Someone Bought This: WCW Thunder video game for the Sony Playstation

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WCW Thunder Playstation Cover

“WCW Thunder” was released for the Sony Playstation in 1998. It is widely considered one of the worst wrestling games of all time.

Its only notable feature are the rants the wrestlers give on the wrestler selection screen:

Here’s Joe Gagne’s review of it that sums up the problems nicely.

Did any of you Crappers own or play this game? Let us know in the comments section below.


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38 Responses to "Someone Bought This: WCW Thunder video game for the Sony Playstation"
  1. Sean O says:

    I owned this game, think it was one of my 1st playstation games too. it was cheesy too but I grew to like it for it’s badness…or I wasn’t aware of the fact that there were much better wrestling games at the time

  2. ScMcS says:

    I owned it when it was fairly new. It was the first time I openly admitted a wrestling game sucked a fat turd. WWF War Zone and Attitude were playable, but I refused to admit they were kinda crappy. Thunder just sucked it worse than any other wrestling game (I never played Nitro, so maybe that was just as bad).

  3. CD says:

    I did own the game but back then I bought every wrestling game. Thunder was really bad, I dont think I ever won a match on the game. It is even worst than WWF Attitude which I was kinda great at.

  4. Big Jim says:

    I own this game, as I have all the WCW games for the playstation. The most positive thing I can say about it is at least it’s not Backstage Assault. Talk about an awful game.

  5. MagicSteve83 says:

    I rented it due to my best friend at the time telling me how it was the greatest wrestling game ever made. Less than a minute in I knew the exact opposite to be true. To this day I don’t know if he honestly liked the game or was just trolling me (before trolling was a thing, mind you). :
    I do remember one notable code, however, that made the workers dance their arses off instead of the usual poses and grapple moves. That was ALMOST enough to warrant this game a pass. Almost…

  6. Jozzy Von Rokkenstein says:

    Indeed, Nitro was just as bad…if anything, Thunder was a hair BETTER than Nitro simply because of the roster! In any event, the WCW games released on the original Playstation were worthy of a burial at sea…if that sea was accessed via a flush down the craphole!!!!

  7. Jay "The Brain" Mann says:

    I own this game and I know it sucks, but I just can’t hate it. It’s so bad it’s good IMO. Plus, if you use the well-known cheat code, you can beat the tar out of the developers for making the game! 🙂

  8. Surfer Sandman says:

    I played it before. I hated it.

  9. George from Dudleyville, NY says:

    I know I owned this game. I believe this was the game you can relive that legendary Starcade when Scot Hall tased Goldberg. Just repeatedly tase most of the WCW roster for that matter. I always preferred the less copyright friendly Japanese Fire pro games. Any of the N64 THQ games were fun. Now that I’m reminiscing, wrestling games have been pretty crappy thru the years for the most part.

  10. Sean Bateman says:

    Ah WCW Nitro 2.0 for the PS1, what a piece of Wrestlecrap

  11. John Q Occupier says:

    I played both Nitro and Thunder- I worked in a library and so could rent games without paying for them, lucky me- and have to say that I preferred Nitro to Thunder… but only just. 😛

  12. Walt says:

    I am in the minority. I have a soft spot for this game. In college two friends and I rented it. The first thing we did was decide that there would only be one nWo faction. We used the cheat codes and we played the crap out of it.

    I will freely admit, it wasn’t the best. I was more into the N64 than PS One, and with the exception of Backstage Assault, I owned all the wrestling games for N64. Thunder was definitely no WCW/nWo Revenge, and it certainly wasn’t in the same league as Smackdown Here Comes the Pain or Fire Pro Wrestling Returns…but I have a soft spot for it still. Nostalgia. Thinking about Hall with the Wolfpack and wearing the red wolf head logo shirt that I bought when I saw Nitro in Toronto.

  13. Kenpei Ryuujin says:

    I re-bought this game and the strategy guide about a years ago. Worst thing is, it’s one of the few PS One games that DON’T work on a PS2. So I can’t play it 🙁

  14. Mark says:

    Oh god I used to love this game and Nitro as a kid. I still remember some of the moves like Triangle+Circle = Piledriver

    I remember it had tons of hidden chars and features, some were really weird like a “Psychedelic” ring that could cause epilepsy fits i’m sure

  15. Frozen Banana Expert says:

    I had this game (still might somewhere) and I got pretty darn good at it if I must say so.

    Everything about it was wrong and horrible (they just hoped that you picked wrestlers of roughly the same size because literally Rey Mysterio and The Giant were about the same size). The recycled animations (the Shooting Star Press is the same animation as the frankensteiner).

    There’s something just endearing about this shitty game. Anyone can play it, you can button mash to successful results, and the rants just make it worthwhile.

    Come to think of it, outside of WCW/nWo Revenge or WCW World Tour, not many good WCW wrestling games existed.

  16. Anonymous says:

    It must have sucked to have been on the PS and getting nothing but shit-tier wrestling games when all the N64 owners were playing their GOAT AKI wrestling games.

  17. James S says:

    This game was bad. There is just no denying it. Nitro looks like a master piece by comparison. I will admit I did play it when it came out because I wanted to like it, but not only did the graphics suck, but the game play was too monotonous. I remember it was really hard to pull off any of the finishing moves, and really was there a reason you would want to play as Mean Gene, Doug Dillinger, or a giant ant?

  18. George from Dudleyville, NY says:

    Oh my bad. I was thinking of WCW Mayhem with the taser and junk. Thunder was crappy Nitro part 2. So much crap that it’s all starting to become a big blur. Give me old Fire Pro any day. Use Mr. Pogo’s sickle to stab Hogan in the head, throw HHH into exploding cage with Scott Steiner. Let your imagination run wild.

    • Walt says:

      Nice to see a fellow Fire Pro Enthusiast. Even if it was in the form of Carlos Klauser and RJ Faze, any wrestling game with Karl Gotch and Lou Thesz needs to be celebrated.

      • George from Dudleyville, NY says:

        Sometimes looks don’t matter. Fire Pro always had the hardcore wrestling fan in mind. Between every major companies stars, storyline, create-a-mode. All features in mid 90’s even. Other then explosions, barbed wire boards, weapons and light tubes were a nice touch years later. Too bad the game was diluted when it came to America. Damn copyright laws.

  19. Raven7309 says:

    My aunt, being the well meaning lady that she is, bought this for me for the PS1 because I like “wrestling.” Little did I know how utterly craptacular it was until I played it.
    Let this be a lesson to you, my fellow crappers, unless you’re specific with your gift lists, be careful what you ask for.
    Although with WWE having a virtual monopoly on wrestling video games nowadays, (hey, just like real life!! :-P), you should be ok nowadays.

  20. Ed says:

    I was a total WCW mark, so of course I bought this. Only cool thing was getting to play total jobbers you would never expect to be in a video game like Mean Mike Enos.
    It sucked that the PS1 never got any good wrestling games…

  21. Adam Cota says:

    I still have this game, a source of my frustration back in the late ’90s/early 2000’s. I haven’t played it since, but I still remember most of the “Pick Me” rants by heart. *sigh*

  22. Erin says:

    I had this game, and actually enjoyed it for one basic reason: the faction system. There were a few different stables running around WCW at the time. The nWo, Wolfpack, Four Horsemen, Raven’s Flock, and probably more I am forgetting. As far as I am aware, this is the only wrestling game that really let you play with that system. Every character had different attire for each faction, so when you added Chris Jericho to the nWo he actually wore black tights with nWo logos on them. That feature alone made up for the seriously weak gameplay, at least to me. While it would never be among the best games I ever played, I do have fond memories of it for that feature.

  23. Al Lobama says:

    You shouldn’t play Thunder, Johnny. I played Thunder once….ONCE!

    Seriously, I played Thunder one time, and the moment I saw Hulk Hogan bust out a hurricanrana I knew it was one time too many.

  24. Barry says:

    Back in 2000 I went to a second hand game store. I was a big wrestling fan at the time and I bought Nitro, Thunder, Hardcore Revolution and Anarchy Rulz.

    I played them all once, they ended up in a drawer and were never touched again.

  25. TMS says:

    The only thing I really remember about this game (and Nitro for that matter) were all the goofy wrestlers and arenas/rings you could unlock (usually by the use of cheat codes). I would usually play on those arenas instead of the usual WCW arenas.

  26. Time Lord Soundwave says:

    Oh God, Scotsmanality! Thank you for bringing back the nightmares.

    I remember being the one who actually had to review that turd for the blog, and Scotsman told me to review it positively as a joke on everyone who requested it for so long. I think it may have been more of a joke on me.

    Yeah, I’m A-wel Cruiz. I’m surprised I still that use that name elsewhere on the Internet.

  27. Alan says:

    Nitro and Thunder were horrible. WWF War Zone & Attitude were awful as well. SmackDown 2 was by far the best PS1 wrestling game & had a similar engine to the other WWF games on the N64. My favorite part about SD 2 was the ability to FINALLY be able to fight inside Hell In A Cell. I always enjoyed crashing through the side & then climbing to the top & destroying my opponent. I still have all of my wrestling games, dating back to the awful Atari 7800 pro wrestling game!

  28. John says:

    I actually like this game. Yeah it was a piece of crap for the most part but I have fond memories with it with friends. Many weekends with friends with pizza and beer were spent laughing at and play this game. I still own a copy and play it cause there is nothing like hitting your finisher on that A-hole

  29. theOneManChainGang says:

    I remember owning this, Nitro, Mayhem, and War Zone. I would’ve own one of the ECW games too but someone talked me out of it(thankfully). At the time I didnt mind playing them but looking back, yeah they were pretty bad.

  30. Ripplin says:

    I probably still have the demo for this game on an old OPM disc. I never played it beyond that demo.

  31. MightyKombat says:

    My favourite part of this game (and its predecessor, WCW Nitro) were the promos that a select number of wrestlers gave out to convince you to pick them.

    Sting’s in Nitro was properly intense (“YOU THINK YOU’RE READY FOR A FATAL ENCOUNTER?!”) but in Thunder he sounded like he was barely awake.

    Goldberg’s where he gave this pathetically throaty roar that sounded like he was afraid of waking the neighbours

    Kanyon practiaclly orgasming the word “FLATLIIIIIIIINED”

    But the all time best were Kevin Nash’s promos in both games. In Nitro, he rather pathetically begs you to pick him like some overeager kid who always gets picked last in sports day. In Thunder, tho, its the exact opposite, he tells you you’re not good enough to pick him. What an asshole! (At least Roddy Piper got a funny promo referencing this. (“WHATSAMATTER WITH YOU?! I heard Nash, Nash said “don’t pick me!” Fine! ‘Cause I can smash Nash!”))

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