DDT Digest brings you the downfall of WCW in pictures

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Scott Hall in a kilt curtsying

I was browsing the excellent DDT Digest, and I came across this page chronicling the downfall of WCW in pictures.

It’s well worth checking out, Crappers! Click on any photo on the page to go to the DDT Digest report on the event the photo came from.

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13 Responses to "DDT Digest brings you the downfall of WCW in pictures"
  1. Dan Sheldon says:

    I actually liked some of the stuff pictured. Especially the Jericho reading off his 1,004 moves segment. I also enjoyed Ralphus, The Big Wiggle, Reno, Hole In One Darsow, Mike Awesome, Rhonda Singh, Lenny & Lodi, Disco Inferno, Chavo’s “Uncle Eddy” stuff, . I noticed no DDP pictures in there. Also no Hogan, Nash or Hall.

    I don’t think it was just the undercard guys who killed WCW, in fact, I’d say they were the least responsible. They were just doing what they needed to do to survive there. Just saying……

  2. Dan Sheldon says:

    I take it back I see Hall and Nash in there now after taking a second look.

  3. Alexandru says:

    actually some of those photos are of entertaining segments. though a lot was wrestlecrap

  4. Hyeri Guy says:

    it should be its own DVD.

  5. Andre R. says:

    I like the sign that said “I WISH I WAS AT RAW”, but sadly the page didnt include the pic of the guy with a bag over his head with the sign “I’M AT A WCW EVENT”. Oh well!

  6. Nurse Diesel says:

    1-800-YES-BOOBS: best phone number ever.

  7. Vince B says:

    Chris Kanyon pretending to be DDP definitely doesn’t seem like WrestleCrap to me.

  8. Jimbolian says:

    My favorite is Jim Neidhart’s face while being strangled. Too priceless.

    Which reminds me, we need to bring back “CAPTION THIS!”

  9. MistaMaddog says:

    This needs to be made into a “We Didn’t Start The Fire” parody.

  10. CP says:

    Someone didn’t learn about spacing words in school. The drawn on Malenko picture looks like he’s saying “I’m a jerkhoholic”. Whatever that means.

  11. Geoff says:

    Yes, DDP was in one of the pictures. He was the one kissing David Flair on the lips.

  12. Matt S. says:

    Disappointing lack of David Flair.

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