Curtain Jerker 3/4/13: Most Disappointing WM Match

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What match that took place at the “Showcase of the Immortals” most disappointed you after it was over?

Personal choice, other than Bryan/Sheamus: Lashley vs. Umaga. For all the hype, the crowd was mostly dead for Vince getting shorned.

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37 Responses to "Curtain Jerker 3/4/13: Most Disappointing WM Match"
  1. John Rike says:

    Benoit vs Triple H vs HBK from WM 20 for several reasons

    a) Benoit didn’t belong in the match, let alone deserved to win it
    b) I still believe the best result should have been HBK vs Triple H with HBK going over

    • bret_owen99 says:

      Were you watching that match live, or on DVD? At the time, Benoit was over, and in the match, he was the only one the crowd cheered for. There was many times during the match that both HBK and HHH had sour pusses on their faces, because the crowd didn’t care what they were doing. Benoit was over at that time.

      • John Rike says:

        It was New York City, and they always cheer for overrated schmucks with a ‘work rate’. Quite frankly, like places such as Philadelphia and Chicago, it’s one of those cities whose wrestling fans whose heads need to remove from their posteriors.

    • ffffNick Nutter says:

      I’m gonna have to respectfully disagree. This was my favorite Wrestlemania world title match of all time. It’s hard to watch now due to future unfortunate events, but all the same this was an awesome match.

      • John Rike says:

        That is more than fine if you liked the match, the question was : What match that took place at the “Showcase of the Immortals” most disappointed you after it was over?

        Thus, for me, that was the match that was disappointing

    • CucchC says:

      No offense dude but what are you smoking? Benoit was the only person the fans gave a shit about, plus its the best three way match ever.

    • Johnny says:

      That match never happened. We all know that WMXX was the PPV where HHH threw the Big Gold Belt in the trash, and then Randy Orton found it five months later.

  2. Lee Wall says:

    Brock v Goldberg. Turned into a heel v heel match, the action was in slow-motion and the crowd turned on before it even started.

  3. Down With OPC says:

    I don’t know what’s with the Vince shaving and people saying the crowd was dead. I was at WrestleMania 23, people seemed to enjoy it! I mean, no one was exactly jumping up for joy, but it was fun to watch. The acoustics may have sucked, or I could just be remembering it with…rose colored memories? Either way, it was WAY more entertaining than the women’s match that evening, or Kane vs. Khali.

  4. Lyle says:

    I wouldn’t include Umaga/Lashley as disappointing because if I recall correctly, most people weren’t expecting much of a match to begin with.

    Just about any non-main event (or Undertaker) match from the past 5 years involving main eventers that wasn’t given enough time. Rey Mysterio/CM Punk, Edge/Jericho, Jericho/Punk, etc. were all great but could have all been absolute classics given more time.

    Going a lot further back, Rude/Roberts from Mania 4. Considering how good their feud was, the match should have been memorable. Instead it was a boring 15 minute draw.

  5. Alan says:

    Goldberg-Lesnar at WM XX was slow & awful. The greatest part of this so-called match was the crowd taunting Lesnar to the point he flipped off the crowd. Unreal how far Lesnar fell in one year after putting on an amazing main event at WM XIX with Kurt Angle where he almost broke his neck attempting that Shooting Star Press.

  6. carl zayas says:

    My go-to has alwas been Goldberg vs Brock until Bret hart vs VInce Mcmahon for WM 2something or other (the last few years have all fused together in my mind). I understand the Hitman’s limitations, but I feel we could have gotten better than what ended up being the WWE equivalent to Homer trying to knock Barney out to get his car keys (every time Bret hit Vince I kept hearing Barney go OW, OW, OW…) I had a cigarette during the middle of the match and came back in thinking someone accidental rewound the DVR seeing as it was just repetitive.

    • The Showster BROTHER! says:

      The man had a damn stroke. its a miricle he could walk out there without a cane. I dont know why anybody would be disapointed with a 50 some year old stroke victim how had not wrestled in years having the match he had with Vince McMahon. The thing I feel people miss is that Bret was able to put every Heart ache that wrestling had gave him, put behind him, and have one last moment in the sun on the biggest stage of pro wrestling. (NOTE: I respect all opinons here on this tread, I just feel this match as dull as it may be does not deserve to be apart of this dicusiton)

  7. BigDaddyDave says:

    I’d have to say Lesnar vs. Goldberg. The build to the match itself was excellent and should have led to an incredible match. However, as slow and phoned in as the match was, the crowd taking a dump on BOTH guys was absolutely fantastic. The match itself was a grade C match, but the atmosphere was an A +. I can’t wait to go to Madison Square Garden to boo Donald Trump out of the building.

    • Brandon says:

      What are you gonna boo Donald Trump for? What did he do to you?

      • BigDaddyDave says:

        He and Vince McMahon have subjected me to awful television when promoting their feud. That feud was Wrestlecrap worthy, but hasn’t been inducted yet. Let’s also not forget the lame storyline where he bought Raw. He is an absolute dud in one of the better HOF classes in recent memory. I hope that the MSG crowd tears him to shreds and boos him out of the building.

    • TheDanimal says:

      This comment about Trump certain aged interestingly.

  8. Big wiggle says:

    I thought tripleh/booker could have been better in the sense that vinces son in law could have swallowed his pride and actually put someone over. It always makes me laugh when hhh talks about nach so highly but clearly has never taken a page from ric in putting on class matches or making the oppenent look good

  9. ffffNNick Nutterick Nutter says:

    Lesnar VS. Goldberg takes the cake for me. Hart VS McMahon was awful, but I didn’t expect as much from that as I did from Brock and Bill. It was the match everyone wanted to see. People had been chanting “Goldberg” at Brock Lesnar from the moment he first stepped in the ring and started steamrolling people. But to see these guys refuse to do business on the grandest stage of them all like that? That wasn’t just an Eff you to the company, it was a middle finger to any fan who ever believed in these guys.

    • ffffNNick Nutterick Nutter says:

      Dude. I can’t see anything when I type in my name or Email. That isht comin’ out WEIRD, son.

      • Autrach Sejanoz says:

        Thank God! I was starting to think it was just me.

        And yes, Lesnar/Goldberg somehow managed to suck & blow at the same time.

  10. Peter says:

    The Rock vs. John Cena. I really wish it was just once in a lifetime…I’m not looking forward to watching them face off again.

  11. Saint Stryfe (@saintstryfe) says:

    On paper, it was Trips/Jericho. Those two should put on clinics. But of course, with crappy stuff around it (lucy the bulldog?) we mostly realized it was an overblown squash. But on paper, that is one I wanted to see.

  12. Sir Thomas says:

    Seems like saying Brock Lesner VS Goldberg was the most disappointing match in WM history is kind of like saying the sky is blue. Never the less, I have to agree.

  13. Levikeinz says:

    To add one that hasn’t been mentioned yet, Triple H vs. Orton. The buildup to that match was insane and the match ended up being one of the worst WM main events ever.

  14. TerrierChad says:

    Lesner v Goldberg is my main (unimaginative) choice.
    One match which has always struck me as been a bit disappointing is the HBK/Razor ladder match. Before you go barmy I’m not saying it is a bad match or anything. The thing is that I started watching WWF in 2000. I was pretty much raised on TLC matches and the like. Even aside from those there were some fantastic ladder matches around in the years. Benoit/Jericho in particular stands out at the 2001 Rumble. I didn’t get to see the HBK/Razor match until many years later when I found a copy of Mania X on video. Did I enjoy the match? Yes. Is it a great match? Yes. Thing is that, for me anyway, it has been topped by almost every high profile ladder match the WWF/WWE has done over the following years. HBK and Hall both created something special that night that inspired guys to go and do incredible things in these matches. Because of this though, purely based on its comparative merits, I struggled to get into the match that much. Had I watched it at the time with no other frame of reference then I’m sure my opinion would have been different but I didn’t.

    • Art0Donnell says:

      I still consider the first Razor/HBK ladder match to be the best ever. The stunts weren’t as wild, but everything in the match had a reason for it. They didn’t start taking out extra ladders from under the ring just as an excuse to make up contrived spots. You actually feel like it’s two guys trying to win a match, rather than committing suicide in an effort to make the highlight real. Jericho vs. Benoit also had that feel to it, though I lament the fact that I have to use the name “Benoit” one sentence after using the word “suicide.”

      • TerrierChad says:

        I see what you mean but then again the appeal of ladder matches for me has always been the crazy stunts. That been said, I also feel that HBK and Razor topped the first match at Summerslam the next year anyway. I think I just went into the first match with too many high expectations really.

  15. JimbolianJimJimbJolianbJiSmbJimJim says:

    Well, I’m just gonna mention this since it hasn’t yet, but the Hardy vs. Hardy match at XXV was a disappointment to me. I think better booking leading into the match could have help, but I was actually expecting a lot of insane spots throughout the match to build up some drama.

  16. Justin Ballard says:

    Bryan vs. Sheamus will probably always be the most disappointing WM match of all time. I’m still pissed about that one. Lesnar vs. Goldberg is probably number 2.

  17. drunkenmaster says:

    I go for Hogan vs Slaughter, or Hogan vs Sid. Both were main event matches, and both of them sucked. I mean, they were boring, I had seen squash matches far more entertainig than this. Also, the match between HHH and Orton at WM 25. Too lame and boring for a main event.

    • Bryan says:

      Yes I was at Mania 8, I was 8 years old at the time, and after seeing Bret get the IC belt from Piper and Macho go over Flair, Hogan vs. Sid was a huge letdown. I was a gigantic Hogan mark when i was 8 and expected it to be a big moment. Luckily Warrior saved the worst ending to a Mania ever with the run-in return after the botched finish. The pop when Warrior came running down the aisle is the loudest noise I’ve ever heard. Completely scared the shit out of me.

  18. Zachary W says:

    I’m probably going to get some heat for this…but I thought John Cena vs. The Rock at this last year’s ‘Mania. I honestly felt embarrassed that I had paid the money for this and invited my family over (who are not wrestling fans but support my passion for wrestling) to watch the show. Halfway through, my dad literally leaned over and asked “Are they just going to do the same moves over and over again?” It was ridiculous. I swear, it seemed like they hit their finisher’s on each other seven times each and they were just throwing moves together by the end.

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