2017 Gooker Award Voting! Pick the Very Worst of the Very Worst!

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2017 is in the books, and thank goodness for that, as it sure did stink!

Speaking of reeking, let’s talk for a moment about the least prestigious award in all of professional wrestling: WrestleCrap’s 17th Annual Gooker Award!  Named after the infamous Goobeldy Gooker, this prize goes to the dirt worst storyline, character, or promotional tactic that took place inside or nearby a wrestling ring over the last twelve months.  Best of all, YOU get to determine the “winner”!

Without any further adieu, your nominees are…

Bayley – Alexa Bliss Feud

Poor Bayley.  When she was in NXT, she connected with fans in a seemingly organic and very real way, so much so she was viewed as a total can’t miss prospect.  Leave it to main roster WWE creative to prove that wrong!  This feud with Alexa Bliss sure didn’t help things, as we got a horrendous “This is Your Life” segment in addition to a potential worst match of the year candidate in the form of their kendo stick battle at Extreme Rules.  It’s now gotten to the point that fans are openly booing Bayley and wondering when she may turn heel.  As Vince used to say, “Un-Be-Lievable!”

Jeremy Borash vs. Josh Matthews Feud

Impact or TNA or Global or whatever it is they are calling themselves this week had something of a banner year in 2017, going from the verge of near death to…well…pretty much the same by the end of the year.  In the middle of it all, they gave us a feud between Josh Matthews and Jeremy Borash, in which the two snapped at each other for two hours straight every single week.  This was done presumably as a way to help their failing company.  On the plus side, it did lead to the return of Scott Steiner…in a match that was completely awful.  All in all, it brought back repressed memories of Michael Cole: heel commentator.  That won a Gooker (which you can read rightchere)…will this do the same?

Jinder Mahal: Skinny Jobber to Jacked Up Champion

Not sure you know this, but India is a country with a whole heapin’ helpin’ of folks – 1.3 billion to be exact!  Actually, that’s not exact at all, but I ain’t putting up a population counter on here.  Especially not for someone as unremarkable as former jobber turned WWE champion, Jinder Mahal.  This led to many terrible main events and a lot of bored and confused fans.  But hey, the logic was sound, right?  Push a guy born in India to the top to get all those folks on board with WWE!

Wait, he was born in Calgary, Alberta Canada?  Shhh, don’t tell anyone!

Bray Wyatt – Randy Orton Feud

To be fair to the other candidates, we should note we already declared the House of Horrors match between Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton as the 2017 Gooker Award winner several months back, right after it originally happened.  Looking at this list, we’re not so sure it deserves that “honor.”  I mean seriously, who could forget WrestleMania when we got maggots projected on the mat?  Or Randy burning down Bray’s dilapidated shed?  So here’s what we’re going to do – we’re putting the entire feud in as its own entry!  Surely no feud could be worse than this, right?

Bray Wyatt – Finn Balor Feud

It can if Bray Wyatt is involved!  Moving away from Randy Orton, Bray jumped into a series with Finn Balor.  It almost felt as though WWE was challenged to come up with something dumber than worms crawling on a ring and torched barns.  And wouldn’t you know it, they did, as after years of being an off-screen character, we finally were able to bear witness to the long awaited unveiling of Sister Abigail!

It wound up being being Bray in a wig.

If that’s not Gooker worthy, we’re not sure what is!

Lavar Ball on Raw

Not content to just pollute ESPN and social media with his self-promotion and his eye-rolling claims, Lavar Ball brought sons Lonzo and LaMelo to Monday Night RAW, all but assuring a train wreck. Indeed, after the elder Ball’s ring entry struggles, his refusal to follow a script, and LaMelo’s shouts of a rather bad word, the family was asked to leave the building. If only WWE had done that much sooner.

Emmalina – She’s On Her Way!  Wait, No, She’s Gone Again

Much like Bayley, Emma was a very beloved performer in NXT, with fans doing her goofy dance and having fun all the way.  For whatever reason, she never clicked on the main roster, and was sent away for several months.  During that time, she flooded her Instagram with various photos showing herself to be an absolute smokeshow.  That got folks’ attention, and thus it was decided that she would re-debut as Emmalina, with a total makeover to better emulate what was getting her over online.  After being teased for months, Emmalina finally made her debut…and said she was just going to be Emma. Seventeen weeks, all of which led to absolutely nothing.  Aren’t you glad you invested your time in that?

Old Mickie James

Sexually-ambiguous stalking of Trish Stratus aside, what was Mickie James’ best WWE angle? Has she even had another good one? By default, her sterile existence as “smiling babyface Diva #6,385” from 2006 to 2010 surely trumps “Piggy James”, and certainly, “Hey Mickie, you’re old!” At 38, Mickie is barely older than Asuka. Surprising that WWE didn’t inflate the number and try to claim that Mickie is 54, “for entertainment purposes.” They do that.

Dolph Ziggler Rips off Superstar Entrances…then Vanishes

Dolph Ziggler is a guy who seemingly could never quite reach that tippy top level in WWE no matter what he did, so in 2017 he tried something completely new old.  Week after week, he would come out and imitate the entrances of various WWE superstars of the past, including but not limited to the Ultimate Warrior pictured above.  After doing this for several weeks, he just kinda stopped and nothing ever came of it.  Maybe he should have imitated Emmalina too?

Jason Jordan – Kurt Angle’s Son

The idea we think here was to give a boost to Jason Jordan via a connection to the legendary Kurt Angle.  That’s not a terrible idea in theory – have Kurt come out, state that he has been watching this young man and wants to be his mentor, possibly even be his manager.   Instead, we got a long build of Kurt Angle having a secret, Corey Graves knowing what that secret was, and the finally the big reveal of Jordan as Kurt’s kid.  Which no one believed for a second, and immediately booed out of the building.

Booed out of the building?

That sounds familiar!

And there you have it, kids – the worst stuff to hit pro wrestling airwaves in…well…the last twelve months.  Now you face a nearly impossible task: choosing which is the very worst of the very worst.

Which leads to us facing the even more impossible task of writing about it.

Voting ends Friday, January 12, so get to voting, and we’ll get to inducting it on Thursday, January 18!


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84 Responses to "2017 Gooker Award Voting! Pick the Very Worst of the Very Worst!"
  1. Bigbattle22 says:

    A stacked amount of contenders for the gooker, yet I can only see at least 2 that have my interest.

    Bayley vs Alexa: I submit this as proof that the moment Vince calls up anyone that has been build up as a fan favorite in NXT, he will do all he can to bury them to the ground. Look at Bray, Enzo and Cass, Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Shinsuke Nakamura, others that I can’t think of at the moment. It’s why I always fear when NXT guys get called up to the main roster, because unless a act of god happens, you can bet they’ll be in booking limbo… At best. At least they haven’t screwed up Asuka… Yet.

    WWE Champ Jinder Mahal: I got no problems with new blood grabbing the title, more so if they get the big titles. But someone who for a long time in WWE was more or less a jobber being pushed so fast? It’s already going to be a uphill climb when most people are thinking that the only way he got to the top is because of Vince’s hard on for the muscle men, but when he’s not even improving on the mic, cutting racist promos (See his feud with Shinsuke) that has the croud chanting “THAT’S TOO FAR!”, and has to keep relying on his backup to win, it more or less says that he’s not fit for the top.

    That said… I’m going to have to pick Jinder the rushed WWE Champ.

    • Guest says:

      “I submit this as proof that the moment Vince calls up anyone that has been build up as a fan favorite in NXT, he will do all he can to bury them to the ground. Look at Bray, Enzo and Cass, Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Shinsuke Nakamura”,

      Bray yes, Enzo ehhhh kinda, the others? not really misused in some respects but not really buried

      “WWE Champ Jinder Mahal: I got no problems with new blood grabbing the title, more so if they get the big titles. But someone who for a long time in WWE was more or less a jobber being pushed so fast?”

      Just like Enzo who becomes cruiserweight champion weeks after being usted down to the division?

    • Ze Frenchie says:

      You could add the Ascension and Tyler Breeze to the list of NXT can’t miss who were repackaged as jokes.

  2. Thomas Mossman says:

    Had to vote Lavar Ball, even as I know he wasn’t bad enough for most people for vote him the “winner”. As someone who lives in Los Angeles and thus hears about him a lot in local sports coverage, he’s everything I hate about “Sports Dad who uses his kids to grab the athletic glory he couldn’t achieve on his own.”

    i didn’t care about sports when I was a kid and I’m legitimately glad my dad didn’t, either.

  3. John C says:

    The goofy maggot effect at a Wrestlemania clinches the deal for me with Randy-Bray being worsetest of the worse. If I would have actually seen The Balls on Raw performance that could have been my other contender. They are on a par to me with The Kardashians and The Chrisleys as the most awful families in this country. Quite a cornucopia of bad things to choose from for this year’s coveted prize.

  4. lipe from chile says:

    gotta go for Jason Jordan Angle, it tarnishes the legacy of Kurt, and I’m pretty sure that it will cast such a shadow to JJ’s career not even the guys who portrayed Rocky Maivia and The RingMaster could beat the odds and make it succesful

    • Guest says:

      The Ringmaster gimmick wasn’t really in the same league of bleh as Rocky Maivia.

      • lipe from chile says:

        you’re probably right (because of my age i didn’t get to see those gimmicks when they first appeared, so I wouldn’t know for sure), but anyways, I’m pretty sure anyone who watched Steve Austin in early ’96 must have laughed off the thought that a couple of years remove he would be the top draw of the decade; the same applies with Dwayne Johnson in early ’97

        • Guest says:

          That and I believe they were selling the Ringmaster gimmick as Austin being this technician who could do all sorts of stuff…..eventhough Austin had to dial in back in his later years due to injury

  5. Zeke says:

    My thoughts on each

    Alexa Bliss vs Bayley: While I do think that the term “buried” gets overused, this feud was a complete burial of Bayley. This was so sad to watch, and I’m still not sure if Bayley can recover from this.

    Borash vs Matthews: Personally I find it odd that this was the TNA representative, as I felt the company put out way worse than this. I would have gone with Bound for Glory, and it was the final straw that made me swear off of TNA. I also found the Slammiversary match enjoyable for what it was. The only major issue I found with this is that since it is a feud between commentators, it is omnipresent. Still, not bad enough to be the Gooker, not by a long shot.

    Jinder Mahal, WWE Champion: JBL this was not. Jinder was MASSIVELY exposed in the main event, having a pair of bad matches with Shinsuke Nakamura, which is something I didn’t think was physically possible. Every single one of his matches had the exact same finish, every single one of his promos where exactly the same, it was an utter slog. It really says something that Mahal only became slightly more interesting when he LOST the title.

    Wyatt vs Orton: Orton and Wyatt have zero in ring chemistry, and that was in my opinion the core problem with this feud. However, I feel the main terrible thing about the feud that you can get the most mileage out of is The House of Horrors, and you covered that already.

    Wyatt vs Finn: While I do wish Bray Wyatt in general was an option, if I had to pick one thing about him this year, it would be this. This was unspeakably horrendous in every conceivable way. First of all, this feud started by overriding a mini-feud Balor was having with Elias Samson, which I was actually sort of interested in. It was around this time that Wyatt’s promos no longer felt “creepy and mysterious”, but felt like he was saying absolutely nothing. After every match the two had, Balor would cut a promo the next show saying the exact same thing every time. The segment with the blood was stupid, mostly because the announcers refused to call it blood. Then of course there was the reveal of Sister Abigail. After years of wondering who Abigail is, we finally learn that she is Wyatt with a Shawl on his head using a voice changer.

    Lavar Ball: Ball and his family are nothing more than sideshow clowns. This is pretty much exactly what I expected to happened as soon as Ball showed up. You invite an attention whoring idiot onto your show, and surprise, he acts like an attention whoring idiot. Not voting for this, I don’t want to give him the satisfaction of getting more attention.

    Emmalina: Was it dumb? Yes. Was it a massive waste of time? Yes. Was it WWE actively trolling the audience? Hell yes. Gooker worthy? Eh, I don’t think so.

    Mickie James: Maybe this was just me, but I saw this more as Alexa Bliss being an obnoxious heel and calling someone old when they clearly aren’t. Or maybe I’m giving them to much credit. Either way, I wouldn’t call it a serious Gooker contender.

    Dolph Ziggler: At first I thought this was just going to act as a build up to a feud with Roode, who has the most overblown entrance in the world, Ziggler would put him over, end of story. I turned out to be right, but once he a Roode were done, he kept doing it. Keeping it going was a bad call, as it got stall before he even finished doing it for the first time. However, I have long since passed the point of caring about Ziggler, so this was mostly just an annoying waste of time to me.

    Jason Jordan: Angle’s secret actually got me to sit down and watch Raw live to see the reveal. That is how much I was into it. As soon as the segment ended, I was back to DVRing Raw and skipping through most of it. However, I honestly dont get why everyone hates this so much. Yeah, it’s dumb and a waste of potential, but it’s not offensive or anything, and Jordan is an alright wrestler, if a bit dull.

    In conclusion, my vote goes to Wyatt/Balor, and nothing else is even close. I felt so bad for the two of them for having to put up with that malarkey, and it made me feel embarrassed to be a wrestling fan.

  6. Brownie_the_3rd says:

    It’s got to be Finn and Bray, a fued so bad that it caused Bray to become too sick to actually finish it, and that took a good chunk of the roster with it nearly derailing an entire ppv

  7. Alexandru says:

    Damn this Gooker vote was stacked as much as the Bray Orton feud and This Is your Life nonsense was trash Jinder’s run was a disaster. He was an anti-draw, promo’s and matches were boring, and the Indian “tour” turned out to be a joke that made this experience a complete waste of time. Remember just because someone’s “new/ different” doesn’t mean they’ll be good

  8. Mike says:

    The Matthews-Borash feud probably won’t win but I threw in a vote for it because that was just plain awful. Somehow it was more grating than heel Cole. Just terrible. After a while I just stopped watching ithe show completely and didn’t return. No complaints about that.

  9. Keith says:

    My favorite part of the Jinder storyline and the reason he gets my vote is that the WWE was basically building him for a couple of house shows in India. Then a few weeks before those house shows the WWE cancels one of the shows, has Styles beat Jinder for the title, then have him do the job to Triple fucking H in India. And all of this happened after his boring feud with Orton, the Punjabi Prison match disaster, Great Khali coming back for 1 night and disappearing, and his racist promos against Nak. Just a complete disaster all around.

  10. BeaverCleavage says:

    How does “TNA rebrands to Global Force, only to fire Jeff Jarrett and realize they don’t have the rights to Global Force” not make the list?!

    • Justin Henry says:

      How would you write the induction?

      • Raging_Demons says:

        I know how I would write it. I would write it like a Rise & Fall Piece making fun onf TNA and Jeff Jarrett’s Gold Scheme (Gooker Nominee) then get serious with Jarrett’s drug problem

  11. SlickRob says:

    Sure the racist promo against Nakamura has to be enough to get Jinder the win. I mean Jinder’s whole heel persona was based on him calling everyone else racist, and then he did THAT, and do I really have to say more? Jinder for Gooker winner all the way.

    • Justin Henry says:

      You may be surprised to learn that some heels are hypocrites. It’s what makes them heels. 🙂

      • Lazy eye says:

        It reminded me of a time when Mohammed Hassan, a heel rightfully complaining that Arab Americans and Muslims get discriminated by Americans due to actions of terrorists , had Undertaker attacked by masked men who he summoned by prayer.

        Jinder’s promo around Backlash about calling other’s racist was written by of course Vince himself. He just loves having every heel being eventually revealed as a hypocrite.

  12. El Atomico says:

    Usually I have a clear-cut favorite, but this year’s much tougher.

  13. Cpt SuckerPunch says:

    Tough choice this year. There was crap aplenty.

    The Jordan Angle angle (huh) has been real damn stupid and just so horribly acted by both guys. Each segment has me thinking im watching old episodes of impact back when Angle was on it and with Russo writing. It could lead to something decent with a heel Jordan (why he doesn’t do the angle slam already I can’t believe), but that’s wouldn’t justify the sheer stupidity and general waste of Angles return. He’s finally back in the company and this is his first big angle, amazing.

    Jinder was horrible, just, what a waste of time when you consider all things afterwards…He didn’t even go over at the show in India, that’s hilarious.

    The impact nomination, good god. I kinda feel all things impact should be here, but I guess that’s better suited for a book…Written by RD and Justin Henry maybe?…Anyway, yeah the whole Borash Matthews stuff was horrific, and went on way too damn long. Their match though did bring us back shark boy, so that’s something. I guess.

    And then there’s Bray, either feud…Well…Ha ha. I hated his character for a while now, and then these feuds played up those reasons as to why I don’t want him on my tv. With Balor, they at one point were fighting over paint, then played dress up where Balor was a pumpkin and Bray was a women…If ever wwe missed an opportunity, it’s not bringing back Bray as a lady for the mixed tag challenge thing they’re doing.

    As for his feud with Randy, two words. Ghost tractor. Holy hell was the house of horrors match dumb as hell. Although that chapter was covered here already, and it really is the worst part of the feud.

    So I’m voting Bray and Balor, I would’ve liked to have seen all things Bray as a nominee, but either way, Bray deserves it one way or another. It’s his year. Ha ha. I’d still like to see Matthews Borash inducted sooner or later too, cos that stuff was still just complete crap.

  14. Si says:

    The underlying story of Emmalina was the writer who pitched it left the company between the vignettes starting and the initial planned TV debut and they didn’t leave any guidance as to what the full character was supposed to be, and the “modern-day The Kat” idea pushed in its place didn’t fit with what Emma had been doing.

    And then of course Emma nearly undermines the Asuka monster push in her first main roster match by working over her for ten minutes on PPV followed by WWE essentially telling us she wasn’t good enough to have a future in the company within the week…

  15. Dan Sheldon says:

    Being a wrestling fan, I will watch any company that is on my TV including Impact. There is so much that drives me nuts with the company. There is just something very noisy about the show, I don’t know if it’s the crowd, the miced up ring or what but it just seems noisy. The fact the show jumps from the US to Canada to Mexico to Japan on one episode. The fact they have all these crazy stipulations on matches that make no sense. The fact they have matches with rounds. The fact they seem to have 1,000 nameless wrestlers it’s hard to get invested in. The fact that Borash and Matthews are almost unlistenable even when not feuding. However, the absolute worst thing about Impact is America’s Top Team. The story is horrendous, Dan Lambert is annoying in an X-Pac sort of way. I can’t even sit through any of the segments involving them. Thankfully I DVR the show and fast forward through all of it. I would have voted for that had it been an option.

  16. Agus says:

    Charlotte buried? If anything, she’s the most condecorated female on the roster, and has been pushed to the moon ever since she got called up. I agree with Bayley though, poor girl has an upward climb to ever be relevant again.

    My vote goes to Jason Jordan as Angle’s son. Yeah, JJ is featured prominently on Raw and is one half of the Tag Team Champions, but an illegitimate son storyline in 2017 is bullshit. They’ve done it 10 years ago, with even worse results.

  17. Big Daddy Strong says:

    wow. lot to think about but honestly I feel like maybe TNA/Impact/Global Force/Anthem should win this based on their overall body of work. Everything from their feud with Matt Hardy over the Broken gimmick to the rebranding failure to the Jeff Jarrett fiasco to gross incompetence of how to run a company…..oh and oh yeah, all the crap that actually made TV like the Borash-Matthews stuff.

    But maybe we’ve just become so accustomed to the way they do business it’s considered the norm for them. Having said that and surveying the field contenders, I found myself asking not why they should win but why they shouldn’t.

    1 – Bayley-Bliss feud: Yeah it sucks for Bayley who was at one time being called the female John Cena. And it’s easy to see why. WWE not only had an honest to God replacement for Cena in terms of a way too positive never give up role model who appeals to kids (in this case, little girls……a whole new demographic for the WWE to exploit) but could also move a ton of merch in the process

    To quote the banker from South Park “aaaaaaand it’s gone!” Somehow WWE outdid themselves on mishandling talent. This wasn’t just another promising performer but potentially someone who could have spearheaded the start of a new era for them. And yet, I don’t think it quite deserves the award….at least not this year. As bad as they screwed the pooch, they could still fix it although I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    2 – The Borash -Matthews feud……does anybody really care? As was stated, basically a heel Michael Cole rip off and see my point above about TNA in general.

    3 – Lavar Ball. As much as I loathe him and people like him, I feel like just talking about him is giving him exactly what he wants. Plus it was just a small blip in 2017.

    4 – Poor Dolph. I admit I actually was kind of amused by him mocking entrances but as per the norm with the WWE they don’t know how to execute properly. Therefore we go from something that could have been interesting and entertaining to something that got old real quick and went nowhere.

    5 – Poor Emma. I always thought she was hot. Never liked the bubble popping dancing gimmick but thought she was finally on the right track when she turned heel. So basically this was a classic WWE hatchet job and I can’t find it in me to blame Emmy for this.

    6 – Old Mickie James. This one actually seems like a stretch but I get it. And in a way I get Bliss’ point even more when you consider the shelf life for a female wrestler in the WWE. There’s probably more than a few higher ups in the WWE who actually do feel like Mickie is absolutely ancient at 38 as they ogle young 20 somethings who may be willing to do anything to make it in the E.

    7 – Jason Jordan. At first glance, it seems terrible. But there actually is a silver lining and some promise that this will lead to bigger and better things for JJ. Right now it’s not so great but in time we may look back on this being his Rocky Maivia phase.

    8 – Jinder. Initial reaction is “here’s your 2017 Gooker winner” but not so fast. Yes it was a failure. However, WWE actually made smart decisions and went outside of their comfort zone. If someone would have told you Jinder Mahal would be champ one day you would have died laughing. Before they pulled the plug, it actually sort of gave me hope for other guys who you look at and think they will never get pushed because of this or that. And it was actually what was best for business for once with WWE doing all the India tours. Unfortunately WWE handled it like they always do. Instead of Jinder’s story being an inspirational one (jobber to champion overnight) he was booked as the basic Middle Eastern heel sans the terrorist overtones. It’s definitely a contender but my pick is……

    9 – Bray Wyatt’s bad year. I believed in Bray. I liked his character. He’s great in the ring. He’s got the ability to be the top heel or a top face. Very reminiscent of Jake Roberts. But WWE has ruined him. Years of botched booking have led us to this point. His feud with Orton was probably the last nail in the coffin. His feud with Finn Balor was WWE pissing on the casket. His feud with “Woken” Matt Hardy is WWE digging up his corpse and doing a Katie Vick number on it. We’ve seen Bray go from world champ to a babbling jobber in less than a year. So even though the competition was stiff this year, Bray’s got them beat.

  18. Iain Bell says:

    I went with Lavar Ball. I had no idea who they were (Brit here), but it’s the most I’ve hated a guest in Raw since Jeremy Piven.

    It’d probably have been Sister Abigail had Bray not gotten sick. Hated Jinder as champ, but it was mostly bland and dull rather than embarrassingly bad, aside from the racist promo.

    I actually like the Jordan storyline, the reveal was a let down, but recently he’s clicking with me as a heel.

  19. Ryan says:

    I don’t think there’s a wrong choice this year.

  20. Brandon Slone says:

    I voted for Jinder, but only because there was no “All things Bray Wyatt” option. The Orton feud and the Balor feud were both terrible, but individually they don’t compare.

  21. Greg says:

    Come on Jinder. From jobber to WWE champion to Gooker award winner in the span of 2 years. That’s a rise that can never be paralleled…hopefully.

  22. Mister Forth says:

    I find that basically, the nominee pool is stacked, but I will go through the cases in each, & which one I went with.

    Bayley – Alexa Bliss Feud: Bayley had, as said by many, a following, though in WWE, it is a crime to have had the dream to be a wrestler. The angle was built on her being a total loser because she has photos of herself as a girl meeting her idols, & her still has the essay she wrote about wanting to be a wrestler. WWE sees this as weakness & humanity that their figurative gods and, pardon the Alexa pun, goddesses. The promotion would rather present former/failed football players, bodybuilders, & others who simply fell-back, instead of those some fans identify with. I’m not saying wrestlers like Reigns need to job to Bryan or Owens, I am saying this angle highlights WWE not seeing fans either identifying with the struggles of their favorites, or even met those favorites while they were busting their ass.

    Jeremy Borash vs. Josh Matthews Feud: TNA/GFW/Impact’s whole 2017 TV seems right here (this angle. Having to use months of TV with stuff including Alberto as WHC while under investigation, using a name they didn’t own, & both Cornette & Taryn off BFG due to legal issues. And BFG itself). But with this, the problem was they took a bad WWE idea, & made it worse. If Cole tried his best & it didn’t work as a heel, Josh did worse seeming to be himself. The whole thing was designed by those who did not understand the difference between heat & go-away. It’s only saving grace is that it ended with the tat team match, which did try for Matt Hardy’s brilliant touch, proving you can take Matt Hardy out of a good idea, but you shouldn’t. And unlike WWE, did not need an emergency before they ended it.

    Jinder Mahal: Skinny Jobber to Jacked Up Champion: The following phrase is true: A wrestler that was a jobber a month before became WWE Champion. A wrestler that was a jobber a month before became WWE CHAMPION! The belt (It’s a belt Vince, live with it) that was the mark of wrestlers like Bruno, Hogan, Undertaker, & Lesnar became the WCW Championship that was inducted as the first Gooker winner. I get they tried to open to a wide market in India, but two things here: He would have needed building. Have him get some (A lot of) wins under his belt before going for any gold. And he wasn’t born in India. Justin jokes about if they gave the belt to the late S.D. Jones to get attention in Antigua, but this was more if they put it on Barry Horowitz & billed him out of Tel Aviv. A better attempt would’ve happened if they had, actual or kayfabe, him talk about the pride an Indian-born family member. The Singhs apparently wanted to get into WWE to honor their grandfather. That is a much more interesting story than the Styrofoam salad in the form of the same promo & matches for months. They also sacrificed Nakamura for this, and it still didn’t move things where they wanted it to. Styles has the belt, & WWE walks things back after this blew up in their faces. faster than it takes to say “Now let me say this in MY language”.

    Bray Wyatt – Randy Orton Feud: WWE tried an angle they wanted to do with Daniel Bryan of feuding with & infiltrating The Wyatts. And while this did have some good. Orton/Wyatt/Harper with tag team gold, Orton’s showing he should have someone try to scream “Burn It Down” was pretty over but the WrestleMania match dragged on & looked stupid next to the match for the Universal belt. Then there was the House of Horrors, a match so bad it was inducted that week. Just this angle was bad enough to be on here, though it is far worse when paired with…

    Bray Wyatt – Finn Balor Feud: This angle should’ve ended at Summerslam. The unnecessary match at No Mercy was where this started to drag, then it did when they STILL WEREN’T DONE! Now Balor needed to paint up again to battle the Anthony Perkins-Cosplay that Wyatt was doing, until viral meningitis said to WWE this was it’s yard. This prevents it from getting the nod from me. It did not get to unfold into full blown idiocy. It paired with the Orton feud though is tough to ignore.

    Lavar Ball on Raw: Not a lot here. It was a mess, but it was just one night of this is stupid. Now if they dragged this out longer, then I see it. Otherwise, it was just a bad idea that, along with trying to use Charlotte’s late brother Reid for heel-heat, should never have gone to TV.

    Emmalina – She’s On Her Way! Wait, No, She’s Gone Again: Emma sadly never got a fair deal. From being briefly fired for possibly accidentally shoplifting while wrestlers with DUIs main event WrestleManias to this mess. While it was good she didn’t have to do this gimmick, that it took as long as it did for them to not do this was absurd. It also presents the other problem with NXT: It’s no longer treated as the place to develop a persona, In 2007, she would’ve tried this gimmick in OVW or FCW before taking it out to live TV. Now, it flops on a grand stage.

    Old Mickie James: Between Alexa brutalizing Bayley & this, WWE overdid it with Alexa being the meanest, smartest, toughest, fastest, *Insert Good Thing*ist wrestler. While I think thwey were trying for the age of us having seen her (Mickie being on U.S. TV for over a decade while Asuka was mainly in Japan), it was still bad form when there’s only a 2 year gap between them. In addition, for all the talk about women shaping an equal plane, try telling Triple-H at WrestleMania, someone will say he’s old. Between this, & the lame retort of biscuit-butt, the angle felt written by one of Triple-H & Steph’s kids.

    Dolph Ziggler Rips off Superstar Entrances…then Vanishes: Like Orton vs. Wyatt, the framework was good, though what went up around it was a mess. Ziggler got a bit of heat, but they never planned act 2. So they dropped him until randomly winning & vacating the United States belt. It is bad, though not sure if it is Gooker bad.

    Jason Jordan – Kurt Angle’s Son: It is getting traction now, but this angle was a mess. WWE tried presenting it as if Angle shot a man & was being reminded of it when it turned out to be he had a son from a consensual encounter & never heard about it. Then, while I think the plan was to turn Jordan, the path was full of bad soap-opera acting that seemed to run for weeks. The weekly whoopings from wrestlers like Kane & Strowman didn’t help either. It should get a nod because it was the desired ending, but it may have damaged a lot of legacies before the likely revelation Jordan’s faking the being Angle’s son.

    Having gone through these, I went with Jinder because he went from getting Gronk’ed in a WrestleMania pre-show match to being unironically presented as a worthy WWE Champion. It was so bad, he lost the gold the tour was shortened & he jobbed once again.

    • KatieVictoriasSecret says:

      I think the Mickie James stuff looks even more ridiculous when you compare her age to the ages of the guys they’re pushing as young lions. Finn Balor is two years younger than her and Samoa Joe’s the exact same age, yet they’re young, tough up and comers and we’re supposed to see Mickie as some kind of Methuselah? Hell, AJ Styles is forty and he’s the Smackdown champion!

  23. KatieVictoriasSecret says:

    I agree with Ryan; there’s honestly not a really bad pick in this bunch.

    I went with the Bayley/Alexa stuff, because even though the Bray and Jinder angles were horrible in their own right nothing annoyed me more than Bayley’s long, slow burial.

  24. Rob Brown says:

    Voted for Bayley/Alexa, because I think it’s the only one on the list that was not only terrible, but that did permanent damage to the credibility of one of the wrestlers involved. Bayley was over, was booked like a geek against Alexa (including all the humiliating stuff Alexa said about her childhood being presented as facts, instead of the heel just making stuff up), and it killed her momentum. Not sure she’ll ever be able to get over again.

  25. Hulk6785 says:

    WWE Champion Jinder Mahal gets my vote. All those months of this jobber holding the biggest title in the company just for a couple of shows in India, and then they cancel one, take the title off of him before the other one, and job him to Triple H. Huge waste of time.

  26. 2D2Will says:

    My vote is for Jinder because that run was so long and so painful to watch. I had to watch bad match after bad match for months because of this stupid India tour where in the end, the tour was a bust. In my opinion, the Punjabi Prison match was the worst PPV match of the year and is worth winning solely for that.

    • Keith says:

      That entire PPV should be inducted one day. The tag match to start the show was great but it was all downhill from there. The Nakamura-Corbin match stunk. Styles-Owens had that weird finish. Cena-Rusev flag match was boring. And then we got that disaster called the Punjabi Prison match. Yuck.

  27. Adam says:

    Bayley made it a tough call, but I had to pick Jobber Mahal as champ. “What if we decided to learn nothing from JBL’s reign, and also picked a loser who lacks JBL’s one strength: promos?”

  28. Ryan says:

    38 IS old for a woman.

  29. C. Peter Roberts says:

    I was going into this week wishing we could have Brundleflied a couple of ill-used wrestlers and called it “All Things Brayley.” In the absence of that, I’ve got to go with Jinder. It’s one thing to bury a wrestler, but to my mind the Jinder run kind of weakened the belt.

  30. Raging_Demons says:

    Let’s first go with what I didn’t choose to win The Gooker.

    Jinder: WWE booking the wrong guy to be champ happened before. *cough* Kevin Nash *cough*

    Bray/Orton: House Of Horrors match inducted it already so no need.

    Bray/Balor: We have to thank the flu for this one because if Bray didn’t get sick the plan wasfor both of them to be dressed up in a match. Balor as his Demon and Bray as Sister Abigail! I think Bray puking chunks is good punishment for that.

    Ancient Mickey: Its going to be inducted but its not Gooker worthy

    Borash/Matthews: It already won a Gooker. Its called “Heel Michael Cole”

    Ziggles: I was hoping for Ziggler to win his 2nd Gooker so he can be tied with Hornswoggle but there are much worse crap than this.

    LaVar Ball: Not Gooker worthy, that’s just plain stupid to have the guy on RAW.

    Emmalina: Its been inducted, its called “Se7en”

    Angle is Jason Jordan’s Daddy: Honestly to me it made sense. Angle, during his last WWE run, admitted he had a thing for some “Sexual Chocolate” (No I don’t mean Mark Henry) so it would make some sense. Its bad from a storyline perspective but my pick was far worse than this.

    My pick was Bayley/Bliss because this feud looked like a straight out character assaination and burial of Bayley was of Triple H levels. This feud was straight up from the beginning to make Bayley look like crap, and then the crap pile got bigger with Bliss, even bigger with that horrendous “This Is Your Life”, then it hits biblical piles of crap putting the both of them in a Kendo Stick Match.

    Bayley was a good thing for WWE. She’s the equal to Barney The Dinosaur. Then WWE decided to kill the golden goose and have her in a Kendo Stick Match which would be the equal to having Elmo fight in Mortal Kombat, having an Angel turn into Satan (or his current name STAN The Troll Lord), its like seeing Barney kill and steal cars in “Grand Theft Auto”. In the end Bliss looked a thousand times great while people are booing Bayley.

    • Guest says:

      “WWE booking the wrong guy to be champ happened before. *cough* Kevin Nash *cough*

      To be pretty fair they could’ve gave the belt to Shawn or Bret and they still would’ve been sucking wind at that point.

    • Guest says:

      “Bayley was a good thing for WWE. She’s the equal to Barney The Dinosaur”.

      ….Ummmm that’s not a good thing as I seem to vaguely remember smarks habitually complaining about Cena being too kid friendly now apparently when Bayley does the same schtick it’s “how did they ruin such a good character”.

  31. 2017 SUCKED! says:

    I think Emmalina and Dolph Ziggler’s dress up should be swapped out for Wrestlemania 33 and the RAW title scene.

    Emmalina and Dolph Ziggler’s dress up were bad but they weren’t nearly as counter-productive as keeping one of the big titles on a pair of part-timers who barely showed up on RAW, and have those part-timers beat everyone. And you can’t say it’ll be worth it in the end, because we all know Roman will beat Brock, and the fans will just reject him, again. It’s terrible booking now, and worse for the future.

    And at least the women’s match in Wrestlemania 32 was good. Wrestlemania 33 was pure crap from top to bottom.

    Hell, induct the whole of 2017. The whole thing was a downward spiral to the point I just stopped watching.

  32. M says:

    I ultimately went with Bray/Orton because I thought that the feud had potential, but Wyatt is just a poor in-ring worker imo (he practically describes Bruce Prichard’s “…And then the bell rang.) and Orton overall has been demotivated in what seems like forever. Bayley/Bliss would’ve been my second choice because it was Vince basically burying another NXT call-up like he tends to do. Bray/Finn Balor could’ve been Katie Vick level had it gone to its natural conclusion, but illness ruined that. I didn’t vote for Jinder because I felt that not all of it was his fault, he was put in a no-win situation and had they spent some time building him up, he could’ve been looked at as a credible main eventer, same for Jason Jordan. Didn’t care for Emmalina, because I knew that when she rejected the character, it was only a matter of time before they would fire her. I didn’t get the Old Mickie James because most women’s wrestlers retire in their 30’s, so in some ways she can be looked at as old. Didn’t watch Lavar Ball, didn’t care for Dolph and Bound for Bankruptcy would’ve been a better Total Nonstop Force of Global Impact representative.

  33. Paul says:

    They’re all Gooker worthy, but Jinder Mahal as WWE champion has to top the list.

    I mean, he’s pretty much a career jobber, then he’s suddenly #1 contender after beating almost no one, then he wins the top prize in the company – and holds onto it for what – 6 months? And the whole thing went over like a fart in church, as expected by everyone outside of Titan Tower.

  34. Ripplin says:

    Even though I don’t watch anymore (other than Botchamania, pretty much) and thus can’t vote, I always look forward to this time of year anyway. 😉

  35. JSWH says:

    Jinder is the man! I very much enjoyed his title reign.

  36. C Boz says:

    OK. Far from me to be the Wrestlecrap purist. But a wrestler getting buried due to bad booking is not pure crap. A heel being an offensive villain is not pure crap. Unearned pushes that do nothing for the promotion or the wrestler is not pure crap. All are annoying. To me, pure crap is when the suspension of disbelief cannot be held any longer (save a purposely tongue firmly in cheek over the top Total Deletion-style show… more on that in a minute). Or when a character is so irredeemably stupid you truly wonder what the hell the higher ups were thinking (Ding Dongs anyone?).

    So most of this list was annoying and often crappy. But a Gooker award? That can only go to something that makes no logical sense and that was delivered in an equally awful fashion.

    And to me that is Bray vs Randy’s House of Horrors debacle. Completely idiotic premise. Poor match setting. Dump delivery. And no logic — crushed by a fridge but hey, let’s cut to other action and wow here they come driving to the arena to finish the match. How could anyone… anyone… have found this entertaining, intriguing, exciting, positive to the careers of those involved, positive on any front? And it was so clearly another WWE crap attempt to imitate Total Deletion but without the broken genius or full fledged dedication to what-the-hell that TNA/Impact/Whatever provided to Matt Hardy.

    So I may hate buried Bayley, mortal Mickey, blah Bray vs Balor, juiced Jinder, Emmalina, this year’s kayfabe father-son relation and anything associated with Josh Matthews (other than Madison Rayne). And the other items listed stunk, too no question about it. But for 100% pure wrestlecrap gold level standard, then it has to be House of Horrors.

    The site had it right all those months ago.

    • C Boz says:

      Sorry folks — I should have been clear that I was referring to “Final Deletion” not “Total Deletion” (aka “Total Nonstop” Deletion). Since I often want to delete TNA from my memory altogether, I slipped a bit. Sort of like The Shockmaster… now THAT is Wrestlecrap!

  37. Cuthbert says:

    I’ve said it since it happened, and I’ll continue to say it: The Bayley kendo stick match was actually good. It had the misfortune of the stick falling at one point, but even in that, it was not some match-breaking moment, since they were going for it anyway.

    Not sure why the Ziggler entrances get’s the reaction it does. I find it creative (just like when Big Show did it), and I’d guess that the backlash is just how it ended.

  38. Mark says:

    Shouldn’t the Jason Jordan one not be eligible, since it’s an ongoing storyline?

  39. George Nolan says:

    I had voted for Jinder Mahal as WWE Champion. The guy was horrible in every facet as WWE Champ for cutting promos, in-ring action, and being the hammered-to-death “foreign heel” character. The fact he was champ throughout much of 2017 led SmackDown to be a chore to watch at points.

    As for my thoughts on the rest of the choices:

    -Bayley-Bliss feud- Yeah, this feud didn’t help matters with trying to get Bayley over on the main roster when she was one of NXT’s most over faces in their women’s division. She seems to be relegated as being “just another face” on the Raw women’s division instead of having anything noteworthy for fans to latch onto.

    -Borash vs Matthews- Sounds about as relevant as Michael Cole overshadowing WWE talent in his heel run during 2010-11.

    -Bray-Orton feud- I know many will play this up as a major derailing for Bray since he was WWE Champ in early 2017. But I’m a bit ho-hum on this earning the Gooker since Bray having his momentum derailed constantly has been a bad WWE habit for years now.

    -Bray-Finn feud- No different from my thoughts on the Bray/ Orton feud, albeit with extra ridiculousness with Bray seemingly dressing in drag to play as Sister Abagail before the feud was mercifully abruptly ended.

    -Lavar Bell- Yet another bad celebrity guest presence for Raw? Meh.

    -Emmalina- All the promos for months and WWE abruptly axes it? Yeah, quite pointless. But far from one of the worst things I’ve seen from the company.

    -Old Mickie James- It’s not the first time WWE heels regard certain talent as being old for cheap heat. So, meh.

    -Rip-Off Dolph- It’s obvious at this point that Dolph doesn’t care about things in WWE as he is noticeably phoning things in with many of his matches compared to being a human bump machine years earlier. His imitation act isn’t a new one either. Was it bad? Sure. But Gooker-worthy? Not really.

    -Jason Jordon, Kurt’s Son- This one would be my second choice for the Gooker. Trying to get Jason over as a singles star as Kurt’s kayfabe son seemed a decent idea on paper. But Jason lacks Kurt’s large amount of charisma and constantly coming close to getting major wins yet still losing didn’t help matters with his momentum. Not to mention the weeks of bad acting between the two to attempt trying to make the angle convincing for WWE fans.

  40. Christopher Olsen says:

    For me personally, this was an easy choice: Jinder as champ. To have someone who was essentially a modern day Mulkey a few weeks before become WWE champ made no sense. If in fact it was “to create inroads in India”, they should’ve talked to people from there. They probably would’ve said the exact same thing that the native born Indians I know said, “He’s from Canada”. Possibly the only person outside of Mahal’s family who thought this was a good idea was Stan Stasiak, as someone would finally replace him on all those “Worst WWE Champ in History” lists.

  41. Anthony says:

    Wow it was hard to pick, but I went with the modern day jobberaja becoming wwe champion. I didn’t think wwe would ever put the title on someone more undeserving than John Layfield. They proved me wrong this year. Thank God they had the good sense in putting the title on AJ Styles before the year was over and thank God they will not be doing Cena vs Mahal at WM 34 along with Reigns vs Lesnar. Double main events in which nobody wants to see!

    • Guest says:

      I wouldn’t really call putting the title on AJ sensible as

      A) It was rushed (and was blatantly obvious on this fact).
      B) AJ didn’t really do anything to earn the title.
      C) He’s presently feuding with Kevin Steen (and Sami Zayn)…..who he already feuded with earlier in the year over the U.S. title and of course is being dragged into them middle of this tired Kevin Steen-Shane McMahon feud that was running concurrently with the aforementioned feud with Steen,

  42. Jon Milne says:

    NJPW has proved through Kazuchika Okada that it IS actually possible for a wrestling promotion can take someone who amounted to little more than a jobber for years (in TNA and his sporadic appearances in NJPW before his full time return) and then make them a credible World Champion and main event player. Even though reaction to Okada defeating Hiroshi Tanahashi for his first IWGP Heavyweight Championship in 2012 was admittedly initially negatively received, Okada more than demonstrated his worth both as a champion and a main event player over the following year. And his opponents have also generally looked fantastic against him even in losses.

    Jinder Mahal, on the other hand, was a total failure, both in terms of his own worth and credibility, and in the damage his opponents received from being booked to lose to him. Baron Corbin’s MITB victory was thrown away in a terrible looking loss to Mahal, and one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, Shinsuke Nakamura, was a victim of both racism from Mahal and terrible matches he was booked to lose in. Mahal constantly relied on his stable friends to retain his title, a gimmick that has been tired for decades.

    The loss of quality in Smackdown, which was arguably the better of the weekly shows in 2016, can be attributed to Mahal being drafted to Smackdown and becoming its WWE Champion. He didn’t even compare favourably to Brock Lesnar – a guy who I utterly loathe but looked great in his matches and made Strowman, Reigns, Joe, and Styles all look brilliant too.

    So yeah, Mahal gets my vote.

    • KatieVictoriasSecret says:

      This is an excellent point. As much as I hate the fact that Brock is constantly in and out of the title picture and as much as I hate the fact that making him champion means that the title isn’t in constant booking play, at least he knows how to elevate talent.

    • Guest says:

      “a guy who I utterly loathe but looked great in his matches and made Strowman, Reigns, Joe, and Styles all look brilliant too”.

      Well sure if you ignore the fact that out of those 4 guys Lesnar wrestled Joe has come out of that feud (along with the injury that followed a little afterwards) looking bad to the point he’s presently milling about in the mid-card feuding with Reigns, and kinda sorta Jason Jordan. And all this after looking like (another) credible threat to Brock.

      By comparison Reigns is presently IC champ, Styles is presently Smackdown Champ (though he’s locked in this idiotic feud with Shane & Steen), and Strowman is basically getting massive pop for doing the things a heel would traditionally get booed for.

  43. Acolyte Of Glorious La Parka~, King & Master Of Men And Lover Of Women says:

    EASILY Bayley-Alexa Bliss. That Foley-Rock “This Is Your Life” ripoff was SO painful to watch, my eyeballs melted out of their sockets. Hell, it made Katie Vick and Mae Young’s hand birth look like Shakespeare by comparison. I usually like most “wrestling” skits no matter HOW bad they are or how much the IWC hates them, but even >>>I<<< physically couldn't take THAT HORRIBLY-acted garbage. And then they FULLY killed Bayley with the following match of emasculation. NOW Byley, who WAS a hot property, is essentially another jobber, getting booed out of the buildings.

    A not even close 2nd is Dolph Ziggler's Career Death (not that it WASN'T dead ALREADY, but NOW it's been TOTALLY off Life Support). I know Vince hates Ziggler, but THIS is ZACK RYDER-levels of burial.

    Yes, the whole Bray Wyatt stuff and 'Jason Jordan is Kurt Angle's son "angle" (pun NOT intended) is BAD (in the JJ case it's REALLY a BIG insult to Angle), but NOTHING comes close to the Bayley and Ziggler ultra-burials.

  44. Guest says:

    “Poor Bayley. “When she was in NXT, she connected with fans in a seemingly organic and very real way, so much so she was viewed as a total can’t miss prospect. Leave it to main roster WWE creative to prove that wrong!”

    “For whatever reason, she never clicked on the main roster”,

    I’m confused why is creative damned for one thing but basically excused on the other?

  45. Rob Brown says:

    I’m not going to flat out state that Jinder was using drugs to get as jacked up as he became, but between the drastic physical change and the bacne it’s a strong possibility. So he was pushed not because of any talent he had, but for two reasons: his muscles, and his heritage.

    God knows I disagree with much of what Jim Cornette has said in recent years, but I agree with him about steroids, at least with something he said several years ago on the subject. Test had just died. Cornette was asked for his thoughts. He was soon talking about steroids and how Test had been hired back to WWE after John Laurinaitis saw a picture of him in another promotion, saw how much muscle he’d put on, and decided that WWE should get him back.

    According to Cornette, in WWE for almost all the years Vince McMahon Jr. ran it, the only way you could become a top guy was by juicing. He said that wrestlers who were desperate would see the writing on the wall and, if they hadn’t been juicing before, would start. And that was why so many wrestlers died so young, because steroid abuse fucks you up. (To be fair, I believe this particular interview was recorded before Test’s cause of death was revealed as an oxycodone overdose.)

    Now, as far as Jinder goes, he says he was drinking heavily before he stopped and got into shape. He says he only worked hard and that it’s all natural, because what else is he gonna say? If he did use a PED or two to get his physique and become a success in his chosen field for a while, then maybe that’s still better than drinking himself to death. I don’t know.

    But what I do know is that pushing a guy whom you never would have pushed before, when the only thing that’s different about him is how muscular he is, sends entirely the wrong message. Up until Jinder, wrestlers could look at the WWE main event picture and see a lot of people who weren’t enormously jacked up, and think “if they can make it without drugs, so can I. So I won’t use any.” Now that they’ve seen Jinder, they might think “Damn, all I need to do to get a push in WWE is put on a shitload of muscle? And I might get released if I don’t have enough muscle, like Jinder was before they hired him back? Well, I’d better start doing whatever it takes to get big!”

    Maybe that ought to factor into why Jinder’s championship run was crap, if he does win the Gooker. It could lead to more people juicing than before, and more people dying.

  46. Peter says:

    I went with Bayley-Alexa, but I get why Jinder is winning. He never really got over as a hell, didn’t really manage any good matches, and hindered Nakamura, a guy the crowd LOVED. At least Alexa’s a solid heel.

    Please mention how good Jinder is at dieting if he wins.

  47. John Q Occupier says:

    The stupidest thing about “Old Mickie”?

    The official WWE site just congratulated Tamina on hitting 40.

    You do the maths.

  48. Seb Richer says:

    It’s got to be Bray vs. Randy. As a team in The Wyatt family, Randy and Bray found new life, had fantastic chemistry. Teaming with Randy Orton helped elevate Bray and give him a boost, teaming with Bray gave Orton a fresh character to sink his teeth into, he seemed to finally be enjoying himself.

    Randy Orton won the 2017 Rumble and Bray won the WWE Title for the first time. Listen to the pop for his win in the Elimination Chamber! Then the story got more interesting when Randy Orton refused to challenge Bray at WM.

    And then Orton burned Bray’s shed down and suddenly, after saying he was not going to challenge Bray, he just turns on him for no reason. The feud was so bad it destroyed Bray Wyatt’s credibility and turned him into a joke. To further this storyline, American Alpha were rushed to a tag title win they weren’t yet ready for, and that eventually led to the team splitting up.

    The bad taste from WM and the House of Horrors stayed so hard on Orton they decided to put the belt on Mahal. So Bray vs. Orton is partially responsible for at least 4 of the nominees. It’s got to win!

  49. Chris Adams says:

    To be fair to the Jason Jordan angle it seems to be picking up a bit now with him transitioning into more of a whiny heel character

  50. Middle Aged Headbanger says:

    Amazing how much crap was out this year. I’m not surprised with the top 3 and it was hard to pick between them with how bad they were AND how much damage they caused to wrestlers, the Smackdown show and what had been the top title in WWE. Even with how bad and how much problem these three caused, I had to give serious consideration to a few others.

    Borash vs. Matthews – I don’t watch Impact much, only saw a couple short segments so hard to justify voting for it. Still it seems crazy that a show & company that needs to do a massive reset, has so many obstacles to revive the company would think two non-wrestlers bickering would help draw viewers.

    Lavar Ball – I know they did it thinking it would get them coverage on mainstream press, but there was more then enough reason to suggest this would not work out. It was an amazing trainwreck and further showed how the overproduced mess WWE has become is hurting the product. Watching the Miz flounder to try and control the segment was just depressing Lost in this mess is Lonzo was booed when he came out.

    Rip Off Dolph – The idea was bad, but the reason I considered voting for it was how much time it took up. These segments were featured for nearly a month straight and each one took up 12 minutes of TV. While watching I was just relieved Smackdown hadn’t come to town during this time. Paying to see this live would have finally driven me away from WWE and I even watched the New Generation!

  51. It says:

    Jason Jordon storyline doesn’t deserve to be at 3rd place as it’s still going on and picking up steam since Jordon is now turning heel whereas Bayley’s feud with Alexa killed her entire momentum and character. Main roster’s creative team sure outdid themselves by destroying NXT’s beloved baby-face. This too deserves an induction.

  52. KatieVictoriasSecret says:

    Not terribly surprised the Jinder angle won the day. Looking forward to the induction!

  53. Graham Cox says:

    I’m torn by Mahal winning. I don’t consider the reign itself as Wrestlecrap, it was a bit boring but it was far from horrendous. If the induction focuses more on the sudden nature of his push and the fact that it didn’t do anything to improve things in India as intended (and in fact they jobbed him out to Triple H on his homecoming) then it’ll be quite interesting. Otherwise, there’s not that much to say about it other than he was pushed a bit too soon and has a limited move set. He didn’t ruin anything and had some decent promos, and it resulted in another Styles victory and a good match at Survivor Series (where Mahal was wasted, something else to mention in the induction) so it doesn’t strike me as Gooker material.

    I’d have preferred to see Orton’s entire year as a nominee, I’ve never seen anyone with such experience phone it in so much for such a long period while at or near the top of the card. At least Mahal was trying and reaching his limits, Orton was just half-arsing it the whole time.

  54. Dracolord says:

    Jeremy Borash vs. Josh Matthews feud was actually more entertaining than Cole Vs Lawler. Borash and Matthews even took thumbtacks spot in their match. It even led to the return of James Mitchell and the Sharkboy.

  55. NMMan says:

    Ultimately, I thought “Jinder Mahal As WWE Champion” was very underwhelming, but I wouldn’t have selected him for the 2017 Gooker Award. I honestly would have given it to the Bray Wyatt-Randy Orton feud, which featured both subpar matches and some of the goofiest and most intelligence-insulting stuff I’ve ever seen on wrestling television.

  56. Nolo King says:

    I find it hilarious that people are upset with Jinder being a great heel considering how the business has been lacking a genuinely despised heel.

    The angle was fun and something different. Jinder wasn’t supposed to credible throughout the whole reign in order to make AJ’s reign sweeter. I do think the only mistake made was WWE panicking and not prolonging the reign because as we all know, the ratings weren’t affected by the change.

    The Bray/Finn feud was easily the worst out of all the options. At least with Bray/Randy it was B-movie horror type segments, but that Finn/Bray stuff put me to sleep.

    I would vote for Bayley/Alexa, but I was never really into Bayley.

    • Justin Henry is overrated says:

      “I find it hilarious that people are upset with Jinder being a great heel considering how the business has been lacking a genuinely despised heel.”

      I find it hilarious that you think a belt that dates back to Buddy Rogers wasn’t desecrated by putting it on a guy who was a JOBBER that got turned into a contender UNREALISTICALLY overnight!

      “The angle was fun and something different. Jinder wasn’t supposed to credible throughout the whole reign in order to make AJ’s reign sweeter.”

      Excuses, excuses. All of this was done, in order to boost the number of subscribers in India! Guess what, IT DIDN’T WORK! Because the Indian people are (gasp) NOT STUPID!

      “I do think the only mistake made was WWE panicking and not prolonging the reign because as we all know, the ratings weren’t affected by the change.”

      I’d say more, but that would require me to say it at another site.

  57. Ze Frenchie says:

    Let’s be honest guys. In twenty years, no-one will be talking about the terrible Wyatt feuds or Bayley’s burial, but Jinder Mahal’s reign will remain as a flop.

  58. Caveman says:

    I really wanted to vote for Drew McIntyre’s NXT Championship reign or perhaps Rhyno and Heath Slaters RAW run. I guess their fellow 3MB member Tinder Jinder had to do (and probably won due to that fact).

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