And the 2016 Gooker Award Winner Is…

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The votes were counted, tabulated, and all that goofy electoral stuff.

Y’all made it very clear what you viewed as the worst of the worst in 2016.

And coming on January 26, 2016, we will induct your choice.

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2016 Gooker Award Winner is…

Ack.  WrestleMania 32.  The show that never, ever, ever ended.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get started writing.  As I recall, this show was about 168 hours long, which means if I start watching it again right now, I will finish when the induction is due!

Oh, and yes, it was VERY close.  So I guess what I said above about you making it VERY clear what you wanted wasn’t true.  😉

See y’all in 7 days!


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59 Responses to "And the 2016 Gooker Award Winner Is…"
  1. Alexandru says:

    Wow this was maybe the closest Gooker ever. Glad WM 32 won. Never saw such an “important” show that failed to have any actual important follow-up. TNA was OK on-air wise anyway. If anything it should’ve been All Things Raw for a category

    • Greg says:

      Boring is much worse than bad. TNA is boring. Beyond that Hardy stuff, they do nothing. Feuds are rarely personal. The best way to describe TNA all year is they exist. Raw isn’t much better but the 3rd hour is a big reason for that.

      Wrestlemania 32 was the same. Though injuries were the real culprit here. Basically like the Raiders going into the playoffs. Had good stuff lined up and then the QB went down. Then the backup went down. There was nothing they could do.

      • Justin Henry says:

        they could’ve run a four-hour show with so many injuries instead of the six-hour show of death. Shane and Undertaker didn’t need to be 30 minutes. Hunter and Roman didn’t need to be 30. Rock didn’t need to tell the same old jokes for 10.

        • #OPC says:

          I really think Rock killed Bray’s character that night with the “eater of Hot Pockets” line.

        • Greg says:

          5 not 6 hours.

          I agree with your points. Their time management was crap. I still think one meh event (though I can be swayed since it’s the most important event) shouldn’t have loss to entire year of meh from TNA.

          Then again, TNA isn’t really worth anything anymore.

        • Caveman says:

          They should have just cut some of the entrances shorter. The Rock’s 30 minute entrance or Nipple H’ speech, for exsmple.

      • JimbobJones says:

        “Boring is much worse than bad.”

        The problem is, WM 32 ended up being BOTH.

    • Autrach Sejanoz says:

      If I remember correctly, the first Gooker (the 2000 one) was only decided by 0.5% of the vote. Then again, when the top two were Mae Young & David Arquette, it’s hardly surprising.

    • Hulk6785 says:

      Actually, last year’s was much closer. I think there was only a 70 vote difference between the Ziggler/Rusev/Lana/Summer Love Rectangle and the Divas’ Revolution.

  2. Sean Bateman says:

    I bought that at a resale shop

  3. Mister Oink says:

    This Wrestlemania was an endless, mind numbing exercise in hyperbole and gaudiness…good choice, and be sure to hydrate as your wrote it!

  4. Mr Fuji says:

    IMO it was easily the worst mania ever. For me the worst part was three old timers coming out and taking down 2 stables by themselves all while Michael Cole yells at me about it being a wrestlemania moment.

    Imagine in 98 having Paul Orndorff, George Steele and Tito Santana come out and kick ass on DX and The Nation? Same scenario to what they did here.

    • Brad says:

      they wonder why none of the current guys are as over as they should be, yet they feed them to past stars……..its shows like this that make me really question Vince’s alleged genius

    • Greg says:

      Stone Cold, Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels are bigger names than Steele, Santana and Orndorff. Like miles bigger. Not even remotely the same scenario.

      They beat them up after a match. They were not fresh. Gave the crowd something to cheer for. New Day getting beat up was a comedy spot. No harm done. If this was a random show then there would be a problem here.

      • JimbobJones says:

        “No harm done.”

        I think you mistyped “lots of harm done”

        How are people supposed to take your current stars seriously if they keep getting their asses kicked by the retired wrestlers? If every chance you get, you remind everyone that your current wrestlers aren’t as good as the ones from the generation before?

        WWE made their name in the Attitude Era based partly on the fact that WCW was running “old, washed-up wrestlers” as better than the younger guys.

        Yet here they are, almost 20 years later, doing the same damn thing WCW did back then. Even worse… Hogan, the oldest of the bunch in 1997, was only 44 years old. Nash, at the time, was only 38. Yet here we have Steve Austin (51 at WM32), Shawn Michaels (50), the Rock (43 — just 1 year younger than HOGAN was in 1997), and UT (49 at WM 31 when he beat Wyatt) being put over current talent pretty handedly.

        So, when Shawn Michaels kicks AJ Styles’s ass this year, and then suddenly people stop caring about Styles, then you can say “no harm done” again.

        • Greg says:

          You’re acting like Hillbilly Jim came out and destroyed John Cena. What actually happened was 3 really big name legends (2 out of 3 still being in tremendous shape) came out and beatup the meaningless LoN. LoN meant nothing. New Day just got a stunner. No harm done.

          AJ is 39. 43 is old. 39 is fine? Also, OMG AJ WAS OLDER THAN NASH WAS IN 1997.

          WCW’s focus on old guys was only one of their major problems. This isn’t close to WCW’s problem (extreme understatement).

          Undertaker beating Wyatt is not similar to Austin, Foley and HBK. Thought Wyatt should have won that. That loss hurt Wyatt (losing numerous feuds in a row will do that).

  5. Big G says:

    I didn’t vote for it, but I have no beef with it winning. Like one of the posters in the other thread, I haven’t bothered watching it. And I’m a guy who has laid down my hard earned to purchase Wrestlemanias 1 through to about 28 on DVD. WWE has converted an event from “Must Own and re-watch” to “Must Watch” to “Can’t even be bothered wasting bandwidth on this”. So kudos. Look forward to the induction. 🙂

  6. NightmareNear says:

    “InjuryMania” takes the Gooker Award.! Look under “Fan Nickname”.

  7. #OPC says:

    I was at both WrestleMania 23 and 32. Both main events had a guy who got booed mercilessly in John Cena and Roman Reigns, respectively. I think Reigns actually got the worst of this vitriol, and even WWE knew this when they muted the mics in the arena. That fact alone, that they KNEW they were putting out crap yet did it anyway, makes this event Gooker worthy.

  8. Michael says:

    So is there going to be a runner up induction like the last two years?

  9. Jerm says:

    Global Force Gold was robbed, I tells ya!

    • Philip says:

      The episode of the Solomonster Sounds Off podcast where Jason Solomon rips that nonsense to shreds is hilarious. Here’s the clip related to it:

  10. The Great Sudoku says:

    I am Glad to see Wrestlemania 32 emerge as the “winner” of the 2016 Gooker Award. Wrestlemania is supposed to be the feel-good show of the year. It’s fitting this site is called wrestlecrap, because at Wrestlemania 32, Vince McMahon metaphorically defecated on the fans for like 6 straight hours. The only bright spot of Zack Ryder winning the IC belt was demolished a day later on RAW. Where to even start on Wrestlemania 32’s problems… I guess I can give the pre-show a pass because its well the pre-show. We’ll start with AJ Styles, who was super hot coming into the company. The fans loved him. So what does Vince do with this newcomer the fans adore? That’s right, AJ gets jobbed out to an over-the hill Jericho and The Styles Clash gets neutered right off the bat. (And in spite of bad booking, at least both of these wrestlers are doing well now). Next, The League of F–ing Nations won a match, need I even say more. Prior to Wrestlemania, Dean Ambrose was getting built up as the next hardcore legend, with Mick Foley even passing the torch, err barb-wire bat to him. We saw Ambrose with a chainsaw, wrecking a bar. And all that led to to .. one of the most antiseptic “hardcore” matches in history with virtually no weapons used by Ambrose to even his odds against Brock. All this hardcore build up for Ambrose that leads to a typical Brock squash match. Way to payoff on a promise made to the fans WWE! Next up, we have the heel winning the womens title. Never mind that Sasha is mega over, that this is (allegedly) the feel-good show of the year, and that Sasha came out with fricken SNOOP DOGG! No let’s give the heel a win, because that’s what the fans want. More “brilliant” WWE booking, let me tell you! And then the match with the meaningless stipulation. Undertaker vs. Shane match where Shane gets the power involved with winning the match, despite losing the match. Let me fix this for you WWE. Shane wins, gets control of RAW, starts brand split right after Mania. See how easy that was. Also Undertaker seemed to have no reason whatsoever to fight Shane other than he was booked to.. sweet Jeebus, this WAS a bad card top top bottom! The Rock then waltzes back into the WWE and promptly kills any momentum that the Wyatt family had been building. I know WWE enjoys repeatedly killing any heat The Wyatts get, but damn, the Rock isn’t even gonna stick around. Have The Rock destroy the losers in the League of Nations that no one liked. It’s not like that pathetic faction last much longer in WWE anyway. And then of course, there is the main event. Let’s end the (alleged) feel-good show of the year by having a man that fans legitimately boo and hate win the biggest title in the company. A guy that despite being booed for the past year, Vince and his cronies were (and are still) determined to cram down our throats. Fans in attendance left the show early, departing before this match even took place! These smart individuals wanted to beat traffic, and they knew Superman Reigns was going over and didn’t feel like sticking around for that stinker. Can’t say I blame them. So the (cough) feel-good show of the year ends with a guy everyone hates holding high the biggest title belt in the company. Bravo WWE, bravo indeed. Wretlemania 32 sums up perfectly how out of touch WWE is with its fanbase, and how at its biggest show of the year, WWE took one 6 hour long dump all over its fan-base.

    • Autrach Sejanoz says:

      Don’t forget the ticket checking system malfunctioned, leading to LONG delays, to the point where people were still coming in during Jericho vs Styles.

      • Thomas Moffatt says:

        Don’t forget the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal – I had no issue with Baron Corbyn winning and it was great to see DDP but the Shaq/Big Show stuff was a bit stupid…

    • Guest says:

      ….People like Rusev, Del Rio, & Barrett but the stable overall?…

    • Greg says:

      You can’t call someone over-the-hill and then praise them.

      AJ wasn’t super hot. He became that afterwards. Styles Clash isn’t his WWE finisher. I agree it was dumb for Jericho to win.

      LoN won so they could have a reason for Austin, Foley and Shawn to come out. Lazy booking.

      Undertaker would be barred from Mania if he lost. Also, you don’t have Shane McMahon beat the damn Undertaker. I get it doesn’t mean much since Brock beat him but holy crap, no.

      Rock beat Erick Rowan. No one cares about Rowan. Wyatt got to interact with Rock. Rock needed Cena to help him repel the Wyatts. He couldn’t do it by himself.

  11. Vail says:

    Ngl, I hope Golden Truth gets inducted eventually anyway. Just not as a Gooker.

  12. Charles Belles says:

    Do TNA as well, it deserves it, make it a two gooker year!

  13. James says:

    WrestleMania 32 was four hours (not six) because um you know – the pre-show doesn’t count!

    Still, Becky Lynch tapping out instead of winning the title equals a Gooker winner for me.

  14. CF says:

    There may be a Headlie in this: “WWE ANNOUNCES ‘WEEK OF WRESTLEMANIA\'”, a la when the Indy 500 used to take up the entire month of May….

  15. K2T says:

    Salty Salty Salty! The show was just plain mediocre not this abomination your making it out to be! As lousy as it was I’m getting real sick of everyone overblowning things! Weak I could sorta agree but one of the WORSE G.T.F.O.H.!

  16. Brad says:

    I dare say Wrestlemania 32 was worse than Wrestlemania 9… least 9 wasn’t as bloated

  17. Yarrr says:

    I don’t suppose there’s any chance you could talk about both?

  18. BaltoJim says:

    As long and drawn out as WrestleMania 32 was, it could have been worse. At least “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero wasn’t doing the commentary…

  19. Thomas Moffatt says:

    I voted for this as it was a catalyst in the continued face push of Roman Reigns – the guy everyone is sick and tired of. The whole spectacular was one single attempt to get Reigns over. It failed.

  20. TortureRackOfDoom says:

    Glad “All Things TNA” didn’t get this, since, as I said in the original thread, they put on a lot of fun stuff in 2016 (everything Hardy, dominant heel Lashley, the rise of Eddie Edwards, Miracle and Maria, Eli Drake as a super-unlikable heel, Gail as a hall of famer, etc.). It was their utterly exhausting backstage political nonsense that largely deserves flak, but that wasn’t a voting option.

  21. Kirk M says:

    You better touch on that clown show that took place outside the building. As much as the show was not good to people watching at home, trying to get into AT&T Stadium was Gooker worthy on its own.

  22. KatieVictoriasSecret says:

    I’ll agree that last year’s Mania wasn’t up to snuff, but I went with the Jarrett Global Force Gold disaster. Nothing worse than watching someone who used to have promise and talent actually stake their reputation on a failed pyramid scheme.

  23. Chippy Chips says:

    Definitely do a runner-up induction for TNA, focusing more on the ridiculous management and booking than the actual wrestling which was mostly decent last year.

  24. Big Daddy Strong says:

    Damn I can’t believe it! I voted for WM but I never expected it to win honestly. Look I wrote a long post explaining why it should win so I won’t rehash it. The gist of it was, the fact it was even up for consideration should have made it the front runner.

    TNA is a perennial contender. Bad gimmicks and angles are plentiful. How often does an entire WWE PPV much less a WM make the list? It had to be a special kind of terrible clocking in at 5 or 6 hours if you include the preshow. That’s a lot of bad all at once.

    And there was no reason for it to be that bad. Yes there were injuries. But WWE have the talent and the resources to prevent a couple of injuries from killing an entire PPV. One they would have thought was the biggest in the history of the company.

    And on a personal note, it is still the only WrestleMania I have not watched. I never felt the urge to and I probably never will.

  25. Al Boondy says:

    “So I guess what I said above about you making it VERY clear what you wanted wasn’t true”

    It was “alternative facts” …

  26. Mister Forth says:

    Next week will be quite fun.

  27. "B-Rock" says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if we see another co-holding honor this year. I actually enjoyed WM32, but I can agree that the main event was one we “never wanted”. Impact Wrestling should’ve won this year simply because that train has gone WAY off the tracks. Had I been given a choice, I would’ve given the honor to the “Broken” Hardys with Charolette vs. Sasha in a close second (but that’s just me). Looking forward to reading this induction regardless. See ya next induction Wrestlecrap!

  28. That Lucha Guy says:

    Nah, TNA had a lot of awesome stuff in 2016. Not onyl the whole BROKEN saga, Galloway had an amazing run as champion. The Angle farewell tour was full of great matches. Not to mention the batch of new talent debuts this year, Allie’s newfound popularity and the Jade vs Rosemary match that was a highlight by itself.

    • Greg says:

      Yet every TNA feud was I’m a champion vs I want a title. No personal stories. Mostly just two dudes fighting cause ya know, titles are shiny. Lot of treading water. No reason to care about anyone.

      Didn’t Angle have like 2 matches in 2016 for TNA?

      • That Lucha Guy says:

        No, Angle had a full farewell tour that had awesome matches. And yeah, the point of a world championship is that everybody wants it, and there were awesome matches there as well so, what’s your point?

        • Greg says:

          Yes that is the point of the titles but a majority of the TNA feuds were just I want it. It is hard to get into a feud that is just about a title.

          Daniel Bryan didn’t just want the title at Mania 30. He had to overcome the authority and take the title from them. Cena vs AJ is about Cena needing to prove he can still be a top guy against AJ saying he has taken Cena’s throne. They have a reason to not just want the belt but also need the belt. They have a personal reason between them to fight. WWE has a problem making people care about their midcard titles though.

          A ton of wrestlers can have great matches. Shelton Benjamin for example. Great wrestler yet still incredibly boring. That is because his entertainment skills were nonexistent. Roman Reigns is pretty good in the ring but his promos aren’t good (and being booked as a wholesome character while being a giant dick is very odd). Saying so what would be saying Roman Reigns is great because his matches are good.

          I swear I remember Angle being done in January of 2016 for TNA but he lasted until March. Still not much.

  29. No One says:


    TNA was next level, Next planet, next galaxy, next universe hot fucking garbage.

  30. ClawsomeMan says:

    Wait, WrestleMania was 168 hours long last year?

    I think this year’s Mania will span the entire length of Lent, as said in one of your inductions.

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