Curtain Jerker, 1/15/13: Going Old?

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So a number of people seemed underwhelmed by Monday’s Raw anniversary. Understandably, they were expecting a night of nostalgia, guest appearances, and a trip down memory line.

They got highlight packages, and appearances by Vince, Flair, Foley, Rock, and JR.

Given how much WWE has lavished on their frequent reunion shows, it does seem like a bit of a letdown.

The highlights of the night were Cena and Ziggler, the current crop, putting on a cage match that was PPV quality, and Kaitlyn and Eve delivering one hell of a Divas title match. If anything, the current talents outshined the previous generations.

And this makes my point a bit: I feel WWE does too much with the alumni shows in general, constantly kissing up to the past in order to guarantee a rating. It’s often done at the expense of who’s there every week, carrying the load.

Part of me wonders if WWE suckered in fans with the “20th anniversary” hoopla, and gave them mostly a show of the modern roster looking pretty strong.

If not for the 20th anniversary designation, this would have been considered a much better Raw than usual, instead of a letdown on the “Piper and Demento didn’t show up!” scale.

So I ask you: how do you feel about nostalgia shows? Are they overplayed? Do they detract from the current product by overshadowing the current roster? Or are they something you look forward to more than what passes for a WWE product these days?

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11 Responses to "Curtain Jerker, 1/15/13: Going Old?"
  1. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    They’re way over played, and overhyped, and they’re nothing more than an excuse to re-play the same clips that they’ve played on all the other retrospective shows. (Bad gimmicks, Vince/Austin, Tyson, D-X, etc).

  2. Peter Santellan says:

    Nostalgia shows are nice, but they also expose the idea of just how badly the WWE needs to try and get its current talent over, particularly the midcarders.

  3. Superstarl says:

    Oh, to return to a time with better ratings…

    Yeah, I think they get people with the nostalgia to ensure ratings a lot. You constantly see old stars on RAW. In a given year, its very common to see vets on at least a few shows. Makes it way less special imo, but it probably gets the viewers.

  4. RD Reynolds says:

    But but but…Piper and Demento didn’t show up! I was hoping Roddy would teach Damien (Demento, not Sandow) how to properly handle a bully who greets you with a handshake.

    • BigPoppaNasty says:

      Or he could have jumped into the Shield/Foley confrontation instead of Ryback and taught Mick that when confronted with a bunch of guys and no chance of escape, all that you really need to do is scream THAT’S NOT MY DAD!!!

  5. VDM says:

    While the logic makes sense, I’d still take a Tugboat appearance over Cena Overcoming All The Odds for the 50th straight time.

  6. Brian E says:

    Nostalgia shows are okay with me, as long as there is a good balance of old and new. With the 20th anniversary of Raw, I was expecting much more than a couple of legends. They pulled out many more stops just five years ago, so this one was just underwhelming by comparison.

    Oh well, can’t win them all. To be honest, though, if it wasn’t for the constant reminder from the commentators or the occasional video packages, it would have been any other Monday Night Raw…and that’s not the way these kinds of shows should go.

    • Bill Richy says:

      This sums it up perfectly for me. If WWE hadn’t gone overboard promoting it as an extravaganza, then the actual show wouldn’t have seemed as underwhelming.

  7. BigPoppaNasty says:

    While I was watching the catch phrase montage featuring mid-carders and tag teams like Val Venis, Lance Storm, Road Dogg, and Edge & Christian, all that it did was remind me of the days when a simple catch phrase could define a gimmick. I really miss the days of having porn stars, dudes that wrestled with boners, and Sexual Chocolate (which is the greatest entrance music of all time by the way. Get sexual baby, WHOOOOOAAAAAA!!!!).

  8. Nick Nutter says:

    Damien Nelson on the Pro Wrestling Report has a saying that stikes me as true for many walks of life, and certainly applies here:

    “If you overuse a special effect, it stops being special.”

    Yes, it did feel underwhelming to not see more throwback stuff, but at the same time, WWE isn’t a company that shies away from its past. Just the parts that make it look bad.

  9. 80sGuy says:

    No. It’s awesome when it’s done right.

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