Squash of the Week: Skyscrapers vs. the Ding Dongs

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NWA, 1989

Welcome to yet another new column here at WrestleCrap.com, the Squash of the Week!

As many of you know, the late, great Blade Braxton used to do a column called Jobber of the Week where he’d glorify those who glorified others, namely the enhancement talent of the days of yore. I wanted to do something to honor Blade so I’m going to do something similar, but look solely at fantastic one-sided beatdowns in match form. I hope he is looking down and laughing as we do this.

And if ever a match deserved our brand spanking new logo up top, it would be this one!

This was a tale of two teams going the exact opposite directions, with the pathetic Ding Dongs facing off with the rising Skyscrapers of Dan Spivey and Sid Vicious. The match consisted of a few forearms, a kick, and only two more moves.

Unfortunately for Ding and Dong, they would be these two moves:

So that first one doesn’t look THAT bad. So much so in fact, that the man from Bellville barely sold it. Pretty sure Spivey noticed that and decided to put just a BIT more mustard on the second one.

Is it wrong I laughed so heartily at that?

And just to add insult to (possibly very real) injury, the Scrapers yanked the masks off the Ding Dongs…

….and gave them to their stable mate, Norman the Lunatic.

That would be the last we ever saw of the Ding Dongs…but trust me, this is not the last you’ll see of WrestleCrap’s Squash of the Week!

Join us every Wednesday for more brutlizations. And if you have squashes you want to see here, let us know below!

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22 Responses to "Squash of the Week: Skyscrapers vs. the Ding Dongs"
  1. C Boz says:

    Which Ding Dong received that first powerbomb? What is Ding or was it Dong? And the second? Not being able to distinguish one from the either, and the announcers attempting comedy to indicate this, was memorable but in the wrong way.

    No matter which is which, both characters sucked. The NWA never could do the children’s gimmicks like the WWF. Wish they never tried.

    What I would give for a 1989 worst gimmick tag bout between the boys from Belleville and a combination of the Brain’s “projects” Red Rooster and the Brooklyn Brawler? The answer to that seemingly rhetorical questions is about 28 cents.

  2. Guy Incognito says:

    It’s tricky because a lot of good squashes involve people getting seriously hurt.
    There’s the Jannetty one of course but not sure if the ones with HHH and Yokozuna apllyign their finishers to jobbers with extra oomph injured them as well.
    Steiners and LOD squashes were always good too.

  3. Sean Bateman says:

    You need to review Sal Bellomo vs Bobby Heenan for this

  4. Ryan says:

    Can’t wait for The Mulkey Beothers to be constant features on Squash of the Week!

  5. D Townsend says:

    Guess you could say he….got his bell rung

  6. thepwbposter says:

    The second powerbomb gif, yeowch! No you are not wrong for laughing at it, I did only after the fact you said Spivey put a BIT more mustard on the second one…I say he gave him the bottle that came with it there.

  7. TV's Mr. Neil says:

    Great article.

    Say, does Hulk Hogan’s Wrestlemania IX title win count as a squash? Zuna didn’t get a single move in.

  8. Justin says:

    Hoping to see your thoughts on The Varsity Club vs. Gary Phelps, Rick Allen, and Don Valentine on an upcoming edition. That was a fun one. Well, fun for me – not so fun for Mr. Valentine.

    • RD Reynolds says:

      Awesome, keep those suggestions coming!

      • Justin Tym says:

        Would love to see a WCW squash featuring Cactus Jack where he was on the losing side.

        I’ve heard Jim Cornette talk about the “backhanded push” he gave Cactus and would love to see how that worked

        • mfm420 says:

          the match that really does that is mil mascaras vs cactus jack from clash of the champions.

          it’s still up on youtube at last check, corny does a hell of a job putting cactus over as a guy who just won’t die.

          it’s less than 7 mins long, worth seeing.

        • Sgt. Tubs says:

          Didn’t a young Mick Foley, competing under his father’s name of Jack, once get squashed by the late Kamala on an episode of Wrestling Challenge too?

          • D Townsend says:

            He had his jaw broken by Dynamite Kid in a squash tag match vs the Bulldogs back in I wanna say 1986. He was going by the name Cactus Jack Manson at the time.

            Mick tried to get in some offense on Davey Boy which pissed DK off he tagged in and immediately destroyed Mick with a jaw breaking clothesline

          • Thomas Moffatt says:

            I remember a guy named Mario Mancini getting flattened by Kamala…

  9. Sean Bateman says:

    Squash of the Week suggestions:
    Koko B Ware vs The Patriot
    Antonio Inoki vs Great Antonio

  10. A-1pl says:

    Should I feel bad that I’m requesting Skyscrapers vs Avalanch/Mike Blackwell?
    Because I personally don’t know…

  11. Matt Savage says:

    There were two back to back TNA matches where The BroMans (Robbie E and Jessie Godderz) got pinned in mere seconds. Sometime in 2013. Then at Bound for Glory they became a great tag team overnight and won the Tag Titles.

  12. XQDad44 says:

    As a suggestion, I loved when Baron Corbin and Bull Dempsey were competing on NXT to see who could murder their enchancement talent quicker. The fans’ counting down how long it took was (chef’s kiss)

  13. Thomas Moffatt says:

    I recall having watched this on YouTube and imagined poor Jim Ross wincing in pain as he had to refer the idiotic Ding Dongs as ‘the kid’s favourite’…

  14. Kevin Lonergan says:

    Hey RD,

    Just a few suggestions….just because:

    Ronda Rousey vs. Dana Brooke (March 2019)
    Strowman vs. that Ellsworth creep (Raw 2016)
    Kofi vs. Brock Lesnar (October 2019)
    Jeff Hardy vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (Extreme Rules 2018)
    Strowman vs. Lesnar (Crown Jewel 2018)
    Lars Sullivan vs. Lucha House Party (Super Showdown 2019)
    Goldberg vs. Lesnar (Survivor Series 2016)

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