Parts Unknown Yearbook – Coming Soon!

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Welcome to the brand spanking new WrestleCrap. In the coming days and weeks ahead, me, along with my fellow yearbook staffer, the Filthy Ape, will be doing something I’ve always wanted to do – paying tribute to the entire population of the greatest town known to mankind, Parts Unknown. Legends, luchadores, indy wrestlers, you name it. If they are sporting a hood and their height is unknown, weight unknown, odds are you’ll be seeing them profiled here in our wacky new column. Class will be in session soon, so be sure to check back in!!

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31 Responses to "Parts Unknown Yearbook – Coming Soon!"
  1. Sean says:

    There is some Chikara stars from “Sleepy Hollow” named Frightmare and Hallowicked and another Chikara star is from “the Black Tea Garden” named UltraMantis Black, which the latter of the three has the Midnight Rose of the company

    • Luchaporn says:

      CHIKARA definitely has some strange characters running about.
      Part of why it’s so polarizing, some people love the combination of absurdity and athleticism, some just think it’s freakin’ goofy.

  2. The Filthy Ape says:

    Having graduated from Parts Unknown High School myself, gotta say I’m looking forward to working on this project. Blade and I have been working together on various stuff for years and I’ve gotta say, if you think your boss is bad, try working for this guy…

  3. Erik Majorwitz says:

    Awesome idea Blade, anything I can do to assist you in this endeavor?

  4. Wrestlecrap's Janitor says:

    Parts Unknown is on my list of tourist destinations!

  5. Sean says:

    In Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling, there is a guy from a place known as “Captain Spaulding’s Museum of Monsters and Mad Men” named Cremator Von Slasher and a manager from Stripperville, Massehugetits (seriously) named Miss Mandy. The latter is perfect for everyone’s favorite “pineapple hunter”

  6. His Insanity says:

    There needs to be a “Wrestling’s Best Hometowns” book.

    The Boiler Room
    Parts Unknown
    Truth or Consequences, NM
    The Bottomless Pit
    Webb City
    and a whole bunch of others

  7. BeaverCleavage says:

    I’m a fan of MsChif hailing from “The Inferno”

  8. Steve Balsky says:

    Call me crazy, but I think at one point Brutus Beefcake hailed from “parts unknown”

    • simongr81 says:

      He most certainly did, was even billed from there at WrestleMania I. They switched him to San Francisco as a play on the “Beefcake is a fruitcake” chants he was getting. Boy things were a bit more un-PC then!

  9. simongr81 says:

    WWE did an article on it a few years back:

  10. Mitchell Colburn says:

    Can’t wait!

  11. CarsenioHall says:

    Don’t forget the “From every girl’s” _______ location.

    Eddie Gilbert would use that. “From every girls dreams”

    I wanna be “From every girl’s used leg shaver.”

  12. Sean Bateman says:

    Let’s all hope that the Yearbook comes out in June because that is when school is out

  13. twilite_rider says:

    Been there, got the T shirt. Actually it’s not much to look at. Funny, I don’t remember how I ended up there either.

  14. The Dread Baron says:

    Is this project still on?

  15. The Dread Baron says:

    Two years and still no updates, though the premise still has a lot of mileage in it

  16. Sean Bateman says:

    Hurry up, Braxton!

  17. The Dread Baron says:

    Did the school records get destroyed or something we have been waiting for this for over three years.

  18. Reidah says:

    I guess you lost interest in this idea lol

  19. Sean Bateman says:

    Over three years later and it is missing on Parts Unknown

  20. The Dread Baron says:

    Hello.. is there anybody out there… any Alumni of Parts Unknown high school at all?

  21. Sean Bateman says:

    almost four years later nothing………

  22. The Dread Baron says:

    Did the yearbooks get misplaced in the parts unknown public library?

  23. The Dread Baron says:

    Seven years later…..

  24. thomas payton says:

    you forgot the medic- WCW the terrorrist WCW

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