Curtain Jerker: Weed the People

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Alright, let’s hear your take.

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15 Responses to "Curtain Jerker: Weed the People"
  1. The Gold Standard says:

    Well, Swagger’s been with the company long enough, he should have known better. Even if it’s lax in the locker room, it’s not lax when you get caught.

  2. TrenWolfman says:

    The poorest timing, Swaggs. The poorest.

    Is it wrong that I’m saddened about the fact that we’ll probably get a whole lot less “Dirty” Dutch Mantell/Zeb Coulter on WWE TV because of this? I mean, the gimmick was really pushing the sensitivity line, but the man is a great mic worker.

    I suppose they’re gonna change up the WHC match at Wrestlemania because of this. Maybe Orton or Mark Henry to face Del Rio.

  3. John Rike says:

    The WWE has had a zero tolerance on their stars getting caught with drugs in their possession (Refer to The Iron Shiek, HackSaw Duggan firings in the 80s and Brian Christopher being fired back in 2001), and their own wellness policy states the following:

    “Any WWE Talent, who is arrested, convicted or who admits to a violation of law relating to use, possession, purchase, sale or distribution of drugs will be in material breach of his/her contract with WWE and subject to immediate dismissal.”

    All the ‘marijuana apologists’ will say that RVD wasn’t fired in 2006, but he should have been, and because Swagger is ‘Jim Ross’s boy’, my money is wagered on Ross flying up to Conneticut to ‘kneel down and orally persuade’ the right people not to terminate the contract of ‘his boy’.

    • patricko says:

      Weren’t Shiek and Duggan fired for riding together? Face./ Heel not supposed to be doing that?

      not that it’s the gospel, but Wikipedia supports this…

      After a search of the vehicle and the persons, police discovered that Duggan was under the influence of marijuana and alcohol, while Vasiri was high on cocaine. Small amounts of cocaine were also found in the vehicle. Duggan received a conditional release while Vasiri was placed on probation for a year. The scandal that erupted after two in-ring enemies were found drinking and doing drugs together led to the end of the angle, the Sheik’s release, and Duggan’s temporary departure from WWF. Duggan soon returned to wrestling.


  4. ReReallyrPeteGas says:

    It was pushing the sensitivity line, yes, but they need more of that. I’m tired of seeing dancing Tensai, Del Rio hitting Santa with a $100,000 car, trying to shove Miz down everyone’s throat as a hero, Cena in general, among other things….. meaning almost everything. Pushing the limit was what I remember growing up, and as stupid as this gimmick is/was, it was nice to see. Swagger is a very, very good wrestler, and if they actually let the WHC match at WM go for more than 2 minutes for once… It could have been a possible show stealer. I was interested in seeing where it was going, not because I loved the storyline, but because it was different than the product we have seen for years. They’ll keep Swagger around long enough to lose the shot, then I bet he’s released. Worst time for this to happen. To avoid Punk/Cena/Rock at WM, I bet they give Punk the WHC shot…. or Mark Henry.

  5. patricko says:

    OMG!!!! if we KNOW he’s done this, who’s to say what other dark issues he’s dealing with!
    Sorry, that’s hangover from the Cena’s divorce curtain jerker the other day…..

    DUI’s seem to be commonplace, and not a “future endeavors” problem for the WWE.

    See… hell, a dozen different guys in the last couple of years. Santino, Riley, every single guy in FCW…

    Pot on the other hand….

    Whether I agree with the policy or not, it’s company policy. “subject to immediate dismissal”
    is nice and vague, as it allows for decision to be made on case by case basis.

    All three charges are misdemeanors, and I lived in Biloxi for a couple of years, and know that they do not have lenient possession and dui laws, so he likely had a very small amount on him. Honestly, the thought of being arrested in MS is terrifying….

    My gut’s telling me that if we don’t see a suspension for wellness policy violation in the next day or so, we can expect business as usual, perhaps some extra levels of humiliation on TV, and a quick job to Del Rio at Mania…

    All that aside – what a dumbass.

  6. Peter Santellan says:

    Even when RVD wasn’t released after the drug arrest in 2006, he was de-pushed immediately afterwards and his WWE career never recovered. I can see Swagger going down a similar path if he doesn’t get canned first.

  7. JimbolianJimJimbolianbJimbJim says:

    WWE can go two ways with this:

    1. Just suspend or fire Swagger. Plain and simple.

    2. Crank up the WWE Exploitation Machine© and use the marijuana arrest as part of the storyline by making Swagger not only be a xenophobe, Tea Party patriot, but also a paranoid backwoods (though I doubt there’s any trees in Oklahoma) militia drug activist who doesn’t want the government to take away and burn down his weed crop.

    Well, the first one is probably the obvious choice, but don’t forget Vince turned Desert Storm and Eddie Guerrero’s death into the storylines, so anything goes.

    • Brian E says:

      True, the WWE Exploitation Machine has been well-oiled over the years, but these days I doubt Vince and the company could get away with any storylines or gimmicks that revolve around drugs or alcohol. They have family-friendly sponsors and a wider fanbase to deal with now, so having drugs on their show (even talking about it or hinting towards the usage of it) is probably not the most productive way to go, especially with their ratings being as unsettling as they are.

      • JimbolianJimJimbJolianbJiSmbJim says:

        They did do an angle where Jericho accused Punk of hitting the bottle during the Extreme Rules buildup last year, so who knows. Just gotta wait and see where they’ll take this.

  8. DeweyDTruman says:

    Hopefully WWE won’t send the wrong message regarding how strictly they actually take their policies by keeping him on and keeping him in the title picture. I don’t know if he’ll be fired, but most likely I can see him being suspended for a good long while and being taken out of the title picture. A bit of a shame, this angle he was doing was… well, interesting at least.

    Now I’m more interested in seeing who gets pushed into the WM match instead. Hopefully they’ll get Ziggler to finally cash in, but it’ll probably just be Randy Orton instead or something.

  9. bret_owen99 says:

    He’s no John Cena, so I don’t see him getting away with this.

    BTW, I don’t see drinking and pot the same as cheating on your fiance with every Diva in the back, stealing Divas away from other wrestlers, and cheating on your wife with a porn star. Substance abuse, and obvious sexual addiction are two different things. One gets you high, the other gets you herpes.

  10. Shawn Doc Girt says:

    personally i dont have anything against him. he got a big push n well he got caught with weed. but what really gets to me iz the fact that RVD n Sabu get caught with it they suspend RVD for 30 dayz. yet (az of now) theyre gonna do nothing about Swagger getting caught with it. hypocritical wouldnt you say?

  11. Nick Nutter says:

    Traditionally, Wrestlemania is BEFORE 4:20, but I guess Swagger didn’t get the memo.

  12. patricko says:

    As it’s been announced that WWE has invited Glen Beck to appear on Raw to defend his view that the Jeb / swagger bit is insulting to the tea party, it would appear that they’ve no intention of killing the angle / making swagger disappear.

    If Beck appears, I look forward to his eventual induction here.

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