The 50 Crappiest Moments in WrestleMania History!

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The mere word ‘WrestleMania’ conjures up memories that sets a wrestling fan’s heart aflutter: Shawn culminating the dream, Hogan slamming Andre, Austin kicking off the Attitude Era, Hogan vs. Warrior, Savage vs. Steamboat, Benoit and Guerrero’s curtain call, Hogan vs. Rock, Undertaker’s streak, Shawn’s retirement.

This list will not recognize such greatness.

Instead, in the spirit of the name of this very site, we will count down the absolute worst of nearly three decades of WrestleMania. The only thing harder than ranking this list was figuring out which horrid moments, matches, and concepts got left off of the list.

50. Jack Swagger wins Money in the Bank (XXVI)Forced Swagger Push, Wave II (the current immigration run is III) saw the patriot claim the briefcase and cash in 2 nights later to defeat Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Title. Things of equal memorable value as that reign: your favorite drink of water from 1999. 50
49. Ray Combs’ ring introductions (VIII)Combs had big shoes to fill on Family Feud, due to Richard Dawson’s stellar prior hosting job. At WrestleMania VIII, Combs proved to be  no Howard Finkel, introducing The Mountie, Repo Man, and the Nasty Boys in ha-ha-larious fashion. 49
48. Floyd Mayweather vs. Big Show (XXIV)Opinions of this match are divided. Some thought it was a good celebrity match, while others hated the combination Floyd’s  lack of likability, and Show being a perennial WrestleMania loser. The build-up was poor as well. 48
47. Chester McCheeserton (2000)To quote Jim Ross in the same deadpan voice, “It’s a human block of cheese.” Al Snow’s self-appointed mascot for Head Cheese lasted but one night with the company, which we wish we could have said for Hornswoggle. 47
46. D-Lo Brown and Test compete for the Tag Team Titles (XV)D-Lo and Test co-win battle royal for a shot at the belts, but they hate each other. Their dissension costs them a 3 minute match. They argue afterward. Story is forgotten about. The A-Russo-crats! 46
45. Roddy Piper and Jimmy Snuka wrestle far past their peak (XXV)At least in Bret Hart’s case, he merely pummeled Vince the following year. Superfly and Hot Rod attempted to wrestle, and it wasn’t pretty. Ricky  Steamboat, at age 56, picked up the slack for both men, thankfully. 45
44. Mean Gene Okerlund sings the National Anthem (I)Rockin Robin’s version 4 years later wasn’t great either, but Gene galloped through this version like the Headless Horseman, apparently in a great hurry to see Tito Santana vs. The Executioner. Actually, when you put it that way…. 44
43. The Snoop Dogg rap challenge (XXVII)This one might have made for the Top Ten, if not for Zack Ryder’s doofusly upbeat version of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. A pointless singing contest ended with the traditional post-2007 punchline: Hornswoggle. I didn’t hate midgets until the Vince paternity angle, believe me.  43
42. Sheamus vs. Bryan, Part I (XXVII)No, not THAT match. I’m talking about the one bumped to the pre-show, because Cole/Lawler and Undertaker/HHH each needed between 45 minutes and 3 hours to tell their stories (one is not like the other). Little did we know a worse indignity lie ahead.  42
41. Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero (XXIV)The ECW Title was so important, it’s challenger would be determined by a pre-show battle royal of midcarders. Then Kane wins and chokeslams Chavo Guerrero in hell in 8 seconds to win. E-C-DUB! More like E-C-Dumb. But hey, at least both men got paid for this match.  41
40. Ten Man Tag pre-emption (X)The match to your right was scrapped from the 1994 event due to time constraints, but they created a STORY for it: the heel team couldn’t decide who the captain would be, so the match was scrapped. Yep.  40
39. The Hollywood Backlot Brawl (XII)It started out so good, with a chaotic fight between Piper and Goldust near a Hollywood soundstage. Then it ended at the Arrowhead Pond (after inserting stock footage of the OJ Chase), where Piper disrobed Goldust, and revealed he wore nylons and lingerie. Ick.  39
38. Triple H vs. Randy Orton (XXV)The storyline: Orton assaults HHH’s family and kisses his unconscious wife, so HHH breaks into his house and attempts to murder him. The match: 25 minutes of slow brawling with no emotion. As Chris Jericho might say, “peanut butter and Chong.”  38
37. The “9-second” match (I)Nothing wrong with the squash of SD Jones by King Kong Bundy in and of itself. But stopwatch holders will tell you the match was 24 seconds. Why lie about a 15 second difference? A 24 second squash is still impressive.  37
36. Undertaker vs. Psycho Sid (XIII)A slow, plodding main event. Shawn Michaels and his hokey knee injury on commentary. Bret Hart interfering 3 times. Sid allegedly making gravy in his tights during the match. It wasn’t pretty, but it did bring The Dead Man to 6-0.  36
35. George Wells’ slobber (II)The aging CFL export’s lone claim to fame in WWE was his WrestleMania II loss to Jake Roberts, who draped Damian around him. Phlegm spewage then ensued. This beats out Jim Duggan’s WrestleMania V snot rocket, simply because Duggan’s leakage didn’t wiggle and pulsate.  35
34. Lord Alfred Hayes’ setups (I)We here at The Crap love us some Lord Alfred, and hardly blame him for this. Hayes would introduce each backstage interview, and do so with a rushed urgency, his eyes darting like a mass murderer on the witness stand. Just amateur hour stuff from the first incarnation of ‘Mania.  34
33. Stone Cold joins Vince McMahon (X7)A shocking twist at the time, a lack of continued payoff hurt Austin’s shocking swerve. In hindsight, this was the beginning of the end of Austin 3:16’s infallibility. The closest WrestleMania to perfection remains the best one, despite the closing blemish.  33
32. Sapphire wrestles (VI)I can’t hate this too much, because I do love a good comedy match. But Sapphire’s offense on Sensational Sherri did veer beyond comedy and into the absurd. SIDENOTE: Did you know Dusty wanted to bring in a black prostitute to play Sapphire, and had one in mind? He admitted it himself.  32
31. The instant replay debate (VII)A harmless time-waster was needed after the epic Savage-Warrior showdown. So we got Vince asking George Steinbrenner and Paul Maguire if WWE needed instant replay. Bad as it was, it led to RD Reynolds’ most underrated induction to this site.  31
30. Bret Hart vs. Bob Backlund (XI)What was once a hot feud, and gave us an all-time classic at the 1994 Survivor Series, ended with a whimper. For 10 minutes, the two technicians built zero heat before Bret won via Chicken Wing. Piper’s refereeing job and Backlund’s “I SAW THE LIGHT” speech salvaged what Bret called his worst match ever.  30
29. Triple H stands tall in the finale (2000)An old unwritten rule was that WrestleMania requires a happy ending. The rule was broken during WWE’s creative peak, when HHH pinned The Rock in a fatal four way to retain his title, via Vince McMahon’s interference. That’s how badly WCW was being crushed: WWE KNEW a horrid ending like that wouldn’t hurt them.  29
28. Sy Sperling gives Howard Finkel a head of hair (X)Sy would be not just the President of the Hair Club for Men, but also a client. He also made a client of The Fink, as seen to the right. It must not have been a good fit, as Howard was embracing his baldness again before long.  28
27. Ultimate Warrior injures Bobby Heenan (V)The Brain had cost Warrior the Intercontinental Title, helping his charge Rick Rude capture the gold. Afterward, Warrior attacked, for good reason. But his infamous recklessness came into play, and Heenan injured his bad neck even moreso on a bad landing from a careless gorilla press.  27
26. Susan St. James on commentary (II)Dick Ebersol’s lovely wife, and co-star of Kate and Allie, proved to be a less-than-sterling guest commentator. While Elvira wasn’t too much better in the LA portion, at least she didn’t say “uh oh” 4000 times like Susan, nor did she utter the phrase, “ALRIGHT GEORGE EAT HIS LEG”  26
25. Yokozuna vs. Lex Luger (X)Rip on Hulk Hogan if you wish, but in his prime, he never, EVER had a performance as dull as Luger and Yoko’s heartless title match. Granted, Yoko had to pace himself for later, but 3 nerveholds, a DQ ending, and Mr. Perfect’s referee attire make for the Bermuda Triangle of Suck.  25
24. Stroller Cam (XXIII)Apparently, Aurora Levesque has a camera strapped to her face, as Grandpa Vince whispered and cooed in a baby voice about hurting Donald Trump. Sick thought: does anyone else look at this picture, and get the image of “Vince McMahon: Excited Gynecologist”?  24
23. The Miller Lite Catfight Girls brawl (XIX)I swear I’m hetero while I type this. The tag title match with RVD and Kane vs. Lance Storm and Sean Morley was bumped to the pre-show, so that Stacy, Torrie, and the catfight girls could have a pointless brawl, and take off Jonathan Coachman’s pants. And people wonder why Lance is happy to be retired.  23
22. Sable vs. Tori (XV)Tori, in her garish catsuit, either had a bad case of the jitters, or just wasn’t very good, because her Women’s title match with Sable featured Murphy’s Law at its finest. The beastly Nicole Bass interfering at the end only heaped onto the manure pile.  22
21. Kid Rock’s interminable concert (XXV)Look, I like Bawitaba as much as the next lame white kid with the rhythm of Lobster Boy playing Dance Dance Revolution, but we didn’t need a medley of southern rock standards on a show we’re paying $55 for. 21
20. John Cena and Triple H play dress-up (XXII)First, The Game arrived as Conan the Barbarian, and then Cena was adorned as the Parkside Flasher. Or maybe a gangster, I dunno. And to think, CM Punk debuted here as a gun-toting henchman in Depression-era mobster attire.  20
19. Terri vs. The Kat (2000)Before Trish and Lita would arrive to add life, depth, and even cred to the Women’s division, you had matches like this, where the object was simply to knock the other out of the ring. This was the only 1 on 1 singles match at that WrestleMania, amazingly.  19
18. Rhythm and Blues perform Hunka Hunka Honky Love (VI)This bit is mostly known for a lesser-known DDP driving the pink Cadillac, but the body of the segment was a horribly sung performance by Valentine and Honky (wearing lipstick for some reason). The payoff was the Bushwackers going all Pete Townshend on the guitars.  18
17. Boogeyman vs. Booker T/Sharmell (XXII)Booker went from not having a match the year before (he won the pre-show battle royal) to getting squashed by a novelty act who spit out worms, and stalked his prey stealthily. Eh, I suppose it could always be worse….  17
16. Triple H vs. Booker T (XIX)You know, like this. Booker withstood Hunter’s plodding, Joe Stecher-wannabe offense while Jerry Lawler rattled off every criminal/racist jibe he could (nearly bringing Jim Ross to slug him). The depressing match ended with a HHH Pedigree, and a 45 minute lull, before HHH made the cover. You know, because he’s awesome.  16
15. The Deadliest Catch in-show commercial (XXVIII)As little Ralphie Parker would say, “A crummy commercial? Son of a bitch!” Mick Foley and Santino Marella broke crab legs and made fools of themselves until the inevitable Ron Simmons punchline.  Seafood never looked so unappetizing.  15
14. Big Show vs. Akebono (XXI)I don’t mind novelty performances at WrestleMania, since they give a unique feel to biggest event of the year. But can we please do it without gratuitous amounts of man-ass? Wait, I watch wrestling, and that’s campy enough as it is. I might need to rethink this list, among other things.  14
13. Momma Dance (XXVIII)Naomi and Cameron wasting 5 minutes bumping and grinding would have been a better waste of time than ladies dressed like Madea getting down for no reason, other than to dump on your cable bill before handing it to you.  13
12. The DQ ending in Hulk Hogan’s farewell (VIII)Hulk Hogan and Sid Justice was already bound to suck, but as Hogan’s farewell, you’d think it’d have a decisive ending, right? Wrong. Harvey Wippleman caused a DQ, then Papa Shango ran in. Ultimate Warrior’s surprise return saved things to a decent degree.  12
 11. The Rock as host (XXVII)WWE’s ass-kissing of big stars was in full force in 2011. Rock hosts the big show, gets a 10-15 minute promo to start the show, has a horrid segment with PeeWee Herman, and beats up both main eventers to stand tall at the end. Only the current WWE could make you hate The Great One.  11
 10. The Blindfold Match (VII)Some enjoy this match for its novelty value, and it does, admittedly, have some creative moments. But the battle between Jake Roberts and Rick Martel doesn’t exactly hold up on repeat viewings.  10
 9. Huckster vs. The Nacho Man (XII)This pre-show entry demonstrates hypocrisy at its finest: Hogan and Savage are OLD and should be mocked. You know, on a show where Warrior, Piper, and Roberts are lurking. Sounds like some entrepreneur was sweating bullets at those Nielsen numbers.  9
 8. Undertaker hangs Big Boss Man (XV)The fact that The Dead Man ritualistically hung Boss Man after their lousy Cell match wasn’t the worst part. The worst was Michael Cole’s shock and horror on commentary, followed by his normal voiced segue to the next segment. WHILE BOSS MAN IS BEING HANGED.  8
 7. Divas Battle Royal (XXV)No formal intros for any of the women, most of whom grinded up on Kid Rock like harem skanks during the entrance portion, and the winner wound up being Santina Marella, Santino’s “sister”. That was just begging for a Virgilina run-in.  7
 6. Rowdy Roddy Piper: the black and white cookie (VI)Bad News Brown would later accuse Piper of being racist. Gotta admit that this moment doesn’t exactly help Hot Rod’s case. Piper went bi-racial before his match with Brown, with the message being, uhhh….we have no earthly idea. The Michael Jackson glove was a nice touch.  6
 5. Undertaker vs. Giant Gonzalez (IX)Man, did Undertaker’s road to 20-0 have some potholes in it or what? Nobody could make Gonzalez or his airbrushed muscle suit look good. It didn’t help matters that it ended on a DQ, when Gonzalez merely gagged Undertaker with an ether-soaked rag.  5
 4. Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar (XX)The two larger-than life stars were on their way out, and neither seemed interested in trying during their WrestleMania curtain call. The MSG crowd dumped all over both men, and the only cheers were for referee Stone Cold Steve Austin, who stunned both men after Goldberg’s victory.  4
 3. Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler (XXVII)With entrances, match, and aftermath, a match between 2 announcers went 30 minutes. Michael Cole’s “heel” run spawned an obnoxious phase that’s still being felt today, even with him turning face again. Oh, and as an addendum, the match was atrocious to boot.  3
 2. 18 seconds (XXVIII)Some say that Bryan benefited from this atrocity, but I counter by pointing out how Sheamus (the intended beneficiary) exploded in the starting blocks as a result. Thus began his run as an unlikable bully, when he was supposed to be the star face of the future. And to back up the Bryan assertion, saying “YES” and “NO” with Kane six months after the joke died, and being called “Goatface” by Cole and Lawler, when he’s having the best match on Raw, isn’t a “benefit”.  2
 1. Hulk Hogan vs. Yokozuna (IX)So Hogan comes back, Yoko beats hero champion Bret Hart, and Mr. Fuji immediately challenges a rested Hogan to a title match. Hogan wins in 20 seconds, and doesn’t appear on TV again before dropping the belt at King of the Ring. Try as Sheamus and Bryan did, it couldn’t unseat the all-time champion of crappy WrestleMania moments.  1


Disagree with any of the picks? Think something else should have been on here? Let Justin Henry know about it. He responds to any and all inquiries and comments.

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73 Responses to "The 50 Crappiest Moments in WrestleMania History!"
  1. Peter Santellan says:

    I’d rank the Chavo/Kane match a little lower solely because if you can name five people who like Chavo (family members don’t count), then you win a prize. Other than that, solid list.

  2. Mr. Glen says:

    Even as a 13 year old mark, I knew Hogan as champ after Mania 9 sucked. Just terrible.

  3. Clifton Knight says:

    I didn’t think of Yoko/Hogan being #1, but now that I think about it, I completely agree. Thankfully Bret and Yoko recovered from that, but the moment was infuriating. And to think WWE lists it as one of their best Wrestlemania moments. Speaking of that, they’re magazine of the best Wrestlemania moments ever was a joke. Their choice of #1 moment should get an induction itself.

  4. Rose Harmon says:

    On number 18, you mean to say Pete Townshend. He’s the guitarist of The Who. Roger Daltrey is the singer.

    • Justin Henry says:

      Corrected. I balked on the Townshend joke initially, because I didn’t want anyone making jokes about his, uhh, 2002 run-in with the law. That was a slippery slope.

  5. Brad Holtman says:

    Hard to argue with any of these but I still think the Cole/Lawler match should be #1. As infuriating as Hogan/Yoko and Bryan/Sheamus were, at least they were short. The Lawler/Cole abortion is 35 minutes of my life I’m never getting back.

    • TheDominusIgnis says:

      The worst part is that it could have at least been okay if Lawler had won and the story ended there…but WWE apparently thought differently.

  6. Raven7309 says:

    I actually enjoyed Piper’s WM6 promo on Bad News. It was “Attitude” before the Attitude era, if that makes sense.
    The Fink getting the toupee was funny. My brother met Howard Finkel outside at an arena card he was announcing at and asked Howard whatever happened to the toupee. He told me that the Fink just laughed and said that he kept it at home.

    • Jason says:

      Same here, plus the post-match story of Andre dumping the solution to remove the paint and Roddy having to clear customs looking like he did for the match makes it all the funnier 🙂

  7. Biggy316 says:

    What’s the full story behind JR nearly lamping Lawler due to racist commentary?

  8. Down With OPC says:

    Bryan and Sheamus would be in the exact same positions they are in now if they had a normal match. This doesn’t excuse this match though, of course.

    Hogan didn’t appear on television AT ALL until King of the Ring? Man, at least the Rock shows up a few times on Raw.

    • Alan says:

      I believe he appeared via a few pre-taped vignettes before KOTR 1993 from the set of “Thunder In Paradise”, but otherwise, he didn’t appear in the actual arenas on Superstars, Challenge, or Raw, despite being the WWF Champion.

      • Kareem Ofweet says:

        Sorry to bump, but I was checking out old inductions. Hogan actually worked a few wrestling matches in Japan between winning and losing the WWF title in 1993. It’s there he called the WWF title a Christmas ornament compared to the IWGP belt.

  9. AlexAlexaAndruanAdru says:

    Yeah I definitely agreed with the 1# spot. Not only did Hogan nearly bury both, talented, men completely he showed that, in real life, he is clearly a major egomaniac. Lawler/Cole was an obvious abomination. People make way too much of the 18 second match. Sure, it sucks that Bryan and Sheamus didn’t have a proper match, in the end, it didn’t really hurt either guy.

    • Jimbob Jones says:

      ” People make way too much of the 18 second match. Sure, it sucks that Bryan and Sheamus didn’t have a proper match, in the end, it didn’t really hurt either guy.”

      Honestly, the same could be said of the WM9 Fiasco. Hogan was still gone, and both Yoko and Bret ended up holding the belt, so “no harm done”, right?

      Just because they fell into a happy accident with Sheamus and Bryan doesn’t make the WM match any less crappy. Especially since people were paying $60 to theoretically see a good World Title match.

      WWE just got lucky.

      Take TNA. Currently, Bully Ray is tearing it up as the leader of Aces and Eights to the extent that the group is suddenly feeling important again. Does that excuse the last 6-7 months of tedium surrounding the group?

      Of course not.

      Just because WWE got seriously lucky with Bryan/Sheamus doesn’t excuse their idiotic idea. I don’t believe it should be at #2 (there are worse), but it should definitely be in the top 10 somewhere, just for how ridiculous of an idea it was to begin with.

  10. Sir Thomas says:

    I’m surprised there was no mention of The Anonimous GM reversing the decision on Cole VS Lawler match based on the flawless logic of “shut the f*** up”. Other than that, it was a pretty solid list.

    • Autrach Sejanoz says:

      To be fair, Justin included the whole match, so I’m guessing the GM bit would constitute part of it.

  11. Raging_Demons says:

    Honestly I take a wee insult here with The Miller Lite Cat Girl Fight since I used to know one of them personally. I used to know the brunette (Kitana Baker) & I was damn skippy proud when I saw her at Wrestlemania.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      It was still WrestleCrap regardless of if you used to know the girl or not. 🙂

      • Marvelous says:

        For a guy who uses his name as a cheese pun even though kraft is as close to cheese as a serial killer is to veterinarians…yeah you get things about as well as one would expect you would

  12. Kyle says:

    I am surprised that the tag team title unification bout being on the pre-show of WM 25 wasn’t on the list. Also Bret Hart/Vince McMahon should have made the list. I enjoyed the Mayweather/Big Show match.

  13. Andrew says:

    The main one I would disagree with is the Blindfold match, but at least as was said in the post, it is an entertaining and novel match. It wasn’t a classic match, but it was certainly interesting and a match I do enjoy watching.

  14. Trey says:

    Nice list. I think Cena/Miz at XXVII ending with a countout should have been there somewhere on its own. Rock squashing both men after improved it, NOT BY MUCH, but improved it nonetheless.

    I would have put 18 seconds outside the top 10. It definitely wasn’t the booking of the match that helped Bryan. I think it was fortunate that Raw was still in Miami the night after so the same crowd that still went crazy for him after the match still went crazy the night after.

    It’s hard to argue Hogan at IX in the top spot. This event foreshadowed the terms of his contract with WCW. Absolutely nothing positive spawned from this booking.

    It’s depressing Cole/Lawler ended up being the slideshow it was despite being the best booked feud going into Mania (that includes an angle with the Rock, mind you). Once again, the match didn’t kill the feud as most Mania matches do and then we got what was essentially Cole vs. JIM ROSS the month after. A slapping facepalm.

    The Momma Dance made 18 seconds even more infuriating. Heath Slater trading barbs with FLO-RIDA from the same event should be an honorable mention.

  15. John Nelson (Ultimate Kennedy) says:

    I wonder if Justin was thinking of me in the number 2 entry.

    I still stand by my opinion and respect you’res Justin in spite of me being cocky last night on facebook, but I can’t say I’m surprised when I saw Bryan and Shammy at the number 2 spot. I never knew internet fans cared at all about Sheamus. I’d have put King and Cole at 2 since they’re bickering stunk up the night and they’re overlong and awful match took time away from the original Bryan and Shammy match, that and watching Taker and Trips drool and bleed on each other for over a half hour, they’re match could have been cut down a good 10 minutes too.

  16. I'm Not Using My Real Name says:

    The only moment I think is missing from this list is Uncle Elmer vs Adonis from WM 2. Elmer falls down after throwing a punch. He didn’t take the punch, he threw the punch, and fell down. Adonis tried but that match was horrible.

    Speaking of WM 2, Piper cut a promo about Mr T wearing a kilt to mock him and said something along the line of “You’ll never see me shave my hair into a mohawk and paint myself black.” Four years later he paints himself black.

    And the Booker/Triple H match: Lawler was so damn annoying on this one. So bad it really hurt the match. I wanted to scream ‘enough with the lame jail cracks, just shut up!’ If I were to pop in my WM 19 DVD I’d put the Spanish commentary on for the match, it’s that bad. The only thing I can compare it to is Lawler during the Triple H/Kane No Mercy 2002 match. So many horrible murder cracks. They actually edited out all the crappy murder comments when the match was put on Kane’s DVD and it comes off as a better match.

    My favorite WM 19 fact: It took three F5’s for Lesnar to beat Angle. It took three rock bottoms for Rock to beat Austin. It took three leg drops for Hogan to beat McMahon. And of course it only takes one pedigree for Triple H to beat Booker T.

  17. Jeremy says:

    I think The Rock hosting WrestleMania XXVII gets hated a bit too much because the event – as a whole – was pretty awful. He took up ten minutes at the beginning and less than twenty minutes total doing his routine. It may have been silly, but after all that time away from the business I still enjoyed the hell out of seeing him do his thing again. Sure, maybe that time could have gone to the eight-man tag team match but does anyone really think it would helped that much? Undertaker/HHH laying around like invalids for the majority of their overrated match and the Cole/Lawler abortion were one millions times more offensive.

    Also, as bad as Sheamus/Bryan was last year, in retrospect, I wouldn’t trade it for a longer match. The energy on being at RAW the following night is still hard to describe. I disagree that it hasn’t helped Bryan. In recent years, the WWE has had plenty of heels who got one of the world titles for a brief reign only to drop completely off the face of the planet afterwards (Ziggler, Swagger, Miz, etc.) Bryan is the only one who has consistently maintained an upper midcard status immediately after the reign ended and I think that’s largely due to the ‘Mania/RAW combo. Cole and Lawler may mock him, but he is massively over and will likely ascend to a world title again in a much shorter time frame than previous wrestlers who got their first title via MitB.

    • I'm Not Using My Real Name says:

      I agree it helped Bryan. After Wrestlemania Bryan was in either the World or WWE title matches at Extreme Rules, Over the Limit, No Way Out, and Money in the Bank. I don’t think that would’ve happened without the momentum he had after the 18 second loss (Sounds odd saying momentum after a loss but that’s what it was.) He’s been invloved in the storyline with Kane ever since and they’ve been a major part of the show every week. Not too shabby.

      • Justin Henry says:

        Everyone makes the Bryan argument, but not a goddamn person says, “I agree, it killed any momentum Sheamus had.”

        • Autrach Sejanoz says:

          That’s because nobody cares about Sheamus.

          • I'm Not Using My Real Name says:

            18 seconds didn’t kill Sheamus’ momentum. I blame the 5 month ‘on again, off again’ Del Rio feud for that.

        • Jeremy says:

          It definitely hurt Sheamus to a degree, but I don’t think it was the major contributing factor. He was given uninspired feuds and they started booking him like Cena in the respect that he NEVER gets pinned or made to submit. Every aspect of him has been turned into a boring, cookie cutter super face. They would have happened with an 18 second ‘Mania match or an 18 minute one.

  18. John says:

    How about the genuine non-spectacle that WrestleMania 11 was. From places like New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc. etc. to having it at the Hartford Civic Center. It seemed like that should have been the first In Your House ppv instead of the one which debuted the next month.

  19. TheRavishingOne says:

    While I agree with the vast majority of the list, #1 seems to be #1 because of backstage politicking. At the time we knew nothing of that and the crowd popped huge for it.

    While the backstage happenings made it seem like a crappy moment, to the crowd at the time, it was awesome.

    • Eric says:

      I disagree. I was watching that Wrestlemania and as a 12 year old I thought it stank. It was a horrible ending to a horrible wrestlemania. The feeling was oh great Hogan on top again, and I didnt know anything about backstage stuff at that time.

  20. Jason says:

    you’re completely wrong about Bryan/Sheamus and you need to be able to take a joke as well as RD can.

  21. Paul R. from says:

    Regarding Undertaker hanging Big Boss Man, the worst part was actually the next night on Raw when Boss Man appeared alive and well, and the only reference to the events of the previous night was Shane McMahon asking him how his neck was feeling.

  22. Matt Soileau says:

    Hey! 18 seconds is only #2! Color me surprised!

  23. Matt Soileau says:

    Fantastic job. Every entry was WrestleCrap. Not one was disputable, IMO.

  24. Kent Barnes says:

    Skinner vs Owen Hart.

  25. BigDaddyDave says:

    Where is Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon on this list?

    • RD Reynolds says:

      Oooh! Good point. My only guess is Justin blocked it from his memory, which I’d also like to do…

      • Justin Henry says:

        It did what it was supposed to do: have Bret beat up Vince for an extended period. As a long time Bret apologist, to rank it would be to urinate in my own holy water.

        In other words, I’m a biased schlub.

        • The Showster BROTHER! says:

          I guess it didn’t quite make the cut because of all the outside factors going into the match (Bret’s health issues, ring rust, age, Vince’s limited in ring ability, ECT…) I presonally think it’s amazing the match ever happend to begin with.

  26. James Romero says:

    It seems like I’m the only person on Earth who noticed this, but the Roberts/Martell Blindfold Match was doomed before the bell rang. If you can, get a good clear copy of the match (Wrestlemania VII by the way).

    If you look very closely whilst the bag is being put on Jake’s head, Jake reaches under the hood and scratches his nose/eye/etc. Unfortunately, the bag is totally see through and you can see his hand pretty clearly through the bag. Obviously the bag had to be gimmicked in some way, but Kayfabe got crapped on during that match!

    Also, Bret Hart/Vince was so bad I had to leave the room. I think the Wrestlemania with Snoop Dogg had the lights go out for 10 minutes (a blessing in disguise). Warrior/Hercules I remember being pretty embarrassing as well as Mr Perfect/Blue Blazer, amazingly. Wrestlemania X had a fake Clinton, I believe, with a fake Presidential box and maybe even a phone call. Wrestlemania XI had the gay kid from Home Improvement playing chess with Bob Backlund, which was cringeworthy. I remembered all of those off the top of my head which makes me a little sad for myself. After WM XVII I get hazy, which is when I pretty much stopped watching wrestling.

    All in all it’s a very thorough and interesting list, well done.

  27. The Angry Jobber says:

    Broadus and the mamas at #13??? Way too high. It was certainly 10x better than the Deadliest Catch segment and Susan St.James’ commentary. I thought it was a good “comic relief” segment. My only disappointment with that was that Ernest Miller didn’t make a guest appearance. I would’ve also disputed the Rhythm and Blues segment from WM VI, but Greg Valentines hair makeover was even worse than Finkels which makes it crap-worthy.

  28. Jack Mehoff says:

    Ralphie’s last name is Parker? Hmm, did not know that.

  29. Walt says:

    Just watched Akebono vs Big Show. I started watching sumo last year, and imho Big Show and Akebono wasn’t that bad. To make it a bit more realistic, they should have had more of a yotsu (belt) battle with a rest while grabbing the belt instead of breaking entirely and doing 2 or 3 tsuppari (thrusting) battles. At least it was better than the Yokozuna vs Earthquake sumo match on Raw.

  30. Jack Mehoff says:

    if this was on you would have had to click on 75 pages to get to #1

  31. The Showster BROTHER! says:

    I think the Austin heel turn @ X-7 should be a little higher on this list. It was badly planed (Wasn’t happening until the day of the show) and execuited. you can blame the invation for the downfall of the quality of the wwe product but this is what I feel got the ball rolling. It is what I consider the end of the attitude era (or at least anything good durring it)

    also I don’t have a problem with HHH the year before. It was a true shock i didn’t expect and ment that WM main events are no longer a lock

    • Lyle says:

      I actually thought it was very well pulled off. I agree that the turn itself was, in hindsight, a very bad idea. But the turn capped off what was a great main event (one of my personal all-time favourite main event title matches).

  32. John says:

    You know, I had wished you commented on the fact that Kid Rock’s concert was one of the reasons why the Tag Team Unification match, which for weeks was hyped to be on the card, was pushed to the pre-show. That I still can’t stand, four years later.

  33. Sean says:

    Awesome list. Although the price tag for WrestleMania XXIX should be in the top 5. Realistically, who in the hell is going to pay $70 for a goddamn TV show. FAIL.

  34. Tony WIlson says:

    I think 18 Seconds deserves the #2 spot solely for the reason that it was booked – to make room for more terribly unfunny vignettes. When a wrestling match featuring two wrestlers on a wrestling show with the word “wrestle” in it’s name is suppressed so that they have more time to do “comedy” with a non-wrestler and a former wrestler (who loves the business so much that he only shows up when he’s promoting one of his terrible movies and is somehow supposed to be a credible champion despite 1.) not working a full schedule, 2.) never defending the title, and 3.) blowing off RAW to go shill G.I. Joe), that is the very definition of WrestleCrap.

    But even if you look at the aftermath of the match, it’s still difficult to justify it as a positive. Yes, Daniel Bryan is over. But he still would’ve been over, regardless, because he’s Daniel Bryan. Post-Wrestlemania, he’s been reduced to a sideshow comedy act. His run with Kane, while fun, will ultimately be a vague memory, because they haven’t really been booked well as champions (I can’t even recall the last time they defended). The fact that he’s so damned over, is currently having the best matches on RAW and yet is still only an upper-midcarder is all the more enraging, and it started with 18 Seconds.

    As for Sheamus (because I actually do care about Sheamus, because he’s very talented for a guy his size, and he possesses my favorite quality of any wrestler – he’s not Randy Orton), he’s been booked terribly since someone decided that he should be Cena Lite, and with him being crammed into a meaningless and, unless The Shield somehow manages to powerbomb Orton, Sheamus, and Big Show simultaneously, inevitably forgettable six-man tag match (which he will ultimately lose), it’s pretty obvious that they have no idea what to do with him, which is sad, because he has a lot of potential, and he’s far more deserving of a World Title match than Jack “They Keep Pushing Me and Nobody Continues to Care” Swagger (although we’ve seen Sheamus vs. Del Rio more times than we’d like to remember).

    It has not been a great year for either victim of the 18 Second Incident, and it’s hard not to consider the match at Wrestlemania as the catalyst.

  35. Tony WIlson says:

    As an aside, am I the only person that thinks Wrestlemania 2000 as a whole deserves an induction? With the exception of the Triple Threat Tag Team Title Ladder Match and the Triangle Intercontinental/European title match, the entirety of the show was just plain awful.

    For starters, it would be the first Wrestlemania in seven years that didn’t feature Jim Ross on commentary. As everyone here knows, Jim Ross has the Midas-like ability to make a bad match good, and a good match great. Unfortunately, Ross was stricken with Bell’s Palsy at the time, and would only be brought in to call the main event (and even he couldn’t make that look good). So, you can imagine how great the matches sounded when we were treated to our first taste of the future of RAW, three hours of Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler.

    The first match of this historic spectacle of suckitude was a tag team match between The Godfather/D’Lo Brown and The Big Bossman/Bull Buchanan (or Tyson Tomko, or whatever ridiculous gimmick name he goes by these days) which was about as memorable as a shot of anesthetic.

    Next up was the Clusterf*ck Brainfart match for the Hardcore Title, where thirteen guys, twelve of whom are no longer with the company (and at least four that never should have been) put on a match that can only be described as a live-action Tex Avery cartoon without the humor. Crash was the last one pinned, but the real loser here was Tazz. After months of hype and build, his feud with Kurt Angle gets cut short, and his first Wrestlemania appearance is in a terrible match that looks like it was thought up by Russo and McMahon after an all-night bender on Peruvian cocaine, and worst of all, featured The Mean Street Posse.

    Every so often, we would go backstage and be treated to hilarious segments where our view of The Kat’s naughty bits were blocked by water bottles and shirts with fuzzy kittens on them. Like I said, hilarious.

    Al Snow and Steve Blackman vs. Test and Albert doesn’t actually conjure up images of wrestling greatness, but it did feature an amazing moonsault from the apron by Snow. Unfortunately, it’s quickly forgotten because someone thought a dancing cheese wedge would be funny…

    There was a Catfight match, which ended with Mae Young rubbing her lady parts in The Fabulous Moolah’s face. Because, when I watch wrestling, I want to see lesbian granny porn…

    This Wrestlemania would also be the first Wrestlemania appearances of Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko, and Eddie Guerrero. And how would these three PhD’s of professional wrestling be booked? What kind of epic battle would they fight? What kind of Wrestlemania moment would they create? They would job to the team of Too Cool and Chyna. At this point, it seemed like they were punishing wrestlers that weren’t made by WWE.

    Thankfully, we were saved by an amazing match between Jericho, Angle, and Benoit.

    Unfortunately, that was tarnished by a terribly mediocre match that teamed Kane with Rikishi for absolutely no reason at all so that they could compete against Road Dogg and X-Pac (who had turned heel since last year’s Wrestlemania, in a turn that made as much sense as teaming Kane with Rikishi).

    And finally, the main event, a Fatal Four Way for the WWE title, which I’m sure looked good on paper, but was not very good in the ring, and was made even worse by the “I married a McMahon, so I will book myself as a God, because f*ck you” finish that would be a staple of the next four or five years of WWE programming.

    In my opinion, this was one of the worst Wrestlemanias of all time, and was just as bad as the four Wrestlemanias that have already been inducted.

  36. Joe says:

    The best part of #1 was that Hogan won the title and then disappeared from the WWF for four or five months with the belt because vince mcmahon had no plans about what to do with him as champion so they sent him home until the king of the ring where they arranged what amounted to a non-event main event title match between Hogan & Yokozuna in which yoko won the title back in what was more or less a forgone conclusion because everyone knew that hogan was leaving the WWF not long after that.

    • nomangang says:

      To top it all off, Hogan did an interview in Japan about 2 weeks before KOTR in which he buried the WWF Title by calling it “a toy”. It’s like stealing a guy’s wife and then going, “Meh, I don’t even want this skank. I mean, I’m still gonna bang her and make sure her husband doesn’t come near her, but I could totally do better.”

  37. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:


    Check this out- last night, Nick Digilio on AM 720 WGM Radio (out of Chicago, IL) read a few entries from this last after he recapped the WrestleMania 29 results!

    Congratulations, Justin!

  38. MIB says:

    I don’t get the placement of the Swagger win. It may have been a token title reign but it was nice to have a fresh face in the the World Title mix since Cena was hogging the belt on RAW.

    However I would like to proffer a couple of nominations of my own that are absent:

    HHH vs Chris Jericho – WM XVIII – A dull main event based around WWF Champ Y2J being Stephanie’s bitch that failed to follow Rock vs Hogan and of course HHH won.

    Bret Hart vs Vince McMahon – WM XXVI – What should have been a tidy five minute squash ended up being a mind numbing 15 minute, overbooked, psychology free, anti-climactic mess.


  39. TheLegendMaker says:

    You missed off the AWESOME (sarcasm intended) Vickie Guerrero win @ WM24 which heavily contributed in me giving up on this current age bull crap WWE is showing these days.
    You also have to account for the worst acting ever in the promo that followed.

    Vickie Guerrero will forever me the turd on WWE’s 21st century doorstep. There are other turds, but Vickie stands out as the smelliest, biggest, steamiest pile of turd to ever leave the ass of WWE.

    Awesome list bro!

  40. c whorse says:

    Pretty much agree with this list. I found this site as i was flabbergasted at (yet again) mcmahon’s hard on for celebrity that he would get a clinton impersonator when he already has decent celebs like reynolds and little richard at WMX.
    I can’t get me head round this silliness. I’m certain he’s had a jack nicholson lookalike at an iyh event before.
    Mania 27 had punk/orton which wasn’t bad but as a whole, 27 was dire. I was glad to see mizanin in the title picture and liked his little video package before his entrance but cena bumbling a clothesline and concussing him and rock burying him wasn’t great.
    “Once in a lifetime” deserves a mention, too.
    As does a post- 2004 rock, gassed to hell thinking he can go and work a 20-30 minute match with so much muscle mass blowing him up. It’s quite upsetting. Just watched owen v bret and comparing that to bret v vince or rock v austin compared to rock cena….
    Rock cena ii was like a wrestling game were you can start the match with unlimited finishers. Awful. Just kept kicking out of each others moves.

  41. CG Ness says:

    Don’t forget Wrestlemania 12, the 60 minute Iron Man match of Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart. HBK made me sick.

    Oh, and Wrestlemania 26, the no DQ match Bret Hart vs Mr. McMahon. That wasn’t even a match if Bret was just using a steel chair. I guess being old was his excuse for not actually wrestling.

    Yes, Wrestlemania 9 was by the far the worst. Mr. Fuji screwed the whole thing up.

  42. the booty man says:

    33 and 11 should switch

  43. Doc 902714 says:

    I would’ve personally voted for the match between Red Rooster and Bobby Heenan at WMV. Just because it could have been the Brooklyn Brawler and that would have made more sense in storyline i.e. Rooster fires Heenan after embarrassing loss to Tito Santana on SNME and Bobby recruits a new protégé in the Brooklyn Brawler to take on Red Rooster at WMV. Given that Bobby was still recovering from a neck injury at the time, it should never have been Bobby. Warrior certainly didn’t help matters after a botched gorilla press following his loss to Rick Rude earlier in the show either.

  44. Guest says:

    Eh this looks like it was written in a rush.

    Only ones I disagree with was

    33 – Austin beat Rock by seeking help from one of his most hated enemies.

    29 – I thought the Fatal 4 Way was okay (even with Mick Foley deciding to pointlessly comeback from Retirement and Vince turning heel out of the blue.)

    20. – What was wrong with Cena and Triple H’s entrances?

  45. Ze Frenchie says:

    I’ve always been a big Mr Perfect mark, but that referee attire… It always got me wondering if he was trying on a new gimmick, that of a 1940’s escapee from Alcatraz.

    • Ze Frenchie says:

      I could just picture him being rebranded as “Mistah Poifect” and his finisher would be “sleep with da fishes-man suplex”.

  46. Jason S says:

    1994 – WrestleMania X – Advertising Donnie Wahlberg from that fresh, new, completely-relevant, male-demographic-steering NKOTB! Even as a kid, I realized this was the moment that showed how much Vince McMahon had lost touch with what’s relevant. And seeing what happened over the next two years (including a horrendous 1995), it’s no wonder Vince Russo got the amount of power he did!

    • Quentin Kaasa says:

      But in ’95 he had the fresh, new, relevant, male-demographic-steering Pam Anderson and Jenny McCarthy appearing at WrestleMania. That was far from out of touch.

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