no secret of it on the Christmas 2009 Raw.

      • Sean says:

        Just because I was thinking of this song earlier…

        Who holds back the electric car? Jinder Mahal
        Who made Steve Gutenberg a star? Dr Death Steve Williams

  111. Brandon says:

    complete jerk off = STEVE BLACKMAN

  112. Andrew says:

    I put in “likes to spank the monkey”-Justin Roberts

  113. Andrew says:

    has a harem-Ranji Singh
    Is a peeping tom- Tom Pritchard
    Likes 3somes- Torrie Wilson

  114. Sean says:

    I put “killed a bear with a twinkie” and I got William “the Fridge” Perry
    I put “thinks that Vince Russo is a god” and I got Vince McMahon Sr.
    I put “enjoys Justin Beiber and Nicki Minaj songs while dancing naked” and I got Justin Roberts
    I put “killed ECW in 2001” and I got Tajiri
    I put “re-writes all Wrestlecrap fan fiction and sells it as porn” and I got Sgt. Slaugher
    I put “claims that the mayans were wrong in 1961” and I got Buddy Rogers
    I put “created the Girl Guides” and I got Sable
    I put “only man to pose naked for Playboy” and I got The Big Boss Man
    I put “wrestled naked with a Japanese blow up doll” and I got Kharma
    I put “claims that Wrestlecrap’s RD Reynolds is a genius” and I got Bobby Heenan (no wonder he is called “the Brain”)
    I put “claims that Wrestlecrap’s Blade Braxton is a Real Man’s Man” and I got The Million Dollar Man
    I put “cleans Horsetrolla’s stall” and I got Beth Phoenix
    I put “pimped out the WWE Divas for beer money” and I got Nikki Bella
    I put “actually starred in 1 Night in Chyna” and I got Fabulous Moolah (oh god. delete that mental footage in my mind)
    I put “reinacted every moment from Wrestlecrap Radio in his mother’s basement” and I got Jerry Lawler
    I put “currently works at a Tim Horton’s coffee shop in Castlegar, BC” and I got Gerald Brisco
    I put “taught Stan Hansen the lariat” and I got The Road Warriors

  115. Andrew says:

    likes to fart in the shower-Torrie Wilson

  116. Psycho Dave says:

    “Worst Wrestler” It comes up Joey Mercury

  117. Psycho Dave says:

    “Stupidest Wrestler”… Jamie Noble

  118. Psycho Dave says:

    “Racist Wrestler”… Bobo Brazil?!?!

  119. Diggs says:

    Apparently Roman Reigns drove the limo. Whoda thunk it?

  120. Brother Bruti says:

    wears granny panties – Crush

  121. bigred says:

    A few others on search:
    ass raper -The Rock
    murderer -Bobo Brazil
    steroid freak -Brutus Beefcake
    brainless -Sunny

  122. Matt says:

    “Who killed five hookers?” Apparently it was R-Truth!

  123. Andrew says:

    doesn’t take a bath-Kevin Nash

  124. Smarmy Martell says:

    Worst Diva On The Roster : Nikki Bella

  125. Smarmy Martell says:

    Diva with biggest clit: Maryse

  126. Smarmy Martell says:

    Diva with largest Vag: Eve

  127. Smarmy Martell says:

    Loves Wrestlecrap: Big Daddy V

  128. Smarmy Martell says:

    Loves Blade Braxton: Triple H

  129. Smarmy Martell says:

    Reasons The Monday Night Wars Died: Michael Cole
    Reasons Wrestlecrap Radio ended: also Michael Cole

  130. Smarmy Martell says:

    Works on Apparently Todd Grisham Does

  131. Smarmy Martell says:

    Wrestlecrap Fanatic: Tony Chimmel

  132. Smarmy Martell says:

    Who’s Becky : Damien Sandow
    Shit in the middle of the ring : Giant Gonzalez
    Says please and thank ya: Vince McMahon
    Has a kid and a car payment : Sean Waltman

  133. Sharpe Puppy says:

    hell yeah: Seth Rollins
    oh hell yeah: Road Dogg
    oh you didn’t know: still road dogg (at least they got that one right)
    knees 2 faces: Sin Cara
    hulkamania runnin wild: The wild samoans
    lost his smile: Brian Saxton
    butts in seats: Dusty Rhodes
    hard times: The Big Boss Man
    size does matter bitch: Rey Mysterio
    what: titus oneil
    poontang pie: bob backlund


  134. Nate says:

    Type in “is really ugly” and you get Melina

  135. Psycho Dave says:

    “Loves Men” – Big Daddy V?!?

    “Loves Fat Chicks” – Melina?!?

    “Evil Wrestler” – The Hurricane

    “Submission Wrestler” Conor O’Brien?!?

    “Shoot Wrestler” – Billy Kidman?!?

    “Worst On The Mic” Jesse Ventura

  136. Psycho Dave says:

    “Dumb Ass” – The Rock

  137. pyoobez says:

    “was D. B. Cooper” – Koko B. Ware
    “was The Zodiak Killer” – Killer Kowalski
    “shot Biggie Smalls” – Joey Styles
    “shot Tupac” – Zeus
    “was behind The Gardner Museum Art Heist” – Maryse

  138. Gregg Mather says:

    “Who took the most steroids?” Arnold Skaaland, apparently. Maybe roid rage made him throw in the towel.
    “Who deserve old country way today?” Jim Duggan! Sheikie always did say he hated the USA. What better way to demonstrate his (and Iran’s) superiority than by humbling America’s fattest, crappest and most talentless Generic Patriotic Babyface?
    My favourite, however, has to be “Who does Vince hate more than anybody?” Answer? Vince McMahon Sr.

    Well, that sure explains a lot.

  139. hobu0 says:

    why do i keep fuckin up?


  140. walrusonion says:

    Dick Cheese= Vince McMahon
    Wears A Diaper= Crush
    Smells Like Pee= Torrie Wilson
    Stereotype= Jey Uso
    Should be Dead= Bob Orton jr
    Pot Head= Jake Roberts
    Self Fellates= JBL
    Bloated Liver= Big John Studd

  141. TMM says:

    Thanks for the laughs

    Who shot JR Bob Orton Sr

    Who was Deep Throat Damien Sandow (The dude wasn’t born when Watergate took place)

    Likes to squirt brings Doink the clown

    Barrack obama’s and Mitt Romney biggest fan is Bob Uecker

    Who is equal to Lou Thesz Lou Albano

  142. big says:

    Who rigs every Oscar night? — The Four Horsemen

  143. The Saint Of Pain says:

    Here’s some I found:

    Gets Drunk And Takes Home Fat Chicks – Hilariously, it’s “Ravishing” Rick Rude.
    Who Wears Short Shorts? – Sable, weirdly enough.
    Worst Jobber Ever – Joey Mercury, apparently.
    Biggest Mark In The Business – Mark Henry, literally.
    Kill It With Fire – Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, which is the most appropriate one yet.

  144. Chris says:

    I know I’m way late to the party, but this was too fun to pass up!

    Future TNA Champ- Ron Simmons
    Dick Face- Nick Bockwinkel
    can’t hold HHH’s jock- Alex Riley
    don’t call me a jobber- Don Muraco
    Jeff Hardy’s meth dealer- Rick Steiner
    Future Endeavors- Damien Sandow
    Bombed Pearl Harbor- Raven
    likes tossing the b-hole- Paul Bearer (that one cracked me up, and disgusted me at the same time!)
    hates Asians- Tajiri
    Is cruel to animals- Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon
    Has bad oral hygiene- Bad News Brown
    Pooped the bed- Sin Cara
    Will lose at Wrestlemania- Mr. Fuji
    Will win at Wrestlemania- Bob Orton Jr.
    likes shitty music- Max Moon
    eats children- Hulk Hogan
    is a white supremacist- Maryse
    smells own farts- Cameron
    enjoys the dutch rudder- Tony Chimel
    only knows 4 moves- Evan Bourne

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