Rewriting the Book: What If Hulk Hogan Never Left the AWA? (Part 7 Update)

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Though some readers may no longer consider Me a part of the tribe with my frequent absences and vague (unfulfilled) proclamations of future-installment publication dates in My continuing saga here, I promise I have not left you…even if some of you wish I had;)

When I miss a self-imposed deadline, I want you all to know that despite personal & professional difficulties and responsibilities (and despite the fact that I answer only to RD) I am committed to (and enjoy working on) this project and am harder on Myself than anyone else could possibly be.

To that end, I recently finished the entire thing and — with RD’s blessing — a new installment of My What If? Series will appear EVERY MONDAY, starting July 1st, 2013.

Disbelievers Unite, so I can prove all of you wrong at once;) After Monday’s entry, 15 more weekly installments will follow.

FOR THOSE INTERESTED: I created, run & am the sole contributor to AND AND Thursday Movie ‘Splanations! at (as well as writing other features on the site) AND I promote My 1st book (a collection of short stories) which came out in January: AND I pen the occasional Headlies here at the Crap AND I’m currently polishing a screenplay for a colleague AND I’m writing Greg The Hammer Valentine’s autobiography with him AND a separate book about his father AND I’m ghost writing an athletic coach’s autobiography AND writing an upcoming animated web-series AND I’m working on My 1st Novel (due to be in my agent’s hands by year’s end) AND I’m filming a unique movie with an accompanying documentary that’s seeking extra funding here:

I managed to complete the remaining entries of this epic Wrestlecrap story while laid up in the hospital with a bulging disc in My back.

See ya’ Monday!

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10 Responses to "Rewriting the Book: What If Hulk Hogan Never Left the AWA? (Part 7 Update)"
  1. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    Wow! You’ve certainly got your finger in a lot of pies! No wonder one of your discs was bulging! Hope you’re feeling better, and looking forward to the rest of your installments!

  2. alex says:

    can’t wait to follow the rest of this great story.

  3. Garrett Garlits says:

    I hereby withdraw every complaint Ive ever had about you not following through on deadlines. With that workload, how do you find time to breathe?

    Can’t wait for the story to resume!

  4. Shane aka RamboHomerMcFly says:

    Thanks again for the patience and understanding, guys.
    I didn’t even mention that I also have a full-time sales, marketing & advertising job on top of all the above-mentioned projects, lol.

  5. simongr81 says:

    Welcome back!

  6. James Mitchell says:

    Looking forward to reading the rest of it! Been checking in periodically and specifically looking out for this, even though Rewriting the Books are not traditonally a favourite of mine on the site (which is meant as a compliment to the instalments of this that I have read so far).

  7. Madman Szalinski says:

    Is this the wrong time to point out how many “ands” you used?

    Heal up, we’ll get it when we get it. Thank you.

  8. Shane aka RamboHomerMcFly says:

    FYI: After I submit My columns, they go in the queue and have to be published to the site by Jed or RD (both of whom I’ve messaged about doing so, lol).
    So, for all those wanting Part 7, please direct begs, pleads and pretty pleases to them;)

  9. tdmoon says:

    I don’t want to hear about the labor pains, just want to see the baby.

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