Classic Induction: HHH vs. The Ultimate Warrior – The Match Hunter Wants You to Forget!

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WWF, Wrestlemania XII

t seems that a week never goes by in which I don’t rag on Triple H. Facts are facts: I just flatout don’t like the guy. Call me biased, I really don’t care. I just find him dull to the extreme, and unworthy of the insane push he inevitably gets.

I will say this, however: I completely understand why he does everything he possibly can to remain in the spotlight. After all, he wasn’t always a star. He wasn’t always “The Game.”


Heck, he used to just be another bad gimmick. He was Hunter Hearst Helmsley, the American Blueblood. He would sit in his mansion, nose in the air, and mock those lowly cretins in the audience. 

Still, even with his crappy persona, he was given a push. Each week, he would come out to the ring, escorted by a different whorebag. For Wrestlemania XII, here he is with … ??? … why yes, it is her – Sable.

This was Hunter’s first chance on the biggest stage in pro wrestling. He bowed, then courtseyed. Surely, he would be a match for anyone the Federation was going to throw at him, right?

Wrong, Waaaaaarrrriors!

That’s right, once again back in an attempt to spike the ratings and nab a few easy paychecks, Mania XII marked the return of the Ullllllltimate Warrior.

Hunter started off quick against the Warrior, proving that even back then, he was the cerebral assassin.

Or maybe just the cerebral ass.

Within seconds, Hunter nailed the Warrior with the pedigree.

Now in today’s environment, that would be lights out, because no one is allowed to kick out of Hunter’s finisher.

But this was 1996, so Warrior just popped right back up. 

Just imagine if someone pulled that today. Of course, that person would never work again, but he would make me happy, and I would like to think that’s a higher priority for anyone than say, feeding his family.

Warrior gives Hunter a choice: either listen to the Ultimate Fruitcake’s three hour lecture on the pros and cons of Destrucity (featuring such wisdom as “Queering don’t work”), or face the consequences.

Again, HHH proves himself to be the smartest man in the business, throwing himself into the Warrior’s waiting arms.

One big splash later…

…it was all over.

Time of the match: 92 seconds.


See, even Hunter had to start from somewhere. And in 1996, at the biggest show of the year, he was a jobber the likes of which the world hadn’t seen since the heyday of “Iron” Mike Sharpe.

And now that he is at the top of the business, and he gets to play the part of the Warrior, do you really blame Hunter for not wanting to ever job?

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14 Responses to "Classic Induction: HHH vs. The Ultimate Warrior – The Match Hunter Wants You to Forget!"
  1. John says:

    Wasn’t this part of the punishment for The Farewell to the Clique deal at MSG. “Sorry Hunter we don’t want Shawn to lose his smile so you job to Hellwig and no King of the Ring win for you. Ok..Ok.”

    • BigDaddyDave says:

      This happened a couple of months before the curtain call at MSG. Triple H served as cannon fodder for the Warrior because he was new to the roster and had to pay his dues by jobbing to Henry Godwin, Duke the Dumpster Droese, Sparky Plugg, and a number of others. While he was getting wins over Wrestlecrap alumni and other jobbers before this, he didn’t start getting any kind of real push until he feuded “Wildman” Marc Mero in the summer and fall of 1996 over the Intercontinental title.

    • Ed says:

      Actually, the MSG Incident happened in May, which makes this even funnier.

  2. Raven7309 says:

    “He gets to play the part of the Warrior.” Pure comedic genius.

  3. Scrooge McSuck says:

    I remember being so pissed as a kid. WM 12 had a thin enough card as is, thanks to a depleted roster, but Warrior squashing Helmsley in 90-seconds felt like a huge rip off. Nowadays I look back and laugh, because it’s Hunter and retroactively had it coming to him.

  4. Big wiggle says:

    Its not to late for brock to pay homage to the warrior by no selling the pedigree at this years mania. Then establish himself as the baddest one by putting helmsley in an arm bar that he “forgets” to let go of only before breaking hunters arm winning the match. Now thats a wrestlemania moment.

  5. Mr. Glen says:

    I almost sensed a mark out moment for Deal in this induction. Especially at the ‘Wrong, Waaaaaarrrriors!’ line. Is it possible to mark out due to spite?

  6. Walt says:

    My all-time favorite Triple H moment.Emotionally, HHH felt like Santa Claus after that match.

  7. Wendell says:

    Will we ever get a full article detailing exactly why you have no love for Triple H?

    • Des says:

      I imagine RD’s opinion of Triple H has soothed somewhat over the years. When this was posted Triple H was in the midst of his domination of Raw, not to mention Stephanie had been putting herself in big angles as well. Plus a lot of wrestlers got burned during that time, not least Chris Jericho in the build for Wrestlemania X-8 and Booker T at Wrestlemania XIX. Triple H isn’t anywhere near as bad now, he hasn’t been in the title scene for four years and I actually look forward to his matches these days whereas back in the day I was almost hoping for him to blow another quad.

  8. Guest says:

    The anti Triple H vitriol is strong in this section.

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