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10 Responses to "Epic Tweet From Wrestling History, 3/16/13"
  1. Down With OPC says:

    There should be a twitpic with this one.

  2. MrMaddog says:

    Just as long as it’s not a reference to the diaper he wore after losing the Cry Baby match…

  3. Alan says:

    No wonder Scott Hall & Sean Waltman fled the WWF for WCW after being stuck in that horrid “Crybaby Match” at In Your House in February 1996. One of the dumbest gimmick matches ever.

  4. Paul R. from SpookCentral.tk says:

    I had no clue what this was about until someone explained it. Definitely obscure.

    Anyway, I found the match video online and here’s a pic of the outfit being referenced:


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