Curtain Jerker, 1/28/13: Royal Rumble Feedback

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Real cut and dry, this is for you to post feedback on the 2013 Royal Rumble.

What did you like? What didn’t you like? Leave any and all thoughts for discussion here.

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30 Responses to "Curtain Jerker, 1/28/13: Royal Rumble Feedback"
  1. Zeedeevel says:

    I feel like it is stupid to end a long title run by having the Rock win it. It just made it seem like Punk didn’t lose the belt just so they could make him be the one that dropped it. If the Rock was going to be an actual active wrestler than it wouldn’t be as bad. Also, I know it isn’t the exact same thing, but last time a promotion put their world title on an actor who was making a few appearances, that company went out of business the next year.

    • Autrach Sejanoz says:

      Yeah, but Arquette was greener than grass. The Rock’s got a better track record behind him.

      Still, something tells me this may well be Starcade 1998 all over again…

  2. Jordan Mishkin says:

    Didn’t feel as “fun” as past years. Could’ve used a few more surprises and the outcome was predictable. I liked seeing Golddust and Jericho come back and Bo Dallas doing well was a nice surprise. The Rock/Punk ending was silly. Just should have had him go over clean. Rock seems to get whatever he asks. He should get creative with his requests. Maybe get a shot at the Divas title.

  3. Johnny says:

    How do they manage to have a major PPV (one of the big 4, in fact) with only four regular matches (and that’s counting the pre-show)? On top of that, they have CM Punk drop the belt to a guy whose schedule makes Santa Claus look like a workaholic, just to build up to Cena-Rock II: This Time It Ostensibly Means Something. I’d be surprised if this doesn’t make it in next year’s Gooker nomination, to be honest.

  4. N Frey says:

    What I liked:
    Cesaro wins.
    Jericho returning.
    Potential Cody vs Goldust feud!
    Cody disaster kicking Kofi after that stupid, stupid pogo chair spot! (Biggest personal pop of the night)
    Wade Barrett coming back and pulling out Bo Dallas, then smashing him with the Bull Hammer!!! (I usually loathe this spot, but I marked out when I saw Barrett fighting past the refs to get back to the ring)
    Everyone ganging up on Santino.
    Godfather doing the Warlord spot. I guess Barrett’s Papa Shango tease finally came true, sort of.
    The constant Spanish announce table tease, then breaking before they could do the spot!!! Laughed so much at that.

    What I didn’t like:
    Cena wins lol.
    Rock obviously reading cue cards for his promo (constantly looking to the left, much??). Come on man, we can see the guy flipping them in the reflection of the TV behind you!!
    Cody getting eliminated before Sandow could enter.
    Dolph Ziggler not doing much other than holding the ropes.
    That stupid, stupid chair spot with Kofi. It had potential when Tensai dumped him on the announce table. But that was just lame.
    No Shield. Here’s hoping that Brock Lesnar is “The Sword” that they mentioned at TLC. (Guy even has one tatooed on his chest!)
    Punk jobbing to a People’s Elbow, I never liked that move, it just doesn’t look like it hurts. Kind of like Rock’s punches and stomps never look like they hurt.

    • 80sGuy says:

      Come on, Kofi’s spot was cool.

      The fact they had him knocked right out afterwards was not.

      I’m just sick of Kofi getting the Ryder treatment immediately after it looks like they’re going to do something with him again.

  5. VDM says:

    I thought it was pretty lousy and on the whole, uninspired. I wrote way too much to fit in the comments section, so here’s a link to my post.

  6. Ralphus says:

    It sounds like there is a lot of hate for this years rumble, I didn’t think it was all that bad. Though there were only 3 matches and the rumble, it went longer than most of them do now. There were some funny spots in the rumble, like Kane catching and dropping Bryan after he eliminated him, and a lot of people were in for a while this year. I didn’t like the messed up Jericho entrance (the lights should have gone out first, like they always did) but I loved to see him back, new tattoo and all. And I liked the main event. Guess I’m in the minority, but I liked how long it took for Vince to strut out (some of my friends started leaving before he came out) I do agree that the elbow to end the match was dumb however. Overall, I would give the PPV an 8/10, and I may not have a popular opinion, but I am such a Rumble mark, it could have been 30 Kahli’s in the Rumble, and I would have found a way to love it!

  7. Joseph S. Hasan says:

    Thought Punk-Rock was great, and really liked the Rumble match, save for the ending. I am a Cena fan, and I understand they need to set up the rematch with The Rock, but at the same time I was hoping Dolph would eliminate him to win it.

  8. Superstarl says:

    1. The match quality. I thought every match that went on was at very least on the upper side of decent. There wasn’t any match that served as a bathroom break.

    2. Rock vs CM Punk. It was a solid bout that left both looking strong. Rock had heart and brought it. Punk won the first time and beat Rock around for a long time. Win/win.

    1. Kofi’s continued silliness- At this point, he may as well just get thrown out onto his BACK and crawl back into the ring with one leg in the air. BOTH FEET DIDN’T TOUCH! Its just silly and doesn’t fit in the spirit of the match.

    2. The duct tape spot. We just saw this like 2 years ago. The supposed face has now done it twice. It doesn’t come off as “outsmarting”, so much as it just looks like a lame way to cheat out a win. I thought it was terrible when Cena did it too. As with Kofi’s rumble shenanigans, it just comes off as silly and doesn’t fit the spirit of the match.

  9. PlanBFromOuterSpace says:

    What was with the “You’ve still got it!” chant for Jericho? He’s been gone like 5 months. There are guys with the company that have been out with injuries for longer, but is Evan Borne going to get a “You’ve still got it!” chant? I doubt it.

    I should never be able to replicate a “Kofi saving himself from elimination” spot. I thought maybe he’d play Frogger with the next guy to get eliminated and use him to get back in, but the chair thing? I’d expect that of Santino maybe.

  10. Clifton says:

    I didn’t actually get to watch it, so I’ll just comment on what I thought of the results.

    Not really much to say about any of the matches before the Rumble.

    As for the Rumble itself… I’ve always felt the Rumble should be used to give someone an opportunity who either A) Hasn’t really had one yet, or B) Hasn’t had one in several years. Having Cena win this just feels like they wasted a Royal Rumble match. It’s not that I’m not a Cena fan. I’d be just as upset if Sheamus or Randy Orton won the match.

    I don’t feel the way they ended Punk’s reign was the proper way to do it. Having him end his awesome 434 day run to a guy who hasn’t wrestled regularly for the past 10 years seems like a huge punch in the face. Also, now it seems like we’re going to see Rock vs Cena 2, a rematch no one wants to see.

    Not much else to say other than I’m really disappointed by the results this year.

    • PlanBFromOuterSpace says:

      Cena winning this year was made even MORE uninteresting by the fact that both participants in the main event were people he’d already had lengthy feuds with, which made that match a little less interesting too. Even with Cena still winning, the Rumble itself going on last would have captured our imaginations more, because it was filled mostly with guys that had never wrestled Rock, and that would arguably be a bigger deal than going for the title.

  11. DeweyDTruman says:

    I really, really loved it when Jericho came out as number two. Didn’t see it coming, and it was definitely the highlight of the night.

    I felt the Del Rio and Big Show match was plenty interesting, up until the finish anyway.

    And really, I felt the entire PPV ranged from decent to great, right up until Dolph Ziggler got eliminated. Not because I wanted him to win (though, yeah, I did) but just because the only people left after that were Ryback, Sheamus, and Cena, and I wouldn’t have been happy with any of those outcomes. The fact that Cena won, again, honestly made it worse since it was the one I dreaded the most. I may as well have not watched Punk vs Rock after that since I knew exactly how it was gonna end. Except I didn’t, because I figured Punk would just lose clean, not any of that restarted match nonsense.

    I don’t know what annoyed me more, ending the longest title reign in quite a while to somebody who is only gonna be there for a few more months, or the fact that most likely it was ended for a transitional champion.

  12. carl zayas says:

    This Rumble signified why I love wrestlng…it also is the reason I’ve come to hate it. From a buisness standpoint, I get it, but ultimately I feel this leads to Cena on top…again, Punk being buried, and more of the same. Am I the only one who feels the Punk-Jericho match trumped the main eventblast year?

  13. Shawn Doc Girt says:

    Cena winz again……whoopdee freakin doo! may see Rock-Cena 2 but i got a bad feeling its gonna be a triple threat match for the WWE title involving Punk. or maybe a 4 way involving Rock Cena Punk n Ryback. the surprisez were a nice touch. Goldust vs Cody haz been hyped for some time now. probably gonna happen at “WM 29” for sure. Rock winning the WWE title waz somewhat predictable n the internet dirt sheets saying that Carlito Chris Masters the Hurricane n Shelton Benjamin making a cameo provez again a lot of em have no clue what theyre talkin about. so ill give this yearz Rumble……..6 out of 10. couldve been better. couldve had a less predictable winner in the rumble match n well all the matchez to be honest.

  14. Jack Mehoff says:

    I enjoyed it, thought the Rumble itself was fun. The internet is just full of Sallys who just like to complain.

    • Guy LeDouche says:

      Yeah, but when you’re spending $65 for a show, you have the right to complain about the bullshit that was sold.

  15. Down With OPC says:

    I hope Cena decides to fight for the World Title and jobs to del Rio in the opener at ‘Mania.

    • Kage says:


      On topic…I thought the PPV sucked (and yes, I paid for it – I pay for all PPVs).

      It was an absolute kick in the balls to see Punk’s reign end the way it did. He should’ve dropped the title to an upcoming star who is ready to break the glass ceiling (like Kofi); not a jacked-up, gassed-out, b-list movie star who gives tired promos.

      Cena winning the Rumble? JAYSUS. Also…WWE, the way to build up Ryback as a monster is to – y’know – not have him LOSE all the friggin’ time. Christ.

      The World Title match was good…but that ending! Gah! I thought Del Rio was supposed to be a face? Why is Ricardo always helping him gang up on Big Show? Frankly, all I’ve wanted to see during this feud is Big Show going postal and KO-ing everyone in the arena – especially Vince and Bret (tub of goo? C’mon…).

      Good bits; Kane and Dazzler during the Rumble (“Kane! Put me back!”), Cody vs Goldust, and Barrett whacking the shit out of Bo Dallas.

  16. Peter says:

    -I would’ve liked to see Team Rhodes Scholars become tag champs. I’m getting tired of Team Hell No, Daniel Bryan needs another singles run. The problem is they don’t have a fresh face team to feud with the Rhodes Scholars.

    -Cena winning the Rumble, bleh, who cares. The Rumble itself was fine though, there were some nice surprises and some creative spots with Kane and D. Bryan and Kofi. I liked that Ryback was the last man standing against Cena too. Seemed like the crowd liked it too, a lot more than Cena winning.

  17. eddie says:

    Don’t like rock winning the WWE title. Don’t think he earned the title shot in the first place.

  18. Tommy B Rude says:

    I would have been ok with Rock taking the title, but restarting the match after a 3 count feels like a massive ass-pull.

  19. s1mon86 says:

    my only real gripe with the show was Kane only getting 1 elimination and was in the match for such a short time. They can’t even do a promo on the thing without mentioning it like he is a threat, they could at least have him in there for 10 minutes. not throw everyone out but at least cause some damage. I was watching it with family and they all groaned when he left so quick

  20. Nick Nutter says:

    I didn’t hate any of the matches, but I didn’t LIKE any of them either. Best moment was the return of Jericho, Golddust was cool (especially the spots w/ Cody), and Show chokeslamming Del Rio off the light structure through the table was pretty boss. But outside of those, the whole event was SO paint by numbers. Compound that with Raw being really boring the next night (even with Raw Roulette, which I normally love even when WWE has a down period), and it looks like I might not watch again until Wrestlemania.

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