Curtain Jerker 2/18/13: Chamber Fallout

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That picture above? Oh yes, it happened. Which means Mr. Swagger will get to open WrestleMania, facing Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Brass Knuckles/Western States Heritage/European/Saskatchewan Hardcore International Title.

Other than Swagger winning, and Rock sucking more wind than an Iowa-sized turbine, I have to say it was a damn fine show. The Shield are WWE’s most effective stable since Evolution or The Radicalz, and I’d take the later, since they, like the Radicalz, all debuted as one.

Other than the Diva nonsense, there wasn’t a bad match on the card, and it just felt like a good PPV on the whole. But it’s your forum, so what did you guys think?

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8 Responses to "Curtain Jerker 2/18/13: Chamber Fallout"
  1. Cliff says:

    The first four matches on the card were great. The show hit a roadblock with Ziggler vs. Kingston and Snuka vs. Kaitlyn. It picked back up with Rock vs. Punk but the match wasn’t as good as it should have been.

    It’s interesting to see Swagger vs. Del Rio at Wrestlemania. I thought maybe they’d face each other, but I did not think it would be for the World Heavyweight Championship. I really wanted Jericho vs. Ziggler for the title at ‘Mania. Either way, it’s a fresh feud, but It’s a risk to build a ‘Mania feud involving racism. If the fans don’t accept it, it could be an epic failure.

    • CarlMarksGuy says:

      All I can say is, if Dutch and Swagger run in to a sombrero-wearing delivery guy with some burritos he’s supposedly delivering to Alberto Del Rio… DON’T EAT THEM.

      • Autrach Sejanoz says:

        I hear ya. Given the WWE’s oh-so-wonderful record with tasteful feuds between wrestlers of differing nations, Swagger-ADR has Gooker nominee written all over it.

  2. Superstarl says:

    I can’t say I enjoyed the Rock vs Punk. Really slow match with lots of rest holds. Boring. And why did Kofi even have a match? What a waste of time.

    Loved the chamber match though. Just fun. The Shield had a nice match too. A really fun ppv.

  3. John Rike says:

    Comparing The Shield to the Radicalz… so… does Dean Ambrose end up like Chris Benoit or Perry Saturn?

  4. Mr. Chopper says:

    Surely (surely?!) it would have made more sense for Swagger to go after the US title, returning it to to a #RealAmerican and giving him a foreign-born wrestler to go against. I blame Miz.

  5. BANG!BANG! says:

    Biggest positive: WWE let the Shield beat the Face Pack! I am still shocked that happened but am so freaking glad!

    Biggest negative: WWE has got to do something to make the Divas more relevant and entertaining so people want to see a Divas match. I believe they have enough talent to make some decent story lines and matches but just dont put any effort into it.

    A really good pay per view though.

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