INDUCTION: Seth vs. Fiend Hell in a Cell – 2019 Gooker Award Winner

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WWE – 2019 Gooker Award Winner

It was close.

It was very close.

This year, I decided to eyeball the Gooker voting from start to finish. I generally don’t do that, but there was a morbid curiosity as to what was going to take the feathery crown. Confession time: I will admit some years there are “filler” nominees – stuff that was bad but realistically has zero chance (at least in my mind) or possibly winning.

The year of 2019 was the opposite – there were ten incredibly worthy candidates. What’s even crazier is that tons of potential nominees weren’t able to hit the top 10 and thus fell off the ballot! Trust me, kids – I know a lot of you HATE the Dark Order and were furious with the way Kofi Kingston’s World title reign was essentially forgotten…and those are two just off the top of my head. I know I’ve forgotten many others.

When the voting opened, it was a three way dance, with WWE2K20 having a really “strong” showing. Rightly so – that game was a complete train wreck and was a viable contender. Eventually, though, WWE2K20 petered out, and we had a neck and neck race to the finish line with the Lana-Rusev-Lashley love triangle and Seth versus Bray. And on the final day of voting, the lead changed countless times. Even more amazingly, it was never more than a single digit margin as to who was going to “win.”

As the clock struck midnight, nine votes…yes, just NINE VOTES…gave the Gooker to the tandem of Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt.

Watching over this match several more times for the purpose of writing this induction, I can stand firm in stating y’all made the right choice.

In April of 2019, Bray Wyatt made his return to WWE television in a most unique manner – portraying a children’s talk show host. While many mocked and called for this to immediately be cast into the Gooker basket, I wasn’t so sure. After all, Wyatt had been around forever and his schtick had grown more than a little tired – he needed a refresh of some sort. And what the heck – in recent years I have grown more accepting of off the wall concepts in wrestling. To be fair, I should admit this change of heart is more likely due to the fact that everything in WWE is so homogenized that I just want to see something, anything, different than any of this stuff ever turning out to be, you know, good.

But I figured let’s see where it goes. Maybe it would wind up ok?

In May, Wyatt told us he had a secret, and brought a new character to the FunHouse in the form of The Fiend. (SPOILER ALERT: it was Bray in a scary mask). Smiling happy Bray told the children that The Fiend was there to protect them, and when he played dress up, he felt completely confident and could do anything.

Eventually, The Fiend wasn’t just chillin with the kids in the FunHouse, but competing in the ring. And when he made short work of Finn Balor at SummerSlam, it was obvious he was getting the rocket strapped to his back. By Clash ofChampions, when he had attacked the Universal Champion, Seth Rollins, he was in line for a title shot at the next pay-per-view, Hell in a Cell.

I mentioned above how much I despise the sameness of WWE productions and storylines and this would be yet another example. Why, exactly, was the FIRST match between Fiend and Seth taking place in a cage? Isn’t that something that should end a feud, not begin one? The reason in today’s WWE is Hell in a Cell is locked on the calendar for a particular month – by golly, that’s when we have that particular show! Doesn’t matter if it is logical or makes any sense whatsoever.

That there is reason #3,478 why watching WWE these days drives me completely bananas.

Oh, and here’s #3,479: babyfaces that are totally unlikable. Seriously, look at our supposed hero in the image above: cowering in utter fear at his challenger, a guy who was crawling around the ring in a spooky mask. Who on earth could possibly want to get behind Seth Rollins here?

Can you imagine Hulk Hogan quivering in fear like this?

What about Steve Austin?

Maybe The Rock?

Of course not.

Seriously, in prepping this induction, I created a file named “sethcrieslikeababy.gif”.

And the company wanted us to CHEER THIS MAN.

But the match was made and somehow, amazingly, things got even worse!

Honestly, the opening seconds of the show should have told us everything we needed to know, as it was brought to us by WWE2K20! After twenty years running I feel I can say I’ve pretty much seen everything, but seeing the Gooker winner being sponsored by the second runner up for the award is a whole new rancid territory.

And things are even more off kilter in our main event immediately, as Seth, who I will remind you is the champion, comes out first. He gets in the ring and looks as nervous as he can possibly be. Whether that was just good showmanship or realizing the idiotic booking laid before him, well, your guess is as good as mine.

Soon enough, the Firefly FunHouse video takes the screen, only to melt into a creepier version of Bray’s old theme song. Red light basks the arena, and while I am not entirely sold on this new character, eh, it is slightly eerie so I can give points for that I guess.

The match starts, and…wait a minute.

You’re not going to turn the red light OFF?

So it’s not enough that this match is going to suck, but we have to watch it in an eye-straining crimson hue?

Was Kevin Dunn a huge fan of the Virtual Boy or something?

I really cannot overstate just how horrendous the presentation of this match is. The lighting is bad enough, but then we get the now standard WWE style of nonstop zooming and shaking of the camera as well.


I legit cannot tell if this match is good or bad at this point, all I can do is concentrate on how it almost hurts me to watch this. I mean, I know this is the Gooker award winner and thus it’s my duty to take these bullets to the eyeballs but at some point I kinda have to take my actual health into consideration here.

But the stupidity doesn’t stop with red lights and spazzing cameras, oh no. Now Bray goes under the ring and gets a GIANT NOVELTY MALLET, which tops the list of the dumbest foreign objects I’ve ever witnessed. “The weight of that mallet!” Cole cries…as you can tell it’s made of paper mâché.

And Cole…my goodness is he ever at his dirt worst here. He never calls Seth’s challenger “The Fiend” or “Bray Wyatt”. No no. It is always THEFIENDBRAYWYATT. No gap when he says it, literally as if it is one word. Over and over and over again. Could you just once, in the entire match, call him Bray or Wyatt or just Fiend?


A cavalcade of finishers is up next, as Seth hits, no joke, ELEVEN curb stomps. That would be one of Seth’s finishers I should note. He then hits Wyatt with a chair in the face. And…The Fiend kicks out at one. So Seth keeps going under the ring to find things with which to beat the poor guy, including but not limited to a ladder and a metal tool box.

At this point the crowd begins to turn on Seth and cheer Wyatt, and honestly, who could blame them? At this point Bray is overcoming all the odds in a nearly heroic fashion!

Finally, Seth has had enough and goes under the ring to get the ultimate weapon: a sledgehammer. That would be Triple H’s tool of destruction, so you know HE MEANS BUSINESS. The referee sees this and literally begs Rollins to stop, telling him, and I quote, “Seth…this isn’t you!!!!”

I…I don’t even know what to say to that.

And just when you think things cannot possibly getting any stupider…

…Seth hits Wyatt with the sledgehammer…and the ref calls for the bell???

Yes – this company had the audacity to give us a DISQUALIFICATION IN A HELL IN A CELL MATCH.

The bout where absolutely anything goes, a place where men have been through off the cage and to the floor, where feuds go to be die, where there are no rules.

And they gave us a DQ.

To compound the issue, Bray was back on his feet beating up Seth again, so there really was no reason for the bout to have ever been stopped. The crowd erupted into a loud “bullish**” chant, followed by a plea to “restart the match.”

By the time the show went off the air with Bray locking in the mandible claw on Seth, the crowd booed vociferously, forgoing any of the chants that had been their calling card. Which is honestly too bad.

Truly, the echoes of “Gooker Gooker” needed to be heard.

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69 Responses to "INDUCTION: Seth vs. Fiend Hell in a Cell – 2019 Gooker Award Winner"
  1. Chris V says:

    Remember, when Kane debuted, he would wrestle his matched with the red light too.
    I vividly remember having a time seeing the Kane vs. Man Kind match at Survivor Series, due to that red light.

    Yes, that was why I voted for this as the “winner”. Bray Wyatt was surely booked as the face, overcoming the odds and fighting back no matter what, against the crazy guy using a sledgehammer.
    It was such a horrible way to debut this new character who was supposed to be a monster and pure evil.

    There were many better ways to end this match, without having Rollins lose.
    I thought a great way to end it would have been to have the Fiend beat Rollins bloody, then crucify him against the cell, and then just leave.
    The referee wouldn’t know what to do, and the PPV would just end.

    Another would have been the Fiend beating Rollins until he was unconscious, and then have the Fiend drag Rollins out of the arena.
    Again, the referee doesn’t know what to do, and the PPV just ends.
    Then, Rollins could be missing, no one knows what happened to him on the next RAW.
    Go from there.

    Those are some great ways to build up the Fiend as a monster, and to end the match without making Rollins lose.

    • Doc 902714 says:

      Good booking Chris V. Either of those scenarios had they played out would’ve been awesome and certainly better than this crap.

      Sin Cara used to have a yellow hue spotlighting his matches as well.

      But the first match to have the red lighting was Kane vs. Mankind at Survivor Series. Funny story about that. I had never seen that PPV live but I would read the WWF Magazine (Feb. 98) where it had been featured. But all of the photos from that match were in color (no red light), So I rented the VHS of the event, fully expecting the match to be as such. Boy was I surprised when I got to see the match, but thrilled at the same time. It was a cool effect unlike anything I’d ever seen. But now, 23 years later, it’s just annoying as F**k and needs to go away.

    • Arcane Azmadi says:

      One thing you forgot: this wasn’t The Fiend’s debut. He debuted at SummerSlam against Finn Balor, WITHOUT the stupid red light- not even during his entrance. And it was great, even if it was little more than a squash.

      It’s like two different companies were booking The Fiend at SummerSlam and HiaC. One of which was competent, and the other of which didn’t have a goddamn clue what they were doing.

      You also highlighted the BIG problem with the entire feud, and WWE’s handling of the character Bray Wyatt/The Fiend (apart from anything else, they ABSOLUTELY shouldn’t be calling him “THE FIEND BRAY WYATT” because Bray treats them as separate people and so should they). The Fiend SHOULDN’T BE INTERESTED IN TITLES. He should be a malevolent force of sadistic destruction, like The Demon Kane, just out to hurt people because that’s what he does (I like your idea of crucifying Seth on the wall of the cell). But WWE is so unimaginative and so full of themselves that they can’t imagine a top level star wanting ANYTHING more than a big shiny belt- not even an insane, schizophrenic psychopath with possible supernatural powers. So if they’re pushing Bray, he has to go for a belt, because that’s what the main event is all about- belts (or “championships”, Vince McMahon doesn’t like the word “belt”). So as soon as they decided to strap a rocket onto Bray and push him hard, he was already doomed.

      Personally, I fantasy-booked the idea where Bray would beat Seth for the title, then just leave it lying somewhere around backstage as if he discarded it and disappear again. Eventually WWE would declare the title vacant again, crown a new champion, only for Bray to come out of nowhere and attack them as soon as they hold up the belt. And then he beats them as well and does the same thing again and again, until it’s obvious that he’s haunting the belt like it’s cursed, using it as bait to find the strongest victims. That way, when one of the new champions finally IS able to fight off Bray and hold onto the belt, he gets put over HUGE.

      But hey, what do I know about booking, I don’t own a multi-billion dollar wrestling company.

      • James says:

        I said…

        “Not only that, but it exposed that the Fiend gimmick works in small doses match-wise. (this could be why we later got FFH Bray wrestling too) And it begs the debate, despite them wanting to push him, was making him a champion the right way to do it? Or should he have remained an attraction?”

  2. Lee W. says:

    And we also get a “great” lesson in subtlety when you consider how big a joke the Fiend is, we get to hear his incessant laughter after one these sort of incidents involving him. This wasn’t my choice, but a deserving winner nonetheless.

  3. Yeah, I knew this was gonna win the Gooker when I watched it live.

    What I find most astounding is that WWE got a *LOT* of negative feedback about that damn red light, and yet they continue to light all of The Fiend’s matches that way. This company always refuses to learn their lessons.

    — Paul

  4. James Fabiano says:

    As much as Lashlana doesn’t have fans, at least we can let it play out and see where it goes. This was a bad match and sidetracked what’s considered one of if not THE better WWE characters now. Even though you’re meh about it, I am a fan of FFH Bray/The Fiend as it’s something you can read into, for hours on end even. Theorizing what the Funhouse means (here’s where I shout out to C Wrestling UK’s YouTube channel). Themes here include reincarnation, demon possession, being inside one’s mind (the FFH puppets may represent parts of Bray, past and present). Finding hidden messages and seeing how it ties into the Bray Wyatt character’s past. To wit: a 5 year old faux Celebrity Ghost Stories video on WWE’s YouTube talked about this character 4 years before we saw it.

    But yeah. This was a misstep.

    Agreed on the red light and brand naming. Tones down the Fiend’s first entrance as nce at Summerslam.

    Not only that, but it exposed that the Fiend gimmick works in small doses match-wise. (this could be why we later got FFH Bray wrestling too) And it begs the debate, despite them wanting to push him, was making him a champion the right way to do it? Or should he have remained an attraction?

    The Seth thing at the end and after is apparently supposed to be some power of the Fiend to get you to revert to your past or something. FFH theorists are thanking this for Seth, Miz, and Finn being heels again, for instance.

    Well, Bray seems to be doing OK. He did win the title, and that’s something that CV could have been added as an epilogue. THIS FEUD CONTINUED. And involved Seth GOING to the FFH an DC taking the lyric of his entrance theme literally. Only for the Funhouse to not have a single burn mark on it 1-2 weeks later, and I don’t think they explained it.

    But…Bray is champ, has a decent feud now with Daniel Bryan and had a small but decent story with the Miz.

    • Si says:

      The “everyone reverts to their past after facing the Fiend” line I think only came about by chance – Balor took something like two months off (in fact the Summerslam match was mostly to write him off) and had to go back to NXT for a story to allow a turn, and Rollins was still a face for a few weeks after the match and it was only after the Saudi issue and those “rah rah speech” stories turned people off him, plus likely a little of him being booed in this match, that they leant into turning him heel.

      • James says:

        Yeah TBF, it hasn’t been stated on WWE TV. It’s something, like I said, you have to read into. Kind of like how Fiend can take things from his victims, and the ones that have yet to return to TV at that (well until now with Kane)….he got the mandible claw from Foley, and the red light from Kane. Who knows what he got from Angle.

        Most of this character is fueled by the theorists’ YouTubes, actually.

        BTW, crappy texting-to-English translations of my OP:

        Get rid of that “as nce” before “at SummerSlam.”

        CV = RD.

        an DC = “and”

        • Lawrence M. says:

          To be fair, it was mentioned in the course of the Fiend’s feud with Daniel Bryan on Smackdown. It is an actual “canon” piece of the Fiend’s backstory that confronting and fighting the Fiend changes the person in some fashion. The Miz mentioned it to Bryan to try to convince him not to go through with it (Even mentioning Balor and Rollins by name), and, later, Kofi mentioned that this was happening to the Miz as well right as Miz was starting to show frustration and turn heel. You can also argue the same has happened to Bryan, as he’s now gone back to the “YES! Movement” with his 2011 look.

    • Al Boondy says:

      Is this the “ghost story” YouTube video you’re talking about?

    • Mike M. says:

      “THIS FEUD CONTINUED. And involved Seth GOING to the FFH an DC taking the lyric of his entrance theme literally. Only for the Funhouse to not have a single burn mark on it 1-2 weeks later, and I don’t think they explained it.”

      And this has such ramifications for Seth’s character. Burning down the funhouse, in thee stupidest way possible, was the final straw for the crowds, who then started booing Seth routinely. I remember his pathetic Tweet “What could I do?”.

    • Guest says:

      “As much as Lashlana doesn’t have fans, at least we can let it play out and see where it goes”.

      It doesn’t go anywhere good nor does it elevate either man/team as Lashley has beaten Rusev numerous times in this feud.

  5. Florian says:

    The right gooker winner. Also: the Lana-Rusev-Lashley debacle is still going on, so it might become the gooker winner of 2020.

    • Mike M. says:

      I think I voted Lana-Rusev, but you make a good point. Also, there’s less illusion around that angle. This one they thought was brilliant.

  6. Sean Bateman says:

    The Fiend is getting overrated in my books. While, the Gooker is the Undertaker of awards

    • Guest says:

      The Fiend is no more overrated than Lynch’s title reign is.

      Lynch is far more talented than either Alexa or Charlotte as Raw women’s champion (she can work and wrestle and actually tries to make her opponent look good) but she should’ve dropped the title back at HIAC and now if she beats Asuka she winds up in awkward spot for the next two months.

      • Jay says:

        No more awkward than Lesnar, who the company forced the title back on in a squash match and has proceeded to do NOTHING with, other than show up on TV randomly. But you’re right, the super long title reigns are getting stale. I love Lynch to death but if she wins at the RR, what is she going to do until WM? Ab-so-lute-ly NOTHING. Which is a damn shame.

  7. Dan heldon says:

    The Fiend and Bray Wyatt are the best thing going on in WWE right now. Sure the ending of this sucked but it was ONE match! Lashley/Lana/Rusev or Rusev/Lana/Lashley or Lana/Rusev/Lashley (whatever) took up time on my TV screen week after week after week after week with no possible end in sight.Now they’ve throen Liv Morgan in the mix. It is as CRAPPY as crap can be. I seriously hope it is a contender for next year’s Gooker since it will STILL be going on. It needs to be enshrined with the immortals here on Wrestlecrap!

    • Barronmore says:

      Oh, i imagine the whole Lana/Lashley/Russev angle will get enshrined. WC has a history of inducting Googker runner ups. Even if they didn’t win ‘the big one’, they are still crap.

      • Steinerliner says:

        WWE2K20 deserves to be inducted too. I mean, if WCW Backstage Assault can be inducted, than why not WWE 2K20?

    • Eviltwin says:

      I think we’ve seen enough love triangle story lines pass through, we’ve achieved a certain “this, too, shall pass” numbness to them. They arrive, they happen, they eventually leave and we all just sweep it out of our minds and pretend it never happened.
      This match was a cascade of bad decisions. A DQ ending… in a Hell in a Cell… for a sledgehammer shot… AFTER Bray brought out the big Harley Quinn mallet. I mean, the misfires just pile up on themselves.

  8. Ric K says:

    The best thing is if you had the closed captions subtitles on.

    The last thing you saw before the PPV went off the air was a black screen, the wwe trademark thing in the corner, and the caption reading [CROWD BOOS]

  9. Jimbolian says:

    What strikes me most about this Gooker is the resemblance of this being a WCW match. This is the type of crap that was being done on a weekly basis.

  10. K7 says:

    Yea this one definitely takes it over Lana/Lashley/Rusev. The main difference for me is that while you knew the LLR storyline was going to be hot garbage from the start, the Fiend had an absolute crapton if hype and momentum going behind it. You were hoping, praying that this was going to be good. Bray was knocking it out of the park with his new character, crap writing be damned. And he was red hot with the fans, no pun intended. Then… this match happens. It just shows how atrocious the production room is. While the red lighting isn’t house of horrors bad, it’s still painful to watch. Then the complete swap of the face/heel actions in the match… then the ludicrous weapon choices. Like, the novelty hammer is fine… if it was actually used like a damn hammer. He’ll make him slam it down and have it shatter. That would convey power at least. What we got from that was a silly forward head bump of the hammer. Then the finish… utterly awful.

    While LRR was and is terrible, that one was terrible from the start. This one took high hopes and Vince’d them into misery.

  11. 77AD says:

    Minor quibble, but wasn’t it Vic Joseph on lead commentary?

    I was under the impression this was the case as it was the only possible explanation why a month or so later on Smackdown Michael Cole was shocked and confused by the appearance of the same giant novelty mallet that Bray used in this match

    • RD Reynolds says:

      That’s how homogenized even the announcing is – I couldn’t tell the difference.

      • Guest says:




  12. Car Zayas says:

    Nothing made me happier than the virtual boy reference!

  13. Christopher Haydu says:

    Eh. This angle is so unimportant that it’s hard to even read about without just being reminded how stupid and pointless it was. If there’s anything to learn from this (and there’s a lot), it’s that they should stop doing Hell in a Cell for a few years. They’ve done it so much in recent years that it’s lost its luster. Garbage like this match doesn’t help it.

    As far as red light, R.D., I’m wondering what you thought of Kane vs. Mankind at Survivor Series ’97. The red light didn’t bother me one bit. I thought that was a pretty good match, and a great way to debut Kane.

    • K7 says:

      Was that entire match under a red light? Or just when Kane got introduced and went into the ring?

      He had the red light when attacking Balor, but that match was quick. So figured the red light was just for the intro but later matches didn’t have it. This seems to be every fiend match gets the red light treatment…

  14. Arya Witner says:

    I was hoping you’d mention that this was the second year in a row that HIAC ended with a bullshit finish. Last year they did Roman vs Braun, Brock ran in, beat both of their asses and the match just ended.

    • John says:

      You beat me to referencing the BS finish in 2018’s HIAC. In hindsight, having this finish following 2018’s stupid finish should have been a warning sign that if HIAC wasn’t already ruined by having this stupid annual PPV with obligatory HIAC matches that made little if any sense, it is now.

      To be fair there was a HIAC no contest in 1998 that has apparently been forgotten by many people. Kane vs. Mankind on Raw was a no contest after Steve Austin appeared from underneath the ring to attack Kane.

      I can forgive this no contest for 2 reasons: 1. It was on Raw, not a PPV so even as a 12 yo kid I wasn’t expecting another KOTR 1998 HIAC type match on free TV. 2. The HIAC match was less than a year old when this happened so I can attribute the no contest ending to early-installment weirdness that never happened again until 2018 on a PPV.

      HIAC is my favorite match type and HIAC 1 at Badd Blood 1997 between Undertaker and Shawn Michaels is one of my all time favorite matches. It is very sad to see my favorite match type decay more and more each year. I think at this rate I would rather see the match retired then have it decay more each year even if I know it would never happen.

  15. Enhancement Talent 3 Mark II says:

    Great stuff here RD. Loved the reference to, and photo of, Kevin “Bucky Beaver” Dunn. Jim Cornette would be proud.
    And for some reason the ref saying “Seth, this isn’t you” had me in stitches. From now on when 2 guys drop the mitts in the NHL I want the ref to step in and say “C’mon guys, you’re better than this.”

  16. This match should get Kevin Dunn banned from ever working in television again. It should also get Vince McMahon banned from ever working anywhere. This is the most embarrassingly terrible thing WWE has presented in years.

    Amazingly I’ve actually seen WWE apologists refer to this as “a masterclass in storytelling.” A. Master. Class. I wonder what it would take for WWE to turn people like that against them….

  17. Canadian Paul says:

    Please do an induction on WWE 2K20…I can’t hear enough disaster stories about that game….

  18. System Error says:

    Well said with the induction. There was so much more to this feud after this messy debacle, but I think my favorite part was the crowd in the Saudi show after. Sure, those shows may be for a questionable cause and often full of horrid nonsense,. But _that_ messy debacle of a match aside, the crowd there was booing Seth. They’re fans just like us, and seeing them react just like us to how hard they’d dropped the ball on him warmed my heart, and made me feel just a little better about those shows.

    (I mean then there was the rest of it which made me hate the Saudi shows that much more, but that’s an induction for another day)

  19. Daniel McCloskey says:

    Truly a god awful match, and a worthy award winner, but I still say 2K20 should have taken it. I didn’t know how truly stupid this match was until I saw it, whereas all I needed to see from 2K20 was a few short video clips to know it was one of the most broken games ever released.
    Hope to see an induction for that soon.

  20. Gromnir Il-Khan says:

    Speaking of unlikable faces, could WWE please do something about Alexa Bliss to correct the horrendous situation she’s in where they try to present her as a lovable face despite her long history as a bully and manipulator and backstabber that she has in no way atoned for or even tried to apologise for? At least they gave Seth a slow-burn redemption story to make his turn convincing. This is just inept.

    • Guest says:

      Fat chance of that happening.

      Especially when they have Charlotte basically bullying Sarah Logan eventhough Charlotte is supposed to be a babyface.

  21. CF says:

    Demonstrating once again: The Voting Public is *WRONG*.

    Question: Ten years from now, is anyone going to remember this match? On the other hand, ten years from now, is anyone *not* going to remember “this is when Ring Of Honor went down like IJS _Kirishima_”?

    An utterly-irrelevant match, vs. the collapse of one of the few groups preventing everyone having to lick Vince McMahon’s shoes….

  22. john says:

    i cant wait for wwe2k20 to be on wrestlecrap. its honestly one of the worst games ever made. to think in 1998 we were playing wcw revenge and that game still holds up better then the current wrestling games being made today.

  23. JH says:

    The whole feud should have been inducted, tbh. This match was obviously the worst, but then you had classic Gooker-worthy gems like Seth finding and burning down the Fun House, plus their falls count anywhere match at Saudimania IV. You know, the one where Rollins lost because of a technical malfunction.

    • Guest says:

      What happened a monitor exploded in his face?

      • JH says:

        Rollins superkicked the Fiend off the stage and into electrical equipment. When he went to find the Fiend, Rollins got hit with some pyro (despite the pyro missing him by two feet) and Fiend reemerges with the mandible claw

  24. Ben Jerison says:

    DQ in a f’kin’ cell match? Are you sure Vinnie R. didn’t had a hand in this?

  25. GarglingBulldog says:

    Look on the bright side (if you can call it that) RD, you have your 2020 Gooker front-runner already in place with the Lana/Rusev/Lashley storyline still dragging on well into 2020 with no end in sight!

  26. Mr. Orlando says:

    I saw a clip of X-Pac backstage on the Watch Along following the match. I swear, X-Pac was all of us fans in that moment. He was likely backstage at the 1998 King of The Ring in Pittsburgh and remembers how that match went between Undertaker and Mankind. X-Pac absolutely went off after the match, asking incredulously, “How the hell do you get DQ’d inside Hell In A friggin’ Cell?”

  27. President Clinton Dempsey says:

    Well, at least Wyatt got his revenge and beat Seth for the title…


    I’m still under the impression that this match was booked this way on purpose to sucker in angry Fiend fans to purchase Crown Jewel. Vince is a diabolical genius.

  28. ClawsomeMan says:

    For the record, I voted for WWE 2K20. This game made Showdown: Legends of Wrestling look like No Mercy.

    • Matt says:

      I wouldn’t go that far. Showdown completely sucked. I threw that game in the trash faster than 45 humps his pillow at night wishing it was Ivanka.

  29. Thomas Moffatt says:

    It didn’t take them long to turn Rollins heel. Had it been Roman Reigns he’d still have been a face. as far as I’m concerned Wyatt is being set up as a monster heel/champ just so Reigns can knock him off possibly with the Rumble-WM combo. And then we’ll get a knuckle dragging, bore-athon feud with Boring Corbin for the title. I will give a sarcastic ‘yey!’ to that.

    Speaking of Boring Corbin, I’ve always felt he’s been given such a push to create a star more loathed than Reigns similar to Jinder Mahal.

    One of my petty grumbles for the year was the ‘greatest signing in the history of Smackdown!’ – Vince announces Elias only for Roman Reigns the face to come out and punch a senior citizen in the face. What happens is Roman is slowly being forced back into the face of the promotion and Elias gets little in the way of pushed until he is injured and comes back as a face. I never buy into Reigns feuding with the McMahon’s because he’s so obviously Vince’s Boy.

    Also interesting to note is Elias and Rusev at the start of the year were both faces with completely over gimmicks then turned heel before ending up as faces at the end of the year. Makes me scratch my head.

    Anyway – in short, I don’t like Roman Reigns and he will never turn heel. If you’d like to slap me around the head please form an orderly queue…

    • Presidente Clinton Dempsey says:

      Yet Seth (HHH’s boy) beat Lesnar twice on the two biggest PPVs of the year. How is Reigns punching Vince less believable than that?

      • Thomas Moffatt says:

        I didn’t say anything about Seth and Lesnar plus one can be explained away with a low blow fest. The other was a head scratcher – Lesnar wins MITB which he wasn’t supposed to be in and cashes in and loses at the first defence. It made no sense and I’m not denying it did.

        I didn’t like the whole build up to the biggest signing in Smackdown history as a guy who ends up getting no substantial push and becomes Shane’s sidekick. Shane feuding with Reigns made sense. The whole Reigns takes umbrage with the unveiling of Elias as the big signing and doing his farty superman punch and the bitches on announces squealing about how Reigns was the true great big signing felt predictable. Reigns siding with Vince would have made it less so and a bit more interesting.

        Anyway my initial grudge was the amount of time it took to turn Seth heel when Reigns was solidly booed for a good three years and there was never a hint of a turn.

    • Mark says:

      “Anyway – in short, I don’t like Roman Reigns and he will never turn heel.”

      That didn’t age well.

  30. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    I remember shortly after this match, one YouTuber (who doesn’t deserve to be named) actually DEFENDED this garbage, likening The Fiend to a horror movie villain, and claiming that whoever does finally beat him will be made for life when he does so.
    Between this and his constant snarking during his AEW videos, I finally realised he was a WWE apologist and always will be. I couldn’t unsubscribe fast enough.

    • G says:

      He is supposed to be a horror movie villain. He should have just trashed Rollins, though. Rollins was boring as hell.

    • Steinerliner says:

      I may be a fucking idiot for asking, but who was this youtuber? He sounds like a Cornette Bot [I love Jim Cornette but he is very out of touch with modern wrestling and his fans can be irritating]

  31. Thun says:

    Honestly, I voted for this mainly because I was sure WWE 2K20 would be covered extensively by other folks and sure enough, there’s already a couple of souls that gave a solid run through the nightmare that was the production and a couple of stories from others that had some experiences with it before it was released.

    As is, the voting was always going to be crazy tight, which sure enough was. If I watched WWE (which I kinda haven’t for a while now), I think I’d be fed up of storylines where Rusev and Lana’s marriage is boggled with wrestling shit. We’re aware Vince doesn’t like their marriage, fuck off.

    Now, the fact that they managed to boggle up the point of one of their own specialty matches to the point where even people they paid to be there were actually pondering what the fuck had happened and how said fuck had happened, that’s the kind of stuff you put a Gooker on. Congratulations, lads, you gave a disqualification finish to a match that is just literally in one of the very few settings that exist exactly to give a proper finish. People gave you shit about your attempt at shock value, the people at the business were just as confused as everyone else and even Pornhub was taking the piss.

    Great induction, as always.

  32. E-Squared says:

    Friends of mine attended this event live (I am from Sacramento, CA, by the way) and they had told me that they thought it was the worst finish and that it was hard to see the action because of the lighting. One of my friends even told me that the crowd started chanting AEW.

  33. Dave g says:

    Thank you. This match is the reason I dont watch the E anymore. This match is a hot smelly dump on each and every WWE fan.

  34. G says:

    Who said you’re supposed to be behind Rollins in this? You cheer The Fiend, just like you cheer Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers, Leatherface, Pinhead and on and on. The DQ was a joke, but the rest fits what they were doing. Rollins was a complete bore, who would cheer him over the best character WWE’s had since CM Punk? The Fiend should have been defeating the entire roster of bores. Everybody but Aleister Black. There was your Wrestlemania match.

  35. FuzzyDunlop says:

    Hell in a Cell – where ‘feuds go to be die’.
    I don’t mind the frequent typos, they’re very appropriate for this.

  36. Rebecca Wick says:

    Was there live with my (now) boyfriend.. Oh gods, this was deserved. After the cameras went off air, we were chanting all kinds of things. AEW, bullshit, we want refunds, more general cursing. And it got louder once the house lights came back up. Continued outside. People sat outside for a long time complaining about that match. That red light fucking hurt!! Had to keep closing my eyes every few minutes just to reset them.

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