2016 Gooker Voting Is Here – Vote for the Worst of the Worst!

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Another year of horrible pro wrestling has passed, which means but one thing – I’m an idiot for still watching it.

Oh wait, sorry.  I mean, it’s time for the 2016 Gooker Award voting!

That’s right, it’s your chance to pick the very worst of the very worst by casting your vote and giving those involved the ‘honor’ of taking home the coveted prize.  Without any further adieu, your nominees!

WrestleMania 32

This has to be a first, right?  Has a Mania EVER been up for a Gooker?  Make no mistake, this one is certainly deserving, going an interminable six hours (!!!!) from the first prelim to the end of the main event.  Oh, and did we mention that the Undertaker continued his legendary Mania run versus…SHANE MCMAHON?!!!  Because yeah, that happened too.

Rebel vs. Shelly Martinez

We’ve long been huge fans of Shelly Martinez (aka the BNV) dating back to her days in WWE ECW when she hung out with a vampire named Kevin.  And Rebel?  She had our hearts when she attempted to win back a carnival while wearing THOSE SHORTS.  Put these two together and it had to be great, right?  Well, no, not really.  In fact, it was one of the worst matches I’ve ever seen.  Is it Gooker worthy?  You make the call!

All Things TNA

Speaking of TNA, why don’t we just lump as much of this mess of a company as we can into an entry?  Things got so bad this year that I thought for sure I was going to have to start writing The Death of TNA, as they shorted wrestlers on money, held disastrous shows in front of ever dwindling crowds, and somehow became even more of a laughing stock than they’d ever been before.  And I wasn’t even sure how that was possible!  Somehow though Dixie pulled it out.  She always does.

Golden Truth

Here’s some truth – your comedy antics are horrible.  Yet we got them seemingly nonstop for the better part of a year!  Thrill to Goldust as a waiter!  Guffaw to Truth as a pizza delivery boy!  Vote for them both to win the Gooker!

The Wyatt Compound Match

I know there was a lot of concern that somehow the antics of Broken Matt Hardy was going to wind up as a nominee for the Gooker, specifically The Final Deletion.  Come on, guys, as if.  Especially when I can put this third rate knock-off up instead!  To anyone begging for Matt & Jeff to come back so we can see their absurd antics continue in WWE, I warn you – this horrific match is what we’d get instead.  And it is truly Gooker worthy.

Global Force GOLD!

People once mocked me for having the temerity to induct Double J, the original heel country music persona of Jeff Jarrett.  Would anyone cry if I were to induct him for attempting to garner bucks selling gold in some flim-flam pyramid scheme?  Maybe it would actually help the poor guy get Global Force Wrestling off the ground.  It’s coming, kids!  Really, believe us!  It will launch about the same time that Parts Unknown Yearbook will!

The Shining Stars

How on earth could things get worse if you are a pair of wrestling matadors?  Witness the Shining Stars, a one-note joke wherein two guys from Puerto Rico attempt to sell time shares.  And literally do nothing else of note.  When Chavo Guerrero: Amway Salesman has more depth than your character, you are truly Gookertastic!

New Day vs. Gallows and Anderson

Another never-ending feud on a show that has a million of them, The New Day vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson featured the extra bonus of a weeks-long subplot involving Big E Langston’s testicles.  Really.  That’s what is supposedly in the jar above.  Need I say anything else to justify this being on the list?

Make Darren Young Great Again – Have Him Feud with Titus O’Neil Forever

The easy joke here is to simply ask “How do we make Darren Young great AGAIN when he was never great to begin with?”  See, that’s why you’re here – to read stupid jokes like that.  Also to vote for this dumb feud wherein Bob Backlund would show up at random to help Darren in some way that was never really explained.  And to have him feud with his former partner Titus O’Neil in matches that absolutely stunk to high heaven.  Despite that fact, we got them over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.  I think I’m detecting a trend.

Enzo’s Sensitivity Training

Remember when Daniel Bryan had to go to Anger Management Training?  And it featured the great Dr. Shelby and it was…kinda…funny I guess?  Well, take any of the comedy that was in there, strip it out, and then take one of your hottest new acts and make him look like a certified GOOF.  Egads, that was a horrible joke.  Maybe I should be writing for Raw these days.  Couldn’t be any worse than this series of skits was.

And there you have it.  The ten worst items in pro wrestling in 2016, and it is up to YOU to decide who wins the grand prize.  But hurry – voting ends January 14!  We will then post the official induction on January 26. Whaddya waiting for?  Get to voting!

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115 Responses to "2016 Gooker Voting Is Here – Vote for the Worst of the Worst!"
  1. BeaverCleavage says:

    Seems like a bit of a weak year for the Gooker. Plenty of bad, but nothing rises above the rest. All Things TNA feels like such a cop-out, but maybe that’s it? Was there really nothing else that was objectively cringeworthy? And Wrestlemania on there seems wrong. I mean….we had the Ambrose Asylum if we needed more WWE representation!

    • Big G says:

      I was thinking this very thing. Nothing that made me feel dumb for caring, which is my goto Gooker lens. Everything seemed to be ‘Meh dumb’, not ‘Arghhhh dumb’. I’m gonna need to ponder this for a little bit before voting.

  2. Ryan says:

    So many choices! I don’t know how to choose just one!

  3. #OPC says:

    I almost want to vote for the Enzo Sensitivity Training solely for the Ohio State background. Excuse me, THE Ohio State background.

  4. The Doctor of Style says:

    I bet Global Force Gold would work, if only Jarrett ended each infomercial with a sparkling gold tooth like Double J.

  5. Casey says:

    On the night of WrestleMania 32, I described it as a monument to excess. WWE needs to learn that just because they can have a show that goes 6 hours does not mean they should have a show that goes six hours. This is the logical result of what happens when you just *have* to get everyone on the card. God forbid people be left off this show so that it means more for the people who are on it.

    So if WrestleMania 32 wins I will be more than alright with it.

    Having said all that, I voted for all things TNA. I mean seriously,
    as bad as WrestleMania 32 was it didn’t play hell with people’s livelihood like not getting paid for months at a time would. And it just kept going and going and going and made the 6 year WrestleMania show seem like an hour of NJPW on AXS by comparison.

    • Dude says:

      Why don’t you go say that to the talent who want that big Mania paycheck

      • Casey says:

        Your problem is assuming that I wouldn’t do exactly that if the situation presented itself and that I couldn’t convince people that they would be better off.

        For one thing I doubt the WrestleMania payday for The Vaudevillains is all that “big”.

        My argument would go something like this:
        1. 7 hour shows are bad.
        2. bad shows burn out fans.
        3. burned out fans stop:
        a. subscribing to the network
        b. going to house shows
        c. buying merchandise
        d. watching the product on TV
        4. The consequences of A, B and C are lower annual revenues and D could mean a decrease in TV rights fees which also drop revenues
        5. The result of 4 is cost cutting measures which mean reduction in salaries and out and out firings
        6. Loss of income due to being fired > the amount you’d get for being in a nothing battle royal at WrestleMania.

        Sure, WWE can have a WrestleMania with everyone on the card that lasts for 7 hours to give people a payday. WWE could also go to USA and negotiate to add a third hour to Smackdown to increase revenue to increase everyone’s pay but as life proves to all on a regular basis, just because you can do something does not mean you should.

        Also, I believe in one of his books (probably the first) JTG talked about how some guys would actually lose money by being part of WrestleMania festivities. I’m sure there are plenty of guys who would gladly sacrifice their “big payday” for an extra week off the road that they can spend with their families.

  6. Kev says:

    I’ve got to go with All Things TNA because things couldn’t have been any worse if Trump appointed Dixie as Secretary of the Treasury.

    • Ze Frenchie says:

      Shhh! Don’t give Trump any ideas! There’s already Linda McMahon that was appointed…

    • Al Lobama says:

      The sad thing about that, and it’s the reason I didn’t vote for TNA, is that Impact Wrestling has produced some of the best TV shows TNA has seen in years. Lashley as World Champion, the Broken Hardys, the Decay and Rosemary, and even Eddie Edwards singles push have all been incredibly entertaining this year. The embarrassingly stuff TNA has done this year has all been off camera, and inducting bad business decisions rather than bad angles/gimmicks takes you down a slippery slope, IMO.

  7. Rob Brown says:

    I was thinking the worst thing last year was either the Shane/Taker program or the continued push of Roman Reigns. Since both were part of WrestleMania 32, that’s what I voted for.

  8. Alfonzo Tyson says:

    What?! The Old Day wasn’t nominated?!

  9. Julie Hankinson says:

    There are a ton of good choices. And on the subject of TNA, there are some good things about it, most notably Eli Drake and Maria Kanellis Bennett.

  10. lipe from chile says:

    top 3 choices:
    -WM32 (if it had been just the Taker-Shane FEUD AND AFTERMATH, the main event and Ambrose-Lesnar, it would have been a no-brainer, but there were worse)
    -Golden Truth (they may be unfunny, but I saw them on Santiago of Chile, and everybody was chanting the What’s Up song as their entrance, by which I mean that they were over; said thing cannot be said about, for example, Titus O’Neill, as we chanted “Block, Block” [as in the Terry Crews Old Spice ads -yes, they just recently arrived in our country, and are hugely popular] at him)
    -All things TNA (They were finally bought by Anthem, so hopefully there won’t be anymore setbacks)

    My vote goes to the New Day/Wyatts Compound Match. The reason? As told on Justin Henry’s 2014 countdown, on number “22. WWE rips off Claire Lynch. At least when TNA steals from WWE, they knock off the GOOD ideas.” This time, they stole a potentially bad idea, that took the wrestling world by surprise, and completely ripped-off, backfiring on their purpose and drawing even more attention on the Hardys (just listen to the “delete” chants). All the while, this “match” will only live in infamy on this post, hopefully on the winner of this contest’s induction, and on a WCPW’s “10 things WWE wants you to forget about 2016” video.

    • Greg says:

      For the love of Gobbledy Gooker, WWE didn’t ripoff Claire Lynch. Stephanie heavily implied they (or she, can’t remember everyone who was involved) were lying about Bryan cheating and was just doing it to be a dick. Brie never fell for it. It wasn’t even remotely the same.

  11. Sean O says:

    Wasn’t Wrestlemania 27 a gooker nominee? I think it was…

    • Stone Pony says:

      That year was Joker Sting, Winter/Angelina Love, Michael Cole on commentary, the WWE worker “strike”,the disappearing mystery GM,Sting/Hardy at Victory Road, and the WWE Twitter obsession.

      So nope, if there was a ‘Mania nominated it wasn’t WM27

    • Nicholas Nutter says:

      No, but it was inducted as soon as it was eligible, though:

  12. Alfonzo Tyson says:

    Voting for New Day vs Gallows and Anderson simply on the basis of that horrible Old Day skit. That was a brutal ten minutes of my life I’ll never get back!

  13. Jimbolian says:

    I don’t think I ever been this passionate about voting for a particular entry for the Gooker.

    Wrestlemania 32 is hands down Gooker worthy from top to bottom. Let’s take a look at card…

    1. Six friggin’ hours?!?! I know everyone wants their Wrestlemania paycheck but the lengthy pre-show was not necessary.

    2. A heatless IC ladder match thrown together with Zack Ryder getting his WM moment winning the belt…only to drop it the next night to Miz.

    3. League of Nations picking up a big win over New Day only for both teams to be buried by three retired wrestlers afterwards.

    4. Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose showing they can’t work a match with each other despite a street fight stipulation.

    5. Although a fairly decent match, this was the genesis of the WWE Hot Potato title aka Women’s Championship.

    6. The laughable Undertaker vs. Shane McMahon match and the build up/aftermath. There’s too much crap to point out in this one.

    7. A convoluted battle royale featuring Shaq and Tatanka (BUFFALO!).

    8. The Rock getting his WM paycheck by squashing Erick Rowan within 6 seconds or so for no good reason at all.

    9. A still not over and probably will never be Roman Reigns getting nuclear heat from the crowd when he’s suppose to be the top babyface.

    So the only shimmer of light for WM32 was Styles vs. Jericho and that’s about it. I haven’t been so disinterested in watching a Wrestlemania in such a long time.

    • Autrach Sejanoz says:

      Took the words right out of my mouth.

    • Jim says:

      Kind of forgot Wrestlemania was that bad until you listed everything. I’d argue that Styles-Jericho looked dumb in hindsight given that Jericho won the Mania match, which led to Styles as Roman’s first challenger for the title (yes, Styles won the next night on Raw, but the Mania victory is far more high profile). I know kayfabe is dead, but Styles would have been kayfabe a somewhat more decent challenger had he just won at Mania.

      • Thomas Moffatt says:

        Spearing Nipple H couldn’t get Roman over. I would have liked to see All Things Roman Reigns on here but WM 32 will have to do…

        • Ze Frenchie says:

          I agree. From his wellness suspension (that was definitely softer than Titus’), to some backstage heat, to winning a Wrestlemania ME (as a face) amidst boos and his ‘Twitter feud’ with John Cena, it looks like it Reigns supreme in the Wrestlecrap department this year.

        • Jim says:

          Agree that it wouldn’t have gotten Roman over (Styles was getting cheered in that feud, regardless), just that it didn’t make a ton of sense for someone who lost to an upper-midcarder at Mania to then become the #1 contender. Of course, James Ellsworth was involved in the Smackdown title picture for months.

    • Si says:

      One thing I hadn’t realized about WM32 until recently – until according to various sources at the time everyone in the IC ladder match, including Miz who was supposed to win, intervened because they wanted Ryder to get a Mania moment, all the winners were meant to be heels up to Roman, which I guess was supposed to get him over. (Surely Shane was meant to be the face because he was going to overthrow Vince)

      Styles-Jericho the highlight? The match where Y2J kicked out of or reversed all of the exciting and over new guy’s finishers and got a clean win that led nowhere in storyline even after the following night’s Raw? Jericho said it was leading somewhere that he’d explain in time. Still waiting, Chris.

    • Yarrr says:

      Bravo, excellent summary.

    • #OPC says:

      I’d also go with them muting the crowd during the Reigns/Trips match. That alone is infuriating.

    • Greg says:

      Rock could only do that due to his movie contract (they wouldn’t allow an actual match). It didn’t hurt Rowan. Wyatt got a rub. Gave fans something to pop for.

      If anything, Rock taking 10 hours with that flamethrower was the ridiculous part.

  14. Thomas says:

    I don’t know, either. I’m tempted toward All Things TNA but we also got The Final Deletion. Is that enough to make me choose something else?

    • Thomas says:

      In response to my previous post, I had to go with WrestleMania. For all the bad stuff going on with TNA, The Final Deletion to me says the Hardys are a godsend to the company.

      A six-hour PPV is a sign of how complacent WWE has begun with the lack of serious competition in the wrestling industry.

  15. The Lunatic Binge says:

    Clearly the winner is WrestleMania Star

  16. Scrooge McSuck says:


    It was good for the wrestling. But it wasn’t about the wrestling. IT WAS ALL ABOUT “MOMENTS.”

    Ryder as the IC Champion. Nice guy, wrong time.

    New Day jobs, only for the Trio of Legends to lay everyone out. What the fuck.

    Rock talking for half an hour and beats up the Wyatt Clan.

    Shane vs. Taker and the ignored stipulations. Cell Jump!

    Roman vs. HHH, a decent story that nobody wanted

    6 1/2 HOURS.

  17. C Boz says:

    For pure wrestle crap I would have to go for the Shining Stars (did WWE really think this was a good repackaging idea), Enzo (face being guilty of sexual harassment – hurray!), or the Club’s attempts at humor (as opposed to just be bad a**es).

    For real world crap, JJ’s gold shilling takes the cake.

    Personally I would have liked to have seen specifically the Undertaker as Vince’s lackey angle at WM, when he was a face but helping the heel owner for no apparent reason – making him far less than ominous or commanding. And yes, having him wrestle Shane was a joke, too. So maybe I need to consider voting for WM32 altogether.

  18. George says:

    Voted for the Wyatt Compound Match. A rather obvious ripoff of the TNA Final Deletion match with the Hardys.

    • Si says:

      Funny thing is about the Wyatt Compound, Rob Naylor (Dusty’s assistant in FCW and early NXT) had said before that Bray had always pressed for the Family to have their own separate compound to cut promos and lure people to, and something like that was hinted at in those early promos… and then they bring it in at literally the worst timed moment.

  19. TV's Mr. Neil says:

    Go TNA! The company that always succeeds by failing.

    How are they still in business???

  20. Andrew says:

    I voted for Mania but I expect TNA to win, just because how awful, but could they be so bad that they even lose the Gooker vote lol. Gallows and Anderson vs New Day was so bad I think it even wrecked a marriage possibly.

  21. BaltoJim says:

    I’ve got to go with All Things TNA, though I would add the caveat – Except for the Broken Hardys (they’re so intentionally crap-tastic that they’ve turned into something awesome). The behind the scenes drama was sad enough, but shows themselves were even worse. It’s pretty pitiful when a promotion tells its two biggest stars, “Look, we have no idea what to do with anyone on the roster, much less the two of you. So you guys just go ahead and do your own show and we’ll leave you alone. Just don’t walk out on us.”

  22. Mister Forth says:

    I support either WrestleMania 32 for the basic principle that they botched the biggest night of wrestling, or TNA because of the sheer stupidity. Though I prefer WM because most of TNA’s stuff was off TV, which to me feels like it should disqualify it.

    • JimbobJones says:

      That’s what I thought, too.

      I guess they changed the rules this year. (I was fine with TNA being nominated in 2010, because stupid decisions lead to REALLY stupid TV. But this year, their TV, though not amazing, hasn’t been embarrassing)

      I kind of feel like it was put there just because they HAD to have a TNA entry.

  23. Caveman says:

    Can we nominate the Universal Championship and Daniel Bryan/Shane McMahon making themselves look like fools with breaking all the promises they made on what the Smackdown brand would do different than RAW? Also, the incknsequent brand split with all kinds of staff being on both brands etc.. The lack of consequences from WM32 are part of the WM32 choice, I guess.

    • Si says:

      How is Smackdown not different to Raw? Smackdown has made Cena beating Styles an actually cheered option. Raw’s world title holder is fifth most important person in his own story, if a list could be a person.

  24. Jim says:

    Had honestly forgotten about Mania being that bad until Jimbolian listed the matches. About the only positive is that Sting didn’t take a loss this year. Definitely a deserving winner.

    TNA is currently slightly ahead in voting; as funny as the “Save Us, Billy” stuff is now that he’s already gone from the company, my favorite TNA stuff are in-ring things like the Last Rites Match or the barbed wire Christmas tree, with the larger/macro business stuff less what I associate with the Gooker (I wasn’t a fan of the “brass ring” induction for similar reasons). Still would be fun.

    Probably more worthy of an induction than a Gooker, but my goodness did I dislike Make Darren Young Great Again. From the premise (wait, Darren was great?), to the wacky pairing with Backlund, to the chemistry-lacking split-screen promos, to the never-ending feud with Titus that…how did it end exactly? It seemed like it dragged on for weeks on Raw, but I don’t remember there being a conclusion. I wanted an ending because I suffered through it for so long and to make sure it was dead.

    What a dismal run for the (Raw) tag division, with three nominees. Golden Truth was a close second, from teasing feuding with each other to dragging out finally teaming up, but at least there was a laugh or two there, which put it above Young/Titus. The Shining Stars shot my theory of “vignettes help acts get over” all to hell, and it’s still Primo and Epico. New Day-Club was death, particularly the “humor.”

    I guess it can’t be included because it’s still ongoing, but HHH handing Owens the title and then disappearing for months is just stupid, partially because I’m going to have to hear people say it is a great long term storyline when he finally returns (once football is over). I understand Balor getting hurt screwed things up, but this was one of the things that has hurt Seth’s babyface turn. Plus, the storyline positions the Universal title as a stepping stone to getting HHH’s attention, making beating the Game the ultimate prize.

    I am a little surprised that Sasha’s “retirement” promo wasn’t at least nominated, particularly given how she talked about how progressive the current women’s storylines were from the bra and panties days and then called Dana Brooke “Miss Piggy” in the same segment.

  25. JimbobJones says:

    I’m confused. I thought the Gooker was meant to be for things on TV, not business issues (unless they, too, lead to bad things on-screen, which, for a weird change of pace, didn’t seem to happen with TNA — not like 2010, anyway)

    “All things TNA” is kind of a “cop out” nomination, will be the clear winner of the choices, though I think that Wrestlemania 32 is the choice given the idiotic TV leading up to it, and the baffling booking after it. (Like WHY was Shane put in charge anyway?)

    • MistaMaddog says:

      I dunno, the nomination of WCW Invasion as a Gooker was a “business decision” to me at least. Yes there was a lot of awful matches and segments on TV that dragged on for months. The main point was instead of giving the fans what they really want, it was in the long run ruined by personal, petty and stupid reasons made by the owners in charge.

      Match wise, I would vote for WM32 except I never seen it so I can’t judge on it. Hell I was more upset over the Goldberg/Lesnar rematch…

  26. SCLSCL says:

    I went for Global force gold in the end purely because more than a number of the other ones getting most of the votes, it is classic pure unadulerated corny Wrestlecrap.

    Don’t get me wrong both Mania 32 and TNA in general would be worthy winners in another way, as both were depressingly awful this year, but when I think back to when this site first started, Global force gold is the sort of induction that would be on it and one that you would just look at and laugh at how absurd it is.

    What I mean by that is yes Roman Reigns getting the Lex Express push despite it failing just as badly, is it really Wrestlecrap in the traditional sense or is it not just annoying and a reason to not waste any time on modern WWE (why anybody with a WWE network subscription would even bother confuses me given how much other stuff there is there).

  27. Thedude says:

    List seems a little lackluster. Disappointed at the lack of James ellsworth and the continued, forced, failed attempt to get Roman reigns over. This is where my vote would have gone. As is, I voted for all things tna, because holy hell its been god awful.

  28. Roland Smitts says:

    For The Rock’s silliness alone, WrestleMania 32. Yeah he really needed that win so badly. Dude needs to go back to his Instagram so he can keep fooling people into thinking he’s some sort of great guy (seriously forget Lex Luger. This is what a narcissist looks & acts like, kids. Makes even Hogan look humble.)

  29. paulroma says:

    Voted for Darren Young…. How is it possible that the guy everyone talked about last year, for obvious reasons, got stuck with this lame gimmick. He should have been the poster boy for their anti-bully campaign or whatever feel-good fund-raising scam they had in mind. Bob Backlund deserves so much better as well. His heel turn in 1994 was perhaps one of the best in history. This is just another fine example of how the McMahon clan has lost their touch.

    I see an uninspired Mick Foley, folks from NXT getting buried on the main roster because they don’t have a solid long term plan for them, a Triple H/Seth Rollins feud going nowhere etc etc.
    Combine all this crap with the fact we get to see the same matches on Raw/Smackdown and on PPV’s over and over again, and you’ll know how I feel about the WWE at this point of time. It’s obvious that WWE is lucky to have some amazing & passionate workers. Otherwise 2016 would have been far worse than 1995…
    Seriously, they should fire their complete creative department for making me feel bored to watch Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins with Y2J interfering for the 37th week in a row. I love watching all 3 of these guys, but there is complete roster supposedly waiting to “grab the brass ring”…
    Very interesting to see what’s in store for 2017

  30. Hulk6785 says:

    I went with Make Darren Young Great Again. WWE’s lame-ass attempt at being topical that did nothing to get anyone involved with the angle over.

  31. clockwork says:

    All of these are acceptable gooker moments, and it is really hard to decide, but overall I chose WM as it has the highest expectations and failed on many levels (Global Force and TNA suck donkey but they never had that high of a bar anyway).

    WM has no excuse in the world.

  32. Thomas Moffatt says:

    I think the Dudley’s sign off can be lumped in with the New Day v Gallows and Anderson feud and the entire Enzo naked/Enzo visits Lana/Rusev beats up Enzo culminates in the Sensitivity Training?

    I will say this – Xavier Woods selling the Stunner at ‘Mania did make me laugh.

  33. Alexandru says:

    This year was actually OK in wrestling so it could be why this list seems a bit weak. As bad as TNA has been I can’t really say they get the Gooker since a lot of the bad stuff happening was behind the scenes. Gotta go with WM32 even though it’s not even a top 5 worst Mania ever (though still bad). The show had only a 3 good matches, went on forever, was pointless due to none of the outcomes meaning anything storyline wise, and a main event somehow even worse than the Triple H and Orton fiasco from years back.

  34. Jon Milne says:

    Honestly? My problem with voting for TNA as a whole is actually summarised beautifully by how RD Reynolds phrases the justification for this nomination. Here it is again, only I’m going to make a few alterations that makes my point:

    “Speaking of WCW, why don’t we just lump as much of this mess of a company as we can into an entry? Things got so bad this year that I thought for sure I was going to have to start writing The Death of WCW far earlier, as they shorted wrestlers on money, held disastrous shows in front of ever dwindling crowds, and somehow became even more of a laughing stock than they’d ever been before. And I wasn’t even sure how that was possible! Somehow though Ted et al pulled it out. They always do.”

    I strongly feel that, much like in 2000, it would have been far better to concentrate on a specific terrible angle within TNA that could act as a perfect symbol of everything that was wrong with the company, much like how David Arquette’s World Title win acted as a brilliant summary of just how much of a complete mess WCW was.

    And hell, TNA actually put out some damn good in-ring product this year. You look at the Broken Hardys, as well as how they managed to reinvigorate Bobby Lashley, and at how good EC3 and Drew Galloway and Eli Drake and most of the ex-ROH talent were, plus the women’s division being at the best it’s been in years, and comparatively the good they produced this year I think balances out the bad,

    No, to me, for the same reasons Jimbolian laid out, Wrestlemania 32 HAS to win. It was an absolute bomb and the pinnacle of the WWE showing utter contempt towards its fans. Plus, SIX AND A HALF HOURS.

  35. Jason S says:

    I wish you specified “All Things TNA Management”. Because 2016 Impact was actually one of the more enjoyable wrestling programs of the year. The politics and finances were an embarrassment, but the in ring product and character development (Broken Hardys, E-LI Drake, Lashley) were solid.

    And if you are considering the category as a catch-all for everything TNA, then that includes the entire Broken saga and that’s just wrong!

  36. Si says:

    Why just the sensitivity training and not the whole angle? Rusev is the heel because… he doesn’t like his wife being slut-shamed in front of him?

  37. Clawsome Man says:

    I agree, WrestleMania 32 was so awful, it should top WrestleMania IX for worst WrestleMania of all time.

  38. Ryan says:

    I’m writing in James Ellsworth.

  39. Overdrive says:

    I went with WM over TNA for the simple reason that, aside from some good talent putting on some good matches and the GENIUS OF MATT HARDY, TNA has been a consistent source of easy-to-mock stuff for way more than just this year. For them to have financial troubles, inept booking, etc. is nothing surprising, shocking or even worth noting other than saying “SS/DD”.

    WM on the other hand is supposed to be a big, iconic show that rules all other PPVs and instead it was a bloated wreck that tried way too hard for “moments” at the expense of actually being entertaining.

  40. Jimbolian says:

    Overdrive said it best; TNA threw all their marbles down for the Broken Matt saga and it worked out amazing. So here are my final two pleas:

    1. Guys, please don’t ballot stuff the Gooker Award like what happened before. RD is running a respectable joint so no need to troll.

    2. Everything TNA in 2016 is fine for a Gooker, yet I think there needs to be some clarification. Without TNA, we would not have the awesome Broken Matt saga in the first place, so think about that. So Mr. Reynolds, it’s best to reword the entry about “Everything TNA” so we don’t get the wrong idea we’re crapping on Broken Matt or WE’LL BE DELETED

  41. TheGreat31 says:

    “You’re gonna go to hit me… I’m gonna miss.”

    Reason enough alone to pick WrestleMania 32.

    Want more?

    HHH’s entrance.

  42. John C says:

    I went with Global Farce Gold because that is the literal incarnation of what crap is. It just seems like the selection that has the least redeemable qualities to it. A going nowhere product, a damaged spokesman, zero percent chance of being successful, really cringe worthy scaminess and haminess to it. Couldn’t watch Mania live last year due to being at the National High School Wrestling Championships so I can’t attest to the overkill of it being live that long and the other selections were just standard tepid badness. Let’s give it up for Dubba J and his newest hir song, With My Crappy Tonight.

    “Been working hard looking for a money mark to fund me, but all I got was confused looks around me
    I can’t wait to be alone with my Crappy tonight
    Daddy can’t keep giving me my allowance, said I should make my own keep
    I can’t wait to be alone with my Crappy tonight
    Went on tv looking like a shill, less successful than Henry Hill
    I can’t to be alone with my crappy tonight
    Global Force the place you want to be, until we get investigated by the SEC
    I can’t wait to be alone with my Crappy tonight”

  43. Goaty McGoatface says:

    I feel sad that ‘All Things TNA’ is going to win this year, because it would have been a totally justified winner in many previous years, but this time around its actual TV product was pretty decent, as was WWE’s. I echo some other comments recommending that you focus the induction (assuming it wins, which looks likely) on the management of the company and some of the booking decisions rather than the angles etc.

  44. Jlevysan says:

    I’m conflicted here. I’m torn between WM 32 and Enzo’s sensitivity training. WM 32 went WAY too long, and a bunch of wrong people went over. The matches were decent, there were no real stinkers, but nothing set the world on fire. It committed perhaps the greatest sin that a WrestleMania can commit: it was boring. It was actually a struggle to make it through. For their flagship show, that is unacceptable.

    The Enzo angle though was on a whole other level. The sensitivity training aspect of it was your standard wrestlecrap- not bad enough to rise to gooker status in and of itself. But the angle that led to it…Jesus are you fucking kidding me? Enzo essentially sexually assaulted Lana, and somehow he’s the FACE in this feud? That booking is flawed to the point of being offensive.

    So my question is, is it just the sensitivity training that’s been nominated? Or is it the whole angle? If it’s just that segment, then my vote is for WM 32, but if it’s the whole angle, then Enzo wins hands down.

    • Jim says:

      Assuming that the Enzo/Cass-Rusev feud is still ongoing now that JINDER is involved, I would assume that the angle as a whole can’t be nominated (at least that’s what I assumed when I was voting). Since the sensitivity training segment doesn’t appear to be ongoing (although they always could do another one), that appears to be the nominee.

  45. Andy C says:

    For me it has to be Wrestlemania. Given the behind-the-scenes pantomime that’s been going on for most of the year, I think it’s actually to a lot of the TNA wrestlers and writers’ credit that they’ve managed to put a year of TV out

  46. Andy C says:

    For me it has to be Wrestlemania. Given the behind-the-scenes pantomime that’s been going on for most of the year, I think it’s actually to a lot of the TNA wrestlers and writers’ credit that they’ve managed to put a year of TV out that was actually probably their best since 2012 when you had the Roode vs Storm feud, Bad Influence at their peak, the rise of Austin Aries etc. And yes, I know that’s a bit like winning a Tallest Dwarf contest given how bad it got at times in between then and now but still, there’s been plenty of enjoyable stuff on there like the Broken Hardys, Decay, Eli Drake, Mike and Maria etc.

    Mania though…sheesh, where do you start? I know WWE had a chronic injury list going into this but…urgh, Reigns being pushed to the moon despite it clearly not being what the fans want, Rock squashing Harper in about five seconds, the Shane vs Taker snorefest, Ryder winning the IC belt only to lose it to sodding Miz the next night, the list goes on and on. Definitely down there with 9 and 11 in the “worst ever” stakes.

  47. Citizen Kane Dewey says:

    Rebel vs. Shelly was a bad match, for sure, but everyone has an off night. I’ve seen equally awful matches (with equally nonsensical finishes) at indie shows in rural Louisiana/Mississippi, and cared about as much. Awful wrestling, but not necessarily Wrestlecrap.

    That being said, I voted All Things TNA. All Things TNA could have won the Gooker back in 2002, probably should have won the Gooker in 2014, and absolutely deserves to win the Gooker in 2016. I swear I’ve been saying this for twelve years now…but I genuinely feel dirty for still caring about TNA Wrestling.

  48. Geoff says:

    Instead of all things TNA, I think the one shining moment for them was the fact that Billie Corgan is now GM or head or something. Really? The Smashing Pumpkins lead singer is now a wrestling GM? So didn’t we nominate guest Raw GM’s as gooker worthy a couple of years agoi. TNA guest GM, Billie Corgan, who is gooker worthy in his own right together with TNA (just add all the mess that was with it) and you get gooker worthy.

    I’m always a fan of women’s matches. Sure Rebel vs. Shelly was bad but we have seen worse, haven’t we? A few women’s matches on here have been up for Gooker election in the past and yet somehow that match was bareble and better than say anything TNA or WWE had in the mid 2000s. I still say once LIta, Trish, Melina, Victoria and Gail left, the women’s division faltered and failed. As great as Kelly Kelly, CHarlotte or Bayley is, they will never be AJ Lee. And they will always be compared with the Bella twins. If they are your golden ring to reach for, expectations must be really low.

    Goldust was wierd to begin with and after a few moments with him on TV it gets worse. He should be entertaining because after all it’s Dustin Runnels (Rhodes son) right? He has the comedic timing, he has the mic skills and he has the ring skills but after a year of just having Goldust, it gets boring. When will they change his gimmick

  49. Charles Johnson says:

    6 days into the year and TNA is already got a candidate, Aron Rex, the Liberace impersonator. Glad to see the brought Jarrett and Mantel back.

  50. Shockwave says:

    A lot of meh options, but TNA grabbed my vote. You have Jim Cornette basically calling play-by-play of this shambling corpse being savaged in a Rasputin style killing.

    WCW’s end, by comparison, was dignified death, like those gentleman who played their violins as the Titanic slowly crept beneath the waves.

  51. Don townsend says:

    ok. after reading why the nominees deserve to be rewarded and after reading the comments, I’m going to say WM32 probably should win and I’ll explain why. Let me start by saying, I haven’t watched it. Any of it. It’s the only WM I have never watched. There’s literally NOTHING on the card that interested me enough to watch it.

    The only match that had my attention for a split second was Shane and Undertaker because in my hope against hopes I thought the WWE might have actually brought Shane back to finally take over for the old man. But they lost me within minutes because I realized that meant Shane would have to beat Undertaker at WM in a Hell in a Cell. There’s no way that happens and isn’t a complete disaster. Had it instead been a more logical match up like Shane vs Triple H, they would have had much more to work with and the outcome wouldn’t have been so obvious.

    The matches all seem horrible or have bad booking. People complain about the time and yes 6 and a half to 7 hours is a very long show BUT it seems even longer when the show is a complete miscarriage. It also seems like maybe the show was sacrificed to make Roman stand out at the end. We know they obviously don’t care what reaction he gets (at least they claim they don’t) but to everybody else in the real world watching, having your next top babyface, the guy you handpicked to replace John Cena and to carry the company for the next decade or so (or else why are they trying so hard?) get booed mercilessly at the biggest show of the year during what was probably meant to be the biggest moment of his career up to that point, is not a good thing.

    And that all does sound bad but here’s what puts WM32 over the top. WWE has way too many talented performers, way too many resources, and way too much experience to get away with putting out this stinker of a show. Especially one that is considered the “Super Bowl” of wrestling. It’s certainly not the first WM that people thought wasn’t as good as it should be but it is very possible that it is the first where no one took ANYTHING redeeming away from it. Even the few not so bad moments aka “bright spots” were shit on almost immediately making any good that might have come from them null and void. If this was a TNA show no one would be surprised at the inferior quality but WWE has no acceptable excuses for why they couldn’t make hardly anything work for damn near 7 hours on the grandest stage of them all.

    So with that, I think it has to be WM32 for the Gooker this year. In a year full of bad material to choose from, the fact WM32 was even mentioned as a finalist much less one of the front runners to win should earn it extra consideration. Is anyone surprised by TNA being in there? No. What’s surprising is how long that boat has been sinking but still refuses to go down. I don’t know who it is but someone or something is fighting to keep TNA alive. That may not factor in to the decision making but it just seems lazy to automatically assume TNA should claim the prize. Besides that we may never see another ENTIRE WM nominated. And lastly, after reading the other article about how bad the wrestling scene was in 2016, this is as close as we can get to actually voting for the entire year’s events seeing as how WM is viewed as this yearly iconic phenomenon to which all other things are measured. WM 32 should be your winner, folks.

  52. TortureRackofDoom says:

    I feel like the TNA option is a bit unfair, considering…

    A) I’d venture to guess 90% of the folks voting for it haven’t watched any TNA this year except for, perhaps, some Hardy segments, which have been some of the most entertaining stuff of the entire year.
    B) SIX other choices all have one thing in common that could’ve been similarly grouped– they’re all little, crappy parts of Raw 2016, which has been a generally atrocious show both before and after the new brand split. Notice none of those inductions were Smackdown-related?

    My vote would go to “All Things RAW” before “All Things TNA”.

    • Jim says:

      Raw would be a worthy nominee, but I think too many people like the Owens-Jericho stuff and the historic Sasha-Charlotte stuff to vote for “All Things Raw”, whereas there are far fewer people reluctant to vote for “All Things TNA” even if it did have a few good things.

  53. jyri erik kork says:

    Well, I have just two words for ya!

    MY VAG!!

    Shelly v. Rebel it is.


  54. Ze Frenchie says:

    At this point, I’m really torn between All things TNA and Wrestlemania… If only we could get a double entry this year too!

  55. Chris Farris says:

    Wrestlemania 32. Summerslam and Survivors Series were both better shows by far and both flirted with or exceeded the 6 hours that Mania met. It’s not the length of the show its the girth (quality) and Wrestlemania was bloated. Too many call backs to bygone eras. Too many matches that had no consequences (non Title match involving Tag champs, AJ Styles loses(!) and then gets a title shot {I know he won a match to earn the shot, but it made the booking of him to lose at the event look stupid}, Shane losing but getting to control Raw, Ryder winning the title only to hotshot it to Miz). That’s a lot of crap in the aftermath. Only the Women’s Title comes out unscathed and it did have Flair wearing the face off of Becky Lynch as a distraction. Finally the Main Event was so predictable and yet so drawn out, it was an act of sadism on the fans to have to watch THE GUY go for that long and win so convincingly.

    Conversely, TNA brought us the world of Broken Matt Hardy, the Destroyer Bobby Lashley, and Decay. Those three things alone should disqualify the All Things TNA submission. Were there some amazingly awful and funny moments both on the show and behind the scenes? Yes. But that’s to be expected with this company by now. The fact that they had a competent World Champion at any point this year with a couple of good contenders (EC3 and Eddie Edwards) and the best weirdest crossoveriest angle in the Hardys that managed to blend together with several other story lines to elevate them doesn’t sound like All Things TNA was so bad.

  56. Al Lobama says:

    About five months ago, I showed a lifelong friend of mine the Rebel/Shelly match on youtube. He hasn’t spoken to me since. THAT’S how bad that match was!

  57. Ronnie says:

    I wanted to vote for the Rebel/Shelly match but All Things TNA has to be covered, if for nothing else than posterity.
    It’s a history that must be recorded and remembered. The tale of Dixie Carter’s complete mishandling and withdrawal from TNA is one for the ages. Trust, betrayal, loans, canadians, the Smashing Pumpkins, AND somehow she still walks away clean.

    I really did want to vote for the Rebel/Shelly for the Vag scream.

  58. Eagle Hawkins says:

    WM 32 was the first WM I’ve ever watched where not only did I fall asleep, I actually turned it off. Total garbage, with lackluster matches, no surprises, way too long and a main event not even worthy of a high school gymnasium show. Take away the crowd and stadium and you had a basic house show. 2016 was the worst year yet for wrestling and it’s not getting better.

    • JimbobJones says:

      Actually, outside of WWE, wrestling has been pretty damn good.

      Even in WWE, the match quality is pretty good — it’s the booking that sucks. (Unfortunately, it seems WWE isn’t learning from TNA’s mistakes. It doesn’t matter how good your talent is if you don’t use them right)

  59. AK says:

    As bad as TNA is and has been for years now making it an annual Gooker Nominee I don’t believe any of its PPV events have been nominated for a Gooker. Wrestlers, Matches, Promos sure but has a whole event been nominated? If so then, I can’t recall which and what but even with that being mentioned I feel Wrestlemania 32 deserves the Gooker.

    There have been bad Wrestlemanias before and if Wrestlecrap was around at the time, I wouldn’t be surprised if say 9 and/or 11 would have won the Gooker but last year’s Wrestlemania is my pick.

    Although if it was an option Goldberg and Brock Lesnar’s most recent “match” would have been my actual pick for the Gooker hands down.

  60. #OPC says:

    One thing you can also include if WrestleMania gets inducted was the fact that it took way too long to get inside for those in attendance. I attended live, and we spent nearly two hours just waiting to get inside. We made it in just as the Usos took on the Dudleys in the pre-show, but I heard some people didn’t even get to their seats until Styles vs. Jericho. Part of this issue came about because the stadium was having issues with their wifi, so it’s probably not at all WWE’s fault, but it added to the stigma surrounding the event.

    Of course, you could make the joke that waiting in line meant you didn’t actually have to bear witness to the crapiness at hand, but the hot Texas sun did not make that experience enjoyable. I think people were even breaking out in TNA chants. That’s how bad it got.

  61. Barronmore says:

    I just finished watching the 6 hour Wrestlekingdom 11 show and throughly enjoyed it. Top to bottom the matches were great, and even the lackluster pre-show had Scott Norton in it so I was happy. But it makes me think a 6 hour Wrestlemania isn’t the issue. It was just a bad card top to bottom.

    All things TNA though was just a train wreck we were all watching in disbelief. It truly was the worst in wrestling. If the brass ring interview could win, All things TNA is as a shoe in.

    I still don’t get the appeal of Broken Matt. It’s painful to watch for extended periods of time and I’m still in shock over the hardy vs hardy compound match. Yes, it can be entertaining from time to time, but most times I look at it as a train wreck of significant porportions.

    But it seemed like a really light Gooker year to me too. Maybe that’s a good sign for 2017.

  62. MistaMaddog says:

    If Gookers are based on bad business then yes I’m voting for All Things TNA. It’s frustrating because they’re not only trying to recover from the cancer of Hogam/Bischoff and have the viral hot Broken Hardys but also the breakout talent like Decay & Eddie Edwards. And yet Dixie keeps pissing it all away by stiffing Billy Corgan who actually was turning things around, not to mention more back office stupidity like not paying state taxes. Plus despite all the promising young talent (encouraged by Matt Hardy) we still get more refugees from the WWE who debut with shoots on how “mean” Vince was…yes I’m looking at you A-ron Rex! So just when some things are slowly get better, it’s all dragged down by the usual crap.

    My 2nd choice is the abysmal Rebel vs. Shelly match which was on Botchamania no less than three times. But that can also by lumped in All Things TNA to spare everyone the brutal play-by-play.

    Disclaimer: I’m not a TNA fanboi but really enjoyed Broken Matt’s character since the contract signing video first appeared on Wrestlecrap. And IMHO most of the other nominees are just the usual WWE storyline crap…

    • ChrisV says:

      Watching TNA tonight, with Sandow’s new gimmick, it makes you wonder if he isn’t sorely regretting going to TNA now. Poor guy. His treatment in WWE probably doesn’t sting as much anymore.

  63. #OPC says:

    Just thought of another bad thing about Mania 32: Michael Cole, on commentary, reading “For the love of mankind”, straight from a script, right on camera.

  64. Slapps says:

    Only a short few years ago, I was one of those die hard TNA fans clinging on to a time when they produced better stuff than WWE (yeah, that did happen) in the vain hope that those times would return. I certainly would never have voted on anything TNA related for a gooker.

    Unfortunately, today I find myself voting for ‘all things TNA’ because it’s the right choice. The entire company has gone to hell. The treatment of its talent is ludicrous. And they deserve to go out of business for good. Maybe then I can rewatch the good times they had on the WWE network.

    Im gonna go cry now.

  65. Matt says:

    Most of these seem more “meh” than terrible. Jim Cornette said the Rebel/Martinez match wasn’t as bad as a lot of “divas” matches before the “revolution” or whatever and I tend to agree. I guess I’ll go with TNA because they’ve just been teetering for so long and because Decay is just so God awful.

  66. Cpt SuckePunch says:

    Wow. Helluva year. So many great candidates. That tna match was god awful, wyatt compound was a shamless, pathetic rip off of a concept I already disliked, Gallows and Anderson have been booked to hell.

    Then there’s mania, which I really wanted to vote for. Cos good lord, what a crap mania that was. Maybe only the ending itself made that mania worth it, just to see the amount of boos pouring in for the guy wwe just will not give up on. That moment was hilarious, funnier than any segment wwe produced all year.

    Didn’t vote for mania though, I’m hoping it’ll be covered during mania season this year. I voted all thing tna. Cos oh my god, what has become of tna. A company that pretty much every year is on the brink of death, their story gets more and more ridiculous as the years go on. Also, it’d be nice to see dixie get one more gooker on the way out.

  67. Nicholas Nutter says:

    Because TNA seems to be impossible to kill, at this point the closest we’ll ever get to a Death Of TNA Book is voting for an induction of All Things TNA.

  68. Jeff says:

    OK, I’m sorry, but not including the Final Deletion as it’s own thing because people like it is lame. Popular or not, it’s the embodiment of why this site and this award exist. Let’s look at what the match contained:

    1. Intro segment where a drugged-out-looking Matt Hardy terrifies his 1-year-old son.

    2. Second intro segment where Jeff Hardy mows his logo into his lawn, gets attacked by drones, then takes off, leaving his landscaping to be destroyed by an even-more-drugged-out-looking Matt Hardy.

    3. A THIRD intro segment, where an old man(Matt’s housekeeper? Gardener? Dealer? I don’t watch this crap normally. :P) buried fireworks in the ground, presumably to be used during the… whatever the hell is about to happen.

    4. ANOTHER FREAKIN’ INTRO SEGMENT, in which a totally-hopped-up-on-goofballs Matt Hardy plays the violin, and then Jeff arrives on a motorcycle.

    5. We get about forty-five seconds of actual wrestling, then it’s time to get the toys! We have a ridiculous spot where Jeff honest-to-god jumps out of a tree and… hits his head on a ladder, while Matt sells the worst botch since Brock at Mania 19.

    6. Holy shit, they are shooting goddamn fireworks at one another for christ’s sake! What the hell?!

    7. LOL random dilapidated boat.

    8. …How did he change his clothes so damn quick?

    9. …how did being tazed in the water not kill him?

    10. Oh wait… yeah, he’s dead.

    11. …how did he strip the gardener, then himself, then dress the gardener in his clothes, then put his clothes back on so damn fast?

    12. By not counting the fall as legal, despite the count being completed before the unmasking, that referee has tarnished at least fifty matches from wrestling’s past in which the exact same thing happened and wasn’t overturned.

    13. Why is Matt having a flashback in the middle of the match? Must be some damn powerful drugs he’s on.

    14. How is that candle still burning, considering the party had to be at least six hours ago, seeing as it’s dark out now and it was too bright earlier to be that late in the day.


    Seriously, RD… not including this match as it’s own induction or nominee goes against the very spirit of WrestleCrap.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      I think it wasn’t nominated because it’s just so over-the-top that no one can get too upset at how stupid it is.

    • JimbobJones says:

      If that’s the case, then Evil Clowns, Wrestling Zombies, people Fake-Attacking Other Companies in Jeeps, a guy who wrestles with a sock on his hand, etc etc etc should all be Wrestlecrap.

      Just because you don’t like TNA doesn’t mean the thing didn’t work. In fact, something that’s been widely praised by people who AREN’T TNA fans should be evidence that it DID work. Don’t get me wrong — if it’s still going too long into this year, I’ll be more than there with you.

      But right now? It’s something insane that shouldn’t work that worked REALLY well. That’s definitely NOT what Wrestlecrap was meant for (based on RD’s original description of what WrestleCrap is)

      Asking for it to be inducted is against the spirit of WrestleCrap, not failing to include it.

  69. Aura says:

    Most of these seem like things that will wind up with their own entries at some point within the next few years, but only WM 32 seems truly worthy of the award this time around. So many things went wrong for this show that it deserves a special spotlight to explain it all.

  70. Peter W Dawson says:

    I really can’t agree with Golden Truth making the list over the the saga of Roman Reigns. I mean, while the Golden Truth didn’t ultimately culminate in much I’d argue some of their segments were actually decently funny. Sure they eventually fizzled out to no real end but that’s sadly how most midcards go. Having the WWE champion get suspended for 30 days is a pretty big deal that’s in need of its own examination, plus factor in all the stuff they tried to do to get Roman over only for that to be the result.

  71. ThePWBPoster says:

    Irony strikes.

    Dr. Shelby was the one that they sorely miss.

    Last I seen of him was an ice bucket challenge and that died off since 2016.

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