Curtain Jerker 2/28/12: Worst WrestleMania

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And going to the other end of the spectrum: what’s the WORST WrestleMania of all time?

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27 Responses to "Curtain Jerker 2/28/12: Worst WrestleMania"
  1. The Example says:


  2. BigCon says:

    VII. Without a doubt. Too many matches (14, with 5 squashes), nobodies taking on nobodies with no story lines, the blindfold match (which I enjoyed until someone pointed out to me the first moment Roberts puts on the hood) and in my opinion, the worst main event performance ever.

    The only good moment was after the savage match when we get Savage and Liz reuniting (which is probably one of the most touching moments in WWF history), but even that came after a bizarre finish with warrior hitting savage with a bunch of shoulder tackles.

  3. Down With OPC says:

    2, IX, or XI. I’d probably go with XI mostly because of the audio issues. How can something like that happen at WrestleFreakin’Mania?

    • I'm Not Using My Real Name says:

      But Lawler had to get Yokozuna’s music to the production people! He couldn’t help it if that caused some issues. He was just messing with some wires.

  4. Kent Barnes says:

    Tough choice with so many duds, but I’m going to go with WM XI. That has to be the most underwhelming Mania of all time. It just seems like another In Your House, with terrible location, crowd and matches. The emphasis on the celebrities diluted it even more and the dearth of matches and their length was appalling. You could truly tell how much the WWF was suffering at the time. Everytime I watch it I’m amazed at how lackluster the whole event is. There have been tons of bad Manias though. I hate to say it but there’s been more bad than good.

    When you look at cards like WMVI for example they are pretty awful and without the main even and huge crowd it’s on par with a house show. VII was garbage as pointed out above. Then you have mediocre events like 9, 12, 13, 15 and 16 which all sucked for the most part. Even the latter day events have been mostly misses. I think a lot of it is to do with the setup of the events now. They tend to look the same year after year and nothing seems new. At least in the earlier days before RAW there was a genuine excitement to the event because lots of times it was matches nobody had seen. The event was still a novelty. Now it’s full of recycled matches, with an exposed industry and too many gimmicks between matches, wasting time.

    But I’ll still go with XI anyday.

  5. Rebel RRCoyote says:

    Wrestlemania 20. Only two good matches which almost all the matches are completely overrated and fillers. I can’t stand watching it anymore.

  6. TMC says:

    2, 5, 11, and 27 stand out the most to me. The worst is probably 27 b/c I can’t think of anything promotionally or artistically that was redeeming about the show, even the production was lackluster.

    With 2 at least you have a few matches that were new or interesting. With 5 you had a great promotional effort with the Megapowers explode story line. With 11 you had LT in a match which at the time was from a mainstream standpoint interesting.

    With 27 you had Undertaker vs HHH in a finisher kickout fest that involved every trick in the book, with some of those tricks being banned in the book of WWE so to speak(chair shot to the head). The Rock was sold as the “host” of Wrestlemania, and he didn’t do really anything that he wasn’t already doing on Raw. You had your usual stupid skits and other goofiness.

    To me it boils down to the era, the promotional effort, the ultimate effect to the promotion going forward, and the production of the event in regards to the era. Wrestlemania 2 and 27 are at the very bottom of the list.

  7. Peter Santellan says:

    Number 2 was the worst. Three different locations was pretty much a recipe for disaster from the word go, but having half of the matches that made no sense in any way, shape, or form was another issue.

  8. ReReallyrPeteGasW says:

    I would name a few in the 20’s, but at least there were at least 1 or 2 matches in each that saved them from my top 5 worst:
    5. WMVIII- Did enjoy Bret Hart winning the IC title when it meant something… But the ending of the main event??? An 8 man tag match featuring the Nasty Boys, Virgil, Sgt Slaughter, and Repo Man. I was 8 and I stopped watching for months after this.
    4. WMXI- The return of King Kong Bundy… I liked him best when he was doing guest appearances on Married… With Children. I hate the fact that a celebrity was in the main event (I do hate WM1, but out of respect I left it off the list), but I understand that’s why most people bought this PPV. And I can understand that by the rest of the card.
    3. WMVII- Blindfold match, Nasty Boys winning titles, the main event, retirement match, and a match with Power & Glory… I think the Warlord was involved somehow… I forget, but I have a feeling he was.
    2. WM2- Worst.card.ever. Don’t even know what to say about it that hasn’t been said.
    1. WMIX- I actually watched Giant Gonzalaz vs. Undertaker a few months ago for a laugh, all I got were chest pains. And I pretty much get them every time I think about the PPV as a whole. I think this was around the time Doink beat Crush down with a fake arm, and then they had a terrible match. The ending sucked, and Scott Hall makes his WM debut (you know, the match before the ladder match) against Bob Backland. We will never see anything this bad again, unless you watch any single In Your House.
    Honorable Mention: WMXV- Rock/Austin, fine. But the only 2 matches with any bigger names (Big Show/Mankind, HHH/Kane) both ending in DQ, and putting Undertaker in a Hell In A Cell with….. Big Boss Man. Did enjoy Butterbean knocking out Bart Gunn. God, did i hate Bart Gunn.

  9. carl zayas says:

    I completely hated WM25. Everything just seemed like a re-run of everything they had done throughout the previous year. I;m not gonna jump on the Kid Rock concert (too easy), but all these classic divas were in one match, and we didn’t even get to enjoy it because we didn’t even realize they were there until they were eliminated. The payoff, Santina. I also hated the fact 3 legends on the inside on the ring, one on the outside, Piper and Flair are the dirtiest players in the game could not beat Jericho. You get some of the better matches on other compilation DVDs and you can pass this one over.

  10. hobu0 says:

    Why on earth are people listing the awesome Warrior-Savage match as a reason that Mania XII was bad?!

  11. Clifton says:

    I think 9 was the worst followed closely by 11 and 2. The others at least had one stand out match that made at least that part of the show memorable. 9 had probably the worst match in WM history along with a boring card. 11 and 2 were just completely forgettable when it came to their matches.

  12. CucchC says:

    WM IX I think is the worst. But WM IV is pretty damn awful. Sure, it ends with Savages moment in the sun, but there are no good to great matches, just a bunch of ** type stuff, and LOOOONG, with a shitty Atlantic City crowd.

  13. Deep dwarf berserkerDe says:

    Warrior outing at WM VII was his all-time best… ofcourse, the late great Randy Savage is the responsible one… Also, the aftermath of that match is one of the most memorable memories in WM history imho… Randy Savage was so good, god bless his soul

  14. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    IX, closely followed by XXVII. Both have mostly bad/dull matches with a couple of good ones here or there, and the main events of both involved one man’s enormous ego running rampant.

  15. Down With OPC says:

    I’ve got to ask anyone who is old enough to remember WrestleMania 2 when it first aired (I was still in diapers), did it seem bad to you or anyone else back then?

    • ReReallyrPeteGasW says:

      i was 2 when it aired and had the tape at 5. at age 9 i could pretty much tell by my 4 years watching it was awful. i witnessed VII and IX… and figured it just happened every once in a while.

    • Mr. #2derful says:

      I was about 10. When I finally got my hands on the videotape (my small town mall video store would infamously get one copy of the WWF releases and everybody at school knew exactly who had it), I watched it 4 times in 24 hours. It was awesome! If I was 18 or 30 in 1986 I probably would have felt the same way. Point is, bad shows are the ones that are disappointing at the time they happen. IX sucked even then. X’s OK, XI-XIII are bad, after that XXVII is the most underwhelming.

  16. Sir Thomas says:

    I forget whether or not WM23 or WM24 had Vince McMahon VS Donald Trump hair VS hair, but my vote is for that one. If only becaue 2, 9, 12, and 27 are too obvious, and I remember hating that particular Wrestlemania.

  17. TMS says:

    WM 9 without a doubt. Not only has the entire event been inducted here on WrestleCrap, but I can remember watching it at a friends house. When it was over (after Hogan got his ego stroked), we all just looked at each other and said “What the hell did we just watch?”

  18. Nick Nutter says:

    Wrestlemania XXVI was so bad it nearly broke me as a wrestling fan forever.
    ShowMiz VS Morrison & Truth looked like it was going somewhere, then ended quicker than K-Kwik.
    The Legacy 3-Way was really painful to watch. Incredibly boring.
    The Money In The Bank ladder match was tame compared to just about every other one they’ve had, and of course I had to jokingly say during the intro: “If Jack Swagger wins, I’m leaving”, then he takes two full minutes to unhook the briefcase.
    Triple H and Sheamus was so lethargic you’d think it was Akebono VS Ted Arcidi.
    Mysterio & Punk was cool, but it was too short.
    Bret Hart VS Vince McMahon may be the worst Wrestlemania “match” of all time. It’s a tossup between this and Cole VS Lawler @ WMXXVII.
    Jericho VS Edge felt kind of like a thrown together SmackDown match instead of a WrestleMania World Title contest.
    Cena VS Batista was tolerable…-ish.
    Michaels VS Undertaker was hard to watch. Compared to WMXXV, they look like they aged 10 years.

    Every match had at least one major botch. There were production issues. Everybody on the card looked like slugs. The whole thing was so bad that the next episode of Raw I watched was the Old School one in Nov. of 2010. And the real crime is this: On paper, it’s a pretty Stacked Card. I know way more hate flows toward 27, which was also pretty useless in retrospect, but for my money, Wrestlemania XXVI really Really REALLY sucks the big one.

  19. drunkenmaster says:

    Wrestlemania 8. The card was mostly midcard or undercard matches, and having a “double” main event, which was a subtle way of sayin’ “even if Hogan isn’t going for the title his match will go on last” sucked balls. I mean, the World title match was part of the first half of the event? Really?? Apparently, either Hulk was more important than the title, or the title was worthless if somebody else had it. In WM XI at least you had Diesel vs HBK at the second-to last spot, not at the middle.

  20. twilite_rider says:

    I think any Wrestlemania with guest wrestlers like Snooki or Floyd Mayweather actually winning is a dud WM.

  21. Wade Preston says:

    Worst matches: 9 by far. The only decent match is the opener that ended in a CO or DQ. IDKAIDC. 11 and 15 were bad too. Many of them were one match cards.

    Worst booked: 9 or 15. 9 had so many poorly booked matches and intertwining storylines, 15 was just all around poorly booked, 2 had a lot of matches that could have been decent if they were booked better.

    Worst on paper: 11 or 13 Both felt like In Your House PPVs 27 was pretty bad too.

    Worst as far as expectations: 2 or 15, maybe 4 2 had to follow up the original. 15 had the type of the Attitude Era and 4 had the tournament and had to follow WM3. You can’t blame a WM from the PG era for sucking. 11 was expected to be pretty bad.

    Worst as far as something out of the ordinary going wrong: 2 and 11 11 had audio problems but 2 was an absolute train wreck. commentators and production looked like they had no clue what was going on.

    Worst overall: 9 or 2. I remember watching 9 and feeling like I wasted three hours of my life. No good matches, confusing booking and I remember actually being excited for it. I was really young when I saw 2 and looking back at it, it is torture to watch. 11 was bad but 1995 sucked anyways, so what else is new. 15 was a card that thankfully I totally forgot about. 27 was awful but not the worst. A lot of the early ones had a lot of trial and error. A lot of the newer ones became “cookie cutter” Wrestlemanias

  22. Darrell Bowles says:

    I’ve had the pleasure or pain of watching all the wrestlemanias because of the WWE network, and it’s hard to come up with my worst wrestlemania. If you want my worst moment in wrestlemania then it’s for me, wrestlemania I think we’re on 33 now. Why? Because of Roman Rains beating the undertaker. Seriously, People hate Roman, even if he is supposed to be the good guy. When people hate you, and your the face, think of what that means. I agree with others who have wrote about it, and taker should have rested at wm 30. Oh, and let’s not forget wrestlemania 9, though I didn’t actually get in to wrestling until the additude era. Bret Hart, who I’ve grown to like in looking at his history in reverse, got screwed by both Hogan and Vince. Well bret, it wouldn’t be the last time, look at 1997. Wm9 did have the daybew of Jim Ross, one of the best announcers to ever host a Monday night raw, or anything else. I mean “Good God Good God all mighty! That killed him! As God as my witness, he is broken in half!” Anyways, I’ve rambled enough, what about the rest of you guys?

  23. Nick Flair says:

    13….not even debatable

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