Curtain Jerker, 1/14/13: TNA Woes

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TNA had themselves a merry-little PPV on Sunday night in the form of Genesis. While not the greatest PPV of all time, it was certainly a splendid waste of 3 hours, and featured amiable plot developments (Christian York’s redemption story, Christopher Daniels earning a World Title match).

But when I hosted the live thread for the event on Facebook, there was a scarcity of response. And by ‘scarcity’, I mean, ‘nobody was discussing it.’ And when I say ‘nobody’, I mean precisely that.

I know TNA is a bit of a sacrosanct, apathy-drawing company, and I’ve been quick to rip the company for their various mistakes and blunders, but the product this past year has been more than solid. Especially when you compare it to the cesspool of confusion that WWE has turned into.

So I jerk the curtain this morning by asking you, at what point did you lose faith in TNA? As in, at what point did you decide, ‘I choose to no longer invest anything beyond casual interest in this company, lest my equilibrium snap like a faulty drag chain’?

And as a follow-up, what would TNA have to do in order to win your trust back, if anything?

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20 Responses to "Curtain Jerker, 1/14/13: TNA Woes"
  1. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    I never really had any faith in TNA because they never gave me any reason to believe that they had any idea what they were doing- not even in 2010 when they were bound and determined to go up against WWE RAW.

    To win me over, Panda Energy would have to sell their share of interest in TNA and someone who knew what they were doing would have to give it a go.

  2. A-Bomb says:

    For me, it was when they allowed Samoa Joe into the X Division. I think Joe is great, but for me the X Division was all about the high-flying cruiser weight action, and in fact was what drew my attention away from WWE and towards TNA in the first place. It seemed like Joe’s inclusion was the death knell for the division, since it quickly went downhill after that (does it even exist anymore?) If I were going to start watching Impact again, it would be for the reinstation of something like the X Division.

  3. Chris D says:

    I tried to like TNA, I really did. But I started to lose interest when the Main Event Mafia began to split and I completely fell off the bandwagon after Jeff Hardy/Sting at Victory Road 2011. The fact that they let him go on wasted like that makes me sick.

  4. Peter Santellan says:

    When it started its partnership with Spike, I watched Impact a lot. At some point, TNA decided to put the majority of the focus on the ex-WWE guys (e.g. Main Event Mafia), which caused me to lose most of my interest in the product. It hasn’t helped that the Hogan/Bischoff blob has leeched itself to the product, but I’m not totally giving up on the product, as there are some good aspects still there.

  5. Shawn Doc Girt says:

    i cant say for sure TNA haz lost my interest or my faith in them. ive seen them book matchez that were quite honestly Godawful. i could name some worthy of an induction but ill go on with this instead. many call TNA a combo of WCW (pushing the vets instead of the young guyz) n a throwback to the attitude era WWF. it wants to be different it triez to be different but its almost one in the same with WWE in so many wayz. the old saying its only cheating if you get caught appliez to both promotionz in some wayz. i guess what im saying in conclusion iz if TNA wants to get better it will. but it has to want it. by that they have to try n give fanz what they want. thats what makes you successful…..sometimez.

  6. Superstarl says:

    I lost faith when they hired on Hogan and Bisch. Before then, the product was lighthearted and action-packed. Beer money was on a roll, Awesome Kong was eating people, AJ was still a face, the MEM was surprisingly entertaining, etc. Then Hogan came and the show just became the Hogan show.

    “Welcome to Impact! I’m going to talk for the first 20 minutes of the show! Then I’m going to talk more and then we’ll show a match that features people who should be retired!”

    Ugh. I officially stopped watching when Ric Flair fought Abyss in some kind of street fight. Seeing an old man in his undies bleeding everywhere was not entertaining for me.

  7. RD Reynolds says:

    I want to watch the wedding this week…so there’s some progress!

  8. Matt says:

    Hogan killed TNA. They had some momentum going and were producing great TV from my perspective and then Hogan came in……

  9. Brian E says:

    I’ll be honest; I never had faith in TNA. Not because of the quality of their product, but their overall idea of conducting business. While they had some pretty good wrestling over the years (as mentioned above) It seemed from the get-go they didn’t have a solid idea of where they were going or how they would run the company, and when Bischoff and Hogan came on board, all bets were off. Seeing what happened with WCW…made me hope for the worst. And I was kinda right. They DID give us a Gooker two years ago. :p

    Anyway, I don’t think TNA will completely wash out and put themselves under like WCW, but they sure won’t get a whole lot better at this rate.

  10. patricko says:

    Tried HARD to get into it, when they had the crappy TV deal prior to Spike.
    Fox Sportsnet? don’t remember. bad TV deal, bad viewing opportunities…

    Kurt Angle switching over from WWE and becoming the immediate focal point of the company hurt.
    He’s great in the ring but… in doing so, TNA told their fans that none of the guys they HAD been developing, were as important as a troubled beat up WWE cast off.
    Hogan / bischoff…… my god I hate seeing them on my tv set.
    The build up was huge, and we got them, the Nasty Boys and a ramp to the ring for geriatrics, so the didn’t have to climb UP from the floor. And to date, the camera cuts away from Hogan whenever he’s entering the ring…

    MEM… same thing. Not sure they could have come up with a group of aging stars that I could care LESS about. And they booked everyone to look weak against them. What’s the point?

    For me to really get into TNA at this point, to the point of making sure to catch the show as it airs on thursdays, and maybe invest in a PPV… ditch the impact zone.

    There’s such an artificial feel to it, it makes great matches and decent angles seem….canned. real emotion and response… not apparent.

  11. wrestlingobscuirty says:

    I didn’t lose faith in the company. In fact, I think they are doing better and to have less PPVs this year is a great idea. But I couldn’t bring myself to pay for a PPV that didn’t seem like it was going to be worth it.
    I honestly couldn’t remember all of the card last night. I had to look it up on there website. And if I can’t remember the card from Thrus to Sun. Then I don’t need to invest in it. I’ll just wait until Impact or look up the results on line.

  12. Rob Brown says:

    First thing they’d need to do in order to win me back would be getting rid of Hogan and Bischoff and letting Dave Lagana book the shows by himself.

    The product did get significantly better after Russo was let go, but it still alternates between awesome (WTTCOTW, everything Austin Aries does) and terrible (the Santa Claus segment, Aces & 8s being booked to seem about as threatening as a basket full of kittens, Bully Ray and Brooke).

    I’m willing to bet that Lagana is responsible for most of the awesome stuff and that the other two guys are responsible for the terrible stuff. I could be wrong about that, but I doubt it.

  13. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    What I can’t stand about TNA is the fact that with the exception of the PPV’s (for the most part), most matches don’t last longer than five minutes, and there’s rarely more than 5 matches per show, if that!

  14. Baxter says:

    unless a billionaire who likes to throw money at pet projects and owns a couple of tv stations buys TNA from dixie, i think it will be hard to even compare tna to wwe.

    tna is a good alternative to wwe. i think yall like to complain way to much.

  15. downwithOPC says:

    I had high hope coming off Bound For Glory 2006, where I was live in attendance. It seemed like it went downhill really fast after that. Chris Sabin, who had just won the X Division title at BFG, suddenly lost it to AJ Styles, in a heel turn that was just absurd. He was mad that he didn’t have a color TV in the 1980s.

    It slowly seemed like TNA was starting to do better by 2008 and 2009, especially by Slammiversary 7, another show I attended. Then later that year, Hogan and crew took over, and I just don’t think it has been all that great since.

    If they would visit my area some more (you can probably figure out where that is based on the above mentioned events), maybe it would change my mind. I’ve been to like 5 WWE shows since Slammiversary 7, TNA’s last show in this area (to my knowledge…maybe I wasn’t paying attention and they stopped by unannounced, which would be another TNA problem if true).

  16. Ryan says:

    At least for this past year, TNA/Impact is vastly improved over the absolute drizzling shit they put on a few years ago (aka, The Vince Russo booking tenure).

    What they need to do is stop trying to compete with/copy everything WWE has done, and blaze forward with their own identity. How?
    -ve Hogan his walking papers. He washed up 20 years ago, and keeping him around, even in ax”GM” role is just hurting the product
    -Hand over the booking duties to Dave Langera. The man can book, pure and simple
    -Put an end to Aces & 8’s. Its run it’s course, and heel stables just can’t work anymore, partly due to the fact that NO ONE knows how to book them properly.
    -Push the X Division!
    -Keep the drama to reasonable levels, focus more on the in-ring matches.
    -Make the belts mean something!
    -Do some more shows in Arenas. It moves away from the canned studio feel of the impact zone, and in my opinion, makes the boys give a little more.

    Thats my 2 cents

  17. BANG!BANG! says:

    Let Hogan go.

    Let Bischoff go.

    Take the X Division back to its roots.

    Make Dave Lagana THE booker.

    More qaulity wrestling, less absurd chatter.

    Finish and get rid of the Aces and Eights storyline. For Gods sake, Hogan, Bischoff and NWO helped kill WCW and here go again. Unbelievable.

    With that said, the 1/13 Genisis PPV was pretty good with some really good wrestling.

  18. Nick Nutter says:

    I’ve been up and down with this company. They really had a good run from 2006-2009, with steady momentum (also helped that WWE was pretty bad at the time), and then Hogn and Bischoff came in and changed everything just because they could. There were a few okay moments (and one excellent one in “The Whole F’n Show” card), but then the Jeff Hardy incident happened, and for the first time, I was actively rooting for them to put this company out of its misery. I’ve checked in on TNA now and again since then, and yes, they do a solid show, but I don’t know if it’ll ever be as cool as it was.

  19. 80sGuy says:

    The Hogan shit has got to go. The sooner, the better. And keep that self-promoting, overrated hack (the other one) Jeff Jarrett off my tv permanently. No comebacks.

    I quit watching when the Jarretts and the stupid Hogan shit was cluttering the television all damn night. I came back to it when Hogan took a little break and the Jarretts left, and it’s been off and on for me since. Hogan is still ruining the overall product and keeping himself in the spotlight to the point of making a person want to pluck his or her eyes out with a Lego.

    But the icing on the cake for me, to keep me from being even casually interested (I love some of the matches and talent; Bully, Aries, Roode, Storm, etc.) would be the return of Jeff and/or Karen Jarrett. Those two ass jockeys need to stay as far away from television as possible because they bring NOTHING besides ruination to anything they’re involved in.

    Same with Hogan. Enough’s e-f’n-nough, and the sooner he’s tossed out on his geriatric ass the better. I can deal with Brooke once in a while if she’d pose in Playboy.

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