Curtain Jerker: Why Do You Watch Raw?

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Simple one today, kids – it’s Monday, and Raw is on tonight.  So why do you watch it?  Especially when most of us just complain about it?

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39 Responses to "Curtain Jerker: Why Do You Watch Raw?"
  1. Phil Melcher says:

    I suppose it’s the same reason I watch Monday Night Football on ESPN, it’s Monday it’s football night and there’s a game on. I for one don’t get home until 10/9c on Monday Night and I usually will just catch the last hour and frankly I’m getting tired of John Cena cutting promos/wrestling a match I’ve seen about 100 times before in the last 20 minutes of the show. It gets old but that’s about my only real complain with RAW these days.

  2. JRG79 says:

    I watch because it’s a train wreck. No matter how bad I think it is, I know it can(an usually WILL) get worse.

  3. BigDaddyDave says:

    Because, on the rarest of ocassions, I get to see a good wrestling match.

  4. TheRavishingOne says:

    I will always enjoy wrestling, for better, or worse. I watch RAW every week in the hopes that it will be good. I go into every show thinking it will be good. Sometimes I am right, other times, I’m disappointed. I’m right more than disappointed.

  5. Ramon D. Reyes says:

    I started re-watching RAW in Jan. Not because I got super back into WWE but because its a chance to hang out with friends, laugh at Orton, and just have some fun on a Monday night.

  6. The Gold Standard says:

    Being an indy worker, right now I just got back into watching it, to continue to learn what not to do on the indy scene. They may be the top level, but right now, it’s not good

  7. Joseph S. Hasan says:

    1) After this many years, it is just kinda programmed into the routine.
    2) I am still able to get into whatever they are selling most of the time- even if a few months (or even weeks) later, a particular match/ angle/ segment seems rather insignificant or dumb in retrospect, it is still wrestling and I enjoy it at the time.

  8. Brandon says:

    I actually don’t watch it anymore. I still follow WWE weekly and check out the morning after. I just find myself listening to weekly podcasts and hitting up messages boards or websites that talk about what is happening. I just don’t simply have the patience or desire to sit down on Monday nights and watch RAW for 3 hours. It’s too long and there’s too much filler. I know it’s the standard complaint these days but it holds true for me. I’m not saying that anyone who watches it on Monday nights is wasting their time, I wish I had their desire, I just can’t do it anymore.

    • Autrach Sejanoz says:

      I’m more or less the same, except I don’t go on & unless the so-called “creative” team wake up to themselves, I can’t see my desire to watch returning any time soon.

    • John Matrix says:

      That’s pretty much what I do too.

  9. patricko says:


    It’s on.

    It’s on, and I’ve 60-90 minutes to kill after putting my daughter to bed or walking my dog.
    I always miss the first 90 minutes or so of it, which is probably the best part.

    I watch it with the knowledge that I’ll be flipping back and forth between it and 2-3 other channels, trying to find whatever is the most entertaining.

  10. Overlord-G says:

    Just because the IWC loves to complain about the product, doesn’t mean I’ll allow it to affect me. I’ve been a wrestling for 20 years and have yet to see anything to make me turn my back on wrestling.
    Besides, I like being the only person in my neighborhood who has stuck with wrestling since day 1 while my other friends needed to be persuaded to come back after temporarily quitting. It sort of makes me feel…special…Either that or I have a high level of tolerance.

  11. Down With OPC says:

    I hardly do anymore, simply because I don’t have cable. The only wrestling show I watch weekly is Saturday Morning Slam.

  12. John Darc says:

    Because when it’s good, it’s very good.

  13. heavyhandedDOOM says:

    The Hulu version has been a God send. Judging from what’s usually cut from the three-hour version, I don’t miss much, and if I do miss something, YouTube will usually have it. Also allows me to watch Raw at my leisure.

    Honestly, though, what’s on today isn’t that bad. It certainly isn’t any worse than WWF and WCW from ’93 to ’96. I just take it for what it is.

  14. Kenneth WiseEKeK says:

    I watch RAW because while it follows a very set script. It never feels bad.

  15. ducky says:

    1) DVR it. 3 hours goes by a lt faster w no commercials, skipping recaps and not having to watch Kali and Hornswaggle vs 3MB for the 80th time.
    2) Who among us hasn’t been hooked since the days of Rock n Wrestling? Yeah, we mighht take a break here and there to try another drug (TNA) but, we always come back to Vince for our fix.
    3) The New Jersey show, the night after ‘mania. Not only was that the greatest crowd…..eeeeeeevvvveeerrrr !!!!….but, the show itself was absolutely brilliant.

  16. Wrestlecrap's Janitor says:

    Well, I watched it every other week when I was off on a Monday night. I don’t have that schedule anymore, which sucks.

    I did enjoy what I saw most of the time.

  17. DeweyDTruman says:

    Wrestling is one of those things you either fall in love with at first sight or think is the dumbest thing ever at first sight, I’d think. I couldn’t quite tell you why I fell in love with it, but those small moments where everything goes right make it all worth it. Every time something like the Triple H/Lesnar match at WM29 happens and I wonder why I even bother, a Dolph Ziggler cash in happens the next night and reminds me why.

    That, and talking about the bad with friends who shared the pain is pretty enjoyable too I suppose. Helps ease the pain.

  18. Sir Thomas says:

    Mostly, it’s because there really isn’t anything on Monday nights right now that I like. ut once you get past the unholy trinity of Randy Ortan, Sheamus, and The Last Born Son of Ghetto Krypton (or maybe it’s Crypton?), there’s potential. Kind of wish they’d give Brock Lesner something to do that ISN’T feuding with Triple H, though.

  19. Shawn Doc Girt says:

    i havent watched “Raw” in months due to no cable or satellite here. my buddy i did watch it with haz neither also. n to be quite honest with you its become like the same old soda to me. after a while you get tired of it n you want something new n different. but sadly thats not what either “Raw” or “Smackdown” givez us. same ol nonsense same ol predictable crap.

  20. Josh Hadley says:

    Well I haven’t watched in several months until Undertaker returned last week. I might tune in to see what else is going to be happening with The Sheild and Team Hell No.

  21. Peter says:

    Well, because there’s really nothing else I like on Monday nights usually. Though it is baseball season. And I have been missing most of the 3rd hour due to Bates Motel, which I’ve fallen in love with. So yeah, it’s not as good as it used to be, but it’s still a decent way to kill time.

  22. Apestench says:

    I’ve watched wrestling in some form or other since 1983. First Mid-South then Crockett/WCW, now Raw and TNA. It’s just habit, now.

  23. Thomas Moffatt says:

    I kind of hope it will spring into life – they ditch Cole, fire Kofi Kingston, put Hornswoggle through a table, stop putting adverts in matches, give the fans matches they can get into and let wrestlers wrestle – I want them to gut out the crap and rebuild round good matches, PG means nothing, good wrestling is good wrestling regardless

  24. Andrew says:

    The question that one asks one self every week on Monday- All I can say is because I’m a fan.

  25. Jason says:

    because I enjoy it.

  26. Bastard1 says:

    Because my deep-seated love of wrestling just plain will not die, no matter how many times Cena (and other detriments of WWE today) kills my buzz with its boringness. Oh, and last week’s Raw was one of the best I’ve seen in years so I’m actually excited for this week’s edition.

  27. KillerKadoogen says:

    I watch RAW because I like wrestling and sometimes there is an episode of RAW like the one after Wrestlemania. I don’t wanna miss that. Great fun.

    There is not much else on I feel like watching on Monday Night
    I watch RAW because I don’t feel like watching old episodes of Full House that play at the same time.

    Look it’s the episode where Becky and Uncle Jesse question the future of their children as they grow older. It’s grown Nicky and Alex. One is a dork and one rides a motorcycle in the house.

    Wait… what?

  28. TMS says:

    I was a wrestling fans from 1983-2004, and of course I was a huge mark back in the 80’s. I stuck with it even after I learned it was all predetermined and “fake” (for lack of a better term). Actually knowing that made it more interesting to watch (Maffew’s Botchamania is perfect example why), especially with friends when we could sit around and say “Did you see that? He messed that spot up! That wasn’t supposed to happen! Oh, they just HAPPENED to have the Undertaker’s theme music cued up?”

    But once the Monday Night Wars ended, and the newly renamed WWE was the only game in town (before TNA got it’s weekly TV deal with Spike that is), I noticed it became the same old crap week after week. I’ll still buy one of the DVD’s every now and then, but for the most part if I’m really interested in finding out what went on, I’ll just check the internet.

  29. bob.b says:

    wrestlemania 29 = the highest grossing wwe show of all time
    Starrcade 97 = the highest grossing wcw show of all time

  30. Forest George says:

    I haven’t watched it since early 2010, late 2009. I have seen some highlights on YouTube in the last year, but really I just can’t watch the modern day product.

    I was so out of wrestling, I didn’t even know Bobby Heenan ended up losing his voice to cancer. I’m assuming he’s still around now, but that was painful to see. I had assumed he was the same guy he was about five years ago, and it shocked me when I saw him.

    I’m watching some old stuff and I actually forgot it had happened. Like the whole Randy Savage/Roddy Piper feud going on while Hogan and Hart were “buddies.”

  31. Arvind says:

    I don’t watch it. 😀

  32. I'm not Using My Real Name says:

    I remember an induction on this site about Bret Hart where RD wrote something to the effect of “When done right, there’s nothing more entertaining than pro wrestling.” That sums it up, I couldn’t agree with him more. Like anyone, when I watch Raw there’s things I like and things I don’t. And sometimes there’s something absolutely amazing, a great match, great moment. To me the good heavily outweighs the bad. I might complain from time to time about part of the show, but I’m nowhere near as negative as many of the people on these here internets.

    I watch Raw every week, and I’ve been watching WWE since 1987, because, simply put, I enjoy it.

  33. Madman MadmanM Szalinski says:

    Because it’s the only 100% live wrestling show left on TV, and if I wanna see something special happen, RAW is the only show it could happen on.

  34. Alan says:

    I’ve been a WWF/WWE fan since I saw “The War To Settle The Score” on MTV back in March 1985, and I always will be a die-hard fan no matter what. I’ll stick with them no matter what, and every Raw has a good match & a good storyline. WWE has gotten me through a lot of rough times in my life & it is a very welcome distraction from reality, and always will be.

  35. BigCon says:

    I suppose it’s like golfing in that you can have a bunch of forgettable things happen in a round, but when you get that amazing drive/putt/hole, it makes you so happy. Watching it on DVR makes it a lot better. You can skip the recaps and commercials and promos where you know what they’re going to say.

    Also, I’m rarely disappointed in a PPV, and Raw provides the storylines to those.

  36. BaltoJim says:

    Top 10 Reasons Why I Watch RAW:

    10. To see what brand of fast food Lawler and Cole will order up this week.
    9. Grooming tips from Cody Rhodes and Zeb Coulter.
    8. The trio of The Great Khali, Nattie Neidhart & Hornswoggle are a real hoot! (See, it’s funny ’cause it’s a giant dude together with a blonde chick and a little person! Get it?)
    7. One of these days, that Randy Orton is going to get his lines straight. You just watch!
    6. I’m too lazy to download the WWE App.
    5. I’m still trying to figure out why they call themselves The Shield when they don’t shield anybody.
    4. I’m in a pool to guess who’ll get to squash Zach Ryder this week.
    3. I can’t go a week without having my face rocked off by 3MB.
    2. To watch AJ crawl through the ring ropes.
    1. Like Mark Henry, “That’s just what I do!”

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