Curtain Jerker, 2/13/13: Chamber Memories

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Just a quick one before I go to bed, since I can’t think of much else.

Of the 15 Elimination Chamber matches that have taken place in WWE history, what matches, moments, and spots are most memorable to you?

My pick: Shawn winning the World Heavyweight title. I was a jaded know-it-all then (not much has changed), but since Shawn was my childhood hero, I turned from 19 to 11 in one moment.


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10 Responses to "Curtain Jerker, 2/13/13: Chamber Memories"
  1. RealDoubleJ says:

    The most consistent memory for me about the chamber is the year Goldberg came into the WWE, absolutely red-hot with the crowd, who was then jobbed out to triple H in a terrible spot (I believe involving trusty ole rubber-sledgehammer) within 5 minutes of entering. You can audiby hear the crowd sit down on their hands for the rest of the match.

  2. Down With OPC says:

    I used to work at a Chuck E. Cheese knockoff (Major Magic’s), and occasionally we had to climb inside the Super Shot basketball game in order to retrieve one of the (non-grudge holding) basketballs that would get stuck at the top of its cage. We’d say we were entering the ELIMINATION CHAMBEERRRR.

    We also referred to the bathroom as the Elimination Chamber (just like that guy on WC Radio), as well as the Urination Chamber.

  3. I'm Not Using My Real Name says:

    My favorite spot was in 2008, Undertaker and Batista flipping over the top rope into a Tombstone. Real cool move.

    Santino looking like he might win last year was pretty good too.

    I remember the earlier Chamber matches much more clearly. Having 12 guys in two matches on one night in recent years makes them all blend together to me.

  4. Bill Richy says:

    Edge is responsible for both my most favorite and least favorite Chamber moments.

    My favorite moment was when he chased in the very first Money in the Bank briefcase on a physically exhausted John Cena. The culmination of the months-long MITB angle, the establishment of the precedent that the briefcase could literally be cashed in at ANY time, no matter the champ’s condition, the crowning of a new champion and seeing the already stale, even back then, John Cena get the shaft turned an otherwise mediocre PPV into one of the most important in recent history.

    Fast forward a few years and Edge, livid over losing the World Championship earlier in the night, attacks Kofi Kingston and climbs into the empty Chamber pod, somehow making him a legal participant in the WWE Championship match… Um, what? In addition to flying in the face of all logic, it completely negated the importance of Edge’s loss earlier in the night. After months of abusing the system to keep his title, Edge finally gets what’s coming to him … Only to have none of it matter because at the end of the night he’s still the champ anyway, just with a different belt. It left such a bad taste in my mouth and to this day remains my least favorite moment.

    Honorable Mention: Shawn Michaels coming up from under the Chamber to screw over the Undertaker and bait him into a Wrestlemania match. They obviously had to shoehorn the title onto Jericho so Edge could, oh so conveniently, use his Rumble victory as a way to challenge his hated rival, but Michaels interfering in that matter was a clever way to force their cards into the hand they wanted.

  5. Levikeinz says:

    EXTREEEEEEME Elimination Chamber. I was first exposed to ECW by watching One Stand 05-06, so I was really excited when I caught December to Dismember 06 on TV. That match was the turd on top of the massive dump that awful PPV was.

  6. Matt Soileau says:

    Shawn winning, definitely.

  7. El Rob says:

    I actually liked how in the 2006 chamber match, Carlito and Chris Masters worked together to narrow it down to just them against Cena. I also liked how Edge won the title from a beaten down Cena, but I knew it would be a very short lived reign. Not even a month later, Cena had the title again.

    My biggest problem with these matches is that they seem inconsequential. Sure, Shawn won the title in an emotional victory in 2003, but the next month, the belt was back on Triple H. Goldberg falls short at the chamber in 2004, but the next month, he’s able to beat Triple H despite all the interference in a regular match. Soon after the chamber match in 2005, Triple H dropped the title clean to Batista. After defending the title in 2006, Cena loses it immediately to Edge on a cash in. Bobby Lashley wins the next chamber match at the end of 2006, only to go on to lose the ECW title to Vince McMahon. Undertaker wins the next chamber match in 2008, wins the title at WrestleMania, but gets “stripped” of the title in a convoluted storyline involving Vickie Guerrero. Triple H won at that event as well, but right away at WrestleMania, he drops the title to Orton. 2009 sees Triple H winning the chamber match again but this time he defends against Orton at WrestleMania, yet the following month he’s losing the title again to Orton in one of those weird tag team matches for a single’s title. This was also the year Edge won a title and lost a title in the same night, and on top of that, he went on to lost the title anyway to Cena at WrestleMania the next month. Cena wins in 2010, only to have Batista come out and wreck his shit and take the title so that Cena can win the belt back at another WrestleMania. Jericho won in 2010 as well, defended the title against Edge at WrestleMania, but lost the title to a cash in by Jack Swagger a week later. Edge wins in 2011, defends the title against Del Rio, and sadly has to retire after that match. Cena wins that night too, only to lose to The Miz at WrestleMania. 2012 was a time when someone finally carried momentum from the chamber match as CM Punk was in the midst of his lofty title reign, so no complaints there. Daniel Bryan, on the other hand, won the chamber match too, but also lost the next month in 18 seconds to Sheamus…

    What’s my point? With the exception of CM Punk in 2012, winning this match pretty much guarantees that you won’t be enjoying success for too long. These matches carry no meaning, no one looks stronger for winning, and as of late, the only reason they’re used is to shoehorn main events into WrestleMania and pretty much negating the Royal Rumble. On one hand, it makes sense that if you build this match as being brutal and dangerous that winning one will take a lot out of you and you won’t be the same after. On the other hand, if Triple H can be dropped off a forklift in his car as it flips over, and he can return with a bandaid on his head, then why would a match weaken anyone?

    I will say some people like Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, our usual suspects seemed to find many ways to add some variety to the Elimination Chamber matches. There have been some cool spots, some emotional moments, but none of them ever really mattered a couple months later.

  8. Peter says:

    I saw the first Elimination Chamber live at MSG so obviously that one stands out to me the most as far as memories go. As far as watching on TV, the 2 Edge moments were memorable, even if him taking out Kofi Kingston didn’t make sense.

  9. hobu0 says:

    Goldberg in the Elimination Chamber was awesome. He comes out and just annihilates everyone. And they all bumped like madmen for him and made him look like 10 million dollars. Except for one guy. Not only did HHH make Goldberg look like a fool, but he also buried all the other guys in the match and all their efforts to make Goldberg look like a monster. I love HHH now, but man back then, and still thinking about it now I’m all riled up. That was so much worse than Cena beating Lesnar.

  10. Nick Nutter says:

    John Morrison dropping from the top of the cage. I had waited for someone to try that since the beginning.

    Also, the first chamber was probably the best match, because of the drama, because of the pedigree (pun only slightly intended) of the participants, and because of the finish. Never saw it coming.

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