Curtain Jerker, 1/18/13: Taz Joins A&8

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So the big swerve during the Bully Ray/Brooke Hogan wedding is…..Taz objected, and joined Aces & Eights.

And…..I got nothing.

I dug Taz’s schtick when he was in ECW; he was believable as a snarling pit fighter, even with his diminutive height. But other than his little one-move-match with Lawler at One Night Stand 2006, Taz hasn’t wrestled in 11 years.

Aces & Eights has gone on long enough, and now they’re adding Taz to the group as a show-ending swerve?

Does anyone dare guess where this goes next?

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20 Responses to "Curtain Jerker, 1/18/13: Taz Joins A&8"
  1. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    It does nothing for Taz, and it does nothing for A&8. It doesn’t make me care about either of them anymore than I did before.

  2. Two Count Kev says:

    Taz was also revealed to be a member of the Main Event Mafia and that went nowhere. I see this achieving nothing more than making Tazz a heel commentator. On the other hand, if it paves the way for Don west to return to the desk, I’m all for it!

  3. patricko says:

    adding random non-wrestlers as members of aces / eights does nothing for.. anyone.
    Even when you gradually reveal active wrestlers to be part of the gang.. it won’t serve much purpose.
    Oversized factions that last a year…. It seems like lazy writing to me.

    eventually it will be revealed that E. Bischoff is behind it all.
    Computer modulating a voice does not hide vocal mannerisms and attitude.
    Some of the clubhouse stuff, when the leader would address hogan…. pure smug E.B., but with an electronic voice..

  4. Peter Santellan says:

    I missed it, and I’m happy I did, as it accomplished nothing and saved me from vomiting more than usual from the already horrible Bully Ray/Brooke storyline.

  5. Superstarl says:

    Taz has been pretty lame apart from announcing. He was a part of MEM and he was Joe’s mentor, both of which led nowhere. I’m guessing this won’t lead anywhere either.
    They don’t have him manage people, and he has no on-screen authority, so why bother?

  6. RD Reynolds says:

    I suspect it will go to a 1.1.

  7. J-Sizzle says:

    Had Bully unloaded a giant right on Brooke I would have gone to bed a happy man – what a complete whiffle the Taz ending was – can’t they just unmask Dustin Diamond as their leader and end this foolishness???

  8. Ralphus says:

    I think they are just building to Sting, Bully and What’s Left of Kurt Angle forming the A&8 Red and Black

  9. Brian E says:

    I say keep an eye on this one: could be a sleeper pick for the Gooker next year. While Taz is still pretty cool in my book, any storyline that sees the return of a ring veteran who has barely wrestled for the last decade probably won’t end well. :p

  10. Clifton says:

    Every time I think TNA may get their shit together, they manage to throw it in the fan scattering it everywhere again. All I want is some decent competition for WWE on a widely watched channel. Is that too much to ask for?

  11. Ding Dong says:

    Taz: “IT WAS ME BULLY!”

    Tenay: “SON OF A B!TCH!”


  12. Peter Santellan says:

    I just thought of something horrible: if they show Taz in the Aces & 8s clubhouse with the fourth rate strippers, we’d have to hear his horrible catchphrase.

  13. FormerlyFromTokyo says:

    If it gets him off commentary I’m all for it. I don’t care if he wrestles or not, but maybe he can do something on the mic or flip the switch (or switch the flip, he would say) and make Aces & 8s stop losing. It’s a storyline I don’t care about but I do think it was a good swerve, for good or ill. What matters is what they do with it. So far I’m neither one way or the other about it. Ambivalence isn’t exactly apathy, so I reserve my dislike/apathy until something I dislike happens. Anyway, A&8s (a name I dislike) is next to the least I watch it for. The least would be Robbie T & E. The most would be The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, A Double.

  14. Ben says:

    I don’t have too much of a problem with this. D-Von can’t do all the talking, and both DOC and Knox are pretty crap on the stick. So now Aces & Eights has another mouthpiece. My friends disliked this, saying it was snowballing like the NWO. They were wondering what could be next: evil referees, Warrior coming back again, etc. But all I had to say was that even if they did some of this, at least they’re not shoving it down our throats every segment. They still devote plenty of TV time to good matches. Just my guess, but I think the leader of Aces & Eights will turn out to be Jeff Jarrett.

  15. 80sGuy says:

    Whatever happens, it will more than likely be a disappointing pile of rat feces and cause me to boycott TNA again.

    For the love of all that is Holy, get rid of f’n Hogan already!!

    Waste of f’n money is what he is.

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