Someone Bought This: WWF/WWE “With Authority!” online collectable card game

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WWF With Authority! cover

This is the WWF/WWE “With Authority!” online collectable card game which came out in 2001.

Here’s what the official website looked like in the Spring of 2001. 

Apparently the game wasn’t popular enough to stay around more than a few years but a small core group of fans are still playing it.

I guess the concept sounds like fun, but… I get the idea of playing the game with real cards, but I don’t get the idea of pouring real money into an online version of the game where the game can be shut down at any time (and of course, it eventually was), meaning you wasted all your money on “virtual” cards that now no longer exist.

There was a “Raw Deal” (sounds like what happens when R.D stays out in the sun too long!) collectable card game that used real cards which seems like a much better investment to me. They stopped updating that game in 2008.

Did any of you Crappers play this online collectable card game? What were your experiences with it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. navelfluff says:

    Haha, I actually played it! I got temporarily banned quite a lot for being a stupid teenager. I was pretty awful at the game because at age 14 I couldn’t get to grips with the idea of strategy which was needed and just wanted to play as the characters I liked doing the moves I liked. I think it would do pretty well nowadays as a facebook game. My main issue with it was that 56k internet wasn’t the most reliable back then and I always found disconnections were a big problem which resulted in a loss.

  2. Isotope-X says:

    Wow…I had no idea it was that long ago. I used to play this and really enjoyed it. The gameplay was really smart and required a surprising amount of strategy. For example, each move had a location (I think it was called that, anyway). So the Stone Cold Stunner was a Back To Opponent move, and could be countered by a Behind Opponent move (like a German Suplex). In order to safely pull off the Stunner, it was a good idea to try and drain off any Behind Opponent moves your opponent might have by using other Back to Opponent moves (like a Back Elbow, for example).

    The wrestlers were nicely individualized also. For example, Kurt Angle had 3 unique cards representing the 3 I’s, each of which had specific requirements for coming into play and gave him some small benefit. If he managed to get all 3 in play at once, he got some major buff for the rest of the game. Benoit could target a body part, so every one of his strikes would do damage to that part, allowing you to submit an opponent more easily.

    It was really a much better game than it had any right to be.

  3. MattMatt says:

    I actually played this a lot back in the day. I was actually pretty good at it (actually won one of the title belts in the game!). It was a lot of fun, but became really stagnant quickly. I’m glad I was able to get out of it and was able to sell off all my “cards” before the game completely crashed. However, for what it was, it was a pretty neat little game. Nothing super amazing, but not terrible either.

    I also took up Raw Deal too for a couple years after I was done with With Authority. I had a TON of fun with that, but (again) had some shenanigans happen to me that made me sell off all of my cards and get out while the getting was good. I had a better time with Raw Deal than I did with With Authority; however, both games hold a dear place in my heart, and I had a hell of a time playing them! 🙂

  4. No Pants Mafia says:

    I had a Booker T deck for the Raw Deal card game.

  5. William Bischoff Law says:


  6. Jm says:

    This game has been remade! Go to and come play!

  7. Gripper says:

    This game was awesome in its hey day. I have fond memories of being 17 and staying up til all hours enterting tournaments and what not. There was loads of strategy involved in deck building and playing it, I must have spent between £100 and £200 on over the year or two i played it. But when you think of how much on MMORPG costs for that long, it’s not massively expensive.

  8. > says:

    I think that was my screen name anyway! Going back 10 years now, I do remember being quite strong at this game. Was the last official serving intercontinental champ! Would be great to stay in touch with some ex players. Cheers!

    • Marcalas says:

      hey, former player myself, would like to stay in touch and maybe see if theres a way to keep playing.
      was a great time in my teen year as well and would like to find a way to reconnect if possible. if you have any info.

  9. jroc says:

    There is actually a new version of this game out now titled SynamicD. New ss, new cards etc. Great game

  10. MED says:

    I actually loved this game. I went to the summer con event in Cambridge Massachusetts. I played against big dog I believe. They had live commentary and my sequence of cards forced the match into a double elimination and got everyone there and online pretty ramped up. It was very entertaining and I met alot of great people in the game. Too bad the following wasn’t big I always thought it was bigger.

  11. Scotty Fraytown says:

    I actually bought this quite some time ago. I actually loved playing this game. It was really fun. The fact that there were people who could create “factions” in it that had their own titles to defend in private tournaments was incredibly fun. I hate that it didn’t stick around longer because I would play that game all the time. Very cool, very well thought out. The graphics sucked, but it was still pretty entertaining to play.

  12. Will Black says:

    Wow… I found this article while researching the game. I’m an illustrator I’ve been contracted to create art for a game heavily inspired by this one. It was called SynamicD, but is now called Ring Veteran and is getting funded through Kickstarter. The guy who hired me said it had a good rep back in the day and the loads of people still playing, But it took seeing the usually-snarky-and/or-jaded Wrestlecrap community praising it in the comments to convince me he was right. Pretty cool stumbling onto this.

  13. wwe316 says:

    This was actually a great game. A brand new game is coming out based on this game. You guys should check it out. It’s called Ring Veteran.

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