2018 Gooker Award Voting! Pick the Very Worst of Pro Wrestling!

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Another crappy twelve months of wrestling are in the books! Ok, ok, so there was a LOT of good stuff in 2018, we admit. But you cannot deny some real stinkaroos snuck into rings as well. The question remains though – what was the very worst of the very worst?

That’s what the Gooker Award is all about.

For the past eighteen years (!!!), WrestleCrap.com’s Gooker Award has been the ultimate stamp of authority on the absolute dirt worst in pro wrestling. And as always, we look to our loyal readers to make the final determination. With that, let us take a look at our nominees!

Shane McMahon – The BEST IN THE WORLD

For weeks, fans were told WWE’s World Cup would feature the greatest wrestlers in the world, and that the winner of the tournament would be indisputably dubbed “the best in the world.” So it should come as no shock that Shane McMahon was the ultimate winner. This despite the fact that he wasn’t even in the tournament in the first place! You can’t keep those McMahons down!

Drake Maverick’s Urinary Issues

It’s long been said that Vince McMahon loves him some potty humor, and this year’s nominees certainly back up that theory. Not only did we have Drake Maverick peeing his pants…

Kevin Owens Porta Potty Problems

…we also go Kevin Owens going for a ride in a porta potty, which caused officials to all hold their noses as they rescued him. Apparently blue paint (????) smells very bad. Who knew?

The Never-Ending Sasha-Bayley Saga

If you had told fans just a couple years ago that women would be main eventing WWE television shows and PPVs on a regular basis, I have zero doubt they would have believed you. After all, the ladies in NXT were having incredible matches all the time. Fast forward, and two of those women, Sasha and Bayley, are stuck on Raw in a seemingly unending feud that got dumber by the week. Are they friends? Aren’t they friends? WHO CARES???

WWE Crown Jewel

Lots of different ways you could view this as a terrible event, be those political or in-ring. For us, though, the biggest crime had to have been Shawn Michaels coming out of retirement and looking like Poopdeck Pappy. We kid, we kid. Feel free to vote for this one regardless of why you hated it, we’ll cover all aspects in the induction if it takes…uh…the crown.

Bobby Lashley’s “Sisters”

When Sami Zayn threatened to expose Bobby Lashley on the following week’s episode of Raw, stomach-turning dread filled those who remembered “This is Your Life Bayley” and “The Old Day”. The worries were justified as Zayn interviewed three men in drag playing Lashley’s sisters, all of whom claimed Lashley was horrible in many ways. Not the least of which is he allowed this to hit airwaves without walking out the door.

10-Year Old WWE Tag Team Champion Nicholas

Ultimately, it was harmless: big, scary Braun Strowman finds a 10-year-old kid and tells him to just stand there while he annihilates Cesaro and Sheamus for the belts at WrestleMania 34, before vacating them a night later. But when you’re six hours deep into WrestleMania, and a mystery partner is promised, you may wanna deliver something bigger than “cutesy and ironic”.

Raw is War Three Hours of Corbin

Between the bald head and the prog-rocker attire, Corbin looks more like Caillou found a gig teaching improv classes than a heel authority figure. His punchable bully-demeanor is fine in doses, but those doses aren’t three hours of it every seven days. Seriously, who thought giving this guy that much time was a good idea??

John Cena vs. The Undertaker

It was a match that was over a decade in the making – John Cena going one-on-one with the legendary Undertaker. Better yet, it was on the biggest stage of them all, WrestleMania. What could possibly go wrong? Well, the fact it happened five years too late and lasted less than three minutes would top the list. The very definition of a missed opportunity for sure.

The Exploitation of Jim Neidhart

If there’s one thing WWE has proven over the years, it’s that they have zero qualms about using the (generally recently) deceased in their storylines. This despite the fact that no one ever seems to want that and it just feels bothersome. Such was the case when The Anvil passed away this year, and they shoehorned him into daughter Natalya’s feud with Ruby Riott. Will this join the Exploitation of Eddy Guerrero as another Gooker winner? You make the call!

Yes you make the call…by voting below!

Choose the very worst of the very worst…right now! Voting Ends January 14!

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71 Responses to "2018 Gooker Award Voting! Pick the Very Worst of Pro Wrestling!"
  1. Sean O says:

    I love how one choice is simply Kevin Owens Poops

  2. Cameron A. says:

    So, Shane McMahon’s above the number one and number two selection on this list. Checks out.

  3. #OPC says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen a nominee take such a commanding lead in the voting in a long time.

  4. AK says:

    I’m not surprised with what is currently (and what I believe will most likely win the 2018 Gooker) and it would be a very deserving winner but that’s not where I put my vote. No, to me the Gooker should go to Shane being the best in the World.

    I know the WWE likes its “branding” and alternative names for their superstars and if we ever forget, Michael Cole is sure to announce them over and over again to make sure it stays infused in our brains whether we like it or not. However Shane now being recognized as the best in the World is the kind of miscarriage of justice that would cause Gorilla Monsoon to rise from his grave simply to tell everyone how much of a miscarriage of justice it really is. I mean sure one of Shane’s previous alternative names “the Boy Wonder” was pretty lame, not to mention likely copyrighted by DC Comics but that’s another pile of crap altogether.

    Shane winning the tournament showed how much of a farce the tournament was. I mean I presume Vince got all that sweet, sweet Saudi money beforehand so it didn’t really matter how the rest of Crown Jewel, let alone the tournament went. Say what you will about Vince’s previous instances of throwing away heaps of potential money, such as with the Invasion Angle. Here, it really didn’t matter. WWE got paid so why bother putting on a worthwhile show?

    To me what makes this extra crappy and Gooker worthy is wasn’t there another superstar who referred to himself as the Best in the World? Chris Jericho went from calling himself the King of the World to the Best in the World at what I do but wait, who would Vince want to stick it to after all this time? Oh yeah, CM Punk; the same guy Vince totally by coincidence fired on his Wedding Day. I mean he’ll still recreate the Montreal Screwjob which is now old enough to drink just for kicks. That Vince McMahon, ever the rambunctious rascal.

    I’ll even take things one step further by stating that the screwy Shane winning finish isn’t even original. I imagine there are many examples but Vince being the topical guy he is, I’m betting he finally sat down and watched one of those UFC events that have become so popular over the last decade. Of course Vince would choose to watch a UFC event during a time when the UFC itself was basically a slightly more legitimate version of human cock fighting. UFC 3 ended with one Steve Jennum replacing Royce Gracie (just the guy who won the previous 2 UFC events) beating Harold Howard who for his part actually beat someone to earn his spot in the next round. Jennum being the considerably fresher of the two won and because the other guy he was supposed to face in the finals had to bow out, (some guy named Ken Shamrock, totally not important), instead of having a replacement to fight Jennum, he just gets declared the winner instead. Good thing UFC isn’t scripted right?

    So yeah, I think Shane should affectionately be referred to as the Best Gooker in the World from here on in. I mean Vince has brought the Gooker out himself a few times since his debut so it all makes sense to me.

    • Chris V says:

      Don’t you see? This is how Vince goes about bringing change to Saudi Arabia!
      Their monarchy’s atrocious behaviour forced to the WWE to put on an atrocious wrestling show as punishment.
      If the Saudi government doesn’t change its murderous ways soon, then WWE will be forced to only put on unwatchable shows for the country.

      See, everyone gave WWE such a hard time for continuing to do business with Saudi Arabia after the death of the journalist, but WWE knew what they were doing.
      They were going to stand up against the Saudi regime by deliberately putting on a show that no one would ever want to watch.
      That’s the genius of Vince McMahon.
      They’re going to bring that change to a corrupt government, one horrible wrestling show at a time.

      Seriously, I did vote for the Shane McMahon angle too.
      Just because it’s wrestling related, without having to bring in real-world politics on a satirical wrestling web-site.

  5. Erich says:

    I gotta go with the entirety of Crown Jewel. It truly represented everything wrong with the WWE today, from nonsensical booking, to a combined age of over 200 years old in one match, to Vince caring more about the money than for just once doing the right thing. Blood Money was one of the more legendary low points in recent WWE history

  6. PS2kid says:

    Oh look. This year Impact managed to stay away from being one of the Gooker nomination.

  7. Bigbattle22 says:

    Ok… Let’s go down the list.

    Shane wins BitW cup: Not for nothing but I feel like this should be a part of the Crown Jewel nominee.

    Drake Maverick: Lasted a few weeks, other than Vince showing us once again that his idea of “humor” is way outdated, this isn’t something worth the gooker.

    Kevin Owens Poops: See Drake Maverick

    Sasha-Bayley “Feud”: When one of your commentary team is saying what everyone is the arena is chanting and it doesn’t happen, you know something is wrong. I would like to see this put up as an induction but I say this gets 3nd over…

    Crown Jewel: At best, this was a house show taking place in a country WWE shouldn’t have been in… And then the last 3 matches of that show happened (One of them being the basis of one of the nominees mind you) and the whole show went to freefall. This should get the gooker this year.

    Lashley Sisters: Can’t say much about this one, Just get rid of Lash’s “Hype man” and turn him back to the less talky, more fighting guy.

    Tag Champ Nicholas: I don’t think this is much of a gooker. Yea it took place in a WM that didn’t need this in the long run but it was harmless.

    Corbin Corbin Corbin: I still blame him for that BS he did at Crown Jewel, giving him a GM spot and too much mic time was stupid as hell but at least he got beaten at the end of the year so…

    The assassination of Undertaker’s Wrestlemania moments by the Coward WWE: So… Remember the “Retirement” of Undertaker after his loss to Roman at WM, how he left his coat and hat in the ring and no one touched it, treating it like it was the freaking holy grail? …Why did WWE have to bring him back for WM after THAT?!?!?! I can understand the RAW thing because history but him coming back to bury Cena? Add how the guy that ended the streak barely wrestles and has RAW’s top belt hostage and the crap with HHH and I’m left thinking WWE is just trying to kill any and all of Taker’s WM moments over the years. This should get 2nd for the gooker.

    Neidhartspolitation: …Do I even need to bring up the last time they did something like this? Sure, it’s not that bad… Yet. But the key word is “yet”.

    • Guest says:

      “Tag Champ Nicholas: I don’t think this is much of a gooker. Yea it took place in a WM that didn’t need this in the long run but it was harmless”.

      ….Did you forget the part where they beat the Bar for the tag titles who themselves had dropped the titles months earlier to two different tag teams featuring Seth Rollins or the fact that the titles would subsequently be vacated the next night on Raw making the change meaningless and setting off a period of the titles changing hands sporadically……a period we’re still in by the way?

      “Can’t say much about this one, Just get rid of Lash’s “Hype man” and turn him back to the less talky, more fighting guy”.

      That’s the Lashley we got from 2007-2008 who was only known for calling Finlay a bathturd and winning the “worthless” ECW Championship…..and who returned in WWE late last year.

  8. the14thListener says:

    A year of all WWE Gooker! We usually have at least a token TNA/GFW/Impact! contribution. Has ROH ever made it to the Gooker?

    • Autrach Sejanoz says:

      Nope. Hell, ROH’s only ever had one induction – Eric “Towelboy” Tuttle (although, within said induction, it’s mentioned that The Christopher Street Connection deserve one).

  9. S1mon86 says:

    I love how in the last 5-6 years you have added a token TNA or ROH nomination but 2018 you have just decided “nah, WWE was just the worse”

    • Guest says:

      Not their fault that Impact continues to become increasingly more irrelevant as they keep changing networks.

      But they maybe should expand to include other promotions…..even ones with stupid policies like NJPW.

  10. Thomas Mossman says:

    It has to be Crown Jewel.

    I know WWE is not the end-all be-all of the wrestling business, but anything that makes WWE look bad in the mainstream media casts a pallor on the whole business. That’s on top on the real-world ramifications of their decision to remain in Saudi Arabia.

  11. M says:

    I know Crown Jewel is going to win by a total blowout, but I’m going with Corbin Corbin Corbin. I’m shocked that Dean Ambrose’s line about Roman’s Leukemia diagnosis isn’t here though

  12. The Mayor of Slamtown says:

    The fact that all of the nominees are from WWE should tell you all you need to know about WWE in 2018.

    Shouldn’t Shane as the Best in the World and Crown Jewel be one in the same?

  13. Lee W. says:

    Although I don’t disagree with Kevin Owens & Drake Maverick’s inclusions on the list the 10-year-old in me did still find them worthy of a chuckle.

  14. Another One Bites Deez Nuts says:

    I so wanted to vote for Nicholas, that was beyond stupid. But this year I don’t think it cracks the top 3.

  15. Bromotrifluoromethane says:

    So many I wanted to vote for and would’ve been a slam dunk in other years. But I had to vote for Shane just because I knew Crown Jewel would probably rightly run away with this one. I’m hoping we’ll get to see a lot of Shane in the write up though!

  16. Christopher Haydu says:

    I think Shane McMahon winning the Best in the World tournament should be the winner. The purpose of WrestleCrap from the beginning has been to laugh at silly characters and angles; not to mock the workers themselves. I always thought Shane McMahon was fun when he’d have storylines (especially in the Attitude Era). In addition when fans talk about who will eventually take over World Wrestling Entertainment, a lot of people I think Shane should be the one because he wouldn’t just push muscleheads like his father does. He’s seen as being talent friendly. So, when he won the tournament at Crown Jewel, it was a big slap in the face to not just the fans but the workers themselves. I know it’s scripted, but how does WWE expect people to take the product seriously when they won’t even book a real wrestler to be the winner of the tournament they claim represents the best in the world?

    • Guest says:

      Shane winning the tournament wasn’t actually the dumbest part of that.

      It was the fact that everyone in that tournament was American.

      Apparently America is the only country in the known world……in a tournament…..that’s being held in Saudi Arabia.

  17. Jerry says:

    Clean sweep by WWE this year!
    And a deserved one. But just to be sure, is there a pre-show about anything going on in a different promotion, that did get left out in the final ranking?

    P.S.: I don’t actually think, Nicholas is Gooker material. Merely a wasted chance to keep Braun in the tag division for a few months as a handicap champ instead of meaningless feuds with Owens and Elias.
    After the TLC match, I’ve softened quite a bit on the Neidhard story as well.

    But I see, I’m with the overwhelming majority with my vote.

  18. Si says:

    Surely BITW Shane already comes under “everything that happened at Crown Jewel”?

  19. Cheap as Chimps says:

    Bit surprised that Crown Jewel is as far ahead as it is. Not that it wouldn’t be a worthy winner, just thought Sasha and Bailey would be closer. Heck, it’s currently only third behind Shane McMahon which to be honest wasn’t really that terrible, just a waste of time.

  20. FDC1 says:

    Sadly, Bailey/Sacha wins by a mile for me

  21. SRV says:

    Crown Jewel isn’t really “crap” if we’re only looking at the event and not the circumstances surrounding it. If we’re talking about biggest dumb move of the year, yes, if we’re talking awful TV…Lashley sisters or KO porta-potty are the #1 and #2

  22. Chris the Bambikiller says:

    Usually, I don’t have to think very hard about what Gooker nominee I should vote for. This year, however, I’d definitely want more than one vote… not WWE’s finest year.

  23. Kareem Ofweet says:

    Not a good or interesting year for the Gooker. Shane will win by default.

  24. Lipe from chile says:

    Well, i voted for crown jewel. Hopefully you can mention the whole Saudi Arabia thing, that there’s no women allowed to compete there (especially in a year where women were the flagbearers for WWE) AND the insane amount of money involved

    • Guest says:

      I don’t see what’s the point of mentioning women not being allowed to compete given everyone is aware of Saudi Arabia’s misogynist societal norms and the fact that even if the women could’ve worked at Crown Jewel given how misused most of the division was for most of 2018 not much was lost by their absence.

      Plus they got they own PPV (stupidly booked as half of it was).

  25. C. Peter Roberts says:

    Gotta go with Crown Jewel here, not least because it makes the Shane McMahon nomination redundant.

  26. George Nolan says:

    I voted for the Crown Jewel PPV, mostly for the PR nightmare it gave WWE when they chose to still go through with it in spite of the controversy facing the Saudi government following Jamal Khashoggi’s murder.

    As for other entries on here…

    -Shane McMahon- Heard about his abrupt addition to the tournament for Crown Jewel. Much as I like Shane’s stuff at times, the McMahon nepotism was on full-display here.

    -Drake Maverick and Kevin Owen Port-a-Potty angle- Not sure what Vince sees in toilet humor, but it’s always crash-and-burned whenever WWE tries getting cute with it. I was still watching WWE for the Kevin Owens angle and that seemed to make Braun look like the heel in the feud despite being the face within it.

    -Sasha-Bayley feud- Just another case of WWE creatively having nothing for them to do and dragging this out as long as possible. The angle where they tried to make it similar to Kane and Daniel Bryan’s therapy session with the returning Dr. Shelby was perhaps the worst point in the feud since it did nothing for the two female talent beyond wasting TV time on Raw.

    -Lashley’s “sisters”- If not for the Crown Jewel debacle, this would have been my top pick for the Gooker Award this year. Lashley’s return to WWE was already going nowhere as he was “just another guy” for the Raw roster at the time, in spite of his impressive work with Impact Wrestling. I was anticipating this being crappy from the get-go when Sami Zayn announced he was going to reveal something about Lashley and his sisters. Lo and behold, this went well and beyond whatever low expectations I had for it.

    -Braun and Nicholas- This mainly existed to give Braun something to do for Wrestlemania when not in the Raw main event picture since WWE already had Brock and Roman booked for that. However, this came at the expense of The Bar, who were doing very well with Raw’s tag team titles throughout the year up to that point, and Raw’s tag team division.

    -Corbin on Raw – Corbin was better under his “lone wolf” bully gimmick he had while still on Smackdown. Serving as minion to Stephanie McMahon and tormenting Kurt Angle as GM overexposed him, especially when WWE started giving him more exposure as his time as Steph’s minion continued.

    -John Cena/ Taker- Yeah, could see where this was underwhelming since Taker’s well past his prime at this point and Cena had to carry things on his own in the buildup to the match a la Bray Wyatt from a few years earlier. The match being as short as it was in spite of the hype buildup was rather anticlimactic. This match could have been better quality if it happened years earlier when Taker could still wrestle more frequently.

    -Neidhart-ploitation- Nothing new for WWE to exploit the recent death of a former talent to get cheap heat on one of their heel wrestlers.

    • Guest says:

      “-Sasha-Bayley feud- Just another case of WWE creatively having nothing for them to do and dragging this out as long as possible. The angle where they tried to make it similar to Kane and Daniel Bryan’s therapy session with the returning Dr. Shelby was perhaps the worst point in the feud since it did nothing for the two female talent beyond wasting TV time on Raw.”

      Oh it gets worse that angle happened after Bayley essentially turned heel and tried to kill Sasha so that followup basically killed heel Bayley right there.

      And then like two weeks later they get themselves counted out in tag match where they basically go off on a heel Alicia Fox (who was a face the week earlier) and Dana Brooke whose more or less a face (as she was still with Titus Worldwide at the time).

      And somewhere in the middle of this I vaguely recall Kurt Angle making a match between Sasha and Bayley where the loser would be sent to Smackdown….which I think didn’t happen because the Riott Squad did a run-in and got the match thrown out.

      So much bullshit.

  27. Mitch C. says:

    I honestly have no problem with the Ruby Riott-Natty storyline “exploiting” Jim Neidhart’s death. It made the feud feel personal, something lacking in virtually all modern-day wrestling feuds. It made for some compelling TV. Plus Nattie herself seems to have had no problem with it, so…

  28. Cavan says:

    How often do you get to vote the Gooker “honor” to something that is the drizzling shits, both morally AND from an entertainment perspective? I couldn’t pass up this (hopefully) unique opportunity.

    • Autrach Sejanoz says:

      Technically, it’s already happened at least once – Eddiesploitation, anyone?

    • Ze Frenchie says:

      You’re also forgetting CM Punk stealing Paul Bearer’s urn to fight the Undertaker at WM29. Totally tasteless if you ask me – even if the family was ok with it.

  29. Kevin Lonergan says:

    You forgot a couple of these WWE atrocities in 2018:
    Extreme Rules
    Super Showdown
    The “shocking return” of that idiot/pervert James Ellsworth

  30. Hulk6785 says:

    Crown Jewel, easily.

    Also, no TNA this year? Weird.

    • JimbobJones says:

      Wow, you really have it out for TNA, don’t you? (2 comments complaining that TNA isn’t involved)

      What would you use from TNA? Besides being unsuccessful, what have they done to deserve to be here?

      • Guest says:

        Didn’t they have a PPV last year where the audio kept going out?

      • PS2kid says:

        What about the Rosemary – Allie – Su Yung storyline ? It’s very very corny with a trip to the “dark side”, Allie “sold her soul” to the satan a.k.a. James Mitchell. Also, it’s been far too long and still not sure what is the end of this story would be.

  31. BaltoJim says:

    Shane McMahon becoming “The Best in the World” stands well enough on its own as crap. But, alas, it was but one of several equally crappy aspects of Crown Jewel. They could have held the event in NYC and it still would have been the crappiest show of the year.

  32. YourMother says:

    Jim Neidhart was happy to dress in a KKK hood and attack a black guy for heat, I really don’t think he’d be that bothered about his death being used to give his own daughter a push.

  33. Hulk6785 says:

    Crown Jewel, easily.

    Also, surprised there’s nothing from TNA or any other wrestling promotion.

  34. C Boz says:

    I consider Wrestlecrap to be more about stupid angles and characters rather than what sucks about wrestling in general. One should be able to laugh at (not with) the crap on offer.

    And with that in mind, I cannot vote for Crown Jewel no matter how much the circumstance and card sucked. No, what really was crap was the single angle within it that reinforced how the writers and ole Vince can screw up. Shane McMahon as Best in The World (1) was a unwanted, unneeded dumb-arse swerve switch that was completely crappy and (2) showed that WWE has no idea that a World Cup is between nations, not individuals.

    • Guest says:

      “showed that WWE has no idea that a World Cup is between nations, not individuals.”


      Umm their version of the World Cup didn’t have to be like Fifa’s version of the World Cup though. Meaning that yes it can be between individuals rather than nations. They did do something stupid by having all the participants in the tournament be American but still.

      • C Boz says:

        You do have a good point. I agree that the bigger issue was the all American line up. But the concept of a World Cup in all sports that have one (other than alpine skiing, nordic combined and shooting) is nation vs nation. There are world cups not only in soccer but also basketball, ice hockey, cricket, rugby (union and league) and numerous other sports. And each of those sports that have individual competitor-level world cups are not one-to-one direct competition contests (i.e. competitors take turns in alpine skiing, Nordic combined and shooting).

        But even when a World Cup is contested between individuals, those individuals are noted as representing a country and compete under that country’s flag. WWE did not even try to do this.

        So in summary… Crap.

  35. Michael Nagle says:

    Crown Jewel is a fine winner cause it is absolutely the worst thing WWE, as a whole, has done in a long long time. (Both morally and the card in general.)

    But my god does my vote in Bayley and Sasha’s “feud” deserves to win. It is still, kinda, going on today! We are getting never ending matches with those two against the Riott Squad. That all started because WWE fucked up what should’ve been an easy story! (And then rewrote everything to make it work well with the Becky/Charlotte feud.)

  36. Thomas Moffatt says:

    I think had Roman Reigns not got leukaemia then “All Things Roman Reigns” could be a candidate.

    Backlash, the plants before WM, the bloodied face in defeat at WM, turning Strowman heel, Summerslam, Hell in the Cell, reforming the Shield to get pops for him, continued fan disapproval of his never ending face push, being Lesnar’s only challenger on PPV for the title from WM to Summerslam. Even after the strap forfeit and his name continuously thrown in to the Ambrose-Rollins feud. And the belt put back on Lesnar which has had the fans frustrated all year.

    I can’t see Lesnar dropping the strap until Reigns is fit to return and him finally losing it at WM. Had Reigns not had to forfeit I could have seen both Ambrose and Rollins turning heel before WM.

    Or perhaps I am being cynical…

  37. Jon Milne says:

    WWE Crown Jewel has been the subject of very scathing criticism by wrestling fans and critics alike, and seems pretty much certain to win this year’s WrestleCrap Gooker Award.

    And you know, that’s a shame. Because I personally found WWE Crown Jewel to be absolutely amazing. Really, it had brilliant story-telling, magnificent in-ring action, completely logical match outcomes, fantastic commentary, and was nothing but entirely wholesome entertainment with no problematic implications whatsoever.

    Now sure, you only get that impression after ingesting at least a gallon of cocaine, but level with me here.

  38. BigPoppaNasty says:

    It can’t really be anything other than Crown Jewel.

    The controversy surrounding the event made it hugely unpopular before it even aired to the point that WWE stopped referring to the event on television and stopped mentioned Saudi Arabia altogether in the lead up.

    Brock Lesnar defeated Braun Strowman in a minute following Braun getting five seconds of offense to regain the Universal Championship.

    Shane McMahon (!!!!!!!) won the “Best In The World” Tournament that he wasn’t even entered into.

    Hulk Hogan made his return to the company after several years away to cut a promo about all the Hulkamaniacs in Saudi Arabia then disappeared and never showed up again for the rest of the show.

    The women on the roster weren’t allowed to appear at this show and countered by putting on a way better show a week before this one.

    John Cena and Daniel Bryan both dropped out of the show a week or so before it took place.

    Kurt Angle had his first singles match in a decade with WWE where he jobbed to Dolph Ziggler?

    The main event was four dudes in their fifties working a slowly paced match. Shawn Michaels was making his return after eight years and was probably still the best worker in the ring. The match ended with Triple H being injured and everyone in the ring looking exhausted because they are old as fuck serving all of us fans a reminder that those guys can’t really do it anymore.

    • Guest says:

      “The women on the roster weren’t allowed to appear at this show and countered by putting on a way better show a week before this one”.

      Evolution was not that good.

      Especially if we focus on

      – The unnecessary tag match between Mickie/Alexa vs Lita/Trish (which of course the part timers won)
      – More Sasha,Bayley, Natalya vs Riott Squad nonsense (which wasn’t blown off here).
      – Shayna Bazler beating Kairi Sane (the rematch at Wargames was even stupider).
      – Nia Jax winning a battle royale (which happened months after the first women’s Royal Rumble).
      – Ronda and Nikki Bella main eventing.

      “The main event was four dudes in their fifties”

      Not to be the guy but Trips is 49

  39. KatieVictoriasSecret says:

    You can tell how bad a year the WWE had by the sheer variety of crap on display here. This was a hard choice for me, but for me the Bayley/Sasha stuff was the most infuriating. These women are fucking badasses and their wishy-washy booking has been destroying them for the past two years.

    Runner up for me is Crown Jewel/The Shane stuff, which was clearly a combination of unlucky booking plus trying to please a bunch of Saudi Arabian backers who stopped watching around the Attitude Era and are shocked that Shawn Michaels is sphere bald now.

  40. Trevor says:

    Not much point even voting now. Could be a valuable yet challenging induction to write.

    Why do I worry that I’ll come here later in the year and the website and / or RD + Art will have just disappeared?

  41. Jimbolian says:

    Poor RD, seeing how Art did the Gooker induction last year, I’m sure RD will have a mental breakdown covering Crown Jewel this year after having the honor of inducting Wrestlemania 32.

  42. Captain Obvious says:

    I may be late to this party but what about Hiroki Sumi (yeah that’s right, Who???) appearing in Greatest Royal Rumble? Interesting backstory: Vince McMahon asked the Saudi Arabian Prince if he had any former or current WWE Superstar that he would like to see appear in the Royal Rumble match. The Saudi Arabian Prince made some ridiculous suggestions, among them; Yokozuna and the Ultimate Warrior. SPOILER ALERT: they didn’t show up. So Vince recruited a sumo named Hiroki Sumi to enter the Royal Rumble at #6 and cosplay as Yokozuna for the Prince’s amusement. He lasted all of 46 seconds, which was ironic (don’t ya think) since Rodney Anoa’i (Yokozuna) was a Samoan cosplaying as a Japanese Sumo Wrestler….And later we would get Babatunde cosplaying as One Man Gang. Not sure if this is actually WrestleCrap worthy since nothing ever came of it. But there ya go.

  43. Matt says:

    Sasha-Bayley feud. Hands down.


  44. CHRIS says:

    Personally, I could see the Shane “Best in the World” idea going somewhere interesting under the right circumstances. Remember a while back at one of the anniversary RAWs when Daniel Bryan (Pre Yes) was declaring himself to be the BITW and it led to the Rock coming out, insulting him and beating him down?

  45. Dave neister says:

    They need to have a gooker award for all the gooker awards.now that would be somthing .

  46. Thun says:

    It’s rough. The Crown Jewel was the worst, whether by itself or just the stuff that led to it. I do wonder how the hell does one go towards making that funny for induction, although that’s what I voted on.

  47. The Polar Bear says:

    Truth to be told, when I was reaching the end of October, I say to myself: “damn, the Gooker is going to be very tricky. Therè have been a lot of things that deserve that induction”

    But November started, and well…Let’s going to recap:
    – Shane is the Best: I am going into more detail when I will talk about Crown Jewel, but I suppose this possible induction will also include the classificatory matches, and the fact the World Cup has every single wrestler coming from the USA. If that is the case, I guess that would make sense to declare it as an own induction. But if the induction only talks about the final match at CJ, then I would rather vote for Crown Jewel itself.
    – Drake Maverick Pees: Bad, but…yeah, it was friking bad. I think it will have to wait for its own induction, at 2023? Maybe?
    – Kevin Owens Poops: I got to be honest, I didn’t watch RAW to know how was his feud against Strowman, but only his match against him at summerslam. And thank God. This feud has killed all credibility Owens had the past years.
    – Sasha-Bayley “Feud”. I think it has a lot of material to get through, but hey, at least it gave us a fine tag team. But, the road has been painful. Not Gooker material.
    – Lashley Sisters: My vote for winning the Gooker. Until November. Yeah, this was horrible.
    But, wait a minute, how about including the whole Sami zayn vs Bobby Lashley feud? Yeah, that might be the worst feud that I remember during the last five years at least. But inducting only the Sisters segment? IDK, at least you can laugh of how awful it was.
    – Tag Champ Nicholas: Watching on the day, I did not think it was a bad idea. Until the following day., when they had the vacate the titles. Pointless is the perfect name for this. Not Gooker.-worthy
    – Corbin Corbin Corbin: At least, it was a different Authority Figure that we have been given during the last years (Vince, HHH, Steph, etc.)
    – Cena vs. Taker: Probably I’m going to be rejected, but…I liked this feud. I knew from the beggining that Taker was not going to fight against Cena on WM in a long match. I would have liked that way? yeah, but life isn’t fair and balanced. Then, so it is the physical state of Mark Calaway.
    So, Cena trying to act like a bully when his character is obviously, passing through a Midlife Crisis, trying to deny his best age has ended was kinda fun, and also the Elias interruptions on him. So, yeah I liked this feud.
    – Neidhartspolitation: How about renaming this as “All things The Riott Squad”? Sure, I like them as performers, but their acting was the cringiest thing I’ve watched during the few times I could afford to watch RAW this year.
    – Crown Jewel: This takes the cake. Include not only a new victory of Lesnar (God, how I wish for him to win a Gooker someday), not only a rejection of naming the host city, not only that whole WWE World Cup debacle, but a complete smash to my childhood with the Shawn Michaels come back for a “Meh” match. The whole event was atrocious, and considering to be worse than this year’s Backlash and this year’s Extreme Rules, two of the worst PPVs of all time. Then sure, you have the 2018 Gooker Winner without a question.

  48. Kevin Lonergan says:

    Why do I get the feeling Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair are going to see Dr. Shelby in 2019???

    • Thomas Moffatt says:

      Amongst others including Corey Graves & Renee Young, Corey Graves & Byron Saxton, R Truth & Little Jimmy and the Revival. I can sense a big load of crap baking…

  49. Y2G says:

    Sorry but Nicholas winning the Tag titles is the very essence of Gooker worthy.

    They are essentially the exact same forumla.

    Hyped Surprise? – Check

    Awkward announcement on the night because they knew how bad the idea was? – Check

    Reveal being a non wrestling who would add absolutely zero to future story lines? – Check

    Crown Jewel in it’s essence was just a house show for the network, nothing more nothing less. It had some serviceable match ups, and no one had any expectations of it anyway.

    A 10 year old child, won tag team titles on the companies biggest show of the year. A 10 year old child.

    How anything else can win is a mystery to me.

  50. The Phenomenal Idolo says:

    Everyone is so shocked that the entire list is WWE stuff this year… but I don’t think we’re going far enough here. Take another look at the list. Notice anything?

    Aside from ‘Shane is the best’, ‘Crown Jewel’ and ‘Cena vs Taker’, every other nomination exclusively involves WWE Raw storylines and talent. Not Smackdown, not NXT, not 205 Live. Just Raw.

    Having an entire promotion dominating the Gooker Awards would be one thing, but the fact that ONE TV SHOW was so dominant is absolutely staggering. It shows just how horrible Raw was in 2018, even if you’re only comparing it to other WWE shows.

    As for nominees that could/should have been included, I’d have to mention the Survivor Series ‘clean sweep’ (not including the pre-show match which Raw was supposed to win anyway). Imagine being the CEO of FOX broadcasting. You’ve just signed a multi-million dollar deal to bring WWE to free TV for the first time in history. You’ve got plans to make Smackdown a cornerstone of your sports lineup from 2019 onwards. Imagine watching in horror as your new show gets buried in a clean sweep by the other brand and is booked to look like a joke. Imagine watching the next few weeks of SD, expecting a storyline where the leadership is changed (ie. replacing Shane) and the show is revamped, only to get nothing. If I was in charge of FOX I’d be calling Vince and asking why our expensive new acquisition was being made to look pointless and irrelevant in the eyes of the fans and potential viewers. Seriously, who at WWE thought that was a good idea? Pure Wrestlecrap IMO. 😛

  51. K7 says:

    Shane was awful, but why have one awful part of a show win this, when the entire show itself was not only a shitshow, but also had the extra external issues surrounding it!

  52. Mistereek says:

    I voted for Lashley’s sisters,crown jewel is probably worse on an outside of wrestling perspective but I wrestling itself the sisters was the only segment on here that was actually offensive to me

  53. Jimbolian says:

    Yup, knew Crown Jewel will “win” it in a landslide.

    It’s barely 2019 and we already got one possible nominee for this year: Daniel Bryan vs. Hot Dogs

  54. John Q Occupier says:

    Surely Shane-O being best in the world should be illegible as the angle is still ongoing?

  55. Too Smooth Eddy says:

    This list is missing RD vs Eric B – thats the real gooker this year, RD got schooled!

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