The Crap Shoot with Bill Apter

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In early 2012, I got to realize a pretty incredible dream: I was going to be teaming up regularly with Bill Apter on a video podcast.

Now make no mistake about this, Bill Apter was a HUGE influence on me. Back when I first got into wrestling, there was no place better to get news than the legendary Apter mags, a series of publications such as Pro Wrestling Illustrated, The Wrestler, Inside Wrestling, and so many others. While Bill didn’t own the magazines, he was the main editor, and everyone knew the name Bill Apter. That I would one day be teaming up with this man was something so amazing that it had to be too good to be true.

Sure enough it was.

I don’t know who the fine folks at have me paired up with, but trust me, this guy ain’t Bill Apter.

Or maybe he is. I dunno. Here, why don’t you watch the series and YOU make the call!

Episode 1: RD Meets “Bill Apter” At a Karaoke Bar

Episode 2: RD Helps “Bill” Scheme to Get Into the WWE Hall of Fame

Episode 3: Promises RD an “Extreme Legend”; Care to Guess Who Shows Up?

Episode 4: Apter Ambushes RD with an Old Cronie – Thee Mag Man Group Arrives!

Episode 5: The REAL Bill Apter Arrives with RD Reynolds

I had a lot of fun working with Bill on this series, but for various reasons, we had to put it on hold.  In the meantime, be sure to follow Bill over at his new home,!

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