And Your 2014 Gooker Winner Is…

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Note from RD: Well, this is a first.

What started out as a landslide win for the Bella vs. Bella Feud somehow turned into a second place finish for WWE’s Lack of Brass Rings. A bit of investigation reveals that SHENANIGANS WERE AFOOT!

While we cannot lock down how much ballot stuffing was done for those in favor of brass rings, we can confirm that some was done. What so ever shall we do in such a situation?

After consulting with the WrestleCrap Board of Directors (read: RD sitting on the can thinking about it), a decision has been made! For the first time in the history of the Gooker Award, we are christening co-winners. Or is it co-losers? Regardless, both will be inducted as Gooker Award Winners. The prestigious event will take place Thursday night, January 29…so check back then and YOU can make your own call as to which was truly the worst of the worst!!


The calendar has flipped to January…you know what that means: GOOKER TIME! It’s your chance to vote for the very worst of the very worst in pro wrestling, which we dubbed the Gooker Award (in reverence of the legendary Gobbledy Gooker) when we started the site in 2000.

Yes, we’ve been around that long. And I’m kinda questioning how many years we’ve seen worse stuff than we have the last 12 months.

So without any further adieu, the nominees!


Summer Rae-Layla-Fandango Love Triangle
Hey, remember back when Fandango was THE hot act in the company for, oh, three weeks? When fans sang his theme song…one that has NO WORDS? Those days being long gone, the plan was to have two hot women feud over him. WWE once again showed their ability to make everyone not care about said honeys and also kill an act folks actually, you know, liked.


Never-Ending Bunny vs. Adam Rose Feud
We have a rule around these parts that we don’t induct ongoing angles, because they may get good. Just typing that under “Never-Ending Bunny vs. Adam Rose Feud” makes me feel like a fool. Anyway, as this feud is seemingly never going to end, may as well throw it up for the award this year. Just don’t be shocked if you see it again as a nominee in 12 months.


Return of the Raw Guest Hosts
mWhile Justin had these as separate items in his countdown of the worst of the worst, I’m lumping them together. While Raw guests hosts have traditionally been horrible, there have been good ones here and there. Bob Barker, anyone? No worries, not the case in 2014. We had stuff like Kathie Lee Gifford and Grumpy the Cat.

See what I did there? I channeled my inner Michael Cole!


Samuel Shaw: STALKER
Ok, try to follow me here: Samuel Shaw is a complete weirdo that somehow gets a date with Christy Hemme. We learn that he is obsessed with her, as we get footage of him with a shrine built up to her…which she sees. However, this doesn’t cause her to run to the cops. Eventually, the madness would include his mom, also a red head, also named Christy. OH! And a SUICIDE attempt, because that’s always good fun!


Bella vs. Bella
Nikki and Brie are sisters who love each other…except when they don’t. Or do they? Or maybe they don’t! Ugh, this storyline. Not only did we get to hear Nikki tell us what a horrible sister Brie was growing up, but scintillating dialogue such as “I wish you’d died in the womb!” Because you know everyone talks like that. Throw in a Jerry Springer intervention, and you’ve got a potential Gooker winner for sure.


Brass Rings…or the Lack Thereof
While everyone thought the focal point of Vince showing up to be interviewed on Steve Austin’s podcast would be CM Punk, it wound up being talk of brass rings and how his pathetic millennial crew didn’t dare to reach out and grab them. This despite the fact WWE continually buries any talent that dares to get over on their own. The less things change…


Royal Rumble 2014 Booking
Speaking of brass rings and other such nonsense, one need look only to the booking of the 2014 Royal Rumble, wherein appointed golden boy Dave Batista was booed out of the building as fans chanted over and over for Daniel Bryan. In the interest of fairness, the company learned its lesson…eventually.

Anyone think the same will happen again this year?


The Menagerie
Impact Wrestling presents THE CLOWN SHOW!!!! Not figuratively, we’re talking literally here. I will admit that I’d never heard this origin story before, with a guy going back to wrestling to support his carnie family whose dilapidated arcade had flooded. So they had that going for them. Soon we had not only Knux, but Crazy Steve, Rob Terry under a mask, and dudes on stilts! I almost feel as though they’re somehow the favorites, since everyone knows we’ll add a bunch of shots of Rebel to increase page views.


Spinning umbrellas and nonsensical promos were the name of the game as Jeff Hardy attempted a very ill-advised self-reboot. We should also note that a lot of these promos were done without his lips moving…that’s right, we could now READ HIS MIND. Sadly, he rarely had anything interesting to say.

The Return of Claire Lynch. Kinda.
Jim Cornette had a rule back in the day: you can reuse anything in pro wrestling after seven years. RD Reynolds also has a rule: you can reuse anything in pro wrestling if it doesn’t suck. WWE violated both by creating the character of Megan Miller, Daniel Bryan’s physical therapist, with whom Bryan cheated on his wife. Except, of course, he didn’t and it was all a lie. Sound familiar? Yep, TNA’s Claire Lynch had returned!

Serious question: if this wins, does that make her a two time winner?

So there you have it! A whole slew of horrible crap. What’s the worst?


What was the Worst of the Worst in 2014?

  • Bella vs. Bella (26%, 869 Votes)
  • Brass Rings...or the Lack Thereof (28%, 934 Votes)
  • Jeff Hardy IS Willow! (6%, 187 Votes)
  • Never-Ending Bunny vs. Adam Rose Feud (6%, 189 Votes)
  • Return of the Raw Guest Hosts (5%, 161 Votes)
  • Royal Rumble 2014 Booking (21%, 698 Votes)
  • Samuel Shaw: Stalker (3%, 87 Votes)
  • Summer Rae-Layla-Fandango Love Triangle (1%, 22 Votes)
  • The Menagerie (1%, 38 Votes)
  • The Return of Claire Lynch. Kinda. Sorta. (4%, 120 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,305

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272 Responses to "And Your 2014 Gooker Winner Is…"
  1. Jay "The Brain" Mann says:

    If only I could vote for just Kathie Lee and Hoda…

  2. Justin Henry says:

    Rebel nullifies the Menagerie from getting voted on. Understandably.

    • Raging_Demons says:

      This is what I wrote about The Menagerie over at

      “Take former “Aces & 8s” member Knux, add Christy Hemme’s best friend Rebel, throw in Rob Terry in a mask & a crazy clown named “Crazzy Steve” (because you can’t be crazy without saying he’s “Crazy” or have 2 z’s in your name I guess) & you got…a lot of shots of Rebel in jean shorts.”

      Rebel in Jean Shorts For The Save~!

      (P.S. Voted for Bella vs Bella. Dear god almighty!)

    • Ilan says:

      Hell yes. Rebel’s butt alone makes the Menagerie must watch

  3. BigPoppaNasty says:

    Gotta be the Bellas. I didn’t think that it was possible for anything to beat TNA’s gross incompetence, but then we got, “I wish you’d died in the womb!”

    • Mister Pink says:

      I dunno…RR 2014 really, really sucked…

      • Mister Pink says:

        Willow was the worst, though. I haven’t seen a mess believable character since Oz…real talk…

        • K7 says:

          If the RR happened later on in the year, it would win hands down.

          • Hulk6785 says:

            It might pull off the upset. It’s gaining on The Bella’s lead. But, I think the thing that might stop it from winning isn’t that fact that it happened in January but rather that the poor reception the Rumble got forced WWE to give Daniel Bryan the WWE Title. So, there was one positive to it, even though Bryan’s reign wasn’t much to write home about. Still, I went with the Bellas because it hasn’t led to anything good.

    • K7 says:

      As bad as the Bellas were… RR2014 was just an embarrassment that set events in motion for Wrestlemania. I don’t think we have seen any major Women’s division feud affect WM beyond that of a Women’s matchup. EE2014 changed the events of multiple matches for the next few PPVs.

    • Uh says:

      There’s plenty of “gross incompetence” to go around in pro-wrestling. Notice which promotion is featured the most on the list.

  4. George Nolan says:

    I went with the Brass Rings comment from the podcast. Nothing says burying nearly your whole roster when your company owner thinks the younger generation of wrestlers are lacking when they get no chance to do so unless said owner is pulling the strings.

    • BrendanJNewton says:

      That’s a good choice, it would definitely be a darker, more serious induction for RD to write, more in the vein of the Eddiesploitation or Invasion Gookers than the sillier ones like Al Wilson, but so much of what’s wrong with pro wrestling at the moment seems to stem from attitudes like the ones expressed by Vince there. His “Brass Ring” ramblings aren’t just Wrestlecrap, they’re where a lot of the crap we see each week comes from.

  5. Casey says:

    I said this before but the most gookertastic thing of the year was TNA trying to keep Vince Russo’s employment a secret in the age of the internet.

    Out of these though, the Bellas were pretty bad and had a dumb ending to boot, so I’ll go with that.

    Although the Royal Rumble deserves special comment for making people hate Rey Mysterio.

  6. WrestleTrekker says:

    The Menagerie are amazing and hating them should be illegeal
    also you smell funny and my dad could beat up your dad!

  7. 80's Guy says:

    I went with Bella vs. Bella, because it’s just so damn stupid. I mean, we get them feuding, which is bad enough, but then we’re to believe that after everything Nikki put Brie through she’s just going to, out of the blue, start siding with her? Not only that, but it will also wind up becoming a non-explained face turn somewhere down the line.

    Horrible story from the beginning, turning into a train wreck at a funeral.

    I honestly thought the Menagerie and Willow were good ideas, and could have been turned into something much better than they were. I’ve never been a Jeff Hardy fan, but I did like the Willow character. Same with the Menagerie, they both had the potential to be great, dark, twisted gimmicks that could have been bad ass. But, as TNA’s storytelling and booking goes, they killed any kind of awesomeness they could have become.

    I will also state, for the record, that I actually liked the whole Adam Rose thing. Thought the vignettes were stupid at first, but when I watched his debut and some of the following stuff he was doing, the dude grew on me and I wound up singing his theme song randomly throughout the day which, oddly enough, put a smile on my face.

  8. Jerichoholic Ninja says:

    The Bella feud for the easy win. If it takes it, the induction should also cover the other storylines forced on Raw by the Total Divas producers.

    I’d argue that “Brass Rings…or the Lack Thereof” doesn’t belong, and not just because I’m afraid it might win as a form of protest vote. Vince has probably felt this way for a long time, hell he’s said similar things “in character”. It’s not really news – it’s not even surprising – it’s just the first time he’s said it in an interview as “himself” since he doesn’t do many interviews.

    • George Nolan says:

      Arguing in favor of the “Brass Rings” comment, it’s the centerpiece for what has been bad about the WWE’s booking thanks to how out of touch Vince is with fun stuff like the Bella rivalry building to nothing but the girls reuniting, the ugly reception to the Royal Rumble and the guest hosts who only pop up to promote their outside ventures. Sure, it’s fun to tear apart something really bad that took place for a storyline or gimmick. But you shouldn’t ignore the main culprits for such horrible quality and the “Brass Rings” comments from Vince shows just how wrong Vince’s mentality is.

  9. George says:

    Bella vs. Bella may should win, it’s an all-time worst.

  10. Kev says:

    Well, since TNA’s entire year wasn’t nominated, it’s gotta be the Bellas especially since the angle so predictably paid off like a wet fart.

    • Uh says:

      You don’t even watch TNA, so how could you even gauge that? They’ve had some of the best wrestling-focused programming (since they’re still a pro-wrestling company and not a sports entertainment one), and they don’t waste time on long-winded promos or kiddie characters, or de-push wrestlers that are over with the crowds and force wrestlers on you who aren’t. Even the devil deserves his due, whether you have an issue with him still existing or not.

  11. Adam Cota says:

    You can look, but you can’t touch the Bellas….. when it comes to Gooker votes, that is.

  12. Alexander The So-So says:

    Vince’s “brass ring” mentality is easily the worst thing in wrestling, by far. Royal Rumble 2014, guest hosts, and the stupid drama storylines are just symptoms. The disease they are caused by lies solely in Vince McMahon being a stupid, out-of-touch, arrogant, past his prime old fart who has the sheer gall to blame his young employees for not being ambitious, at a time when the WWE is facing unbelievable stratification and WCW-like glass ceilings dependent entirely on his own ignorant whims.

  13. BrendanJNewton says:

    Cole: “It’s Gumpy the Cat, stupid!”

    JBL: “No it’s not Maggle!”

    Cole: “Disregard!”

  14. Bull says:

    If this is what is considered the worst of the worst then that must mean 2014 was a pretty good year for wrestling, since I don’t consider any of these things horrible. That being said I’d say TNA giving Wrestle 1 pretty much full control over BFG was worse than anything on this list.

  15. Scrooge Mcsuck says:

    Had we gotten the original plan for WM 30, the Rumble booking, but Bryan prevailed. Bella vs. Bella was fucking ATROCIOUS.

  16. RAF says:

    WILOW was much much worse than the Bellas. please do not vote for a mediocre wwe angle over a truly god awful TNA one like you did in 2011. I am still waiting for sting vs jeff hardy victory road to be inducted it was by far the worst moment of that year.

  17. Jim says:

    Am a little surprised the Authority wasn’t included, but I guess it started so long ago and is once again back that it doesn’t qualify, though you could do Authority 2014 as a normal induction. Also could have included MVP turning heel seemingly within 1 month of becoming the good guy GM. Perhaps Authority figures 2014 as an induction.

    The Bellas are the worst in pro wrestling: dragged on for months, tons of terrible backstage segments, and ended abruptly with no clear (or any?) explanation; as a bonus, you can incorporate Total Divas (I think Nikki’s turn was linked to the most recent episode where she and Brie were fighting about something).

    Much like the feud, your entry (and this post) could be so long, going back to just after ‘Mania (when Brie came to the ring with Bryan for his promo the day after his dad died), the Bryan-Kane feud (all the B-movie horror segments with Brie’s “acting”), Brie being fired/Nikki being punished (arm tied behind her back!), the Megan Miller segment at some point during this story, the Stephanie match (the #2 match at Summerslam, where Stephanie beat Brie down again and again and gave her no momentum once Stephanie left), Nikki’s turn even after Brie got her her job back (“Growing Up Bella” segments!), the 30 day personal assistant stipulation (where they actually could have done some funny segments but didn’t do much besides the milkshake; plus, Brie looked like a lousy babyface because Nikki just beat her cleanly/fairly), and then Brie turning heel for who knows what reason.

    Sam Shaw was just a terrible character; I can’t tell if Shaw confessing his love to Gunner (instead of Brittany) would have saved the character or made it somehow worse. His Twitter response to someone (ECIII) maybe bringing up the living at home thing after previously showing his own apartment was funny. A worthy Gooker but can’t beat the Bellas.

    If there was a Gooker for, say, June 2013 to the day of the Royal Rumble 2014 (the day before Punk left, at which point the proposed ‘Mania card reportedly was Orton-Batista, HHH-Punk, and Bryan vs. Heel Sheamus), Bryan is by far the winner. The Royal Rumble on its own was bad, but I’d been Charlie Brown’d enough not to be too disappointed when Rey was #30 (even though Bryan would have been a great story). ‘Mania doesn’t excuse it but does soften it: what was the resolution for the Bellas?

    It wouldn’t get my vote for Gooker, but I could understand the Brass Ring comment if you wanted to do another angry Eddiesploitation/Invasion-esque induction.

    Everything else is certainly induction-worthy, but not Gookers.

  18. M. Walsh says:

    Easily the Bellas.

    Bad acting, bad matches, promo segments that seems to go one for an ice age–a feud no one was asking for from two women no one cares about.
    Meanwhile, Paige and AJ, two respected and entertaining performers that are actually GOOD at what they do, get jack & s**t from WWE creative.

    • Guest says:

      What a storyline with a hint of lesbianism and the face acting like a heel isn’t enough for you enough for you?

    • C Boz says:

      Two people cared about the Bellas: Daniel and John. And that, amigo, is why we get those twins again and again and again and again…

  19. sir thomas says:

    I had to flip a coin. It came up tails, so I voted for the 2014 Royal Rumble, but I would have no problem with The Bellas rivalry.

    I’m surprised Beardy McGee and his little circus even made it on the list in the first place, honestly. Yeah, it’s kinda silly, and reminds me WAY too much of The Oddities, but I’ve seen TNA do worse. Then again, I only ever saw one match they were in before TNA switched to Wednesday, and the new season of South Park ended up becoming the higher priority/better choice, so maybe it got progressively stupidder as time went by.

  20. Guest says:

    The one thing I loved about the butthurt over the 2014 Royal Rumble is that it showed (once again) that for all the whine from smarks about the predictability of wrestling, they actually like predictability.

    • Grest says:

      What are you talking about? The Royal Rumble booking was predictable as hell. That’s what was so aggravating about it for many people, that WWE didn’t take a chance on someone new and instead went for Batista when he’d only just rejoined the company. Sure, there were some who were crying simply because Bryan didn’t win (and I wasn’t one of them – there were loads of people who didn’t win, why only focus on one who’s already won multiple world titles) but most of the hatred was in Batista winning which was tediously telegraphed. Your hilarious misunderstanding of the situation is the most predictable thing of all, as is your laughably ill-informed belief that you’re somehow separate from the smarks while actively taking part in the IWC.

  21. Ian says:

    I voted for Jeff Hardy as Willow. TNA went really overboard with the “Willow is Jeff Hardy’s alter ego” storyline, very similar to “Rellik is Killer spelled backwards” from a few years ago.

    For the record, I didn’t mind the Willow character. Sure, it was an edgier Jeff Hardy who did all the same moves and had the wacky facepaint, but it had potential.

    Then they tried to build up Hardy as a serious title contender, after he’d screwed up his last title run by being, well, Jeff Hardy and showing up high to a PPV match against Sting. He was talked out of the Willow character to get a match against Lashley and basically get squashed. Then he was relegated back to the tag division with Matt to feud (again) with Team 3D as well as the Wolves.

    Not bad enough, then TNA tries making money off the character 6 months later by selling Willow merchandise and videos, as if he was still on the roster.

    Honesty, as someone who primarily watched TNA in 2014 moreso than WWE, there wasn’t really as much crap for Deal to list here as the usual year. Even the Menagerie, who was really built up as a comedic group in a silly storyline, could have gone somewhere because, well, Rebel is hot and Knux is pretty athletic for a big man.

    It came in kinda late in the year to be considered, but TNA started running these really dorky holiday commercials for They would take scenes with heel wrestlers (Bram was one, James Storm’s group The Revolution along with the newly signed Indian wrestler was the other) and do really bad voiceovers for the website, talking over what was really said and making it sound like the heels (who usually don’t care about the fans) wanted the fans to buy something.

    With all of the $ issues TNA reportedly had, they certainly ran a lot of angles revolving around Dixie “paying” wrestlers off (Bully Ray, the former Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky, Menagerie, Rhino), in the midst of running off some of the most popular and longer-term workers in the company, such as AJ Styles, Kazarian, Daniels, and even Sting.

    • Grest says:

      I’m surprised nobody in TNA tried to claim ‘Willow is Willow spelled backwards’.

      • Ian says:

        For the record Grest, I wasn’t saying they tried to claim Willow was Willow backwards. What I was saying was that mentioned it almost every second he was on the TV screen. Stuff like “Willow, Jeff Hardy’s alter ego, is going for a Twist of Fate.”

  22. Cenamark says:

    I was initially questioning the consideration of “Brass Rings” for the Gooker, since it was just what Vince said in an interview and not bad gimmick or booking decision. Yet nothing angered me more than that. Vince just went and crapped all over so many worthy talents who give it all. Despite it not being a booking decision or a gimmick, Brass Rings is indicative of a culture and attitude that has led to many Gooker worthy gimmicks.

  23. TMC says:

    I also voted for Brass Rings. I think the product has reached a point to where just picking out a single moment as the worst of the year isn’t enough. There are too many bad moments. I think that entire interview was an illustration of the problems plaguing the industry.

  24. George from Dudleyville,NY says:

    The Bella twins must win. Granted all the other contestants have valid points. I felt the combination of atrocious acting, writing and the two Bellas boning the two top stars for jobs just killed me. With multiple deserving talents in NXT and regular roster, these backyard level wrestlers with acting chops of porno stars deserve it hands down.

  25. PFElton says:

    The bunny. I’m sorry, I nearly voted for the Bella’s, but the fact that a freaking rabbit has been getting air time instead of 50-odd actual workers is just too much for me to handle.

  26. TK says:

    Throw in that horrible Michael Stratham segment when he guest hosted as well with all the hip tossing and that Raw Guest Host return continues to look worse. Pity in a weird way there can only be so many entrants. Cowboy James Storm becoming a cult leader was also pretty bad.

  27. Doc75 says:

    i had to go with the royal rumble booking. it waz predictable who waz gonna win it. plus watching that reaction video on YouTube of KidBehindACamera going nuts over it made me vote for it az well.

  28. BoWmEn says:

    You know that feeling when looking both ways to cross a street then some crazy loon comes out of parts unknown just as your about to take that first step?

    Well last week I went from reliving nostalgia & good times of ‘Prime Time Wrestling’ with Heenan, Monsoon and occasional Piper – to witnessing JR commentate an amazing ‘Wrestle Kingdom 9’ show – to digging up the nominees of 2014 that I missed. Since really I don’t watch wrestling anymore.

    “Destrucity” would be the word I would choose to sum up the 2014 Gooker Award.

    Discovering Samuel Shaw and his fascination with Christy Hemme and her accessories was the most enjoyable piece for me; despite being disappointed her behind was not shown eating during the dinner segment.
    The Bunny in my opinion legitimizes Doink the Clown further, since Matt Borne was good and the The Bunny was… just twerking? I felt he would’ve fit in right at home in WWE’s ECW.

    However my vote goes to ‘Bella vs. Bella’. Perhaps it’s me since due to my lack of viewership, but every time I catch a couple seconds of either Bella on TV, bad things happen. There was even one mixed up in the Claire Lynch segment so you know that’s a sign! Some wrestlers use blood to amplify the importance of a rivalry; the Bella Twins fortify their epic encounter with sacrificing the innards of a womb.

  29. Down With OPC says:

    I feel EVERYTHING with the Bellas should win, which would include Nikki and Brie’s feud, as well as Bryan “cheating” on whichever one it is he cheated on.

  30. Rob Brown says:

    Whether it wins the voting or not (and right now it looks like it won’t), the “brass ring” stuff needs to be inducted before this time next year.

    As CM Punk said in his pipe bomb promo, “I’ve grabbed so many of Vincent K. McMahon’s imaginary brass rings that it’s finally dawned on me that they’re just that: They’re completely imaginary.” That was three years and change before McMahon’s appearance on Austin’s podcast, so clearly he’s been making false promises to his employees for some time now. “It’s your own fault that you’re not being pushed, because you have to grab the brass ring first, dammit!”

    You’ve got Cesaro (his WWE career as a whole could be inducted), Bray Wyatt (jobbing to Cena even when it’s a three on one fight in his favour), Dean Ambrose (jobbing over and over to Wyatt because for some reason people began seeing Wyatt as weak, hmm, wonder why), Zack Ryder (already inducted), Dolph Ziggler (they have booked him as the same luckless loser as always following Survivor Series, with him dropping the IC strap to Barrett tonight), Damien Sandow (who was connecting fine with crowds before failing to cash in on Cena, being depushed, and only becoming popular again as a comedy act), everybody currently in The New Day, etc. All talented guys who deserve better.

    On top of that, what did Roman Reigns do to grab the brass ring and be anointed as the successor to John Cena? He was always the least athletic member of The Shield, and he has trouble doing the type of scripted promos WWE apparently demands from almost everybody (despite WWE paying for him to get acting lessons, remember, which they don’t do for most talent). I’m not saying that he’s horrible or anything, but why is he being given this kind of treatment when others as good or better don’t get it?

    Oh right, he has “the look”. He’s big and he has muscles, and that’s the main thing that matters to Vince when he decides who ends up getting pushed.

  31. Shockwave says:

    I would have voted the Authority if it was an option, but the Bellas were easily the second worst crime against tv.

  32. Magdaddy says:

    Bella .v.Bella

    Winner: Nicole Garcia’s twins

    Loser: Everyone

    Where is the Authority?!! Gooker of 2 years!!!

  33. Chainsaw says:

    Damn, this is tough, do I vote for the common sense vote with The Menagerie, or do I vote with my heart (or lack thereof) and vote Bella Vs. Bella , since I hate them do very, very, very much…

    Decisions, decisions.

  34. Rose Harmon says:

    Like other people here, I voted for the “brass rings.” When the creative choices that are a result of that line of thinking start turning off a loyal fan base, that’s really Wrestlecrap.

  35. Chainsaw says:

    Also, I’m honestly amazed everything leading up to #ITHAPPENS in TNA wasn’t nominated, and in runaway fashion. The Dixie Carter heel run, the crowd and wrestlers going damn near bloodthirsty to see a middle aged woman get put through a table, TNA trying to recapture the Austin mystique of “Hey, how great would it be to beat up your boss” in this day and she and failing in the most uncomfortable way possible, and of course Dixie getting legit injured from it… All to not even move the ratings a little. The whole thing was nauseating, and the perfect symbol of TNA’ utter collapse this year.

  36. Third String Point Guard says:

    Wanted to try to make it consecutive for TNA, but since none of their Gooker-worthy angles could top evil Dixie or Claire Lynch, and since I don’t watch much TNA anyway, I went with Raw guest hosts. Surprisingly, I don’t think Grumpy “The” Cat was the worst Raw host ever – Kathie Lee and Hoda probably take that honor and give Al Sharpton and Buzz Aldrin a run for their money.

    It was either that or Bella vs Bella. Now that’s an example of how NOT to do a feud. So you’ve got both sisters fighting, with Nikki’s heel turn seemingly justified. Then you get Wrestlecrap lines like “I WISH YOU DIED IN THE WOMB!” and Jerry Effin’ Springer. Then, for no reason, Brie turns heel and quietly reconciles with Nikki, with no explanation given as to why they patched things up after Brie spent her 30 days as Nikki’s assistant.

    In a year of bad WWE storylines, that was easily the worst, because it didn’t help anyone (at least Zack Ryder got a win from the Fandango debacle, er…storyline), had atrocious scripting and Jerry Springer, and we also got that God-awful “Brie Mode” ring music.

  37. Grest says:

    I’m sorry, but this is a REALLY weak line-up this year. WWE in 2014 was more boring than terrible, and as annoying as the Royal Rumble was I don’t see how it justifies even being nominated since only one person can win each year. I’m not bothered at all that Bryan didn’t win, I AM bothered that it looked like WWE was ending his push in order to go with Batista who nobody wanted to see main event Wrestlemania especially so soon after returning but I get the feeling most of the induction would be focussed on Bryan which would miss the point. At any rate WWE changed their plans anyway due to the fan reaction so it’s a moot point. But why isn’t the Authority on there? You claim not to include current angles yet you included Adam Rose and the Bunny which frankly is totally inoffensive and doesn’t take up much screentime, unlike the latest chapter in the McMahon family saga. Not to mention they ‘ended’ the angle, even debuting Sting in the process, only to restart it in 40 days. And don’t even get me started on TNA this year, the booking of the main event scene has mostly been shocking. If we’re talking purely about booking, the decision to give Eric Young the world title with literally no build whatsoever, on free TV without promotion towards it, after years of portraying him as an absolute joke, and clearly designed only to try desperately to emulate the success of Bryan in WWE, has to be one of the biggest brainfarts in North American wrestling this year and should have been a nomination. Not to say that Young himself was bad, he tried his best, but TNA never gave him a chance. They just stuck the belt on him in the hopes it would pay off, then had Lashley kill him dead because they don’t have any patience.

    • Guest says:

      People didn’t want to see Batsita winning the Royal Rumble simply because they were too enamored by Daniel Bryan….by your logic the same reaction should’ve applied to the Rock or Brock Lesnar when both came back after sporadic appearances and won the title.

  38. The Scanian Maniac says:

    What “brass rings” did the Bellas grab, to win this? 🙂

  39. The People's DJ says:

    Wheres the “All” button?

  40. rskva says:

    Man, no chance of voting for the WWE Network Launch Bungle?

  41. Hallicks says:

    Such a tough decision. I had to go for the guest hosts of Raw, because that bit with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda in the ring was soul-destroyingly awful. I almost wept for the product.

  42. Stephen says:

    I went for the Bellas. Yes, stuff like Vince’s “brass rings” nonsense is more serious for the business as a whole … but if you put that in this year, you have to put it in every single year. It’s not like this attitude hasn’t existed for years.

    The Bellas has to be one of the most shallow, audience-insulting feuds of the last ten years. It only existed because of Total Divas, was immediately ditched when the Total Divas producers decided they wanted a different storyline, it had some of the worst segments of the year and was wrapped up with zero explanation or reason for Brie’s turn.

    • KatieVictoriasSecret says:

      THAT’S why they ditched the angle?! Are they aware that the storyline they’re giving us on TD now is EVEN DUMBER than the one the E gave us?

  43. spac18 says:

    Sorry RD, I won’t vote this year. For me the worst of 2014 was unquestionably the CM Punk saga. Him very unprofessionally quitting wwe the night after a 40 minute Royal Rumble push, the “smart (dumb) marks” chanting his name for the entire year, his podcast with Colt Cabana about wedding day firing, staph infection and 14 concussions snd then a week later signing with ufc. Both parties acted like spoiled, self centered, manipulating hypocrites. Only good thing about it was the Heyman Chicago promo. Other than that it was entirely craptastic.

    • Craig says:

      Taking time to heal when you’re sick is not unprofessional. That’s something that happens all the time in all manner of businesses and it’s no big deal. Now firing the guy when he’s taking the sick days he’s allowed, the sick days that he was actually promised by his employer, that’s unprofessional.

      • Stephen says:

        So why didn’t Punk take that time to heal? He kept insisting to the office that “I’m taking time off”, even when they were asking for him back … then he went back anyway. And he made out like he did it because he was such a great guy and committed worker, rather than because he was a moron.

        • Craig says:

          He did take time off to heal, that’s what he was doing when the WWE fired him. Try to know what you’re talking about before you post. Moron.

          • Stephen says:

            No, he went home with no intention of returning. That wasn’t just “taking time off”. He DID take time off but kept coming back whenever he got a phone call from Vince. You might want to get your own facts right before you debate this stuff and start using insults like an ignorant jackass.

  44. C Boz says:

    I vote the Bunny – for all the reasons listed above plus one more. When the Bunny was teasing Adam Rose after his turn/breakaway/whatever, he started doing crotch thrusts to taunt Rose. So is WWE creative trying to make that damn bunny something for the kids to love or for the (younger) adults to appreciate in a weak, post-DX crotch-chop approach? The Bunny is aimed to amuse everyone at the same time, and really therefore amuses no one: too risque for the kids, too stupid for the adults.

    And if I was going to wrestle against a so-called WWE superstar in an on-the-card match knowing he was after blood, I sure as hell wouldn’t choose to do it in a bunny suit.

    Epic fail in concept, direction, humor, delivery, timing. The Bella suck, but at least a very few moments of their feud were not completely horrible. There was nothing redeeming about any minute that freaking bunny was on my screen.

  45. Jay "The Brain" Mann says:

    I just want to know, if the “brass rings” comment somehow wins, how the hell are you guys gonna be able to write a good induction about it? No matter what, the induction would be longer than the actual comment! 😛

    • cenamark says:

      I think it would be the best article of them all. The whole article can be devoted to showing the history of these young stars who Vince shits on and reveal his terrible out of touch hypocracy.

  46. DaCannon says:

    Despite it’s short longevity, the Brass Ring comment is symbolic of everything that is wrong with wrestling in 2014 and possibly 2015 if last night’s Raw is any indication. WWE needs to be a place where there is a structure of main eventers, upper midcard/ lower midcard, and wrestlers whose job it is to purely elevate other wrestlers.

    WWE needs to realize why it can be essential in bringing hope to its fans and become focused on being the best possible product it can be. Slamming Cesaro in this podcast is something that I feel can be related to the Brass Ring comment on the show. Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, and Edge have tried to grab the brass ring that was supposedly only obtainable to the golden boy John Cena during the last several years. In doing so they have put their heart, blood, sweat and tears into making a great product, with little thought of reward.

    The Authority angle in a sense is both a blessing and a curse, on one hand it elevated the career of Daniel Bryan, who was able to grab the “brass ring” at Wrestlemania 30, only to watch his upward momentum grind to a halt due to lack of creativity and an unfortunate injury. Cesaro would also have what should have been a career defining moment at Wrestlemania 30. Cesaro could have been a top face due to his breakup with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter or a top heel due to his short lived alliance with Paul Heyman. In a just world Cesaro would be a main event wrestler at this very moment. Daniel Bryan’s dream would have ushered a defining moment that should have altered the course of WWE for the rest of the year.

    Brock Lesnar destroying the Undertaker and breaking the streak should have been enough for him to cement himself as a key player in WWE. The fact that he is their current champion is logical, but it can also be seen as a hindrance. How can an upper midcarder or a main event star trying to solidify themselves for the rest of their career, if the title that should mean more than any other in the company is unobtainable due to the schedule of one individual.

    The situation of Dolph Ziggler goes beyond the world title. Dolph Ziggler’s moment at Survivor Series should have allowed him to break the glass ceiling and grab a career defining brass ring so he could move into the upper echelon, even if he had not defeated Lesnar or won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He nearly brought the same Authority that had run roughshod over the main roster for the entire year to it’s knees by himself. Sting played into the result by making his epic debut, but Sting’s moment should be tied to Ziggler’s career defining moment.

    The brass rings comment was unnecessary as it didn’t play into a visible storyline, it didn’t result from an on screen loss or victory, and most dramatically it severely damaged the career of Cesaro and other wrestlers who push themselves every night so that Vince has a product that can continue to build the stories, characters, and matches that has made the WWE into the power house that it is today.

    This would be more depressing than many of the articles that are usually scene on the site known as Wrestlecrap, but I feel this issue needs to be addressed or written on by those that are deeply passionate about the pro wrestling industry. In a way the Eddie angle made Rey into a bigger star, and the Invasion angle paved the way for the brand split which would make Smackdown in 2003 a much watched and appreciated tv program. The brass ring comment to me is self serving and is one that tears individuals down instead of building them up. WWE should be looking toward the future and not bury the competitors that can make it more extraordinary.

    I would have loved to have voted for something that would have resulted into something far more humorous and could carry the tone of classic gimmick inductions, or hilarious storylines, but I feel that the brass rings comment was indeed the worst thing Vince has introduced us in the past year if not the past decade.

    • Adam says:

      Very well written, and totally agree. What’s worse…it wasn’t an accurate comment. Go back to Cesaro teasing a breakaway from Swagger last winter. He beats the champ, Orton, clean on TV, he is dispaying his unreal offense week in and week out, he swings Orton too many times to count in the Elimination Chamber, which I personally witnessed bring an entire arena into a frenzy, he wins the Wrestlemania battle royal by slamming Big Show… even my 7-year old said, “Dad, Cesaro can’t be a good guy much longer — he gets cheered too much.” He is a rare breed — an amazing worker with the look, unique crowd-pleasing offense, and a fairly diverse fan set. He was Daniel Bryan, but with muscles and freakish strength. His storyline was right there. Heyman ditches him for Lesnar, and…

      Here’s the worst part. WWE can fix this in one night, by having him interrupt a Vince a$$hole promo celebrating the authority’s return. He could tease the swing only to get blindsided by HHH. Instant megastar. Instead, he references the comment and jobs to another heel in 2 minutes.

      As long as I am ranting, here is what the Bella drama accomplished:
      1 No wins for babyfaces, despite the heat that was built for Brie to get revenge at SummerSlam
      2 A decisive win for Stephanie with no showing of any ass
      3 Nikki as champion
      4 A completely inexplicable heel turn for Brie to reunite with Nikki
      5 Dissonance between the loving wife Bryan speaks of and the one we see three segments later


  47. Whlteshadow says:

    I don’t think the Brass Ring has any competition really. Some of the other selections on this page “Royal Rumble 2014, Return Of Raw Guest Hosts” are just symptoms of Vince’s Brass Rings comments that shows that he doesn’t watch his own product when he says that “Cesaro doesn’t connect with the fans” or whatever horseshit excuse he has for cutting guys legs off when they get over and keeping them under the John Cena glass ceiling.

    I could go into Vince’s constant last minute script changes, such as where John Cena was beaten so bad that he was supposedly not going to wrestle for weeks, only to return the next week and bury Bray Wyatt.

    Vince and his stooge Kevin Dunno are heavily responsible for the terrible decisions and the way WWE is booked right now as they try their damn hardest to pretend they are not doing a wrestling show.

    No matter how many times you shill “The Network is only 9.99”, the current product doesn’t give you incentive to order the Network.

  48. Amon says:

    I liked Willow, but that’s just me, I guess…

  49. Jimbolian says:

    Wait, did WWE REALLY bring in Claire Lynch for just that one sketch or is that just some doppelganger? I know TNA is notorious from taking pages from WWE, but this might be a first I believe.

    • Jimbolian says:

      To add one more thing, the “Never-Ending” Adam Rose/Bunny feud should qualify because it screams to be inducted — don’t forget the Hornswoggle McMahon angle was still ongoing when it took home the 2007 Gooker.

    • the14thListener says:

      The other WWE steals from TNA concept I remember also involves women. Lay-Cool was a pretty solid rip-off of the Beautiful People.

  50. the14thListener says:

    I wanted to vote in the spirit of the original site focusing on in-ring story lines and gimmicks, so I went with the Bellas. The Brass Rings and Royal Rumble are a higher level problem that don’t fit that for me. Claire Lynch’s WWE cousin Megan Miller didn’t last long enough. I like picking on TNA, but Sam Shaw’s stalker story, as horrifying as it was, felt inconsequential while I kept thinking about the company sinking entirely. Maybe he could stalk the Bellas in an Invasion? License to shred money!

  51. Mister Forth says:

    Warning: Long rant.

    Now I don’t wanna get off on a rant here, but I personally voted for the Bella mess, in all honesty, it, the Rumble, or the “Brass Ring” mentality will have a well deserved win, but for me, this is a.

    While I’m not sure “Brass Ring” is WrestleCrap in and of itself, it is the big example of the thought process that goes on to create many of these nominees and things that aren’t. it’s why Undertaker had to pass the torch to a guy that may not be in WWE come April. It’s why Cesaro found himself used as Paul Heyman’s soapbox for months. It’s why a semi-retired wrestler-turned-actor was chosen to win the Rumble over the most over man in wrestling. Really, it may not be WrestleCrap, but it’s most certainly the factory. The reason it’s not as deserving is Austin had finally achieved what many didn’t think was possible, he pretty much got Vince McMahon to admit that he was now like the promoters he put out of business in the 1980’s. With one question, Austin turned the image of 1984 Vince McMahon into 1984 Verne Gagne: A promoter that thought he knew better for the business than those that paid for the ticket. In essence, Austin may have been the man that lead two boom periods. This time, for some fans to realize they need to search out new options. Vince’s thinking is now to the benefit of smaller companies, and may have helped them to reach their own brass ring.

    The Rumble was a bad moment for WWE. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that not only did Daniel Bryan have not simply WWE fans support, but also the support of almost every wrestling fan. Add to that the accidental booking of him as the guy that could beat Randy Orton in a fair fight, and you have every single reason why Bryan was the only choice to headline the biggest show of the year. Those that knew that Rey Mysterio was in the Rumble knew before he came out at #30 that he was going to dread being so. Given that it took until March to put Bryan in the match, as well as the booking of Bryan, and WWE as a whole, and you could tell that Bryan was put in as damage control. However, as accidentally booked to happen as it did, it got fans to take up the mission of getting Bryan into the main event. Some even threatened to boycott both the new network WWE started, as well as WrestleMania entirely. Fans were so heated that when they finally saw Bryan holding Big Logo and Big Gold to close the show, it felt like finally, there was justice in wrestling. At that moment, the fans had their day.

    The Bella angle got my vote due to the way it unfolded. “Brass Ring” was the moment Austin had Vince in checkmate. Austin didn’t go too much deeper into it because he in effect confirmed the biggest problem WWE has right now. The Rumble was bad, but the fans got what they wanted. The Bella angle started from the attempt to keep Bryan as Champion in case he didn’t need any surgery or any extra time off. But as things went on, it became a feud involving two examples of nepotism taking up more TV time than the build-up to the main event of Summerslam. The match then saw the most obvious turn the entire year, which meant Steph got to again look infallible to anyone. While each Bella mainly had their spots in WWE based on relationships with the biggest merchandise movers in the company, but it would be Brie who would have to carry the feud. She may not be the next Ric Flair by any means, but she actually has improved somewhat. The only things that changed with Nikki were that her breasts got larger and her shorts got tighter. She still had no competence in the ring, and when it came to her charisma, she was even worse. Talent may not be sexually transmitted, but John Cena can thank his lucky stars termites aren’t either. This lead to the most painful segments where not only would Nikki would either say everything with the same over the top stupidity as Stan Marsh’s dad yelling “Crème Fraiche”, but also lead her to say the kind of lines that sounded so much worse with that “delivery”. The segment with Jerry Springer, who was there after Michael Sam basically said “no”, felt like it was truly beneath him to be involved with something that was so broken as this. All of this lead to a quick match where Nikki got Brie as her slave for a month. Though somewhere down the line, she somehow made nice with the woman who wished she was stillborn, and in order to help Nikki win a match, decided to play CM Punk and plant one on AJ Lee. Now whether this will lead Brie and Nikki remaining together, or Brie turning face in a way so illogical, Vince Russo would call cow dung on it, it has proven itself to be the shining example not only of the rewards those connected are more important to WWE, but also of what WWE wants in womens wrestlers nowadays: Melodrama that seems more fit for their new reality TV show rather that what Charlotte, Bayley, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks do every week on NXT. It has no redeeming value, something the other two have.

    While these are the three options that have shown why WWE is in it’s worst timeframe since 1995-1996, it is one of them that has no silver lining, no “so bad, it’s somehow good”, not even is it worthy of being called a wrestling segment. The Bella angle is something that can only be called WrestleCrap.

    Of course that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

    • Roland Lasorda says:

      Austin leading “two boom periods”… Eh, I’d argue that Hogan was the one who started that one with his heel turn and nWo formation (though Austin did eventually emerge as the biggest breakout star of his era). Crediting the lead to Austin sounds like WWE’s Attitude-era whitewashing of history (along with Austin as “the biggest wrestling star in history”, Shawn Michaels “the greatest WWE Champion of all time”, blah blah blah…all pretty much designed to discredit WCW defector Hogan).

      All that said: the Gooker should just go to WWE 2014 as a whole, really. Company takes a brief turn toward some legitimately compelling TV and push of modern talent, only to backtrack the audience to 2007-2013 levels of horrible TV. I’d go so far as to say the McMahons were actually RELIEVED Daniel Bryan got injured and had to vacate the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. You know they were legit pissed to see their “brainwashed” fan base revolt and demand changes. Now it feels like they’re giving their paying fans one huge middle finger.

  52. Jerichoholic Ninja says:

    I wouldn’t have a problem with the Rumble winning, but aside from the end result, I thought it was the best Rumble match in years. The first 40 minutes were very good (except for Trips’ good buddy Nash getting a paycheck) but of course, once Rey came out, to some fans it became the Worst. Rumble. Ever!

    In short, the wrestling on the show was good, but the booking was less good and we got a pretty memorable evening out of it. I remember Bryan Alvarez’s rant on (I think) The Bryan & Vinny Show the night of the Rumble and it was so genuine that at times it was uncomfortable.

  53. jonthejoker says:

    We all know that the Brass Rings should win. And if it does win then it needs to be presented as point-counterpoint to the Colt-Punk podcast. Would make an interesting podcast.

  54. jonthejoker says:

    Induction not podcast, sorry got keyboard twisted lol

  55. Alexandru says:

    Yeah the Rumble itself was bad but it led to a pretty good WM so, yeah bad event good outcome. Bellas nonsense was terrible but it quietly died. the Brass Rings comment should win since that affects the entire roster and shows how incompetent Vince has become

  56. horseshoe316 says:

    does anyone know if batista is coming back? or are they going to let is contract just run out? i know he left to do the guardians of the galaxy movie but if he dosent come back, talk about a total waste of money

  57. Moppy says:

    Crazy steve? Crazy steve?? It’s CRAZZY STEVE,damn you! Crazy steve is just stupid. Yeesh.

  58. KatieVictoriasSecret says:

    I ended up going with the Bellas. The Fandango angle had a decent blow-off, the (incredibly bad) booking for the Rumble paid off in Daniels’ championship at Mania, the Raw Guest Host situation was just…eh, the Claire Lynch retread was at least mercifully brief and the Adam Rose/Bunny blow-off only lasted a couple of months. Vince has been saying that crap for years and it was too much fun watching Austin call him on it for me to vote it as the crap de la creme. I couldn’t vote for anything TNA in all good conscious because they’ve suffered enough this year ;p

    The Bella storyline had everything (or is that nothing) going for it: awful acting and endless promos designed to get both women over in an AJ-ish fashion but only resulted in mocking laughter, the awful repackaging of both women to differentiate them (Jim Johnston owes me new eardrums after introducing that earbleeder of a theme for Brie), the thuddingly obvious anti-reaction from audiences nationwide fo the angle, and then the storyline culminating in…..nothing, with the twins united as ‘mean girl’ style heels.

  59. Chris D says:

    Personally, I think that Willow was the worst character of the year, since once they brought him out of the vignettes and into the ring, he went from “enigmatic mind trip” to “Jeff Hardy in a mask.” However, my vote went to the Bella feud as the worst thing of the year, simply because the initial Stephanie v. Brie feud was so red hot in my mind. There was a lot of steam behind it, it even main evented a Raw! Steph served as a great foil to Brie sticking up for her man, and despite Brie’s so-so acting and the Megan Miller misstep (that was immediately dropped), the pre-SummerSlam angle was pretty engaging. Then Stephanie let’s Nikki do most of the work after the SummerSlam match, and it just tanked from there. Both had been improving in the ring, but neither looked comfortable carrying a feud with each other. Toss in bad acting, worse lines, unnecessary Jerry Springer cameos, and logic-defying character changes, and you have a Gooker winner for sure. The part that stings the worst for me is that I really wanted them to succeed and prove their nay-sayers wrong, especially since they have been actively improving their game. Sadly to say, I think this feud had the reverse effect…

  60. Chris M says:

    Going to give the nod to the Bellas this year, not because it was terrible (it was, but so was 99% of everything else this year) but rather because it started out with legitimate promise. When they first started the angle out there was a genuine level of interest from the crowd, and both Steph and Brie were getting some actual heat: which is so amazingly rare in the women’s division. As Other Chris mentioned above, it seems like after SummerSlam everything fell apart, and the whole story line became lazy and contrived. Once they started stealing Brady Bunch story lines (“If you lose you are my SLAVE for a whole MONTH!”) and dialog (“I should have killed you in the womb, Marsha!”) all was officially lost.

  61. Christopher Olsen says:

    Personally I was just hoping for a “WWE Booking” category. It was just bad, bad, bad. The only good thing they did was Bryan at Wrestlemania. And that was forced on them. If they didn’t, they might’ve lost 1/4-1/3 of their audience.

    • Roland Lasorda says:

      As I said already, you just know WWE was quietly celebrating Daniel Bryan’s time on the shelf. Hell I wouldn’t be shocked to learn WWE arranged some sort of “hit” to get him out of their hair.

      • Idi 'Big Daddy' Amin says:

        This is a thought I’ve genuinely had since he got injured. Can’t you just see Steph, Trips or Vince pulling Kane aside backstage and saying “Hey, big guy: one of those tombstones you give to that little bearded runt who’s making us look like clueless dickwits with our heads up our asses… try and make it look extra-convincing, nudge nudge wink wink”?

        I sure can.

  62. Beaver Cleavage says:

    Samuel Shaw not doing better disappoints me. We had a wrestler who’s gimmick was not only that he was the creepiest stalker ever, it was heavily insinuated that he had sex with his mother. HOW IS THIS NOT WINNING?!

  63. Chris V says:

    I went with the Bellas story but the Brass Ring was a close second. That’s what happens when you let Grandpa be in charge a show designed for young people!

  64. Time Lord Soundwave says:

    You can’t grab brass rings when they’re obstructed by a glass ceiling, if you catch my meaning.

    That said, my vote was for the Bellas. It had no redeeming values whatsoever, wasted valuable time, and worst of all, it was in service to Total Divas, which means it was tainted by original sin from the beginning.

  65. Francisco J. Rodriguez says:

    I choose Royal Rumble 2014 booking. Batista makes his return, wins the rumble, and was meant to be in the main event WM 30, under the favor of HHH since he brought back the New Age Outlaws and had them win the tag belts in a rush. Thanks to CM Punk’s rant and fan protests, Daniel Bryan gets his shot at the belt, wins it, and Batista walks out.

  66. Jon Milne says:

    More than a little disappointed that Bellas are winning at the moment. Yes, they were spectacularly awful (so much so I certainly consider them 2014’s Worst Wrestler(s) of the Year. However, BS like the Bellas and Batista’s Royal Rumble victory come only from the kind of truly stupid thinking that comes from Vince McMahon and his “Brass Rings” philosophy.

    I know that some people think that if you induct “Brass Rings” this year, you basically have to do it every year until Vince retires, but this year is particularly notable because Vince out and out said it. He has an erection for John Cena, and he openly comes out with the contradictory notion that the roster should totally be more ambitious while simultaneously not pissing anyone off. It’s this bullshit thinking that has led to ridiculously derailed pushes of (in this past year alone) Cesaro, The Wyatts, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan and many more. Hell, even Roman Reigns suffered from terrible booking that derailed his momentum massively. Oh, and even if you do have that drive to grab the brass rings, like say, Zack Ryder and CM Punk, there’s a good chance that since your name is not John Cena, you’ll be treated like shit.

    This was the year it was officially confirmed that Vince needs to fucking retire and give the reins of his company to someone who isn’t completely out of touch with reality. And for that, there is nothing else that deserves to win the Gooker more than Vince this year.

  67. Mat P says:

    Batista winning Rumble stopped me watching for about 6 months. So while I may have missed a few of these, it wins.

  68. Dude says:

    How can anyone vote for the brass rings thing? Please, for the sake of entertainment, don’t! How the hell are they going to be able to make a long, detailed, and most importantly funny induction on 30 seconds of dialogue?

    The Bella entrant is perfect. It had all the makings of gooker worthy wrestlecrap and I can’t wait to read it and laugh along remembering everything horrible and being entertained.

    Brass rings short and just make people angry like Eddiesploitation. Not fun, not funny, not entertaining.

    Its not wrestlecrap’s job to indict all the wrongs backstage, its supposed to be funny.

    • Deathedge says:

      I thought that the interview as a whole would be inducted, not just the “brass rings”comment.

      Personally, I agree with you on that it should be the Bellas. You know, if there is ONE thing you’d think TV writers could write, it’s good dialogue. This promo heavy feud proves that they really, really can’t. It also, as you said, seems to have the most entertainment potential for an induction.

      That said, the brass rings comment was basically Vince pitting the blame on WWE being stagnant over the years on the ENTIRE ROSTER and them supposedly not wanting to take chances to get over! They also could make fun of some of the things Vince said just by pointing out how insane it is. I hope it doesn’t win, but I can see why people are voting for it.

      The job of Wrestlecrap is for comedy, but the job of the Gooker Award is to go the worst thing that happened in wrestling. Personally, I thought that was the Bella feud, but I can see why several people feel that the interview was the worst…

    • George Nolan says:

      While the site’s role is to satirize the worst gimmicks and angles to come out of pro wrestling, it also has the moniker of covering the worst that has come out of pro wrestling which the Invasion and Eddiesploitation are also among, and they are realities to the sport we can’t ignore just because we want to laugh at something. Where exactly are you getting the impression folks hated the Eddiesploitation article?

  69. Stephen says:

    Does this poll have a closing date, by the way?

  70. Jonathan says:

    Uh oh, Brass rings is winning. Look, I admit it’s bad, but it’s not really WrestleCrap. The title of the entry could also be “WWE Booking” and if the overall booking of various companies was included every year, it would win just about every year. There’s no comedy there, it’s just Vince’s belief, the same that he’s had for years.

    When I first saw it, I was afraid it would win because jaded fans would vote for it, and I was right. Leave the rants about overall booking philosophies for forums, this is WrestleCrap.

    • Rex Kidd says:

      Yeah, it’s not shitty wrestling or booking, but Vince’s outlook on workers and booking. It influences but is not in fact the product put on TV. Even the Vince Russo worked shoot interview with Tenay, which featured the utterly indefensible idea that non-Americans shouldn’t be pushed in a US-based promotion, wasn’t a Gooker winner despite being on a TNA weekly ppv (and I’m not sure of this but I bet it wasn’t even nominated).

      I get being upset about it but Bellas deserves the win. I mean for fuck’s sake they still shared a twitter account through that whole ordeal.

  71. Thomas Moffatt says:

    Can I say I think that Michael Cole has been thoroughly awful the last year on play-by-play and colour? If he had been in the ring or had a feud he could have been a Gooker candidate – notice Josh Matthews didn’t get mentioned in the worst of 2014…

  72. Rex Kidd says:

    Voted for Adam Rose and the Bunny because that storyline should have ended after three segments total (Truth says the Bunny is stealing the spotlight, Bunny gets the pin in a tag match, Rose turns on the Bunny after a loss) but instead is still possibly ongoing months later. Possibly, because the bunny was nowhere to be seen when Rose was on the Jan 5 Raw

    I’m really hoping Vince’s brass ring comment doesn’t win, for a couple reasons. One, it won’t be a long or humorous/enjoyable induction. Two, the fact that Vince doesn’t like the newer crop of workers and is against developing new stars who aren’t Samoan isn’t a secret, it wasn’t unknown information prior to his podcast appearance.

  73. ChrisV says:

    The Sam Shaw story gets special mention because he had an apartment when he met Christy, then later it was revealed he lived with his mother. I guess he just kept a secret stalker pad to take his dates.
    I’m fine with Shaw though, because I love his entrance music.

    Bella vs. Bella was an easy choice for me. I want to hear someone explain why Brie is now a heel and friendly with Nikki after the whole “be her servant” story-line. I laugh every time I see them now, because it looks like Brie really got in to being her sister’s servant.

  74. charles belles says:

    the royal rumble booking. I have not seen a crowd like that since the raw after mania in New Jersey.

  75. Doink the Doink says:

    Guys…brass rings shouldn’t be winning. It literally should be last right now. For no other reason, what is the article about it going to be? This would be like inducting Vince’s ruthless aggression speech. It may have been misguided, but it wasn’t the worst thing of the year. If you want to yell at WWE’s booking, at least do the Royal Rumble.

    Entertainment > Making a statement

    • TMC says:

      I have to strongly disagree with you. For one technically the statement was on a WWE produced program, so to me it’s fair game. Just as shoot style promos are fair game.

      Secondly do we really need another Gooker winner that is some silly angle? Or another Gooker winner that’s some woman who is a poor actress, that bogs down the show?

      This time period is very important in terms of a transition of the industry, one day when people look back at the industry and what was wrong with everything, I truly believe the brass rings comment will be played. As a sound byte illustrating the utter aloof incompetence of the man who is ruling over the industry.

      Whereas with the other choices in a few years odds are nobody will remember them, nor will they care about them.

      • George says:

        “Secondly do we really need another Gooker winner that is some silly angle?”
        Yes, that’s what the Gooker Award is.

  76. Jim says:

    My problem with the Brass Ring is that it seems like a book chapter (if not an entire book). It is a great encapsulation of the problems of trying to succeed in WWE in the past 30 years (and many other businesses), where corporate reportedly wants the wrestlers to be assertive and stand up for things, but then people who don’t toe the company line get crushed, including Ziggler reportedly being in hot water of late for booking a standup comedy gig without corporate pre-approval.

    But even just this year (thus ignoring guys like Ryder, or Jeff Hardy/Eddie/Rey/Benoit as being too small, Bret as too dull, the Invasion being booked to kill WCW, etc.), who wouldn’t be worthy of having their own (long) segments in this section? Ziggler (energetic matches, popular, vanquisher of Authority with assist from Sting, stuck in IC title purgatory)? Bryan (the obvious, reportedly only booked into ‘Mania because Punk left, and then whose absence was ignored for months even when there was popular coverage of his presence at the Giants’ World Series’ parade/Michigan State cheers)? Cesaro (over with the Giant Swing but killed with the Heyman pairing/heel turn, wants to be “an Authority guy” but doesn’t make the team, given a crappy Raven speech before losing to Barrett)? Ambrose (intense psycho turned into prop comic who loses via holograms and exploding TVs, trapped in a never ending series of gimmick matches with Bray Wyatt)? Wyatt himself (apparently switched to lose to Cena at ‘Mania because ‘Taker was going to lose, only beats Cena once with the help of a kid with a voice scrambler, lets Rowan/Harper go for no real reason without anyone getting heat, the “It’s Coming” videos that led nowhere)? Ryback (should have beaten Punk for the title instead of going on a six-month PPV losing streak that included a fast count from Brad Maddox, turned heel because Cena needed a post-‘Mania opponent, floundered with Axel for months, returned from injury and was hyped as a big deal only to be the first guy eliminated at Survivor Series)? Nattie (one of the better female wrestlers on the roster but can’t get the title – or a real push – even though she is on Total Divas)? Anyone in NXT who “isn’t ready” because they don’t follow the style WWE wants? The announcers’ general burying of the lousy content WWE itself produces? Booking feuds so that no one gets over (e.g. IC Champ loses a bunch of non-title matches, loser of a match immediately beats down the winner, long matches that go to a DQ, throwing gimmick matches out there for no reason/storyline development)?

    • Roland Lasorda says:

      Natalya is a fine, fine wrestler & all, don’t get me wrong. However I can understand why she doesn’t get a harder company push: doesn’t have their preferred “look”, tends to be a whiny mark for herself who takes it all bit TOO seriously (you know, kind of like Bret). I actually can’t understand why she is even on TD in the first place, other than to get laughs at her expense.

      • Jerichoholic Ninja says:

        I really don’t get the criticism of “takes themselves too seriously” or “puts too much weight into a fake title”. It’s a criticism Bret Hart gets all the time, but that’s what made him great. If the top wrestlers of all-time have one thing in common, it’s that they worked their asses off to be the best. Is pro wrestling “fake”? Sure. But so is TV and movies, and imagine how much Pulp Fiction would have sucked if Samuel L. Jackson had said “I’m not a real badass killer, so I’m just going to half-ass this thing.”

        In short, it is MUCH better to have a wrestler on top who believes in themselves and takes the symbolism of being champion seriously. If anything, it’s wrestlers who don’t take the title seriously and treat everything like a joke, like your late-90s Hogan, Kevin Nash, Triple H and John Cena that has de-valued the title. Showing pride and belief in your abilities isn’t “taking yourself too seriously”. It’s wanting to be the best, and that’s something the WWE needs to push a hell of a lot more.

  77. Adam says:

    This looks like a photo-finish.

  78. Al says:

    Nothing, nothing annoyed me more this year than the Bella feud. Complete waste of actual wrestling time. It was like a Spanish soap opera – Cheap acting, impossible to understand, and made me question why I’m even watching this channel.

  79. Idi 'Big Daddy' Amin says:

    I plumped for Vince’s brass rings, because more than anything else, that line of jaundiced thinking is what’s bringing the company closer to tanking than anything since the mid-1990s.

    WWF crowds started turning on Hogan by 1991, he’d been on top for six years at that point. Cena, the 21st century Hogan (right down to the colour of his newest range of merch) has been in that coveted spot for nearly half a decade longer, and Vince simply refuses to see what’s obvious even to Stevie Wonder in a blindfold: shit is staler than that petrified loaf of bread at Pompeii. I hate to get on a Cena rant here, but the man casts a shadow over the whole company. When someone else wins the world title, there’s an overriding feeling that they’re just keeping it warm until Cena’s next reign. Even when Bryan won it at Mania—one of the few genuine moments of positive emotion seen in WWE in years—my first thought was “I wonder which heel will take it off him so Cena can win it.”

    And it extends beyond just Cena. If someone gets near the main event, you know they’ll soon be put into a feud with Randy Orton, who will of course handily defeat them unless their name rhymes with spaniel tryin’. Then there’s Vince’s fetishistic obsession with huge men, which continues in the increasingly bloated forms of Kane and Big Show, two men who together possess less mobility than your average mountain, yet somehow continue to be placed near the top of the card. Kane has actually supplanted Big Show as the guy I most hate seeing on my TV from a sheer “Oh, please just retire already” standpoint.

    Then there’s the guys who’ve had their stock diminished to near-nothingness by bubbleheaded booking decisions and sheer creative cowardice: the ludicrously talented Cesaro, who was most recently glimpsed pratting around with Tyson Kidd in a bodystocking and a neon Halloween mask; Bray Wyatt, a man who should have been set to become the new Undertaker but still hasn’t recovered from his needless dismantling by John Cena nearly six months ago; the inimitable Dean Ambrose, a victim of collateral damage from the Wyatt burial, since in an effort to rebuild Wyatt’s air of invincibility the poor sod seems unlikely to garner a three-count even if he pulled out a gun and shot Bray Wyatt dead; the tragic case of Dolph Ziggler—probably the most talented man on the entire roster—who’s had his push stop-started so many times it’s a miracle he’s not suffered a devastating case of whiplash. I could easily go on.

    Basically, if the company had a similar reluctance to build new stars in the mid-to-late 1990s, Vince McMahon wouldn’t be in business any more. And just because he has no real WCW-style competition is no reason to rest on his laurels. I can only hope he watches one of those Monday Night Wars documentaries on his Network and learns from it. Either that or just retires, since if NXT is anything to go by, his son-in-law (for all his glaring faults) knows how to put together a goddamned wrestling show.

    As for the Bella stuff everybody seems so set against, I just ignored that guff for the entire year. Mute the TV, put some music on, unmute when the segment’s over. Works wonders.

    One last thing. Regarding the sentiment of brass rings not being all that funny, the tagline of the site is “the very worst in pro wrestling”, not “the very funniest in pro wrestling”. Sometimes you’ve got to take your medicine, even if it tastes like (wrestle)crap.

    • Roland Lasorda says:

      Those Monday Night War docs are a joke. Self-masturbatory “history is written by the winners” BS that arrogantly, shamelessly rewrites history (“women in the 80’s weren’t do anything interesting”, says Miz… all the while you are like, “WENDI RICHTER & CYNDI LAUPER!!!”).

      • Idi 'Big Daddy' Amin says:

        Valid points, and they do have WWE’s typical “Vince is a genius and has never got anything wrong, not even Mantaur” historical revisionism to them, but there is an undercurrent flowing through them that references competition bringing out the best in Vince.

        For what it’s worth, I’ve deliberately not watched the DX one simply because I know it’ll paint the faction as a far larger part of the Attitude Era than it really was.

  80. Wes Kirk says:

    The option they are too afraid to have a vote on.

    “Brock Lesnar defeats The Undertaker at WrestleMania to end the Streak… and goes on vaycay!”

    The very worst of professional wrestling, right here folks. Nothing topped it, nothing could top it.

    You have a loyal, dedicated wrestler who paid his dues for nearly 25 years in the WWE, a man who could have jumped ship numerous times to WCW or even TNA if he wished and refused to ever look over an offer. He put on some good matches, some lousy, and some quite memorable and remained a consistent draw and an excellent character that will someday be a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

    Then, you have Brock Lesnar. Booked mostly dominant over everybody from his return at Extreme Rules against John Cena in 2012 (even in loss) Lesnar was fast-tracking to the WWE title and had a few million dollars for several sparse dates to work thrown in for good measure. Add an ego that got him thinking he could ditch WWE 10 years earlier to jump into the Minnesota Vikings NFL team and fail miserably, and you can see where this is going. WWE picked up him after success in the UFC, and the match was set that we’d already seen in the fall and winter of 2002 repeatedly!

    The guy who nearly tripped on the ring steps two weeks earlier and was not in 100% condition, obviously, to compete goes in anyway and puts on his working boots. And Lesnar hands him his ass and then to the shock of the world, gets the three-count. Yep, after 25 years, Undertaker was no longer a WrestleMania undefeated performer. Lesnar conquered the streak, thousands of people walked out from that moment in protest and absolutely mauled the Divas who performed next, not because of them but in general, the disappointment was palpable. The sight of thousands of people leaving WrestleMania two matches before the main event says it all about how crappy this was.

    So, with this newfound victory and doing the impossible, what does Brock do?

    Oh, he goes on vacation for three months!

    As the momentum of his victory slowly fades away and is only mentioned by Paul Heyman since Heyman shows up more than five times a year, Brock finally comes back to beat John Cena at SummerSlam for the WWE Title. He made an insulting comment about having only one title because he didn’t want to carry two around at the airports and well, he got his wish as usual. Then at September’s Night of Champions, he gets his rear end handed to him by Cena and loses by DQ thanks to a Rollins run-in, who curb stomps Lesnar afterwards and tries to cash in but is unable to.

    Three months later (and a world title defenseless HITC, SS, and TLC) Lesnar appears again! This time, he attacks… John Cena and helps the guy who stomped his head into a briefcase. He’s set for a title defense in a triple threat now at the Royal Rumble, and guess what? Word has already broken out Lesnar wants to return to the UFC after WrestleMania. Lesnar’s title reign was accompanied by massively disappointing buyrates, RAW/SD ratings, and less network subscriptions, including 36% of those who signed up cancelling it after the six-month period.

    If this isn’t the biggest load of wrestlecrap, I seriously don’t know what is. But it isn’t up there to be voted on like the waste of time that was Bella vs. Bella, or the Willow character, or anything else for that matter. Take a moment and think to yourself about what that message was when UT lost to Lesnar: “If you do well in WWE, the second you look too old to continue we’ll throw you to the wolves no matter how loyal you were to us.” The Alliance in 2001 was the very worst in pro-wrestling, at least add -this- to the voting since there is nothing that was worse for business in 2014 than Lesnar’s “victory” ending the one main draw of WrestleMania since 1991.

    • Mister Forth says:

      Truth be told, I’m surprised this isn’t an option.

    • John says:

      I’m not going to rant on this decision but this would have definitely been my top pick if it was an option. I’m not mad about the streak ending. How many more times can Taker just appear to randomly challenge someone at WM before it gets old? It was already getting old at this point. I’m mad that this was probably the most shocking moment in WWE since Austin turned heel in 2001 and instead of building up a proper feud between the two and letting Taker go out with a bang, they let him go out with a whimper. (I know Taker had the concussion but still that does not excuse the lack of build for what would be such a huge moment) To top it off I’ll make any wager the only reason the streak ended was to get some cheap shock value from the audience. Vince Russo would be proud. The fact Lesnar gets the biggest and arguably most undeserving push anyone can gets and not even be around to capitalize on it just adds insult to injury. If Brock does leave WWE after WM 31 then that would make this decision even more pathetic. I guess I did rant a bit. Sorry.

    • KatieVictoriasSecret says:

      I hope this gets inducted somewhere down the line when we see how Lesnar’s reign pans out, because the booking on this was atrocious. We all know the ‘streak’ had to end sometime, but I’d’ve rather Taker gave the rub to Wyatt, or Ziggler – somebody either of a similar imposing gimmick or somebody who’s up and coming and has the potential to leave a lasting legacy. Giving it to Lesnar – who’s the antithesis of a company man and promptly disappeared for months.

  81. Joey says:

    By definition, Wrestlecrap is the stuff in wrestling that you look at and make you think “This is stupid.” Like for example: “What the heck is Vince talking about brass rings and shit? This is stupid.” Or “Where’s Daniel Bryan? Why are they making it so obvious Batista is winning? This is stupid.” Or “What’s the point of this angle/gimmick? This is stupid.”

  82. Conor says:

    While the other selections are all worthy of induction down the road, I went with Vince’s “brass ring” comments for the Gooker. With the other nominees, you can look back, laugh and shake your head at the idiocy. But McMahon – the man whose company IS pro wrestling for mainstream audiences – just proved that once again, he’s way out of touch.

  83. TmF says:

    Voted for Bella vs. Bella because:

    1. Daniel Bryan got dragged into it. Injured or not, he deserved better than that.

    2. The whole fucking thing abruptly ended with Brie turning heel and them just teaming up again for no goddamn reason.

  84. Preparation Triple H says:

    Voted for Vince McMahon & Brass Rings because Vince is pretty much the reason for all the other nominees.

  85. George from Dudleyville NY says:

    I’m disappointed a bit. I can’t believe a podcast won the infamous Gooker. I’m far from pro Vince. But how can anybody take what he says serious anymore? Who cares what Vince’s opinions are? We know all the stories and incidents why he’s hated. The “brass ring” comment doesn’t amount to more than motivational BS, no more then a Jerry Jones or Steinbrenner rant of the past. Vince just wanted to prove he’s still judge, jury and excecutioner of his company. Between the Punk ordeal and fans shoving Bryan down his throat, that was his litte state of address. It’s crap alright. Just not Wrestlecrap to me.

    • Stephen says:

      There’s still another week to go, mate, but I agree with you. How is RD going to squeeze an induction out of a 30-second statement? Let alone a funny induction; it’s bound to be in the serious vein of inductions like Eddiesploitation.

      • Adam says:

        Personally, I thought the Eddie one is one of the better write-ups.

        As for “squeezing an induction out of 30 seconds”, maybe that could just be a lead-in, to examine all the stupid Crap that’s come from the thinking in recent times. Apart from the Adam Rose/Bunny thing, all the WWE choices can covered with a Brass Rings wrap-up.

  86. Deathedge says:

    Even though I’ve already voted for the Bellas, I’m trying to remember something due to my foggy memory (kind of odd since I know the Brass Rings comment wasn’t THAT long ago) did the interview take place during the Network’s free week. If not… Then I really wish I had voted for that now. I know that they eventually released the podcast for free, but since you had to pay to listen to it first, that makes it JUST a little bit worse in mind.

    For people who still don’t get why it is winning:

    -Think about it, it’s responsible for AT LEAST 1 nominee here (The Rumble Booking)

    -It is, arguably, that chain of thinking that led to the booking of the Invasion. The WCW guys Vince DID get were, primarily, the young talent that would held back due to that.

    -It led to other Gooker inductions in the past (Bryan’s 18 second Mania loss just to name one off the top of my head; The Spirit Squad’s burial, possibly, to name another)

    -We had heard the stories, yes, but this Vince CONFIRMING the stories to be true.

    -Even if it was just a “motivational ploy” assuming reports are true, it backfired, as the roster saw it as Vince basically saying “It’s YOUR fault you don’t get a push, come on down to my ring shop for some free rings already you pansies.”

    -He legit buried Cesaro, even after he was getting over with the crowd earlier in the year and it was booking LARGELY done by Vince that resulted in him losing all momentum.

    Long story short, the more I think about it, the more I begin to think it’s a perfectly logical choice. I mean, when it’s just online reports saying this stuff, there can still be some room for denial; There is no room for that anymore. He straight up SAID it.

    • Deathedge says:

      *Correction*Led to other Crap inductions in the past. Sorry, can’t edit (obviously.)

    • Stephen says:

      Everyone gets *why* it’s winning. But what, are we meant to be surprised that the WWE is a hellhole of politics? Or Vince buries guys who are over because he’s out of touch? It was basically a couple of minutes of talking on a podcast.

      Meanwhile, look at the current runner-up, the Bellas. This is storytelling at its *worst*. Months and months of terrible, terrible vignettes and promos. “Growing up Bella” segments. Jerry Springer. “I wish you’d died in the womb”. A match which led to Brie becoming Nikki’s slave for 30 days, which they did NOTHING with. And at the end of it? Brie turned heel and joined Nikki anyway, and why? Because “blood is thicker than water”. THAT’S IT! No real reason!

      The worst part of it? It was all done because it was supposed to be a tie-in to the new season of Total Divas. Then it was dropped because the producers changed their mind and wanted a breakup angle instead (leading to Tyson and Natalya getting screentime on Raw). In other words, we had to put up with months of godawful television because the producers of a bad reality television show can influence the WWE’s storylines.

      • Deathedge says:

        Again though, this CONFIRMS it. This is Vince showing just how out of touch he is, and how little of thinks of anyone not named “John Cena” “Randy Orton” or was one of his Attitude Era boys.

        Also… And I’ll admit I’m diving into a lot of speculation, but the interview, combined with internet rumors of how Vince likes to look out for his boys and give benefits to the friends of said boys… Well… OK… Who gained the most out of the Bella Storyline? Some would say Brie, but it was very clearly Nikki, AKA John’s girlfriend. She’s now THE top heel of the divas division, while Brie (who WAS gaining some momentum during her storyline with Nipple H, even if it was because of her husband and hijacking the chant) who SHOULD have benefited the most (had the storyline been done well that is) was hastily turned heel and is Nikki (IE the wife of the dude Vince was basically FORCED to give the belt to) is playing second fiddle to her.

        Plus, even if that isn’t true and just me reading more into it, it shows just how skewed Vince’s priorities are. Honestly, if RD wanted to, I think he could combine 3 of the Gooker candidates (Fandy, 2014 Rumble Booking, Bella feud) and relate them back to the “Brass Rings” comment, as well as past inductions that took place in the past… I’d say 5 years.

        • Deathedge says:

          OK, I bumbled all over that 2nd paragraph towards the end… I meant, you know, that Brie, D-Bry’s wife, is Nikki’s 2nd fiddle now. Need to spell check my longish posts on here. xD

      • KatieVictoriasSecret says:

        The “hilarious” (IE not hilarious at all) part of this is that Total Divas actually is doing a “Bellas refuse to speak to each other” storyline this season after all, but the argument in Total Divas “canon” is over Brie going to John Cena behind Nikki’s back over…something. They’re not even retelling the angle from a soap opera-ish direction, they’re just two totally different things.

  87. BaltoJim says:

    I voted for the Bella twins. The feud between Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon was decent enough, since Stephanie was there to carry the show. (That’s one indicator of Bella crappiness right there – Nipple H, of all people, was the better worker in the feud!) It was when the storyline shifted over to the twins that the hand basket began its rapid descent down to Hell.

    Just when you thought that no Diva could possibly be worse than Brie in the ring and on the mic, here comes her surgically-enhanced twin sister. Listening to the two of them trying (and failing miserably) to cut an in-ring promo is like fingernails across a blackboard. Never before in my life have I seen two scantily-clad hotties on the TV screen and immediately wanted to change the channel. Not even AJ could make them bearable.

    As an aside, how much do you want to bet it was Jerry Lawler who came up with Nikki’s finishing move? I can picture it now, The King was talking to JBL during a commercial break. “Damn, check out the puppies on that one! You know what would be cool? If she had a finisher where she puts her opponent on her shoulders so she’d have to arch her back and stick her chest out. We could call it “The Rack”!” Then Vince’s voice boomed out from their headsets, “I LIKE IT!!!”

    I just don’t see “Brass Rings” as a Gooker winner. I think of Wrestlecrap as crappy gimmicks, personnas, storylines, etc., that someone actually thought were good ideas. The Stone Cold podcast wasn’t a work with “Mr. McMahon”; Vince McMahon answered the questions with what, in his mind, is the truth. Besides, “The Authority” has been taking what Vince McMahon says and turning it into catchphrases (“Best for Business”, B-List player, etc) for a couple of years now. Vinny Mac didn’t really say too many things that hadn’t already been said or done by “The Authority”.

    Besides, he just confirmed what most fans had already suspected to be true. I mean, is anyone really surprised about who he sees as worthy of being pushed and who he’s decided to bury?

  88. Ken 'The Machine' Riggins says:

    Why Monday Night Raw isn’t in this list I’m not sure, it would get my vote if it was. Truly some of the most appalling television of all time, by a company so boring, out of touch and pathetic that the brass ring is the closest to it on the list.

  89. jtgfita_87 says:


  90. jtgfita_87 says:

    brass rings should not be on here. it was not a gimmick or wrestling angle. they need to take it off

  91. mikethedike897 says:


  92. Justin Henry says:

    For those asking about the Brass Rings entry:

    1) If it does indeed win, I pretty much know how the induction is going to go, and it won’t be as short on content as you think. Trust me.

    2) We figure there’s some chicanery in the poll, since the Bellas went from being up about 150 votes on Brass Rings, and were then losing to them later in the day after an alarming surge. It’s possible that Brass Rings could be disqualified anyway, so if you don’t want to see it, you may get your wish.

    • Jimbolian says:

      I really do hope Brass Rings is DQ’d. I think someone is trolling the polls.

    • Jerichoholic Ninja says:

      Yeah, I thought there might be a little ballot stuffing going on since the entry is gaining steam. Out of curiosity, earlier today I did a count (but didn’t keep the totals) of comments where the person stated who they voted for. The number of comments for each entry corresponded roughly to the percentage in the polls, except for Brass Rings, which had (I think) 14 to the Bellas 28. But that doesn’t really mean anything, so I didn’t bother posting it.

      Make no mistake, I think an induction for Brass Rings would be worth reading because it’s RD. He could make anything a good read. But I don’t think it necessarily fits in. It was an off-hand comment that basically confirmed a booking philosophy that we’ve known about for a long time.

    • Hulk6785 says:

      It did seem weird that the Brass Rings comment suddenly pulled passed the Bellas. I figured if anything was gonna pull passed the Bellas, it would have been the 2014 Royal Rumble since it was also in a close race with the Bellas and had more support for it than the Brass Rings in the comments.

    • Rex Kidd says:

      I think there was something wrong with the poll, before today it looked as though if you refreshed the page you could vote again and again

  93. Alexander The So-So says:

    Even as someone who voted for Brass Rings, I too was surprised at the sudden surge it received. I hope that everything’s on the up-and-up, but yeah, ballot stuffing needs to be checked out.

    I think one of the issues is that Royal Rumble 2014 and Brass Rings overlap very much and strongly inform one another. IMO, it might have been better to only post one or the other.

  94. Jed Shaffer says:

    WWE 2014 should’ve been in the nominations. Really, this year — outside of the five months we had the Shield and Daniel Bryan’s quick ascent — was the worst year since, what, 1995?

    As for me … I go by what had the biggest impact, what was offensive on the largest scale, what did the greatest damage by existing.

    And having the leader and owner of a company bury 99% of the roster, on record, in public? Does it get worse than that? Not to me.

  95. Dan Femwrestlingfan says:

    So if Jeff Hardy had nothing interesting to say… then maybe we really COULD read his mind.

  96. Penguin says:

    I voted for Bellas over the Royal Rumble booking because as headscratchingly bad as the RR booking was, the story eventually led to Daniel Bryan overcoming the odds to win the title and beat HHH, Orton and Batista at WrestleMania, so it worked out well in the long run, even if by sheer accident. The Bella thing went absolutely nowhere and was just cringeworthy television for the sake of cringeworthy television.

  97. Dan Sheldon says:

    I voted for “brass rings”. That comment could encompass EVERY WWE thing on this list! They book all this crap like the RR2014 (which I thought had some great matches, even though I didn’t care for the finishes), Bellas, Rose Vs The Bunny, etc. because Vince doesn’t think any of them are reaching for the “brass ring”.

    Honestly, I didn’t think the Menagerie or Willow were that bad. Were they great? nope. Wrestlecrap? I suppose. Gooker award worthy? No way!

  98. George from Dudleyville NY says:

    The “Brass Ringers” truly make valid points. I just can’t go with bad booking as in RR or with VKM’s stupid ego. The Gooker is about those real “wtf am I looking at moments?”. Ranging from the Ding Dongs to pepper the chihuahua. Especially everything Mae Young related. Thanks to this site I was able rejoice with fellow crappers and prove to myself and friends I wasn’t crazy.
    Off hand I know the two moments as a kid that I hated. The Berzerker attempting to stab The Undertaker with his sword and Abdullah being electrocuted to death. Far fetched is far fetched, but you gotta love when some just jump out at you. The Bella twins were just so bad on every level imaginable that they both truly as useful as a cock flavored lolipop.

    • Hacksaw Jim Thuggin' says:

      Pretty sure the Bellas would like a cock flavored lolipop.

      • George from Dudleyville NY says:

        I work nights almost every night. When you work nights you have no life. You don’t see people and rarely talk to anybody like a normal person. So yeah I was disappointed with the results. Wrestlecrap gives me a sense of normalcy. Just something to look foward to. Lol I’m not slitting my wrists over it but the results sucked. I’m just annoyed that VKM stupid podcast could win. I’m far from a serious guy, I just got riled up enough to bitch on a message board. This site reminds me of simpler and happier times of my youth. So why so serious? SMH 🙂

  99. Condor says:

    I went with the Bellas. The Brass Rings comment sounds more like a Bryan and Vinny rant…I want an induction that will make me laugh, at the end of the day…although Bella vs. Bella might make me cry instead…

  100. Alexandru says:

    Why isn’t the break-up of the Wyatt’s not on this list? Not only was it a dumb move but the break-up itself was beyond lazy. Seriously a few promos of being set free? Also what has Harper/Rowan done since?

    • Rex Kidd says:

      Harper won the IC title but yeah Rowan hasn’t done anything since Survivor Series besides a. Job to Bray to help Bray look legit and b. get fired for being on Team Cena. He’s won some matches on Superstars and Main Event, they might have something for him when he comes back at or just before the Rumble, but yeah.

      Really the way WWE dropped the ball on the Wyatts was ridiculous. I thought they could come out of MitB with all the gold. Rowan and Harper should at least have held the tag titles for a few months.

    • Thomas Moffatt says:

      There has been no attempt to freshen Harper or Rowan, no explanation why they don’t get along and no hint to any of the background of the characters and how they fell into a group with Wyatt

  101. John says:

    I voted for the Brass rings and I hope it isn’t removed as a nominee. If it is, that will sucks but I won’t lose sleep over it. Bellas would be my second choice anyway; third if Brock Lesnar ending the streak was an option but it’s not. Anyway Someone here summed it up perfectly calling that podcast pretty much the wrestlecrap factory for WWE, especially for the year 2014. I’ve been watching WWE for 25 years and 2014 was probably the worst year ever for me as a fan. In my opinion it was somehow even worse than mid 90’s WWF. What pisses me off is to top it off, WWE has the audacity to criticize WCW for all their incompetence, being unable or unwilling to make new stars, etc. when they are doing an excellent job following WCW’s blueprints to failure. You can’t grab any brass rings when Vince McMahon is such an insane, paranoid micromanager that supposedly even Nipple and Triple H aren’t immune to having him change their material at he last second (if the rumors of Vince rewriting their ending promos for the last Raw of 2014 are indeed true). What also makes it frustrating is the WWE roster has more potential than it has had in years but most are locked in a no win situation.

    It’s true this is really not something most of us didn’t already know beforehand but as Deathedge already pointed out. This is not a dirtsheet rumor or gossip. Vince straight up said it and with the last RAW of 2014 bringing us back to the status quo of Cena and HHH being shoved down our throats, I finally accepted the fact that change is never going to come in the WWE unless Vince and/or Cena either retire or die or through some miracle legit competition arises for WWE. For years I’ve held on hoping, not wanting to give up on WWE but right now that’s what I’m doing.

    For the record, I do think there is a chance that once HHH takes full control of WWE, things MIGHT improve. I’m not holding my breath but from all the praise NXT is getting under his watch, despite his flaws I think he would probably be more competent as owner at this point.

  102. Tim Wheeler says:

    *Watches tonight’s Raw*

    *Watches Big Show/Reigns segment*

    *Wishes he could vote Brass Rings forever*

    Will SOMEONE fix WWE? This hurts so badly.

    • Deathedge says:

      What’s actually really sad about that is that it’s what Vince honestly thinks will push a new talent, Reigns in this case, over the top…

      …Maybe it’s a GOOD thing he isn’t interested in pushing Cesaro. :/

  103. lipe says:

    i would have added the contract of brock lesnar, which made wwe improvise on its storytelling in order to get the adequate trespass of heel heat that brock provoked when ending the streak.

    • Julie Hankinson says:

      Not to mention the fact that they haven’t had him defend the title in, what, four months? It cheapens the title.

  104. Demon says:

    Brass Rings should not win. When I think of wrestlecrap and the spirit of wrestlecrap I think of things like the Bellas. I come to this site to read about the Bellas not “Brass Ring” politics.

    Really disappointing if Brass Rings wins.

    • George says:

      I agree. Bellas is an all-time worst and would be a much more entertaining induction.

    • Rob Brown says:

      WrestleCrap is not just the stuff you can make fun of and laugh about years later. It is also things like Eddiesploitation and the InVasion, things that were more infuriating than funny.

      When something infuriating happens–not just in wrestling, but anywhere–it’s good when there are people to criticize those responsible. People need to be called out for the bad decisions they make sometimes, and WWE being called out for it on a site like WrestleCrap holds more weight than complaints from random members of the IWC.

      • Stephen says:

        The issue with that is that how much weight an argument has only matters if there’s a possibility of change. And even if God called out the “brass rings” comment, Vince wouldn’t learn or change. There are tons of wrestling fans who thought the brass rings comment was ridiculous, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter pointed out how ridiculous it was and RD (or another WC writer) inducting it wouldn’t do much other than waste everybody’s time.

        Plus, you mentioned Eddiesploitation and the InVasion but they were both on-screen angles at the end of the day. How many inductions have been about “political” comments and nothing else? Because that’s all this was. If “brass rings” is inducted, could we see inductions of phrases like “vanilla midgets” and Hogan’s claims of “wrestling takes place in a four-sided ring!” after going to TNA?

        • Rob Brown says:

          Well, Bryan’s 18-second loss to Sheamus was inducted. That took less time than it took Vince to complain about how unambitious and non-brass-ring-grabbing those millennials on his roster were.

          But it did deserve to be inducted, because it was horrible.

          You’re right that Vince’s mind will not be changed and, in fact, he may not even know that this site exists. But he’s not the only person who books this stuff, even if he is the guy who has the final say over everything. Other people on the creative team certainly know about WrestleCrap. I’d wager that Triple H knows about WrestleCrap, and I’ve heard that Hunter (despite spending so many years as such an egotistical dick) actually does take the opinions of fans on the internet into consideration.

          If the reaction among the IWC and wrestling journalists is widespread enough and negative enough that it makes even one person with influence over WWE storylines think “Damn, we don’t want to do anything like THAT again!”, it will be worth it, because the chances of it happening again will be reduced.

          Even if it changes absolutely nothing, I will still find it cathartic to read RD or Art or Justin rant about this. Because God knows I’m still angry about it.

  105. Julie Hankinson says:

    So when does voting end?

  106. attitudeerawasawful says:

    It’s not a specific moment per say but anything to do with that loser scrub (glorified jobber) Daniel Bryan! That dude is just pathetic to watch and I find it hilarious to see “fans” in the audience pretending to not hate him. Dude is killing wrestling as we speak even more so than John Cena, which is an amazing feat in it of itself! He is pathetic!

  107. Rob says:

    You know, I’ve voted for the Bellas (the icing on the cake is how the 30-day servitude thing was forgotten and now they’re both conniving heels working together because WWE doesn’t actually care about Divas as anything other than 2-minute T&A segments), but I can understand why Brass Rings looks like a winner.

    Essentially the Bellas and most WWE-related entries all come back to that interview and Vince’s true opinion of the guys who’re working for him. Where guys that have a lot of talent and are entertaining get relegated to mid-card/jobbing roles. Where the top Divas in the company are most notable for their relationships with top male performers. Where the midcard is worse than purgatory because no one ever gets ahead unless the company is actually determined to give them a trial run in the upper-card. If not, enjoy periods of trading wins and losses, followed by a jobbing period.

    A person could go on for an eternity. Not just from this year, necessarily, but all recent history.

    1. Guys like Ziggler, Swagger and Cesaro have spent months on end being part of less-than-successful tag teams that at times have been treated as comedy. Unless they need a good 10-minute match, in which case they suddenly became competent enough to take Cena, Orton, Bryan, Sheamus, etc. to the limit. From week to week (or show to show for that matter), no booking cohesion.

    2. Win a mid-card title? Rusev is lucky because he has that unpinned streak. Everyone else has found themselves jobbing in virtually every other TV match in order to hastily set up a title match where they win in order to make sure every mid-carder is .500. They have all these low-card guys who rarely show up on the big shows, so why not use them to build up title holders, so when they lose a non-title match, it means something more than simple lazy booking.

    3. Speaking of low-card guys, who hates life more: Ryder or Gabriel? One was a self-made man who won a mid-card title before having Cena siphon his cheers, Kane brutalizing him repeatedly and the girl he was chasing revealed she was using him to hook up with Cena. The other was Barrett’s #2 in Nexus and, at that time, was booked as a guy who could at least hold his own with the established stars and tended to perform the coup de grace blow during their mass beatdowns with his 450. Every few weeks, you can watch him job in short matches now. Two guys who could have been, if not stars, respectable performers, but were simply abandoned. A perfect way to sum up how the WWE has gotten so repetitive. Build guys up to a certain degree and then scrap them for no legit reason while keeping the same people in the same upper-card roles for infinity.

  108. Y2G says:

    Sorry for me the Brass rings shouldn’t even be a Gooker option.

    It wasn’t a wrestling Angle it was an interview, it was Vince speaking rarely from the heart without a filter. If anything it was a fascinating look into the current mindset of the WWE.

    By all means don’t like it, but it was far from Crap.

  109. D says:

    the reason I’ve stopped watching any current product at all is basically summed up by Vince’s “Brass Ring” comment. need a finer point put on it? take Cesaro. well respected in the industry……put on incredible matches with Sami Zayn in NXT which many would say were worthy of MOTY status……was given a golden ticket to the next level by eliminating Big Show in the Andre Memorial Battle Royal at WM30 with a WM Moment that will be shown for decades (picking up Big Show and tossing him over the top rope)……….

    then, the following night, he upgraded managers by switching from Zeb to Heyman. He’s big, he’s strong, he can wrestle, put on great matches, fans were behind him…………but I believe it was this very same Austin podcast where Vince claims Cesaro “is just missing something”. take that commentary and apply it to all the other guys he was addressing with the Brass Ring comment and you can see why it’s gotten such backlash. what exactly DO you have to do to impress Vince McMahon these days?

    the problem is obviously there is no competition for WWE which means they don’t have to try very hard or give wrestlers a chance like they had to do back during the Attitude Era. can you imagine if Austin would have had to stay stuck in that lifeless Ringmaster gimmick instead of getting the opportunity to transform into Stone Cold? of if The Rock would have been told just to stick it out as Rocky Maivia, the annoyingly happy babyface “you can’t smile enough!” guy that fans turned on very quickly? if not for WCW and the NWO stomping Vince’s ass in the ratings, he would have never had to think outside the box and ask for creative input from the boys.

    they wanted to originally call Mankind something like Mason the Mangler or mutilator or something like that. This was at a time when they had hockey players, garbage men and plumbers on the roster. it’s not hard to see how WCW was able to overtake them. I feel like WWE is right back in that mode. The only thing missing is a company with the ability to challenge them. which is really too bad because they are stockpiled with talent and potential.

  110. Geoff says:

    Sure the Brass Rings comment was bad but that was an interview. I agree with Y2G. I think to be deemed Gooker worthy wrestlecrap the storyline needs to go longer than a month at the end of which fans are either not caring, walking out, or voicing their displeasure big time throughout WWE arenas (which, as you know, WWE will not pay attention to). What is considered Wrestlecrap? Well, plot points that don’t make sense. Which rules out the Summer/Fandango/Layla Storyline. rehashed ideas that didn’t work the first time which rules out Willow, wrestlers that nobody cares about, and guest hosts. Yes, so I narrowed it down to the Raw Guest hosts. Who would actually believe that fake cat, called Grumpy of Youtube fame would actually lower his credibilty by hosting Raw. The guest hosting of Raw was worst the first time around, Seth Green in the ring with Triple H anybody? Santino Marella doing ZZ Top and how come ZZ top got to host Raw anyway.

    This time around we get Grumpy Cat and Kathie Lee Gifford who should’ve been put on the shelf ages ago. And Hoda. WTF… why Hoda. Guest hosts didn’t work out last time, nobody cared about the people they brought in, I care about Seth Green myself because I like his acting but he did such a horrible job at hosting I have to condone what he did. So why in all the blue hells of buddha would WWE consider doing it again? They didn’t learn their lesson the first time. The Raw Guest hosts should get the Gooker award this year. What they did was absolute abysmal because it made no sense. At least the Bella storyline made sense even if the end result wasn’t favorable among anybody. Sure you don’t care about the Bellas but at least there was a semblance of a plot. And horray Michael Bay didn’t touch that plot by giving us more explosions and transforming robots.

  111. George Nolan says:

    Isn’t this supposed to be done as of yesterday?

  112. Fraser says:

    I’m voting for the Bella’s. I find it hard to vote for something that wasn’t actually shown on television. Add on the fact that the Bella story-line has been so been so awful for so long and there really shouldn’t be any contest. Voting for Vince seems less like a “This was WrestleCrap” and more like looking for a scapegoat to blame for wrestlers not getting over.

  113. james gracie says:

    Really? That one off McMahon comment that wasn’t even on WWE television is gonna win over the Bella’s storyline? We had to endure months of crap with that storyline and it led to nothing. That has to be the Gooker. Come on people

  114. Surfer Sandman says:

    Is it too late to vote? Dammit.

    I’d go with Bellas as well. No real point to that storyline.

  115. 80's Guy says:

    Looks like you’re going to have to induct the runner up, too, guys. Brass rings/Bellas, two inductions. Won’t upset me in the least, they’re both cringe worthy.

  116. George from Dudleyville NY says:

    I always thought the members of the IWC that venture to this site had a bit more sense of humor. I stand corrected. Nobody over the age of ten loves the current WWE product, we just love wrestling. I take it(wwe) for what it’s worth, same goes for VKM’s idiocy. For something that man said to be taken so serious and to be this topical is insane. We are talking about Vincen F’N McMahon here. When the hell has he ever said or done anything that wasn’t one-sided or egotistical? But yet all it takes is one uninteresting podcast to turn him in to a villain?
    Somebody watch a few wrestlemania rewinds on the network, that “Brass Ring” line is thrown around in commentary pretty often. Between the MITB/CM Punk and Dudley/E&C/Hardy/TLC episodes alone you hear that term and near identical term used. Yet such uproar over that line? I laughed when I heard it, I truly did. I chalked it up to VKM becoming old and restless and the internal company struggle with HHH/Steph. The Gooker award is ruined this year for me. Thanks to all voters who felt Vince being a douche bag(not news) was the crappiest thing on that list.

    • Rob Brown says:

      So let me get this straight….

      You start off by saying that too many voters were humorless and took things too seriously.

      You end it by saying the Gooker is ruined for you. Because, apparently, you take the Gooker seriously.


  117. Justin says:

    Gotta confess, this is one write-up I’m not looking forward to reading. At least the Bella nonsense was an angle…this was part of an interview that wasn’t available on TV. Unless you get one of the smarks who hijacked the voting to write it, and turn the induction into a 10,000 word diatribe about how terrible the WWE is because CM Punk hasn’t been brought back as the King of the WWE, you’re going to have a hard time getting any sort of substance. At least I can see why you said you’ll probably write up both the winner and the runner-up – at least the runner-up has some substance over an interview, and actually fits the definition of WrestleCrap. An interview where a man said something that someone doesn’t agree with isn’t even close to what WrestleCrap is.

    While we’re confessing, how many of you who voted for Brass Rings did so, not because of an elderly man who is set in his ways, but because that elderly man DARED to insult the Millennial generation?

    • Adam says:

      I went with it because I felt it did fit – and all the other WWE stuff in the ballot could be covered in a wrap-around, as it’s a fair way to explain how the product has gotten so bad.

      The Eddie write-up had to cover several various feuds, after all, and I still think it’s one of the better ones on the site. “Worst of wrestling” doesn’t just apply to stupid segments, after all.

    • Rob Brown says:

      Obviously it is not just going to be about what Vince said. Justin Henry already made that clear.

      2014 was a bad year for WWE. There was WrestleCrap all over the place, and the cause of a whole lot of it is because Vince doesn’t want to push certain people.

      You want to know what some of the substance will probably be? The people in the title picture. With Vince believing that there’s only one guy right now worth pushing to the moon (Reigns), we started the year with the title on Orton and the plan being for a babyface Batista to win it. Then that was changed because people began doing the “Yes!” chant outside of WWE and they wanted to capitalize on it along with, possibly, Vince actually realizing that Daniel Bryan the Vanilla Midget was, in fact, over for some reason incomprehensible to him.

      So Bryan held the title for a month or so, but was then sidelined with that injury, and the title was put onto….John Cena.

      Forget about making new stars, John Cena gets the title because he’s the last guy who actually grabbed that brass ring, according to Vince.

      Then Cena gets destroyed by Brock Lesnar, who becomes champion. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that Cena was finally given an opponent who could straight up defeat him without any shenanigans, but Brock is still another guy from the Ruthless Aggression era, like Cena, Batista, and Orton.

      Plus, the original plan, before Bryan got injured? The plan was for Bryan to face Lesnar, for Bryan to get killed dead with 16 German suplexes, and for Bryan to do the job while barely getting in any offense. It’s one thing when Cena loses like that; Cena can afford to lose like that once and still look strong, because of all of the winning he’s done in the past, including victories over Brock, and he’ll always be a top guy. It’s different if it happens to Bryan, because Bryan had yet to prove that he wasn’t a one-trick pony. If you squash him like that, you kill his momentum dead, and you make him look like a loser.

      After that, we got Cena vs. Lesnar again. Then Dean Ambrose won a match against Cena, resulting in…John Cena being put in a number one contender’s match against Randy Orton, while Ambrose wasn’t even in consideration.

      Seth Rollins, you say? Sure, maybe Seth Rollins is an exception, since he’s in a triple threat title match with Lesnar and Cena right now. But it’s a very real possibility that he’s only there to get pinned so that one guy or the other can lose without actually eating a pinfall or submission himself. And as for the MITB briefcase: we saw with Damien Sandow that holding the briefcase no longer means you’ll successfully cash in. Cena might still beat you while using literally only one arm.

      The WWE has an amazing roster right now. They should be putting on awesome shows right now, they should be doing better than ever. 2014 could have been another year that generated interest in the product like 2011 did, except this time without WWE dropping the ball.

      But that didn’t happen. Many of the best workers on the roster were buried or kept firmly in the midcard. The main event was mostly dominated by wrestlers who were main eventing ten years ago. WWE right now is like WCW, all right? And RD wrote a BOOK about that, so it makes perfect sense to induct this.

      • Jerichoholic Ninja says:

        I said it near the beginning that Brass Rings would probably win because disillusioned fans would use it as a protest vote, and I was right. You might as well retitle it “Vince’s attitude” or “WWE Booking” or “WWE 2014” and it’s kind of boring to just vote for an entire year. If the gooker was around in the ’90s, these same fans would have voted for WWF booking, then WCW booking year after year. Vince’s comment is a just a pretext; these fans just want more columns ragging on the WWE for burying Ziggler and Cesaro while pushing Orton and Cena.

        Breaking news: This attitude is NOT new. Vince has had this philosophy for years and years and years. Your comment about Vince going with “the last guy who actually grabbed that brass ring” could apply to the early ’80s or 1991 or 1995 or 2002-2004 or 2009-present. He’s also (according to the dirtsheets) felt that way about Cesaro since Day 1.

        So the only thing different here is that he said it in public, not “in character”, in a way that some could interpret as a challenge.

        • Adam says:

          On the flipside, the Bellas have always been terrible so nobody should have been surprised their feud stunk.

          “It’s always been that way”, “people just voted for it because they hate Total Divas”, and “they’re being pushed instead of Paige or Nattie or AJ or…”

          The only thing different here is that Steph was involved.

          • Jerichoholic Ninja says:

            You obviously don’t get my point and your example doesn’t work. The Bella feud was a specific event that happened in one year. Vince’s Brass Rings comment was his first public comment that sums up the attitude he’s had for years.

            Also, considering the Bellas are a focal point on Total Divas, and the feud crossed over to that show, it would make perfect sense for someone to vote for it because they hate Total Divas.

  118. Zachary W says:

    It was a hard decision for me, but I ended up voting for the Royal Rumble. It was atrocious. But I also wished that I could have voted for the Brass Rings and Bella vs. Bella.

    With the brass rings comment, I understand that he was trying to motivate his roster, but really I think that the whole situation backstage is a result of the corporate culture. Not just in WWE, but in corporations in general, it isn’t so much as “the squeeky wheel gets the grease” as it is “the nail that sticks up gets the hammer.” Based upon what I’ve heard from many ex-WWE talents, when someone does try to step up, they are not compensated or they give the idea to an established superstar. So, why bother putting in the effort when you can just do as told and collect a paycheck? Hmm….this sounds so familiar….

    As for Bella versus Bella…let me put it this way: I saw a hell of a lot more talent and acting ability when I was doing theater in high school. I also did weight lifting at the same time because I wanted to get into professional wrestling, but that was derailed when I screwed up my back in the Air Force. The storyline was horrible, the scripts were poorly written and poorly delivered. I guess that you could blame this on Total Divas. It looks like they’re trying to raise their profile and increase the television rating, but even those of us who had a suspension of disbelief in the show are having a hard time in maintaining it. And if those are their real personalities…everyone other than Paige and Naomi are maddening.

  119. Caveman says:

    Is Bella vs. Bella even qualified for the Gooker this year? From what I hear the storyline isn’t over yet and will continue on Total Divas and possibly conclude at Wrestlemania.

    Anyhow, I think WWE rehashing Claire Lynch was the crappiest thing this year. Too bad I couldn’t vote.

  120. Raging_Demons says:

    Brass Rings should be Disqualified thanks to the shenanigans that the nerds/geeks/and poindexters caused; but a co-Gooker winner you say then a co-Gooker winner should be. Does this mean that all of the previous Gooker winners were probably been “shenaniganed” too.

    Oh you wacky nerds.

    • Deathedge says:

      It was very abruptly concluded when the Bellas that they are sisters and, as such, they shouldn’t fight… I guess. I believe the issues they are having on Total Divas are over issues not related to the Bella feud.

      That said… It really wouldn’t surprise me if they had the issues prop up again just so they can have Brie and Nikki be in a big Divas title bout at Mania. Almost makes me hope for a return of Snooki so she can team up with a diva… Any diva… to take on the Bellas in tag team “action.”

  121. TMC says:

    Ballot stuffing lmao. Brass rings won fair and square. I voted once, and I would say most people did as well. With all of the complaints for people wanting Bella vs Bella to win, logic would tell you that people probably “stuffed the ballot” for the Bellas(which as you probably know the Bellas ballot as been stuffed many a time in all likelihood).

    Why even have a poll if you are going to induct the one you wanted to win anyways, regardless of the final result? Kennedy allegedly bought votes it’s not like he still didn’t become President. Bush Jr beat Gore under controversy, it’s not like Bush was co-President with Gore.

    RD is becoming as bad as McMahon, tell us what you want….. Brass rings wins by a slight margin…….. We’ll the one that won couldn’t have won without “SHENANIGANS”, so we have giving the win to the Bella bullshit angle that I wanted to win anyways, so I can write another stupid bimbo can’t act OMG this is so horrible languid uninspired induction.

    • YVRay says:

      Wow, calm down. It’s a website that mocks dumb wrestling angles. Don’t take it so seriously.

    • George says:

      Do you have a life?

      • TMC says:

        I always love when people argue like children by attacking the person rather than addressing the argument. Ala McMahon calling Costas an elitist because he didn’t like the programming he produced.

        Unlike you guys I think the Gooker awards have credibility, and I took time to read all of the selections and vote on the award. It’s disappointing that after doing that, and after the selection that I thought should win, your basically told it doesn’t matter because the Bella angle wins anyways, b/c of “ballot stuffing”.

        Which for one you picked the poll, the poll only let you vote one time unless you cleared the cookies to your browser. Secondly it’s not like Brass rings won by an overwhelming margin, in fact it barely won, if one were to be logical, you would think that if “ballot stuffing” was so prevalent, that the “ballot stuffers” would have “stuffed the ballot” more in the closing days to widen the lead for brass rings.

        It comes across as RD wanting the Bella angle to win, he probably would rather write a silly induction instead of something more serious about the Brass rings comments. My only gripe is why have a poll then? Just have RD pick the winner every year.

        • Jonathan says:

          Upset that all of your work ballot stuffing was for nothing?

          Actually, the margin for brass rings was growing… Until Justin announced that there were suspicions. Then suddenly the margin started to shrink, so whoever was doing it decided not to overdo it.

          I honestly don’t think RD cares which one wins, he inducted Eddiesplotation even though he said it made him feel uncomfortable. Even if there hadn’t been the vote stacking allegations, there was a pretty good chance the both of them would be inducted by the time Gooker 2015 rolls around.

    • Anonymous says:

      RD can see things the rest of us can’t, like the IPs of voters. Maybe he noticed multiple votes coming from single voters? Don’t doubt the dude. He knows better than any of us what’s being done on his website.

  122. John says:

    As someone who did vote for the brass rings, I’m disappointed that it got the lead due to ballot stuffing and I would have understood if it was disqualified from the gooker. Kudos to RD for trying to please as many of us as possible..

  123. Doc75 says:

    i have no complaints. at least our votes count n matter on here. unlike a nameless wrestling promotion that doez more stuffing for their votes than they do the chests of their divaz.

  124. Deathedge says:

    As someone who voted for the Bella feud but then later decided that that vote probably should have gone to the Brass Ring comment, I have to say I’m ecstatic over this news… Can’t wait to see how the induction turns out.

  125. David P. says:

    I voted for “Brass Rings” as well. While I’m saddened about the whole “ballot stuffing” thing, I’m glad that we have co-winners. That way, we can double the WrestleCrap and double the fun!

  126. Cpt SuckerPunch says:

    good on you rd for trying to make everyone happy…i look forward to reading both inductions…i also think the brass rings induction will be a great read, while the bella induction is just begging to be inducted for the amount of idiocy it provided/provides…for those who voted on brass rings (i completely understand why), and those who get so riled up about it, i hope youre not among those who still watch wwe…really instead of getting pissed about it, just dont watch it…its not at all a shocker that vince is out of touch, thats nothing new…

    i voted rumble, but i guess that could also be seen as part of brass rings and all, (it could be argued that all wwe related inductions kind of fall under the umbrella of brass rings to some degree)…like, when the rumble ended, i didnt say im never watching again, due in part that that i havent been watching for years now, most of the stuff thats been up for the gooker from previous years i hadnt even heard of, ive only read about it here…wrestlecrap is one of the few outlets concerning wrestling i look to still…i dont see why anyone would flip out about brass rings even being nominated…its a free site that provides many laughs, how can that bother you?…

  127. Stephen says:

    Well I’m disappointed with the ballot stuffing but well done to RD for crowning co-winners. That’s a very diplomatic solution.

  128. D says:

    I agree the Bellas are terrible, the guest hosts are terrible……….BUT those are symptoms of the larger problem in that Vince seems to honestly believe nobody past Cena or Bryan is good enough to get people’s attention so he turns to C list celebrities or gives Cena and Bryan’s wives a major angle instead.

    The whole Brass Ring ideology sums up exactly why WWE is in the shape it’s in and why they churn out stuff like the Bella Twins or The Bunny. And it may not have technically been turned into an angle (because that might have actually put somebody over) but it was mentioned numerous times by wrestlers and announcers.

    all in all, The Brass Rings did to the Bellas what Batista did to Bryan at the ’14 Rumble.

    • Rob Brown says:

      Here’s something I found on the LOLWWE page of Taimapeda:

      “On August 22, The Monday Night War: WWE vs WCW started airing on the WWE Network. This post nicely sums up the irony found in the show.”

      It’s followed by a screengrab of the post, which summarizes WWE’s version of history re. why WCW failed.

      -“WCW had no planning!”
      -“WCW kept rewriting shows at the last second and had no continuity!”
      -“WCW relied too much on old stars and didn’t build any new ones!
      -“WCW had nonsense booking with too many cooks in the kitchen!”
      -“Unscripted promos with loads of character freedom helped make the Attitude Era work!”
      -“WWF was so in tune with pop culture at the time that it was topical and trendy amongst young people!”

      The poster then makes this observation: “And WWE notices NONE of these ironies about itself in 2014.”

  129. Rob Brown says:

    I really was surprised when Brass Rings jumped into the lead. I mean, in the very first comment I left I said that it didn’t look like it would win and requested that it be inducted in the next year instead of nominated and later forgotten about like certain other things. (Jeff Hardy and Sting’s 90-second classic in 2011, for example.)

    It seemed too good to be true, and when Justin said that it looked like somebody might have screwed around with the voting I got a sinking feeling, because I didn’t want it to be disqualified. I’d understand if it had been.

    But I’m glad to see that both it and the Bellas will be inducted.

    To TMC above, who said that RD was becoming like Vince and telling us what to like…no, it’s nothing like that at all, and I’ll tell you why. Vince McMahon hardly ever gives the fans what they want–in fact, that’s why Brass Rings was a nominee in the first place.

    Vince McMahon, if he set up a poll asking which wrestler the fans most wanted to see pushed and saw that the winner was Cesaro, but then found out that 10% or so of the votes were fake, would say “Well of course they’re fake! Nobody wants to see Cesaro main event! I’m going to push the second place guy instead, Bray Wyatt!”

    Vince would instead say “Hmm, this is a conundrum, isn’t it? On the one hand, a lot of people did legitimately vote for Cesaro. On the other hand, there’s no way to be sure if Cesaro would have won on legitimate votes alone. It isn’t Cesaro’s fault, and it isn’t the fault of the people who only voted for him once…okay, you know what? I’ll take Cesaro and Wyatt, push both of them, have them feud with one another over the WWEWHC and trade wins, and then decide who gets to win the feud and the title based on crowd reaction.”

    Therefore, RD Reynolds > Vincent K. McMahon. (I know that this is faint praise, RD, kind of like saying that you’re greater than a buffalo’s stool sample, but I do mean it as a compliment. Thank you.)

    • Rob Brown says:

      “Vince would instead say”

      D’oh, I meant “Vince would NOT instead say”.

      • TMC says:

        My main point of contention was that in the end RD set up the poll, and there for set up the parameters of the voting. Regardless of what people did, you have to accept the result, considering you set the parameters in the first place.

        When TNA had a poll, and Nigel won, and they went on about how people cheated on the poll, I remember the majority of the internet fans being outraged that TNA would say such a thing, and how that TNA were wrong about the issue. This whole thing comes across like they didn’t expect Brass rings to win(like TNA didn’t expect Nigel to win), and when it did they have to make excuses, or cast blame for why it happened.

        • Rob Brown says:

          I don’t think you’re giving RD enough credit, because I sincerely doubt he creates these polls thinking “Well, I need to have X number of nominees, so I’ll just put some things in this I think nobody will vote for and which I don’t really want to write about anyway.”

          As for your comparison to TNA, I remember that, and it would have been one thing if they had said “People cheated, so we’re not giving Nigel–I mean ‘Desmond Wolfe’–a title shot against RVD like we promised.” But that’s not what they did. RVD defended his title against Nigel. Admittedly the match was far too short, but TNA lived up to the letter of their promise.

          We are getting Brass Rings as a Gooker winner, and I’m confident that it will be approximately as long as the article on the Bellas, give or take. Unless I end up being completely wrong about that and the Brass Rings article is like three sentences long, I don’t see what the problem is.

  130. James says:

    As long as the Rumble gets inducted at some point, I’m happy.

  131. Michael says:

    Well this is interesting.

    Seeing how I voted for Bella vs. Bella but also thought that Vince’s brass ring remark should of won as well, seeing both of them getting the Gooker warms my heart.

    Can’t wait to see the harpooning of these two on the 29th.

  132. Kingofoldschool says:

    While I thought the Brass Ring comment was silly, I didn’t think it was worthy of Wrestlecrap, especially over the terrible Bella storyline. Plus, I would have rather have seen Dixie Carter as Gooker 2014.

  133. Mister Forth says:

    Stuff or no stuff, I’m at least glad we get a WrestleCrap first out of it.

  134. SCFNL says:

    Brass Rings should have been DQ’d, shouldn’t even have been on the list – I just don’t think it qualifies as traditional “wrestlecrap” – if anybody can do a decent induction for it, RD can, but I just think stringing out a whole induction for one off the cuff stupid comment made by McMahon will be a tough one.

    The Bella storyline on the other hand, whilst not my favourite on the list, is more traditional wrestlecrap and fits that definition that used to be on the front page of this website! Truly awful angle.

    In some ways perhaps Brass Rings winning is more of a reflection of this site becoming more and more smarky than the old style “let’s laugh at the daftest things in wrestling” type site. The site used to be lighthearted fun, not another place for the IWC to moan e.g. “omg Cesaro and Ziggler’s booking this year should totally be this year’s Gooker!”

    • John Q Occupier says:

      In some ways perhaps Brass Rings winning is more of a reflection of this site becoming more and more smarky than the old style “let’s laugh at the daftest things in wrestling” type site.

      You noticed that too, SCFNL? Seems to me that if they’d had the ‘net way back when, people woulda voted “Hogan gets a 4th title run” over “Giant Gonzalez”…

      • Deathedge says:

        To be fair, I would say that Hogan winning the title, barely showing up, refusing to put over Bret (who was supposed to be the new top face of the company, but not giving Bret the rub is a part of what, arguably, led to the drastic decline WWE would start to see under him and the rest of the New Generation era, though certainly not the only thing), calling the belt a “toy” in Japan, and hardly ever showing up during his title reign (…Kind of reminds me of a certain someone right now actually… Though at least the crowd hadn’t been conditioned to accept monthly title defenses yet.) was worst then two terrible matches and a giant man dressed up in an airbrushed suit.

        I do see your point, and both are bad and Wrestlecrap in their own ways, but a strong argument can be made for both sides.

        Honestly, I think this might be proof the gooker needs sub-categories. I doubt RD and the site will ever do it, but you could have stuff like “worst angle” (the true Gooker winner, obviously), “worst WWE Angle” “Worst TNA Angle” “Worst behind the scenes moment” etc, etc. Basically making them the Razzies for the Slammies.

        I will say that I do see your point about the site becoming much smarkier though.

  135. Anonymous says:

    I was unable to vote at any point. It didn’t even give me the option. Did anyone else have this same problem?

  136. Some Guy says:

    Co-winners, huh? When’s the coin toss to see who gets to challenge Yokozuna for the title at MSG?


  137. Ilan says:

    I was extra amused with the Samuel Shaw Angle that he was committed due to losing a match with Ken Anderson and then let out under the care of professional therapist (not) Gunner.

  138. Soro says:

    Does the f**king of CM Punk fall under the “Brass Rings” or “Rumble Booking”?

  139. DR Raymonds says:

    RD Is butthurt because the winner isn’t the one he wanted to be; so now he is up to SHENANIGANS to make it a double induction or whatever.

    • Bob says:

      Oh yes, what flawless logic. He didn’t want brass rings to win, that’s why he’s still inducting it anyway when he could have disqualified it.

      Sounds like you’re the butthurt one, cause now the one you wanted to win has to share the spotlight. Poor baby.

    • TMC says:

      On the new RD and Blade show, basically RD admitted what I and you both think about the situation. His logic was that Bella was ahead in the voting, then Brass Rings took the lead, so RD said it had to be ballot stuffing. By the same logic why couldn’t the Bella’s being in the lead initially been people stuffing the ballot as well?

      RD admitted on the same show, he in fact did want Bella’s to win, and he didn’t want to write the Brass Rings induction.

      IMO in the future RD should just pick the one he wants to win, and induct it. This whole making excuses because the one you didn’t want to win won, really takes away what the Gooker should be imo. At the end of the day you could still induct Bella vs Bella, without it being the co-winner.

      Lastly this whole Brass Ring won because of cheating thing, is really childish. At the end of the day, you made the poll, and it won the poll. End of discussion. To then try and malign the choice the majority of the voters voted for as the winner, is really childish. Something that WWE or TNA would do.

      • RD Reynolds says:

        We’re inducting both…and we know there was stuffing involved. I guess I’m not sure I am following the issue?

        • TMC says:

          Considering all of the people on these comments who spoke out against Brass Rings winning, how are you sure that people didn’t “ballot stuff” in favor of that? Not to sound like Russo in his interview with you, but I am questioning your so called data. Unless you have the ip addresses of each of the 3,305 and you have went through them and seen that only on Brass Rings there was “ballot stuffing”.

          Logic would say that if “ballot stuffing” is so prevalent, then why did Brass Rings win by such a low margin? It only won by a few votes. I mean if there were these people who cheated to rob the Bellas of their rightful Gooker Award victory, then why didn’t they stuff the ballot more?

          My problem is when you take the Gooker award somewhat seriously, the whole aspect of trying to invalidate the winning vote getter, and shoehorning the runner up in the voting as a co-winner, is insulting to the people who took the time to vote, and that give credence to the Gooker Awards.

          As you admitted in the last RD/Blade show you did, you wanted the Bellas to win, and your logic of why you felt Brass Rings got the lead because of “ballot stuffing” came across as someone who had a biased perspective towards the issue.

          • RD Reynolds says:

            We had the IP addresses. That’s how we knew. 😉

            • Justin says:

              Honestly. RD wouldn’t say ballot stuffing occurred if he didn’t have evidence to back it up.

            • TMC says:

              So on the Bella Vs Bella option, of all of 869 votes, all had unique ip addresses? And you can unequivocally confirm, that there was no redundancy for that poll option?

              It just comes across like something that WWE or TNA would do, Where an option you didn’t think would win, or didn’t want to win, does in fact win, and you say people cheated. I just don’t believe that if the roles were reversed, and Bella vs Bella won by a slight margin, you would have proclaimed it to be because of “ballot stuffing”. I think you would have noted how close the voting was, and only gave the Gooker to Bella vs Bella.

              On the last RD/Blade show, you had already came to the conclusion that Brass Rings, and Brass Rings alone had “ballot stuffing”. Now this was recorded before the end of the voting period. By your explanation on the show, it didn’t come across like you went through every vote, and after that long process ruled Brass Rings and Brass Rings alone had “ballot stuffing”.

              It came across as Brass Rings went ahead, and you just ruled it as cheating.

              • Jerichoholic Ninja says:

                But the Bellas lost, so if someone WAS stuffing the ballot for them, they weren’t very good at it, were they?

                There was some evidence in watching the trends as well. Brass Rings had a HUGE jump over a day, even though the majority of the comments here supported the Bellas (and this sudden jump was noted by many in the comments). After Justin said there were suspicions, the gap (which had been steadily rising) slowly started to narrow.

                This isn’t RD, anyone looking at the polls would have been suspicious. And, if he REALLY didn’t want Brass Rings to win, why would he have included it? Why would he STILL BE INDUCTING IT? In the radio show you keep coming back to, he DID say that the one he wanted to win was well below the frontrunners, so it’s not like he was pushing for them heavily. He just noted (probably correctly) that the Bellas induction would be more fun to write. And why wouldn’t it? It will be making fun of the comedic absurdity of wrestling, which is what this site is about. The brass rings induction will have to be talk about backstage politics and “why is this guy held back?” and “Why is this guy pushed over that guy?” In other words, what every columnist on the internet has done.

                • TMC says:

                  For one, in terms of of your argument of the people who theoretically cheated for the Bellas weren’t very good. The margin was only a few votes, so that argument goes both ways. If Brass Rings had these “ip masking ballot stuffers”, then why wouldn’t why keep stuffing the ballot? Why didn’t Brass Rings win by lets say by more than 65 votes?

                  Secondly I came on here the last days of the voting, and was neck and neck without any large jumps. Again Brass Rings won by 65 votes.

                  As far as why RD would include an option he didn’t want to win. I don’t why do TNA or WWE have polls from time to time with people or options included they don’t want to win? I would say RD didn’t think Brass Rings would win.

                  You are obviously strongly biased towards a viewpoint but even you have to see your last point is bs. “Making fun of the comedic absurdity of wrestling, which is what this site is about”.

                  I have a few points of contention on this line. First and foremost, the Eddie Guerrero death exploitation won the Gooker. I don’t know what’s comedically absurd about that. Also RD has co-wrote two versions of the Death of WCW, while it is at times “comedically absurd”, I don’t think the sole purpose is for that goal.

                  Secondly it’s a phrase that many people utter in regards to the wrestling business, especially when someone has a narrow view of “what works”, and that is this business is about what’s selling. So if what’s selling is people feeling that Brass Rings is the worst of the year(which it won the voting), then that is what is selling, and what’s selling should be the purpose of anything trying to connect to the audience.

                  • Jerichoholic Ninja says:

                    You actually missed several key points.

                    1) The reason it wasn’t an overwhelming winner is because whoever did it was trying to be sneaky. As I mentioned, Brass Rings was steadily climbing until Justin posted that there were suspicions with about a week left. After that, it began to drop because the key is to avoid suspicion, not to welcome it.

                    2) I actually predicted very early that Brass Rings would win as a protest vote (as did several others) and RD is smart enough to figure it was a favourite. The vote stacking debate hijacked the REAL issue, which is whether or not it belongs (which I’m not debating here).

                    3) I never said that wrestlecrap was strictly “Making fun of the comedic absurdity of wrestling”, it’s simply a factor and Eddiesploitation absolutely belongs here even though there was no humour to be had in it. I simply said that the Bellas induction would be more fun to write, which is also what RD said.

                    Either way, is there any point? RD’s made a decision, both are going in. Enjoy both inductions, or pull a Philadelphia and hijack every WrestleCrap post from now until the end of time. Its up to you.

                    • TMC says:

                      Just because you voice concerns or espouse criticisms, doesn’t mean your “hijacking” something. Hopefully at Wrestlecrap we are smarter than to fall for WWE propagandist phraseology.

                      Ultimately if people did cheat(which if they did, they could have cheated as well for Bella vs Bella, which is something guys like you gloss over), who’s fault is that? RD made the poll, and he picked the poll client. Secondly it’s not like it didn’t have safeguards against people voting multiple times. So in that case you have to live with whatever wins. When you retroactively make changes, it just makes the people who voted feel they wasted their time, and it devalues the Gooker Award.

                      I don’t believe their was much “ballot stuffing” in favor of Brass Rings, and truth be told there is probably more ballot stuff in favor of Bella vs Bella than Brass Rings. Hopefully in a few years Brass Rings is recorded as the sole winner of the 2014 Gooker, considering in voting it won.

                      Because otherwise it’s a slap in the face of the people who voted for Brass Rings, considering the Gooker will be recorded as “there are two winners, because people cheated for Brass Rings”.

            • Mister Pink says:

              I think you may well have to clarify the IP issue in a post. The Conspiracy talk is getting thick. As far as I’m concerned, Willow was the hands down winner, so I don’t have a dog in the fight! By the way, The Death Of WCW was one of the most depressing things I have ever read. I loved it, but the sadness was overpowering at times. Great job!

  140. Tim Wheeler says:

    After last night, do you still think Brass Rings shouldn’t win?

    • Down With OPC says:

      Yeah the ’14 Rumble should take it. History repeats itself.

    • Stephen says:

      Definitely. The Bellas was still far worse.

      If the Royal Rumble booking wins 2015’s Gooker award, however, it’ll be understandable. There’s no excuse for not learning from their previous mistake.

  141. Romans_Charisma says:

    I think this proves that “Brass Rings” needs to be it’s own “award” moving forward. Leave the story-line stuff for the Gooker award and have Royal Rumble 2014/2015, The Daniel Bryan Saga, The CM Punk Sage and anything like that can be nominated for the “Brass Ring Award”.

    P.S: Still waiting for that “Crying Christian” induction.

  142. Mister Forth says:

    2015 may only be a month old, but a top Contender for this year has already been found.

  143. Chris D says:

    If this year’s Rumble match is indeed a top contender, it shouldn’t be one because Reigns won, Bryan didn’t, and Philadelphia hated it. It should be in the running for actually being a terrible match. Bryan’s elimination seemed like an afterthought, Reigns didn’t earn his victory, and top stars like Ambrose and Ziggler were treated like jokes. No one besides Wyatt and maybe Rusev did anything of note, and it was a real downer after such a great triple threat match. Real lazy offering on WWE’s part.

    • Mister Forth says:

      I do agree. Reigns winning was not the issue. The fact that everyone was held back in the match is the reason. Reigns was coming up fine already, but making the match the very definition of a “Make Roman look really strong” joke did no favors for anyone. Not Reigns. Not Bryan. Not Ambrose. Not Wyatt. And especially not Ziggler.

    • Alexandru says:

      Agree. The booking was atrocious it would’ve been fine if it was Ziggler or Ambrose winning. But the final 4 was terrible, No face off with DDP and Orton, Bryan being dumped in no time etc. It’s a top 5 worst Rumble match ever

    • Stephen says:

      Two out-of-shape forty year olds like Big Show and Kane being in the final four and throwing out all the young guys is certainly what stuck in my throat.

      • john says:

        Stephen, Kane out of shape? Wow! He looks pretty lean and muscular to me.

      • Mister Pink says:

        Worst Rumble since 1999…

      • Idi 'Big Daddy' Amin says:

        Totally. That was what stuck in my craw the most: they didn’t even throw them out, they just picked them up and dropped them to the floor like they were dropping garbage bags in a dumpster. You could practically hear Vince saying to the fans, “Here’s what I think of your goddamned favourites!”

    • Jerichoholic Ninja says:

      I think the fans in Philadelphia were just trying to top the reaction of their rivals in Pittsburgh last year (though Pittsburgh meant a LOT more. Everyone was expecting the Philly reaction. Pittsburgh was the equivalent of your aunt’s friendly old golden retriever suddenly taking a bite out of you).

      I don’t get the scorn on Roman Reigns. Is he ready yet? Probably not, but he isn’t being given a chance by some fans. Yes, his promos aren’t great. Breaking news: Neither were The Rocks when he first started. He hasn’t even had a significant singles match since his return. If Reigns still sucks in a year, then boo him. But for now, I wish fans would give him a chance and not try to force the WWE to panic and do something really stupid.

      Do these fans think that rejecting Roman Reigns will convince the WWE to push Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro and Dean Ambrose? News flash: History (ie. Benoit 2004, Mysterio 2006, Bryan 2014) has shown us that if they do get pushed, it won’t be as “the guy”, but simply as a placeholder. No, if Roman Reigns fails, the WWE won’t turn to the fresh faces, they’ll turn to the old standbys in John Cena, Randy Orton, Triple H and Batista. So the fans need to give him a chance, or else we’ll get suffocated with more same old, same old.

      Wow, that was a bit off-topic. Yeah, the Rumble booking was bad, especially the symbolic ending with two old guys knocking out and disposing of several “rising stars”.

  144. the14thListener says:

    This Halloween, for the inevitable Divas’ costume Battle Royal, Brie and Nikki face off. They’re feuding again for some (or no) reason. They dress as a vampire and a mummy so one can say “I wish you died in the tomb!” Somebody named Vince needs to give me a wrestling writing job now.

    • Jordan Mishkin says:

      I really want this to happen. Especially if they’re fighting over Khali who is dressed like Frankenstein.

  145. MistaMaddog says:

    I would love to see how RD would combine both Vince’s “Brass Rings” comment and the Bellas feuds proof of WWE making a giant sucking sound through out 2014…

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