CONTEST OVER & An Update on Gooker Voting!

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And this contest is over!  Congrats to Ryan for his post in which he talks about wanting s’mores.  Or something.  So I’ll be in touch, young man!

Also, wanted to thank EVERYONE for their posts.  They’ve given me a lot of ideas of what to post for the Gooker voting, which will take place…soon.  Vague, I know.  My apologies, but Indianapolis has been hit with a MASSIVE blizzard, which has had your old buddy and old pal RD without cable, phone, or internet for the last 72 hours.  I am not complaining (well, not too much), as I know many others are without power.  I do ask for your patience, though, as my hands are kinda tied.  I am doing this post tethered to my iPhone, and it’s taken me about 45 minutes to peck out 200 words.  Oh Trolla Corp, where are you with a replacement 2400 baud modem?

Again, thanks to all my fellow Crappers.  More contests are a comin’!!

Ok, so the Cheese is telling me we need to start running some contests around here and I’ve finally relented!  So let’s start 2014 off with a simple one: what was your FAVORITE HORRIBLE wrestling memory of 2013?  It may not be a Gooker nominee (that’s coming next week), it may not be something you saw on TV.  It may be something out of the box. Maybe someone stole your collection of Coliseum home vids.  Maybe Joe Pedicino kidnapped you and forced you to watch old GWF tapes as he talked about how he wore out the master tapes of Bonnie Blackstone as I Dream of Jeanie by ‘reviewing’ them.  Who knows?  It could happen.

Just lay it out below in the comment section, and my personal favorite will win their choice of an archive membership or a pair of free books!

So get to crackin’, kids!  Contest ends January 6!!

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125 Responses to "CONTEST OVER & An Update on Gooker Voting!"
  1. Jeff says:

    As bad as WWE is today, it has to be the Hulk Hogan adult film. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The man who taught us to say our prayers and eat our vitamins turns out to be no better than Z-list celebrities than Farrah Abraham or Screech. Just sad. And Hulk couldn’t even put the girl in the tape over. He was very selfish, just like he was in the ring. It was by far his worst performance since Wrestlemania 9. Which is saying a lot.

  2. EJ Kropp says:

    Fandangoing becoming a thing and WWE trying to capitalize on it immediately.

    It took a while for them to try to monetize on the YES! and NO! chants…this just shamelessly showed what utter whores they are for the almighty dollar.

  3. Matt says:

    Honestly, the worst wrestling moment from this year was watching Dixie Carter make an even bigger fool of herself than the last few years. Humping Hulk Hogan’s leg (Cannot believe that was in a sentence) pretty much just made me turn off TNA.

    • Dace says:

      I’m with EJ on Fandangoing being ruined.

      I fell out of love with pro wrestling many years ago for what I feel was a good reason: Invasion proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that the WWE doesn’t care about the fans, only about money and shaming people from the other promotions regardless of draw or talent, so I walked and never really came back.

      That being said, I thought maybe, just MAYBE this was going to be a chance for a fresh start, to see someone get over despite his lame gimmick, but no, the WWE strangled the life out of a push by the fans. (whether ironic or not, it could have been something fun)

      The WWE has no soul and this website is like therapy for me. 😀

  4. Emer Prevost says:

    Buying the WCW War Games blu ray, and forgetting that it included a match featuring the Dungeon Of Doom. I then had the opportunity of witnessing the most craptastic stable WCW made in the mid 90s, as well as other notable gimmicks like The Shockmaster (post sparkly Stormtrooper helmet) and the One Warrior Nation in stunning HD.

    Even more terrifying is watching the match intros from Dusty Rhodes. The Dweem might be a legend, but that pockmarked face looks ghoulish when presented in high definition.

  5. Eugene Crispin Swanson Esquire III says:

    My worst wrestling moment of the year was seeing that even after shaving his head, the Undertaker, man who is 20 years older than me, has more of a hairline than I do.

  6. Sean O says:

    Worst wrestling memory of 2013?

    Not bothering to try going to Wrestlemania 29 despite the fact that it was in/near my home state of NJ!

  7. Peter H. says:

    It might be trivial but the worst moment for me was the whole power trip between the authority and the Rhodes family simply because of the PPV match between the Shield and the Rhodes Brothers

    Dusty was able to pick a stipulation, one condition if you will…. (sorry i had to say it like that)

    His stipulation was that he could be in their corner


    My sons are fighting for their jobs and I get to name a stipulation, hmmm how about the match is for the Tag Titles, NO DQ, Ambrose barred from Ringside, etc

    A simple logic loop hole in my opinion that still has me scratching my head

  8. Thomas Moffatt says:

    All things Nipple H and Triple H come to mind but the Godfather’s POINTLESS 5 seconds in the Royal Rumble stood out for me – obviously they have no genuine talent they could put in so we get an overrated, past it, only popular for his gimmick, never was that was in and out of the ring in under 10 seconds…

    • Nick Nutter says:

      If you think that’s the worst thing that happened on that PAY PER VIEW, then you need your priorities straightened.

      • Thomas Moffatt says:

        It was an awful PPV and the Cena/Rock WM29 build-up/match is a gooker of the year candidate but the Godfather’s pointless appearance pissed me off a fair bit – it was like the cherry on top of a shit trifle covered in shit sauce and poo sprinkles – like Michelle McCool loving life it was purely pointless…

  9. Ryan says:

    I had a dream that involved a Hershey bar wrestling an graham cracker. The ref was a marshmallow. There was a ref bump that resulted in the graham cracker winning. Kane then came out and set everyone on fire. I don’t think this counts as crap because I want s’more

  10. Raven7309 says:

    I’ve got two “Worst Memories of 2013”, if that’s ok.
    1. The inane, shameless, shilling (I could go on, but you get the idea), of the WWE app. Memo to Michael Cole: “WE FRICKIN’ GET IT!!!!!!” We’re not morons.
    2. Watching “WWE Vintage Collection” and realising just how much better the product was “back then” compared to now. Highlight of the Year: Getting to view the saga of the Black Scorpion in all its glory. Epic. Simply “EPIC!!” 😀

  11. Paul Reich says:

    My worst memory of 2103 had to have been CM Punk and Paul Heyman disrespecting the memory of Paul Bearer over and over again.
    Hell, I wanted to beat the crap out of those two.

  12. Third String Point Guard says:

    My most horrible wrestling memory of 2013 is everything and anything about The Miz. Where do I start?

    1. His attempts at the figure-four leg lock. Even I, a now-unathletic guy who never saw much playing time in basketball (hence the name) and now can’t play due to a bum knee, can do a better figure-four than Mr. Mizanin.

    2. MizTV. Need I say more?

    3. That damn “Really?” catchphrase of his. Certain one-word catchphrases like “YES!!!” or “NO!!!” or even “WHAT?” work so much better. “Really?” just grates on me.

    4. His one-day run as Intercontinental champ shows you how far he’s fallen since his run as a main eventer.

    5. A Miz match is a guaranteed bathroom break or a cue to skip the video forward.

    6. The sheer idiocy and pointlessness of his heel turn. Given how pointlessly he was turned into a face, and how poorly he performed as one (he is, after all the Elvis or the Beatles of Power Crappings), you’d think a heel turn would have been long overdue. But as it turns out, it wasn’t a heel turn after all, for here he is, palling around with the Prime Time Players and Michael Strahan in the Worst. MizTV. Ever. And not long after that, he’s turning on Kofi Kingston after they do their JTTS act yet another time! One would think Vince Russo was back in charge as The Miz’s personal writer.

    7. Christmas Bounty.

    I could go on, and I could also add George Mizanin’s Father of the Year moment, when he just stood there watching Randy Orton give his son a bleep-kicking (maybe Orton put him into a somnambulistic state?), but the bottom line is this. The Miz is both my choice for 2013 Gooker winner, and the man behind many of my “favorite” horrible wrestling moments from 2013.

    • BeaverCleavage says:

      Did you actually watch Christmas Bounty? I am somewhat ashamed to say I did….and Miz was probably the best part of the movie.

  13. adam says:

    I’m a Brit. Bad start already, right? So me and the old lady go to Florida for 2 weeks of Disney-related irritation (at great expense). She lets me go to an NFL game at Tampa in between Magic Kingdom character meet-n-greets but denies me the chance to watch NXT (maybe a blessing in disguise in hindsight) because she doesn’t want to sit and watch guys she’s never heard of grab at each other.

    But watching football was ok!

    Worse still, the week after we get back to England, Florida is on WWE’s live show touring schedule. Missed my chance to boo and hiss at Cena by 5 days.

    TNA in general was pretty this year. Yeah, I’ll just go with that. TNA has been HORRIBLE (and yet I still dedicate my 2 hours each week to catch their 19 minutes of terribly booked wrestling action!)

  14. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    My favourite horrible wrestling moment of 2013, hands down, is the debacle that was #AskDixie. Some of those questions were PRICELESS.

  15. Third String Point Guard says:

    Okay, I guess The Miz won’t do, my bad entirely…no Gooker nominees. And nothing I saw on TV.


    My favorite worst wrestling moment of 2013 was reading Linda Hogan’s book about the Hulkster. Read just like the National Enquirer mashed up with a bad entry to FHM Confessions, and contained gold such as this. And I swear I am not making this up!

    “I locked up with Thunderlips. He’s a Leo—the king of the jungle. Man meets woman. Man wants woman. It was almost primal. We were both young. Both hot for each other.”

    “I was touching muscles so big I became submissive and just let him take me over.”

    I’m not quoting the rest of that passage because I don’t want readers to pull a Titus O’Neil while reading my entry. But yeah, I just skimmed through the Linda Hogan book a few days ago, and it made it just in time for 2013.

    • Third String Point Guard says:

      Feel free to delete my first entry featuring The Miz; I realized I wasn’t following instructions, and thought that my comment got deleted, till I posted the second one and saw that it got approved after all.

  16. Alexander says:

    Looking back on 2013, it has to be an equal blend of the WWE App shilling (does Vince think we’re all 6 years old and need our parents permission, or something?), and TNA. Just… all of TNA. Between “Dixie-mania,” AJ Styles and Jeff Jarrett leaving, and just how convoluted everything got (Feast or Fired, anyone?), I don’t know what aspect is the worst. Although a top contender would be #AskDixie. Need I explain why?

    Oh, and then there’s Jay Briscoe putting his foot deep in his mouth. Way to go.

  17. Marco G. says:

    This year more than ever TNA being unoriginal. Storylines always being about control of the company, gang wars, stealing storylines from WWE ( although WWE did the same thing), and of course the always have to talk about the ratings. Why should the audience care about the ratings?

    On top of that, firing Jessy Sorensen when he was promised a life job when he broke his neck.

  18. Phil Melcher says:

    Honestly, I felt the worst of the worst this year was Big Show’s babyface push. First we get that whole “ironclad contract” voided out because supposedly John Laurinatis wrote the contract?? Hell, WCW even got “ironclad contract” right when they couldn’t fire Eric Bischoff as the turncoat leader of the now! Secondly, I thought Big Show being fired for about the 12th time was not necessary, Big Show comes back and beats up people despite being fired with no security out to stop him because he had “nothing to lose”. The whole “Big Show You’re Broke” angle made absolutely no sense, nor did anybody actually buy it since well, he HAD a motor home Alberto Del Rio vandalized and WWE didn’t even tell us he had to sell it (“paint and all still on it Thanks Alberto”…come on creative NOT THAT HARD!) ends up interfering in a WWE title match which left fans hanging and refunds passed out plus no champion and the biggest sin of them all….Big Show’s “Banned for Life” only to come out on RAW a week later ask for his job back, get it and drops what could’ve been THE lawsuit. In other words pushing Big Show as a face is okay but the depths of ignorance and stupidity behind that turn was awful.

  19. RJ45 says:

    Outside of anything involving Daniel Bryan, The Shield, and CM Punk, I will also give my props to Goldust and Cody Rhodes.

    Outside of that, it was a very “Meh!” year for me and wrestling.

    To sum up how meh it was, I would have to say missing RAW when a tornado took out my home in Washington, IL and just not really caring to at least read the results online. I just didn’t care!

    Now I know what you’re thinking “Well, he has priorities, of course wrestling wasn’t up therE” and that’s true, but I will say that I caught up on other TV shows and such while once I got a new place almost a month later, but not RAW. And believe me, I’ve been watching wrestling for over 20 years since Royal Rumble 1992 and always passionate for GOOD wrestling. Its just been so “meh…” outside a few moments here and there this year (e.g. the Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. The Shield)

    So, my favorite worst memory of wrestling in 2013 is missing RAW and just not caring.

  20. Dan Sheldon says:

    2 words: DEWEY FREAKIN’ BARNES!!!!

    I will also be voting for Dewey as rookie of the year!!!!

  21. Sean Bateman says:

    WWE App getting the limelight when a percent of the world do not have a compatible cell phone or no cell phone at all

  22. David Phillips says:

    The worst moment of 2013? I would say John Cena winning the title again but that’s like grass growing.

    I think the worst thing is the fact that Dixie Carter is still destroying TNA while keeping a smile on her face saying everything is fine. Jeff Jarrett left, AJ Styles left, barely anyone cares anymore in the company and the only ones left are there to get what little paycheck they get IF they get paid at all!

    In terms of ACTUAL CRAP I would honestly love to say the Authority AKA Corporation 2.

  23. Andy says:

    My favorite horrible moment wasn’t on television, and it followed my favorite moment. The local AA ball club brought in a wrestling attraction. I got to meet Jimmy Hart, one of my all-time favorites, the best. After the game ended, we were subjected to three spot-fest indy matches from a promotion I had never even heard of. To make matters worse, when this thing is over they run a promo on the video board about Honky Tonk Man showing up at their next show at some guard armory or VFW. It was Survivor Series 91 advertising Tuesday in Texas all over again.

  24. hulk6785 says:

    My long attempt to watch WWE’s The Attitude Era DVD:

    I grew up watching wrestling since 1990. So, I matured as the WWF did. And, when I was going through puberty, the Attitude Era came around. I some very fond memories of watching RAW while Stone Cold was beating up Vince McMahon, people were smelling what The Rock was cooking, and Mae Young was giving birth to a hand. Now, when WWE released a DVD dedicated to this time, I knew I had to have it. So, my then-girlfriend/now-fiance bought me this DVD for Christmas…

    of 2012. It took me a year to watch it. You see, even though she bought it for me, she’s not a wrestling fan. And, we usually hang out together 24/7. So, I never really had any free time to watch it by myself, and I didn’t want to make her watch it with me. And, this lead to a whole year going by before I finally had enough time alone to watch it. It happened when she went to Indianapolis (we live in Conway, AR) to see her grandmother for Christmas.

    Funny enough, I ended up disappointed with the DVD. I guess it was a year of hype that it couldn’t live up to, but the documentary was pretty lackluster. I did enough the matches though.

  25. theJawas says:

    I don’t watch much of the current product, but have had the misfortune of watching some of Total Divas. I could pick the low-hanging fruit and say Brie sitting on Nikki’s vibrator, or the Bellas hiding Ariane’s implant (you also won’t ever hear me say a bad word about Vincent. That man is a prince). But the worst thing on that show, and I contend this year, is John Cena: the man. I really hope he is playing a different, robotic character when being filmed for Total Divas. Otherwise, lines like “then this is when it gets difficult” and “the public education system has failed you” are given with as much emotion as Vicki the robot. Where’s Dick Christie when we need him?!

    • Jamie says:

      I view that differently, Cena on Total Divas I mean. I see his robotic delivery and lack of charisma as the first chinks in his “Ultimate Company Man” armor. Like the rest of us, he hates that show and doesn’t want to be there, but as the company’s marketing workhorse he’s got no choice (They’d find a way to have him on the show even if he wasn’t dating a Bella).

      It’s actually the one thing on that show that I find amusing, Cena’s constant, weary “Can you believe they’re making me do this shit?” responses and reactions to everything.

  26. Robbie P. says:

    My worst wrestling memory of 2013 has to be watching Smackdown this month with my nephew and hearing Michael Cole, THE FACE COMMENTATOR, repeatedly call Santa Clause fictional. All because they had to do some of the same old stupid bickering on commentary instead of focusing on another great performance by Antonio Cesaro in the ring. You can only imagine how pissed off I was that I had to turn off the tv and have a long talk with my nephew how Michael Cole is an idiot, and how of course Santa Clause is real. Thanks for trying to ruin his childhood, Cole!

  27. Iron Smark Tyson says:

    Of all the bad gimmicks of 2013, the one I hated most was the year of Aces and Eights.

    I guess someone at Impact watched a few episodes of Sons of Anarchy and thought that would be a good stable. And it could of been…in 2008 when the show first debuted.

    Impact overhyped this angle so long that the big reveals had to be nothing but disappointing.

    Remember when Scott Hall first showed up on Nitro for the first time to the big shocking moment that Hulk Hogan was the, “Third man”? Well, that took three months to happen.

    This angle on the other hand took ten months between the first appertains of the stable to the big moments when Bully Ray was shown as the President of the gang. And it wasn’t just that it took forever to find out who the leader was. It was the fact that the members of the stable were very lackluster.

    D-Low Brown, D-Von, Garett Bischoff, Knux, Wes Brisco? Not exactly Hall, Nash and Hogan. Not exactly Flair, Anderson or Blanchard.

    When Bully Ray showed himself to be the leader of the gang after months of beatings, Impact knew it made little to no scene for him to be the leader. That’s why Impact had to create six youtube videos of Bully telling you how he did it. To convince you that it did make sense.

    Members joined and went. Now the stable is no more.

    Aces and Eights if done right could of been a big angle for Impact. In stead it was just another one of their failures.

  28. Dadanthestalker says:

    Honestly my worst wrestling moment of the last year is the fall of the poor wwe. I mean I do not watch it much anymore, but I follow results on every show on wrestling websites, and if I realize anything, it’s that WWE doesn’t have any fans left. After Bryan lost to Orton and ruined his moment, half the fan base stopped watching. Then when Bryan lost to Orton for the last time on Pay Per View, and Big Show become the new challenger, the other half of the fanbase left. I mean it couldn’t have been the same half, they already left. Poor WWE, they have no fans left and will soon shut down. 🙁 definitely the worst part of 2013.

  29. Jeremy says:

    Simple answer. You know how when wrestlers get hit near the mouth the sell it by letting out a massive loogie into the air? Well, be careful sitting in the front row at a house show when Mark Henry is on the card. I got The World’s Strongest Spit directly on my shoulder.

  30. Mr.Spiffy says:

    Well I am going to go with the who bound for glory series…which if done correctly and with any kind of thought at all could have been great but in typical TNA fashion they bungled the whole thing and had to cut it short as they realized the PPV was only a couple weeks away…

    That and the fact that Abyss and the saga of the magical rings has not been inducted yet lol

  31. George Nolan says:

    For me, would have to be the WWE milking promotion of their Total Divas reality show by mixing it into storylines (or lack there of) and matchups with the Divas division. Hard to really get invested in it if:

    1. Folks watching WWE programming are pro wrestling fans who could care less about the reality show.

    2. Divas matches are an excuse nowadays for toilet breaks or channel changing by many fans with how the WWE could care less about seriously investing in the division as nothing more than eye candy.

    3. Witnessing the WWE’s failed attempt to push Eva Marie as a new big star to the division with her shoddy in-ring efforts and apparent ego issues backstage.

    4. Having a shoddy face turn for the Bella Twins just because one of them is engaged to the hugely over Daniel Bryan and the WWE attempting to milk the real-life event into a storyline.

    5. The Total Divas vs True Divas rivalry. While having its promise at first with AJ Lee’s worked shoot ripping apart how the WWE’s treated the Divas division, it quickly degenerated into the WWE attempting to spin the storyline around by making the Total Divas stars into the faces of the rivalry and AJ the bitterly jealous heel, with the other Divas on AJ’s side only being around in the storyline just to even the numbers out.

    • Vincent says:

      1. Folks watching WWE programming are pro wrestling fans who could care less about the reality show.

      Precisely. Nobody watches the Kim Kardashian Wrestling show even though she is from Hollywood.

      • Thomas Moffatt says:

        Can we though the bit where Nipple H spoke down to all the Divas in a Queen Bitch moment and looked like a total knobhead?

  32. Mike C says:

    My worst memory of 2013 (besides anything involving Cena being continuously rammed down our throat) has to be the “iron clad” contract of the Big Show. The whole idea that he’s broke and that Steph and Hunter could continue to abuse a man who signed a huge, iron clad contract barely a year prior was unbelievable! And then to top it off, they fire him, he files a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the McMahons, which he promptly dismisses, just on the promise of a title shot, which he just as promptly loses. And then, as if this wasn’t the height of ridiculous, he continues to work for the company and NOBODY acknowledges it again. That’s it? He doesn’t refile his lawsuit (since he’s broke, remember?) and claim there was no contractual agreement or something? That, for me, was the perfect example of the complete lack of attention and any kind of consistency that WWE has relegated us to suffering through.

  33. Dizzlebopper says:

    Mine involves that AJ Lee shoot promo. The shoot itself was great but the so called ‘face’ divas obnoxiously shouting out ‘you’re ealous’ over and over again just made me want to tear my eardrums out.

    Also finding out Nikki Bella is dating John Cena was a bad moment because it virtually guarantees that this surgically enhanced talent vaccuum (im referring to Nikki, not John) is going to be the Divas champion again soon and get booked like superwoman in the process.

  34. G Kesavahraj says:

    Brodus Clay saying he’s a “main event player”.

  35. Nick "RhineStoneCowBoy" Blankenship says:

    The worst wrestling memory of 2013?

    The Miz, both Marine and face Miz.

  36. Scott Matias says:

    Watching any current WWE/TNA product. Then going onto youtube and watching the 92 Rumble. Quite a contrast. Tatanka

  37. Paul says:

    For me, the whole “P Diddy needs to so much time at Wrestlemania 29 that the WRESTLING show will suffer and some well-deserving talents will miss out on their own special moments” debacle. It’s symptomatic of the greater problems that this company has inflicted on itself over the past few years, most especially apparent in their guest host era.

    Brodus, Tensai, Cody, and Sandow were denied their big moments because some goofball whose fame and fortune is all due to a deceased former crack dealer was deemed more important in a WRESTLING show. That is quintessential Wrestlecrap.

  38. Zero Woods says:

    The Big Show taking over as the main face in the Authority angle and watching Daniel Bryan piddle around in obscurity. John Cena getting pushed even harder when he returned from his “recovery”. The Miz still existing in the company, and Michael Cole desecrating the entire concept of commentary. I can’t stand Cole’s constant shilling of the WWE App, or the incessant reminders of the Hash tag on Twitter. Informing us that the heels are using social media really ruins a lot of the willing suspension of disbelief for me.

  39. adamclark52 says:

    Nipple H, period.

    I don’t watch Raw anymore and haven’t for close to five years. But I do tune in once and awhile and I keep up on everything that’s going on. I turned on Raw a couple weeks ago and the show started off with her and Triple H standing in the ring (2000 all over again) and she didn’t say five words before I had to change the channel. I hate her that much.

  40. Down With OPC says:

    Worst 2013 wrestling memory? Missing out on an opportunity to meet Mark Henry. He was hanging out at a bar in a hotel in Dallas, Texas, where I was visiting for the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention. Had I not been going to some other bars around the town that night, I could have asked the World’s Strongest Man what it was like to work with the Real Deal R.D. Reynolds!

  41. Rez says:

    Kane becoming a member of the Authority with little to no purpose, payoff or motivation.

    That and a clan of authority figures that ultimately cancel each other out and serve no purpose (Vicky, Brad, McMahons, HHH, Kane, Booker, Long)

  42. Jake says:

    I’m a 15 year old kid. I’ve been watching wrestling for several years. But, without a doubt, the absolute worst thing of 2013 is Brad Maddox as Raw GM. He’s done nothing throughout his entire tenure, he’s really annoying, and he’s extremely boring. So boring that when I see him on Raw, I turn off my TV and never turn it back on. Let’s face it: Total Divas is more interesting than him. That’s what I think. Thank you for your time.
    Jakke Beasley

  43. Thomas Moffatt says:

    No one has mentioned Tony Dawson – the latest in the WWE’s attempt to make Cole the best announcer in WWE…

  44. 3countfall says:

    I was at summerslam.
    Where I yesed and yesed and sat through the greatest match I have ever seen live. Bryan and cena put everything into their match. Told a wonderful story. And paid tribute to the old while creating new.

    I loved this match.

    And I loved the ending. Bryan who had worked so hard was finally champ. Streamers and confeti poured down as a sea if people chanted with him.

    I stood their yesing to my hearts content hoping that perhaps, maybe there was a chance that possibly orton would not “grace us” with his presence. Maybe triple h wasnt going to be a part of any story lines and was just there to ref a match fairly.

    Well we all know how it all went down. And the craptastic fall booking we had because of it.

    Now im bummed. Thanks wrestling.
    Why do you make me love you?

  45. Dan Butera says:

    I’d have to say “Wrecking Ball” by Hulk Hogan. Not in a ring, but it’s wrestling related.

  46. JJMatadorMC says:

    The time Snooki from Jersey Shore was making a guest appearance at my local nightclub.

    I tried to get a ‘One More Match!’ chant going in the hope that there will be sequel to her epic Wrestlemania match in 2011. The DJ/compere noticed me and got me up on stage and asked me what I was shouting about.

    I explained to him that I was profession wrestling fan and wanted Snooki to wrestle another match which resulted in many of the crowd shouting nasty things about me and wrestling fans in general.

    Snooki, sensing the anti-pro wrestling mood of the crowd rather hung me out to dry maintaining she had no idea what I was talking about and called me a ‘freak’.

    The whole thing rather left a sour taste in my mouth. Never meet your heroes.

  47. Matt says:

    There’s a few for me:

    – Paying for Wrestlemania just to see P. Diddy and not WRESTLING
    – Paying for Bound for Glory to see Ethan Carter III vs. Norv Fernum and not GOOD WRESTLING
    – Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson in TNA for two seconds before Bellator pulled them out
    – All things Miz
    – All things Nipple H
    – All things Brad Maddox
    – TNA cutting so many wrestlers before Brooke Hogan
    – Having Power Crappings disappear off without any explanation!

  48. Awa says:

    Nikki Bella on Total Divas not knowing/mixing up who is who in that famous photo of Churchill, FDR, and Stalin at the Yalta Conference, then getting corrected by her manly man in his usual condescending tone. Her ignorance just makes me sad and Cenas’ way of always talking to her as if he wanted to explain to a retarded dog how to download the WWE app makes me want to punch someone.

  49. THE Jeffry Mason says:

    My worst personal moment of 2013 was definitely thanks to Mr Kraft. For some reason I remembered seeing a good Brawl 4 All “match” back in the day. So when Paul put the entire collection of B4A on It Came from Youtube, I figured I’d watch to try and find which one it was. Many years later (or maybe it just seemed that long) I had watched the whole thing and realized that there is no such thing as a good Brawl 4 All match. If that doesn’t deserve the pair of books, I don’t know what does

  50. No Pants Mafia says:

    I had a dream that WrestleMaina was hosted at my house on my old trampoline from my backyard wrestling days and the Main Even was Miz vs. Triple H (Hunter won).

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      That sounds familiar. 🙂

  51. Brad Acevedo says:

    after almost a decade of pro wrestling fandom, I FINALLY attended my very first live event, that being TNA Bound for Glory 2013. So yeah, my first live wrestling match ever was won by the Bro-Mans. You know an event isn’t living up to its potential when the most entertaining moment of the night comes from a chant directed towards a fan dressed as Spider-man!

  52. ThinkSoJoE says:

    Matt Borne passing away. We interviewed him just a few months earlier. We did a tribute show shortly after with (IHWE promoter) David Fuller, Black Bart, and (legendary referee) James Beard, with Doc Knight from Original Stampede Wrestling popping in and paying his respect as well.

  53. Tim says:

    I was taking a train from Oregon to California. It’s like a 16 hour trip, so I brought my laptop and a copy of the previous night’s Raw so I could kill some time watching wrestling during the trip. I sat in the aisle seat, and I ended up having variants of this conversation with everybody who walked by:

    “WHO DAT?”

    “Um…it’s Alberto Del Rio.”


    “Rob Van Dam.”


  54. El Rob says:

    The worst thing of 2013, and my personal favorite horrible thing to occur, would be participating in #AskDixie. Now that was a trainwreck, that was wrestlecrap, but oh God was it fun.

  55. Zeedeevel says:

    My worst memory would be WWE making me play through Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg in WWE 14. The real match sucked so bad no one wants to remember it. You can’t skip it to get to the rest of the game.

    A close 2nd would be finding out that CM Punk has now banged my favorite diva from each era since the attitude era (Lita, Maria, AJ). Lucky bastard.

  56. Chris D says:


    That is all.

  57. Josh Dionio says:

    For me, it was the whole vacated title debacle. You run a show 3 nights a week, not including PPVs and you hold off a title winner for 2 months? Seriously, it was just to inflate egos of Triple and Nipple H, kill all of Daniel Bryan’s momentum, and make the title worthless, thus causing the title unification to give the belt some meaning.

  58. Joshua Scribner says:

    3 words. Aces and Eights.

  59. Liam says:

    Probably would have to go with “That Highlight Reel”. Much the same way as “That Jackie Gayda Match”, the whole segment was an embarrassment to watch. It featured every example of why Miz was awful as a babyface and pretty much killed the feud between himself and Barrett. No wonder the IC Match ended up being on the preshow for Mania. Fluffed lines, Brad Maddox and Michael Cole (!) ‘s acknowledgement of how awful it was makes it my favorite horrible moment as it combines every element of suck into a Reely (sorry) terrible moment for everyone watching.

  60. Thomas Moffatt says:

    Brad Maddox doing colour commentary in NXT – awful;, awful, awful….

  61. Art0Donnell says:

    Stephanie McMahon lopping off a decade of her age by claiming to be 12 years old when she first met Big Show backstage (which would have been in 1999). She was doing either that, or trying to merge the Big Show and Andre the Giant into a single entity in the minds of newer fans (much like WWE retroactively merged the World, WCW, and NWA titles into a single championship).

    It was the worst part of the worst promo of the worst angle of the year.

  62. alex says:

    ROH iPPVs and/or TNA 2013 are my picks.

  63. Deathedge says:

    I’ve got something out of the box to mention, but before I begin I feel that you need to know something about me first: I am a hardcore wrestling gamer. I own ALL of the wrestling games for the PS2, and WWE 12 – 2K14 on the PS3, as well as most of them for the N64 (the only ones I didn”t have are Japanese exports) and even though most of the newer games just got staler as time went on, I always knew I had the classics to fall back on.

    Well, around the start of this year, I had a bunch of my friends over for a gamers night. We would have these kind of parties every now and again and my house was a regular because I was the only person in our circle to own a SNES and a N64.

    One of my friends decided suggested sarcasitcally that we play one of my N64 wrestling games, this “Super awesome WCW game.” He, of course, meant WCW Backstage Assualt, because he’s a jerk like that sometime. So, after cringing but deciding to go along with the joke, I popped it in and after explaining the controls to two of my friends, I left the room to go use the bathroom.

    Now, one rule that we always had at these parties was not to rage quit. If you felt yourself getting frustrated, hand the controller to someone else. This was to prevent anything nasty from happening, as well as keep someone from seriously embarrasing themselves. Well, on this night, someone decided to break that rule and in the process they broke something else…

    I returned to the room after hearing my friends having a minor freakout, and my jaw dropped when I saw what had happened. Though they wouldn’t told me which one did it, one of my friends had threw the controller, knocking a cup over on top of my N64. The cup was full of, I believe, Dr. Pepper. My N64 was toast.

    I will admit, I overreacted a bit when I started having a hissyfit, but seriosuly, there went No Mercy, WCW vs NWO Revenge, several non wrestling games like Mario Kart and Donky Kong 64, so I feel I had a bit of a right to have one. I did eventually cool down, and I’m sure the friend who did that was sorry. Regardless, I figured that I would just have to go back to the PS2 if I wanted classic wrestling games like the Smackdown series and Fire Pro Wrestling.

    Well… Yeah… The story there isn’t as tragic, but later that same year the disc drive just… stopped. I’m not sure how, or why, or when but it just doesn’t spin anymore. I had had a problem with the disc drive once before, where it would only spin non-DVD roms but it won’t even do that now. So, there goes not just the wrestling games, but my largest overall game collection. I’ve sold several of the games since then, but my collection of PS2 games was well over 100 at the time this happened.

    So… What am I left with? Well, I never really got my PS3 collection started due to getting so late, but I do have the aforementioned WWE 12-2K14 as well as WWE All Stars. I also have Mass Effect and several fighting games… but this year was likely the worst year I’ve had gaming wise and because of the impact wrestling had on my collection, it was the worst wrestling memory I can think of this year.

  64. Thomas Moffatt says:


    Okay, I’m going to sound off on something, something awful that fans have started to forget – Tony Dawson. Tony freaking Dawson. Tony fucking Dawson. The absolute worst announcer in the history of wrestling. I wondered why he was ever hired in the first place and then it hit me
    Look up the wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards on Wikipedia – the man who has dominated the best announcer award for the past two and a half decades, Jim Ross. Now who replaced JR as the RAW Announcer? The man who has received the Worst announcer award for the past 4 years, Michael Cole. Incidentally, Cole ‘won’ the award in 2001 and between then other wonderful play by play men such as Jonathan Coachman, Todd Grisham and Mike Adamle have ‘won’ the award.
    Now the WON awards mean jack when it comes to it but surely WWE must be aware of how the wrestling public feel about a man who can be described as irritating at best so what are they going to do? They want to make him the best announcer in WWE – they retire JR having dropped him from NXT, tease a heel turn for Josh Matthews then drop him from the main shows as an announcer, bump Byron Saxton down to ring announcer, waste Tom Phillips, release Matt Stryker, let William Regal nowhere near the main show, keep jabbering Jerry Lawler, leaving heel JBL as the most competent announcer on the main shows and PPV’s and hire Tony Dawson; JR got dropped as NXT lead announce, Saxton was bumped to ring announcer, Dawson was on Superstars before Phillips and he was completely incompetent – couldn’t call a back drop correctly as well as informing the fans that Drew MacIntyre hailed from Scotland the same country that produced Fit Finlay (an Irish man) and Mark Rollerball Rocco (Englishman) plus the Fabulous Freebirds were in the WWE Hall of Fame; I am SO glad Jake Roberts never appeared on screen as he would have probably said “Who’s this guy?” – to put it short Tony Dawson was ABYSMAL
    What WWE wanted to do is have an announcer worse than Cole so we got Tony Dawson – personally I think Dawson got wise to this and left; it was like Mike Adamle all over again; a top draw announcer replaced by a bottom draw fool…

    • YVRay says:

      Brother, I don’t know how to tell you this, but Scotland and England are part of the same country- the United Kingdom. Finlay, meanwhile, was from Northern Ireland- while Ireland is an independent nation, Northern Ireland is not. Also part of the UK.

      On another note, I rewatched Edge and Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit from No Mercy 2002 today (phenomenal match, check it out if you haven’t already.) Cole and Taz(z) were calling it, and they did perfectly fine- Cole in particular did a great job hyping up the storyline and the rest of the show while competently calling the action (which was as frenetic as they come). He can or could call a match, it just seems like he no longer does.

      • Thomas Moffatt says:

        I know about the UK because I live in the British Isles – Tony Dawson said that MacIntyre was from Scotland also stating SCOTLAND had produced Rocco and Finlay NOT the UK – if he had said Drew was from Scotland which is part of the UK and Finlay and Rocco were British/UK nationals then I would have no gripe; plus in many sports, Northern Irish competitors regularly compete for Ireland such as cricket and rugby which are the All Ireland teams whilst athletes from N Ireland having the opportunity to represent GB & NI or ROI at the Olympic Games hence the reason when people state someone as Irish they mean All Ireland – my rants ARE deranged but I like to have a degree of accuracy… not having a go but thought I’d explain as it does confuse a bit on the first post

        Tag match you mention at No Mercy 2002 was pretty bloody awesome

  65. JHawk says:

    The fact that people paid for Bound for Glory

  66. Phantom Cipher says:

    It’s just wrestling in general giving us one big fat middle finger last year.

    My 3 picks would be the disrespectful anti-Paul Bauer storyline leading up to the Undertaker/C M Punk match, the pseudo -burial mistreatment of Daniel Bryan, and the HHH/McMahon Authority BS shoving down out throats.

  67. Cory!! Strode says:

    Dixie Carter holding onto Hulk Hogan’s leg as he departed TNA. Because “Creative Control.”

  68. ballroombasher says:

    What’s “Best for Business” was the WWE App & Brad Maddox. Also Abeyance holding the title longer that Daniel Bryan – WTF!

  69. Mike says:

    TNA teased that if their “August 1 Warning” Youtube video got 250,000 hits, they’d put up another video with a hint as to who the mystery man might be.

    Hits as of January 2, 2014: 237,881

    By far my favorite crappy moment of the year.

  70. Jr. says:

    Probably Jinder vs. Khali for the attention of Santino’s Cobra. FIrst time in a long time where i asked myself what the hell was I was watching. And I watch wrestling every week!

  71. YVRay says:

    I got into wrestling in late 2007. It was a pretty exciting time in the WWE- the climax of a very hot Batista/Undertaker feud, Randy Orton coming into his own as a heel champion, the peak of MVP’s career, the returns of Edge and Chris Jericho, the steady rise of CM Punk and Jeff Hardy, and a few months later the return of John Cena and the retirement of Ric Flair. Hornswoggle and Benoit aside, it was all great stuff.

    A few years later, I had grown tired of the product after a dismal 2009 and a little-better 2010. I tuned out a few weeks before the original Nexus riot and didn’t tune back in. I had spent three years as a wrestling fan, but for some reason, I had had enough and quit cold turkey.

    Come 2013, I gave RAW a curiosity and nostalgia watch one August day. I saw an amazing John Cena/Daniel Bryan segment and thought “That Ring of Honor kid is a big-time player? And he looks good doing it?”

    So I kept watching, and I looked into what I had missed the past couple years. Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar, JBL, Rob Van Dam, and The Rock all returning? Triple H vs. The Undertaker, CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho, CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan? Punk and Daniel Bryan and Zack Ryder and Christian as champions? The Shield, The Wyatts, AJ Lee, Antonio Cesaro? Best of all, a roster packed to the gills with fresh, hungry young talent? Holy shit! Wrestling got /good/ again!

    And those first few weeks of The Authority storyline were hot. The Shield as enforcers, Randy as protected heel champ, and the H’s as the untouchable corporate tyrants against a lone-but-gutsy babyface? Sounds good to me! So I watched on.

    I watched every show be main evented by The Shield vs. Three Random Babyfaces and be expected to buy it as a fresh match. I watched talented guys like Damien Sandow and Dolph Ziggler be squandered in favor of what worked back in 2006- more Cena. I watched wrestler after wrestler get crushed to death under the glass ceiling, which seemed more like plexiglass now than it ever did. I watched a pathetic whimper to what was, by all accounts, a pretty damn good year up until that point.

  72. Sperm says:

    WWE sticking by Darren Young after the revelation that he was a queer.

    • Josh Dionio says:

      How exactly was wrestlecrap or gooker worthy? Honestly, as a bisexual man, I was happy that Darren Young came out and WWE supported him instead of doing what they did to Kanyon.

    • Awa says:

      Yeah. God forbid there’s one person out of about a hundred people on the roster who openly identifies as gay. WWE is doomed. Can’t someone think of all the straight children (as opposed to, say, then-12-year-old queer me who was utterly horrified and put off by the whole HLA-thing)?

    • John Q Occupier says:

      I’m guessing- and it’s only a guess here- that with a “name” such as yours you’re just jealous that the “queer” in question wasn’t you, “Sperm”…

  73. Woolhouse says:

    I didn’t see it… but I was told about a match that took place in Japan. Nailz vs. El Gigante. The match exists, but as of yet there is no video evidence. For the time being, my mind can only picture the following match, pitting Abdullah the Butcher vs. The Human Wrecking Machine Zeus from 1990:

  74. J.B.W. says:

    My worst wrestling moment of 2013…well…

    Anyone who lives or works in New York City may be familiar with the long walking tunnel in the subway connecting the Grand Central station to the shuttles to Times Square. My worst wrestling moment was seeing WWE’s Virgil in the tunnel selling pictures and autographs, and not stopping to take his picture.

    Fortunately it looks like someone else did…

  75. Alan says:

    WWE ruining Daniel Bryan’s moment in the sun after winning the WWE Title at Summerslam by having Triple H turn heel on him and having Randy Boreton cash in Money In The Bank & win the title, something they could’ve done at a later date, perhaps the next night on Raw, or at Night of Champions? Morons.

  76. I'm Not Using My Real Name says:

    I have a young nephew who has never watched wrestling, he’s not allowed. The only pictures he’s seen of wrestlers are the covers of DVDs or magazines I have.

    One day I was watching football when he asked me to play. I said “There’s one minute left in the game, then I can play.”

    “You don’t even really like to watch football” he told me.

    “Sure I do.”

    “No, you only like to watch football a little bit. You really like to watch the guys in their undies with no shirts on.”

    Caught off guard by that description I tried to explain, “They’re not wearing underwear, that’s what…”

    “Yeah they are! They’re in their underwear and their nipples are showing.”

    I tried to explain again, it was no use. That was a little bit of an awkward moment. But I bet it’ll get worse, I can’t help but think there’ll come a day in school when he’s asked to write about a family member and he’ll choose me.

    “My uncle likes to look at magazines full of pictures of guys in their underwear with no shirts on. He has DVDs of underwear guys too but I’m not allowed to watch those.”

    That’ll be one confused teacher.

  77. Down With OPC says:

    Though of a another HORRIBLE memory: Saturday Morning Slam not returning! On top of that would be whenever Brad Maddox commentated on SMS.

    • Thomas Moffatt says:

      Or when he commentated on NXT – I was SO glad they didn’t pair him with dorkus malorkus extraordinaire Tony Dawson…

  78. Alan Donahue says:

    The worst moment of the year for me is easily the shameless shilling of the WWE App. I’d rather see Michael Cole in a Wrestlemania again rather than watching him, Lawler and JBL taking selfies, sending Touts or instructing us on how to INSTALL AN APP. The first time is fine, but they repeated this week after week.

    The WWE app had potential to be cool, but the constant plugging and focus on it made me NOT download it. Add the Tout along with that and you have two social media failures. Plus, what fools do they think that the fan voting even matters. Example: Putting Bob Backlund & Booker T in the app voting for special referee against Shawn Michaels. That’s like putting Brad Maddox & Mike Adamle against Mick Foley for Best GM of all time.

  79. Zac says:

    The best thing in wrestling for 2013 was the airing of old GWF on ESPN Classic. Seeing Booker T and JBL in their younger days is impressive. The worst thing in wrestling, however, has to be the WWE App.

  80. Thomas Moffatt says:

    I think you should have a Golden Raspberries style awards competition with categories for Worst Wrestler, Most Overrated, Worst Utilised, Worst Storyline, Most Pointless Storyline, Storyline Lacking the Most Sense, Most Annoying, Worst On Interviews/Promos, Stupidest Finisher, Stupid Finish to a Match, Most Pointless Feud, Most Ridiculous Moment, Person Most Likely to be Future Endeavoured – you could call it the Nipples or the Hornswoggles in honour of two of the most annoying individuals in wrestling

  81. josh says:

    1800-FELLA. So freaking awful

  82. Dr. Eddie Fever says:

    I’m going with anything related to the heel Dixie Carter, especially the “wheel of Dixie”.

  83. KatieVicstoriasSecret says:

    I couldn’t narrow it down to one.

    1: The Authority angle. Every year and a half the E feels the need to rehash McMahon vs Austin, and this time they’ve done it with Randy “her gym bag was like that when I got here I swear” Orton, one of the least charismatic wrestlers in the universe. We’ve been there and seen this so many times, only now the main event picture’s so muddled it feels more like Punk, Cena and Bryan are chasing after Orton/The Authority/The Shield. The most interesting plot point (the fact that Haitch is a former thong-wearing, banana-comping rebel) was touched on with shameful briefness. Seriously, they have the talent and several ridiculously over guys; all they need is a fresh idea.

    2: TNA. Can I just mention an entire promotion? One Dixie Carter propping, Hogan nepotistic, talent-losing, disastrous promotion. We’re two inches from a turkey on a pole in an empty arena match, guys.

    3: Total Divas. Yes, let’s market an entire show to women, then produce a Divas championship program on Raw/SD that fails to air the kind of actual, quality women’s matches that might get the curious hooked on the business. Oh, and let’s make one of our main eventers who gets most of his support from women and children (Cena) as a douchey neatnick baby-hating control freak . GENIUS. At best, the corporate synergy managed to make a few AJ Lee fans through that promo. At worst, this ends up being a permanent blot on Natalya’s legacy and a bargain-bin-at-Walmart and discount stores everywhere DVD. The crossover appeal is so narrow that it’s surprising that it’s a hit, at least with E’s audience.

    4: Sandow and Ziggler’s de-pushes. I appreciate Ziggler’s passion but he’s reminding me of John Morrison in the way he’s squandering his potential by having Loud Opinions. And I’m at a loss as to explain Sandow’s current roster position. Really, he went from being on top of the card in January to doing a Santa Vs Santa comedy spot in December.

    Also my little inner GWF-loving mark (which turned me into an Eddie Gilbert fan) loves that picture. Is that a tiny Brandon Baxter in Bonnie’s bottle?

  84. Lucky Marvel says:

    I work ring crew/event staff for an independent promotion in Delaware(yes people do live there) and we had a show in the middle of June. It was over 90 degrees and the air conditioner in the building was broken. Now being in a small gymnasium filled with your average gross wrestling fan(who by they way are coming from all over Delaware, New Jersey, and Elkton Maryland) and they’re all crowded together. We were doing an angle where these guys in clown masks would jump the railing and attack the wrestlers. The senior official John Finegan who was a referee in ECW told me and a few other crew workers to not work crew that night and he gave as the masks and we were told to sit in the crowd for the night and jump the railing during a point in the 2nd or 3rd to last match on the card. So imagine sitting in a crowded and hot gymnasium in Delaware with the air conditioner broken(over 90 degrees) while wearing jeans, a black hoodie, and a tight luchador mask for more than half of a show. This was an awesome experience and was very cool I was just hoping I wouldn’t have a heat stroke before I got to really live the moment.

  85. Thomas Moffatt says:

    I fast forward through all the Authority rubbish as I am convinced that WWE have discovered an individual with less charisma than Randy Orton and worse mike skills than Greg Gagne – I am of course talking about Nipple H…

  86. CeramicDuck says:

    The Christmas Bounty…. That is all

  87. Barry says:

    Realising that edgy, rebel, wrestling purist, “I commentated a whole PPV on my own” “Voice of ECW” Joey Styles has basically become a corporate whore.

    Reading his posts on Twitter is painful.

  88. Alexandru says:

    the Authority is the absolute hell, their the main reason i have stopped watching wrestling (minus NXT), and a lack of new stars in the main event is wrestlecrap as well.

  89. rey says:

    watching hhh and others try to ignore the YES chants during promos. and the opposite as well when cena, big show and others try to leach off the YES chants.

    the rock’s feud with john cena. we all knew he was losing at mania. but the buildup just showed why the rock is headlining summer blockbusters and john cena isnt recognized outside of the wwe.

  90. Nick Nutter says:

    Battleground. Just…Battleground.

    (Honorable Mention: Wrestlemania costing $70 in HD)

  91. Shadowy Finger says:

    Taking the original Wrestlecrap book out of my local library and discovering someone had drawn in the bits the airbrusher “missed” on giant Gonzalez.

  92. BigPoppaNasty says:

    Mine is a day late, but I’ll write it anyway, even if it doesn’t count for the contest.

    My wife, like many of our wives, doesn’t get the whole wrestling thing, but she does a good job of playing along and even purchases gifts for me that are about wrestling. I myself have purchased books like the Death of WCW and DVDs like the Best of Wargames or other compilation classics like that. With my birthday approaching, my wife decided to buy me a wrestling DVD for one of my gifts. She ended up buying me Wrestlemania IX on DVD after consulting with my best friend (also a wrestling fan, and a smartass) on something that I would really love. She then proceeded to watch the entire show with me at her own insistence because, “she wanted to see what the classic wrestling days were like.”

  93. Ilan says:

    A day late, but worst one for me was Dixie Carter’s first attempt at a heel promo. She’s gotten better, but the first one she was speaking so quickly and so monotone as to kill any chance for a fan reaction.

  94. Dave says:

    Soooo…. this wasn’t a serious contest then? A bad s’mores pun wins?

  95. David Phillips says:

    The worst moment;s of the year has to be the constant push of Randy Orton, Aces and 8s being run into the ground, the TNA title situation oh fuck it! TNA for the win!

  96. Thomas Moffatt says:

    If our old friend Nipple H isn’t heavily involved with the Gooker I will be surprised…

  97. Doc 902714 says:

    RAW Country was freakin’ terrible. (And not only because I watched with my mother-in-law present). As a huge fan of both WWE and country music, I marked out at the notion of combining the two. The result was disastrous. I liked the idea of Florida Georgia Line as guest hosts and the mini concert later in the show. Hey, it was better than any WrestleMania concert in the past 10 years, save for except maybe Limp Bizkit at WMXIX. But Vickie Guerrero was (and is) just awful. She cannot even faint on cue and all because she had to wrestle AJ Lee. EXCUSE ME….no pun intended. but Vickie did beat AJ Lee on a RAW a year prior. And then her fainting during the match inside the ring and outside the ring and even using Tamina’s arms to fan her and even after the match where WHOOOPS! she fainted again. The commentators (ad sarcasm) were also a hoot as well with their country music references and laughing at each others jokes particularly during the only decent Sandow vs. Ziggler match just got too much. I felt like turning it off altogether at that point. I would nominate the whole show as Gooker of the Year Inductee.

  98. MIB says:

    Surely the fact that we ended 2013 and will begin 2014 with Cena vs Orton main eventing WWE PPVs AGAIN should be a high consideration? It’s akin to Flair vs Hogan still headlining WCW PPVs in 2000!

    And of course the utter destruction of Daniel Bryan by Vince “We listen to the fans” McMahon and TNA copying WWE angles and running them AT THE SAME TIME!

  99. D2Kvirus says:

    I’ve got to go with the iPPV format in general. With the exception of New Japan, every company who used the format in 2013 had issues with it – ROH, Dragon Gate USA, EVOLVE, CMLL, CZW and more. Heck, even WWE had problems streaming the Rumble and WrestleMania last year, which in theory invalidates the usual “bush league” comments that pollute articles about non-WWE companies having issues streaming PPVs.

    Not only did it cause frustration for fans, there were some real lowlights to the farce: GFL offered ROH a “new and improved” stream before Death Before Dishonor XI so a house show/TV taping became a free iPPV with less than 24 hours notice and scant publicity before the stream died a few matches in to the show due to the sudden influx of fans clicking on the feed at the same time, and EVOLVE 19 where the stream simply did not work – but if you wanted a refund, you had a two minute window to do so, and you would have only known about this window if you follow Gabe Sapolsdouche on Twitter.

  100. Gabe says:

    I live in Waterloo, Iowa home of the Dan Gable Wrestling Museum. Last year Ric Flair was nominated for the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame induction weeekend. Shortly before the event his son passed away. I advised a friend that worked there that I would assume Flair would not be attending that weekend due to his son’s death. The Hall oF Fame still put out a press release stating Flair would be coming. Well, Flair no-shows for many reasons, but you would have to know that due to his son passing he wouldn’t come. Of course the weekend came and Flair was not there, so after the fact the Hall said he wasn’t able to attend and sorry but no refunds if that’s who you wanted to see. That to me, was the worst of 2013 for me.

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