Rewriting The Book – What if CM Punk didn’t return so soon after Money In The Bank 2011? (Part I)

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by Jon Milne

Rewriting The Book: What if… CM Punk Had Stayed Away From The WWE With The WWE Title In Hand For Longer After Money In The Bank 2011


On June the 27th, 2011, an industry was rocked to it’s core. In a devastating worked shoot promo which would be referred to as the iconic handle of “The Pipe Bomb”, CM Punk aired his real life frustrations with the WWE. No subject was considered taboo: John Cena, Vince McMahon, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Hulk Hogan, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar, WWE Corporate and Creative, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor, Colt Cabana, even an allusion to the hypocrisy of WWE’s anti-bullying campaign – nothing was safe in the incredible promo that would become a viral sensation and turn Punk into de-facto the hottest property in wrestling. At Money In The Bank 2011, in a critically acclaimed match, CM Punk would become the WWE Champion, and would then proceed to do as he promised and leave the company with the belt. In reality, of course, he had signed a new contract. At this point, it seemed that Punk was destined to become the biggest star in the WWE.

And yet only three years later, CM Punk would be gone. He would walk out of the company in January 2014, working his final match in the Royal Rumble, citing dissatisfaction with his booking as well as the alleged medical malpractice that lead to Punk having a staph infection. His exit would become official in June of that year, when Punk received his termination papers from the WWE on the day of his wedding.

Where did things go so catastrophically wrong? A consensus appears to be that it was handling of Punk after he returned, two weeks after he “left” the company In-storyline, in which the sheer momentum he had built up with his Pipe Bomb and victory at Money In The Bank 2011 ended up quashed with a string of poor booking that would greatly damage Punk’s standing in the company, to the point where even a WWE Championship reign lasting longer than a year could not salvage it. But what if things were different? Today, we ask:

Rewriting The Book: What if… CM Punk Had Stayed Away From The WWE With The WWE Title In Hand For Longer After Money In The Bank 2011?

Part 1

Our story begins on the July 25th, 2011 edition of RAW. It is 8 days removed since the expiry of CM Punk’s contract with the WWE, which he marked by defeating WWE Champion John Cena at Money In The Bank 2011, and then proceeding to flee the arena with the WWE Title, though not before blowing Vince McMahon a kiss goodbye. Since then, a new tournament has been started, won by Rey Mysterio, to crown a new WWE Champion in CM Punk’s absence. Triple H has supplanted Vince McMahon as the new COO of the WWE, with one of his first acts being to save Cena’s job, and to announce that Mysterio will defend his newly won championship against Cena to close out RAW…

July 25 2011 – Monday Night RAW

As the match draws to a close, it becomes clear that Rey Mysterio, a mere 2 hours removed from having defeated the Miz to win the championship, is going to be overpowered by Cena, surely securing for him the start of his 9th WWE Championship reign.

All of a sudden, however, the match comes to a screeching halt when none other than the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Christian, comes to the ring, and attacks Cena with a steel chair from behind, drawing a disqualification victory for Rey. When Rey attempts to save Cena, he too is met with a chair shot, this time to his mid-section. To the shock of the crowd and the announcers, who wonder openly what a Smackdown contracted wrestler is doing on RAW, Christian proceeds to viciously dissect both men in the ring with repeated shots from the chair, before walking away from the ring as security surround him to escort him up the ramp and away from the arena. As the security do this, the current RAW Money In The Bank holder, Alberto Del Rio, rushes down to the ring in an evident attempt to cash in his briefcase. Before he can hand his briefcase to the referee however, Christian has one last thing to say:

“Oh yeah, Alberto! You go ahead and cash that in! I didn’t know that aristocrat-type guys like you were so keen on “not-real” titles, like you and I both know that is! But hey if that’s really the belt you want, don’t let me stop you!”

This stops Del Rio in his tracks, and suddenly he steps back from the referee, before looking back at Christian with a new-found interest and mouthing the words “go on”.

Christian laughs: “You make sure to watch Smackdown this Friday. It’s all gonna become very clear, I promise.”

July 29 2011 – Friday Night Smackdown

The show opens with the entrance of Christian, who rather than making his way to the ring, instead sits cross-legged at the top of the ramp, in an echo of the iconic moment from a month before when CM Punk aired his own very personal grievances with the WWE.

“You know, I should be happy. See, nearly two weeks ago, I managed to win back MY World Heavyweight Championship from that disgrace Randy Orton, and to top it off I became the only guy in the company with an actual World Title after, well, you-know-who made an ass out of Vince McMahon and scarpered from the company with that particular gold belt in his shoulder. But see, I can’t enjoy any of that, and you know why? Because the management of this company, in their infinite wisdom, decided to promote a tournament to create an ‘all new’ WWE Champion that will completely ignore what happened in Chicago, and now that’s all fans are talking about! You wanna know why I hate this? Well, let me show you all a video that’s got huge views on YouTube, made by our absentee WWE Champion, and you’ll see EXACTLY what I’m talking about!”

The TitanTron flashes up a short video by a grinning CM Punk, sitting on a couch in front of a coffee table, upon which the WWE Title belt rests and is being used as a placemat for a couple open Diet Sodas. “Hey Rey! Just want to let you know that I am so, so happy for you that you won a belt that last I checked I still haven’t lost. And now you’re facing John Cena huh? Good to know that the reward for failing to live up to your promises and getting fired is to be rescued by a new authority guy every bit as bad as the last guy and to just get slotted into a match without having to earn it. Here’s the reality. Whoever wins the belt out of the two of you? You’re just holding a paper title. And the REAL title will be with me, relaxing on my couch in Chicago, not owing the WWE a damn thing, always out of your reach. Still love wrestling though. I think the guys at New Japan would be awesome to face with this belt on the line. Maybe not Ring of Honour though. They’ve got no great love for the WWE either, but I think me turning up with another company’s World Title might remind them about the horrifying possibilities about what would have happened if I’d taken one of their titles to the WWE. Boy would that have been a story!”

The video concludes, and Christian gets back on the microphone. “Do you have any idea how disrespected I feel? I’m the only REAL World Champion in this company, but our divine leader Triple H decides that what’s best for business is to promote a “phony” World Title. Well on RAW, I took action. And now that I’ve made myself heard, I’m issuing a challenge, right now, to Rey Mysterio, to face me at Summerslam to unite this worthy belt of mine with his cheap trinket, so that the WWE no longer has to embarrass itself by being associated with such a worthless-“

It’s at this point he is attacked from behind by Randy Orton, still livid at having lost his belt nearly two weeks before. As security comes to separate Christian and Orton, the Interim WWE Champion Rey Mysterio leaps out of the crowd to tackle Christian to the floor, reigning down punches on him, and as security manages to separate Rey from the subject of his attack, Rey can be heard to yell “I accept!”

The Road To Summerslam

While the main event for Summerslam is initially set at a Christian vs Rey Mysterio main event, numerous factors occur on the following RAW and Smackdown that lead to a change of plans.

First, Alberto Del Rio registers a complaint. Having “seen things more clearly” after Christian’s promo on Smackdown, he feels outraged that because of Vince McMahon’s mismanagement, he now holds a briefcase for a title shot that is essentially meaningless as long as CM Punk no longer works for the company. He supports Christian’s campaign, as the unification of the Interim WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship would mean that his MITB briefcase would see a significant return of value, and he would be able to chase for a title belt truly worthy of his Mexican Aristocrat image.

The Miz too, also sides with Christian: “I headlined Wrestlemania this year, and I joined that elite group of people to win a WWE Championship match at that kind of event. And what happens? I get screwed out of my title, I fight with all my guts to get into a tournament final, I get a fluke loss to Rey Mysterio, and then I learn that my efforts were all for nothing, because management has such favouritism for John Cena that he’s let right back into the company despite screwing up two weeks ago, and then just gets granted an immediate title match! This is ridiculous! I am the most must-see superstar in this company, and this is how I get treated? Well no more! I’m with Christian on this one. And I want respect. And this new belt needs to be kept the hell away from lesser guys like Cena and Mysterio!”

But where Christian has support, he has enemies too. Rey, having agreed to the match, feels that Christian has been a stain on the reputation of the belt he holds, and pledges to bring honour to the newly created belt at Summerslam. And Christian’s matches are invaded by Randy Orton, who still very much holds a grudge against Christian after Orton was disqualified out of his title at Money In The Bank, and by John Cena, who wishes to atone for the mistakes he made a few weeks earlier.

With it becoming abundantly clear that the clash of interests within the title scene is too hard to ignore, Triple announces a 6 Man Tag Match for the newly created Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Championship, with Interim WWE Champion Rey Mysterio teaming with John Cena and Randy Orton to face World Heavyweight Champion Christian and his team-mates Alberto Del Rio and The Miz, with the stipulation that whichever team wins, the champion on the team will become the new Undisputed Champion, and his team-mates will face the champion for the belt at Night of Champions.


The new Smackdown Money In The Bank holder, Daniel Bryan, is on a high after his success. When quizzed about how Christian’s actions affect him, Bryan can only shrug:

“Look, I agree with his sentiment. I can see too that the title my briefcase currently entitles me to a shot for is definitely of a lot more worth than the one that flat out doesn’t exist now that one of my very best buddies in this business is gone. But Christian’s going about this all wrong. He’s gotten this massive sense of entitlement about his title, how because he has the only World Championship in the company that means he deserves respect. But you know what would have been respectful? If he’d just gone to Hunter and had a word. He’s a World Champion, one that exploited rules and won his title cheaply at Money In The Bank, but still a World Champion. His word would have carried weight. But nope, he just wants stuff handed to him.”

“So no, I’m not getting involved in Summerslam’s title dispute. Too much of a crowd involved, and I have a time in mind for when I want to use this anyway. Which reminds me. When, and it is a matter of when, I become the sole World Champion of the WWE, I’m going to find myself getting involved in title defence after title defence. When it comes to previous holders of these contracts like I have here? They haven’t had the guts to keep on proving their right to keep on holding on to it. Well tonight, I’m announcing that things are going to be different. At each major event, I am going to put this briefcase on the line against a worthy challenger. So all the guys I beat back in the Allstate Arena in Illinois? You’ve got a Battle Royale coming up tonight. Whoever wins that takes me on for this contract at Summerslam!”

“Oh, and one other thing. You guys remember when CM Punk mentioned a little place called Ring of Honor? Well, as one of their biggest stars there, I’m bringing to all my matches here one of the most iconic elements from that promotion. From this point onwards, all my matches for this Money In The Bank contract will be fought under Code of Honor rules!”

Zack Ryder, meanwhile, through the power of YouTube and his hit show Long Island Iced Z, Zack Ryder has become immensely popular with live crowds, second only perhaps to a certain absentee WWE Champion. There are petitions abound on the internet urging the WWE to give the man a lot more time on their shows…

Summerslam 2011 (Los Angeles, California)

In the under-card action, Daniel Bryan faces off against the winner of the Battle Royale, Wade Barrett. The ring announcer gives the details of the Code of Honor rules: Matches have a time limit of 20 minutes, and competitors are not allowed to use for their advantage outside interference, sneak attacks, harming the officials for the match, or getting themselves disqualified. There is also the strong recommendation made for the two competitors to shake hands before the match, which Bryan does with enthusiasm and which Barrett does after sighing and rolling his eyes. While Barrett’s power offence is able to cause Bryan problems, Bryan is able to utilise his ground game to power through, eventually managing to submit Barrett with the LaBell Lock in just under 10 minutes, thereby retaining his briefcase. Barrett is every bit as unenthused about observing the Code of Honor protocol after the match, giving a very weak handshake to a delighted Bryan, before getting out of the ring in a very sour mood.

The entrances for the main event match happen, with the face team entering first. But as John Cena makes his way down the ramp, he is blind-sided with a steel chair shot from behind by the Miz, who then proceeds to produce a Taser which he attacks Cena with mercilessly. He caps things off with a Skull Crushing Finale on the steel ramp, leaving Cena greatly incapacitated.

With a 3 on 2 advantage, the heel team are initially able to establish a great dominance of the match. However, mid-way through the match, Alberto Del Rio appears to hurt himself after missing a leg drop from the bottom rope, to the point where his screaming in agony prompts the referee on duty to throw up an X sign, leading to Del Rio being escorted to the back by medical personnel. The match reverts to a 2 on 2 situation, with John Cena still laid out on the ramp. Nonetheless, Christian and The Miz are still able to be more than competitive, taking full advantage of the No DQ rules in the match. The face team are helped however by Randy Orton’s sheer determination to inflict punishment on Christian, but by the same token they are also hindered by Orton’s obsessed focus on his rival of the past few months leads him to neglect his partner Rey in his fight with the Miz.

The match concludes with a sequence of events that sees the Miz be subject to an RKO out of nowhere from Orton, followed by a 619 delivered by Rey Mysterio. But Christian and his steel chair appear to be the difference maker, as he levels Orton from behind with him, before savagely beating Rey with the chair. Before he can do anything else, he is surprised by the arrival of a recovered John Cena, who proceeds to hit Christian with the Attitude Adjustment, before dragging Rey Mysterio’s body over Christian’s prone form to make Rey Mysterio the new Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

But just as Cena is helping Rey up to celebrate their success, an even more shocking arrival ruins the party. Cena is attacked from behind with a certain kind of briefcase by Alberto Del Rio, as the announcers note with shock that Del Rio must have faked his injury so that he could be in good shape to cash in his MITB contract. With Rey Mysterio back down on the floor, Del Rio makes gestures to the ring entrance clearly indicating for someone to come out, and to the shock everyone in the arena, the guys running down the ramp are Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett. Together, and with Christian back on his feet, the foursome proceed to completely decimate all of the opposing team members, and the climax of this decimation sees Orton held in place by Rhodes and Barrett as Christian delivers a very ironic punt kick to Orton’s head.

Finally, Del Rio hands his briefcase to the referee, with the ring announcer announcing an impromptu match for the new Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Championship. A somewhat academic pinfall later, and Alberto Del Rio is the new singular World Champion of the company. Summerslam closes out with the foursome standing tall in triumph, as the announcers wonder just what this will mean for Night of Champions.

The Road To Night Of Champions

On the next RAW after Summerslam, the foursome, who officially call themselves Charisma, open up the show. First, Alberto Del Rio speaks:

“So here I am! An affluent individual like myself is graced with a belt truly as magnificent as my self. Last night I destroyed those three pretenders to the throne I deserve, and become your new Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion! Now I know what you’re thinking. Would I have cashed in my shot if Christian’s team had won? Call me a liar, but actually I wouldn’t! Christian promised that if our team won, he’d give me a title shot anyway, and I wouldn’t even need to use my briefcase. My exiting the match to preserve my health was simply a precautionary measure! Cena was already taken out, and Christian was more than confident that he and Miz could take care of the remaining guys by themselves. But if something went wrong? That’s where I came in! And now that our plan turned out to be such a roaring success, I’ve granted Christian a title shot at Night of Champions!”

Then it is Christian’s turn to speak: “Listen, I’m not an idiot. I knew that there was every possibility, seeing as how I had to rely on team mates, that I could end up losing the title. Obviously I would have preferred not to. But I figured if I ended up losing, then the one thing I would make sure was to take Randy down with me, and guarantee that he would never make it to Night of Champions. With Del Rio as champion, I had the guarantee that despite the very real disappointment I feel about losing the belt I love, I’d get another crack at winning the championship that is my life! But like I said, I was fully committed to ending Randy. And I managed to find a couple more guys who shared my feelings.”

Next it is Wade Barrett’s: “Randy Orton robbed Christian of a championship that was rightfully his at the time, and then he was responsible for Christian losing his title last night, but Christian’s story isn’t the only one of injustice that you’ll hear relating to dear old Randy. Nearly a couple of years back, I was the leader of this little group that sought to revolutionize the WWE. Maybe you remember them? They were called the Nexus. As leader, winning the WWE Title would have strengthened my position and would have well and truly asserted the dominance of the Nexus in the WWE. But both times that I came after the championship in that year, I was foiled – foiled by the then-WWE Champion, Randy Orton. Thanks to him, I later got ousted from the Nexus. I tried some forming another group, but they fell down, and then I lost my Intercontinental Championship, and I couldn’t win Money In The Bank, and I lost to Daniel Bryan last night. My decline has a root cause, and that cause is Randy Orton!”

Finally, it is Cody Rhodes who takes the floor: “I spent well over a year amounting to nothing more than the label of being ‘Randy Orton’s disposable lackey’, and then I got denied a dream victory at Wrestlemania when I split from him. I never got another chance to demonstrate that I am actually a better athlete than Orton will ever be. Orton still, for the most part, still got considered the ‘top guy’ on our brand, despite fluking his way to the top. Well, enough is enough. A week ago, Christian approached the two of us,” he indicates to himself and Wade “and offered us a deal where he’d guarantee that one of us would become champion and we’d simultaneously get our revenge on that parasite, Orton, as well as the fact that either Christian or Del Rio would pull some strings and we’d officially be guaranteed a title shot at Hell in a Cell. Well I can tell you it sure as hell felt satisfying getting the former, and the latter is a hell of a nice reward. But what we did to Orton at Summerslam was only the beginning. At Night of Champions, Barrett and I are taking the tag team belts. Then we’re all going to annihilate your other so-called “heroes” John Cena and Rey Mysterio, and then we’ll have a force in the WWE that is truly dashing! And if Orton ever turns up again? Well I guess we’re just gonna put him right back on the shelf again, and this time we’ll make it permanent!”

At this point, Triple comes out to interrupt Charisma’s spiel: “That’s real cute guys. That was one hell of a job you pulled last night. But I’m sorry to tell you Del Rio, but your powers as champion only stretch so far. Giving Christian a title shot is one thing, though remember that since Cena was on the winning team last night, your title match at Night of Champions will be a Triple-Threat!”

“What I can’t allow you is just grant your other lackeys automatic title shots. I’ll admit you guys left one hell of an impression, but Cody, Wade? If either of you guys want a title shot, then you too need to compete in a Triple-Threat match at Night of Champions, and your opponent will be Rey Mysterio!”

“Oh, and Del Rio? There’s a lot of people unhappy backstage that you took the title after faking an injury, and just how low you guys sunk to make sure the title stayed within your ranks. It kinda rubs a lot of the people who’ve had real and bad injuries the wrong way. So as further punishment? Your Triple Threat match is also going to be a Lumberjack Match! Have fun having to deal with a lot of pissed off guys!”


Triple H expresses his admiration for Daniel Bryan having the balls to not only willingly put his MITB briefcase on the line at Summerslam and winning his match to keep it, but also his commitment to keep doing more matches like it. As a reward for being the kind of MITB holder that, in Hunter’s words: “Actually wants to be a respectable and actually entertaining kind of champion around here”, he gives Bryan the reward of choosing his opponent for Night of Champions, with the caveat that it needs to be someone who he can really truly justify giving the shot. Bryan smiles like a giddy child at this news, and indicates to Hunter that he knows exactly who he’s picking, and that he and his challenger will steal the show.

When Bryan comes out to the ring, the entire roster is gathered at the top of the ramp: “It’s amazing to think that it’s barely over a year now since I was in NXT, having to endure something no-one should ever have to endure – sharing an arena with The Miz and Michael Cole.” This draws a laugh from the crowd, some shouted protests from Miz on the ramp, and the standard Cole grumbling, “Yeah, Michael, people still think you suck and that you should never wrestle again. But anyway! I’m out here to give someone a chance at something amazing. I’m going to give this shot at Night of Champions to someone who, just like me, has had to deal with ridiculous backstage politics holding him back. Someone who, just like me, has tended to get ignored by the WWE regardless of how good he is, and has been nearly always been either put in pre-show matches or left off the card altogether regardless of just how damn good in the ring we’ve proved to be!”

“So with this in mind, the guy who’s going to challenge me for the right to hold my contract for a World Title shot is…? Zack Ryder!”

The crowd come unglued as the Broski dances his way to the ring, where he shakes Bryan’s hand and then poses for the crowd. The announcers, especially Cole, are flabbergasted, and wonder if the champ-in-waiting has taken leave of his senses. Whatever the case, the COO of the company appears to have perhaps also lost his mind, as he agrees to Bryan’s proposal and makes the match official…

Night of Champions 2011 (Buffalo, New York)

Right away it becomes evident that Mysterio is up against it when his two opponents team-up to take care of taking out the biggest threat to a title match made up entirely of Charisma members for Hell in a Cell. Rey finds it very difficult, albeit putting in a very spirited display, to overcome the practical brotherhood Rhodes and Barrett appear to have. However, Rey earns a respite when, after a Cross-Rhodes, Barrett pulls Rhodes off of Rey, as the desire between the two to be the one that faces the champion takes over. The team-work is put to the side as Rhodes and Barrett attempt to wear each other down, but so focused are they on each other that this allows Rey time to recover. However, despite bursts of energy and fighting back from Rey, it still looks as though either Barrett or Rhodes will stamp their ticket to Hell In A Cell. Barrett and Rhodes can be heard to loudly agree to double-pin Rey, so that they can both be No. 1 contenders.

But just as Barrett and Rhodes look to finish Rey off, the “Voices” entrance music of Randy Orton suddenly starts blaring throughout the arena, as Barrett and Rhodes turn with shock to the direction of the TitanTron. The crowd and announcers are confused, however, as Orton fails to appear. But it is while Barrett and Rhodes are distracted that Rey is able to dropkick both men into the ropes, proceeding to then score a double-619 followed by a diving splash-drop on Barrett to score the winning pinfall and book his way into a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match.


The Code of Honor match is next, and Bryan and Ryder have zero hesitation about shaking each other’s hands prior to the match. As one might expect, the contract holder initially dominates the early moments of the match, as his ground game at first seems to be too much for the Internet Champion. But much to the surprise of the announcers, Ryder is able to bring things back to a level playing field in the match, being able to nail a returning Zack Attack out of nowhere to get a 2 count. From there, Ryder is able to take some degree of control of the match, hitting some theatrical looking legdrops, a couple facebusters, and the Broski Boot, but with 13 minutes gone there is still not a victor. In the end, Bryan is every bit as equal to the challenge, and a missed Rough Ryder allows him to throw Ryder to the floor, and then hit a brutal kick to the head that almost knocks Ryder out cold, only just missing out on a 3 count. From there, Bryan locks in the LaBell Lock, and though Ryder desperately tries to get to the ropes, he eventually has no choice but to tap out. The two bypass handshakes and hug each other after the match, and the crowd salute their efforts, knowing that very promising things are in the future for these men.


Before the main event starts, each of the Lumberjacks are checked to make sure that they are not, in fact, Randy Orton, after the incident from earlier. Much like earlier, team-work forms the theme for this match, as Cena is regularly subject to power moves and submission holds by the members of Team Charisma, as well as tossing Cena out of the ring to be fed to the Lumberjacks before being tossed back in. But much like the previous match, self-interest plays a very real part too. Christian’s desire to regain his championship is still very great, as is Del Rio’s desire to keep it, and they too go at each other. However, disaster strikes for Team Charisma when, on an occasion where a “Hulked up” Cena throws both Christian and Del Rio out of the ring, the very angry Lumberjacks proceed to brutalise the pair, proving that Triple H wasn’t wrong about their hostile feelings. Both announce desks wind up destroyed after Christian and Del Rio are put through them, before they are both thrown back into the ring. With the tide turned, Cena is able to assert something of a dominance in the match, as Christian is only just able to reach the ropes after an STF attempt, and Del Rio kicks out of an Attitude Adjustment.

But the action at ringside intensifies as the inevitable brawling between lumberjacks, many of whom in rivalries with one another, distracts from the action in the ring. With the lumberjacks busy, there is opening for Rhodes and Barrett to interfere and level Cena with chair shots (by Rhodes) and a kendo stick (by Barrett). Even as they are chased out of the ring by the Lumberjacks, an exhausted Christian is able to crawl over to Cena, scoring the winning pinfall, and regaining the Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Championship. As Del Rio is able to get to his feet, the disappointment is evidently visible, but Christian can be seen to reassure Del Rio, as the two stand together with their arms raised in their air in celebration. With Del Rio almost certainly due to his rematch clause, and with the old Interim champion back in the scene, things look very interesting for Hell in a Cell…

To be continued …

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