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We thought it would be fun to put all our YouTube videos in one place, so here they be. And be ready for the new RD and Blade radio progrem!

RD Reynolds – Heel Commentator from 1997!

A quick glance up at that image may not give you much to work with but look closer.Notice the logo underneath “Neanderthal”? Can’t be, can it?

Why yes, yes it can – that’s me and Trash Losagain from the old PWI days doing commentary! If you liked that, you’d like the Worst of RD DVDs as well.

BTW, that bit about them thawing him out of a big chunk of ice? I just made that up.

The Shocking WrestleCrap Radio Finale!

All good things have to come to an end, and so did WrestleCrap Radio. However, I never thought it would end like this!

And here’s the rest of the finale as well as tons of behind the scenes videos, courtesy of AngryMarks.com’s Stevie J!

The Resurrection of Katie Vick!

How can one WrestleCrap video contain SO much epicness? Not only do the wacky duo of WrestleCrap Radio’s Midnight Rose and the Honky Tonk Mailman bring the dead cheerleader, Katie Vick, one of wrestling’s most infamous characters back to life, they also have time to cause mayhem at Ken Patera’s favorite McDonald’s in Waukesha, WI, as well as check out all the tender meat at the local Hooters!!!

Thank ‘ya very much.

Vince Russo Shills Death of WCW!

RD: Hey, did you hear? Vince Russo is doing a LIVE YouShoot wherein you can ask him whatever questions you want. And get this: apparently WrestleCrap Radio’s Stubby and the Midnight Rose will be there too. Who wouldn’t want to show up for that?!!

The crazy thing is there are a lot of folks out there who think I, RD Reynolds, hate Russo. Couldn’t be further from the truth. After all…

…how could I hate someone who keeps shilling my book for me? I mean, come on – he called Death of WCW, and I am just quoting the man, “a masterpiece of American literature”.

I can’t argue with that!

Midnight Rose Introduces His New Rose Garden Members!

The return of WrestleCrap Radio’s Midnight Rose and Mr. Fitness II, introducing the two newest members of the Rose Garden – Brother Hood and former ECW Blue World Order member, Thomas “The Inchworm” Rodman. Thrill in delight as the Rose tries to stick plastic dog doo in an old man’s mouth!

Japanese Dorito Insanity!

Here’s the exciting series of videos featuring Blade and his pal, Pete, taste testing over $100 of imported Japanese Doritos. Kikkoman soy sauce with squid flavor anyone???

Midnight Rose, Stubby, and the Black Friday Scorpion Invade Black Friday!

Blade Braxton: Black Friday, one of the favorite times of year for WrestleCrap Radio listeners. For years, I had always told the Crappers that I would get up early and take Stubby, WrestleCrap Radio’s hobo ventriloquist dummy out for some Black Friday shopping, to be a companion piece for RD’s wacky stories on the show.. Well, truth be told, I just couldn’t get up that early like RD and the rest of the Black Friday crazies. With the recent change with stores now opening at midnight or earlier on Black Friday, I could finally pull it off this year!!

Join WrestleCrap Radio’s Midnight Rose and Stubby, along with their wacky magician sidekick, the Black Friday Scorpion, on a wonderous journey to the Best Buy parking lot in Lawrence, Kansas on Black Friday. Will the Rose find the perfect holiday milf? Will the Scorpion uncover the perfect gift for Sting? And will Stubby get arrested for doing something perfectly illegal? Black Friday will never be the same, once you’ve seen it through the eyes of these two masked goofballs and their crack-addicted ventriloquist dummy pal.

Here’s the preview…

And here’s the full-meal deal!

WrestleCrap Radio Show 200 Party Vids!

Blade Braxton: “Back in August, when we originally planned to have episode #200 of WrestleCrap Radio recorded, I mentioned that we should have a contest of sorts much like WCW used to have, where they would show fans having their weekly Nitro parties. Ahh, the Nitro parties, where a bunch of frat boys got drunk, dressed like nWo members, watched Nitro and if they were lucky, the Nitro Girls may show and bounce around for a bit. In honor of episode #200, I wanted to parody that by having the Crappers dress up as their favorite characters, party, listen to the show and as I stressed, hopefully have some boobs bouncing around in the video.

Well, we got some “boobs,” alright.

Now, let’s see if we can declare a winner…

Here’s Ultimate Kennedy’s WrestleCrap Radio Nitro Party, as he does his best Mike Check impression. It’s so dead-on, it almost put me to sleep like the real Mike and I couldn’t finish this column…

If you survived that, prepare for the onslaught of the Bizarro world duo of the 9pm Tulip and Angry Scottish Jim, throwing a Nitro Party in Kansas…

Remember last year’s epic three hour long 5th Anniversary show, where we took live callers from the listeners? No caller was more bizarre than the People’s Regulator. He’s back to offend the 12 Listeners again this year, throwing a Nitro party that is easily the most batshit crazy and most visually impressive video we received…

Caught a few cameos in the People’s Regulator’s video above (major props for the Iron Mark Tyson appearance). Here’s even MORE cameos from WrestleCrap Radio “guests,” brought to you by Simon, one of our international 12 Listeners (and one of the few people still sporting one of the original WCR t-shirts)…

And hey, remember that Clayton guy who called Frito Lay to complain about how different Dorito’s weren’t available in different regions? Here he is with his “party”. I think he may have just been driving to work, likely to some horrible job.

Yip, lots of great videos above, but our runner-up WrestleCrap Radio Nitro party video comes from Carl Z., who first shows his great parenting skills by trying to have his young daughter join the Nitro party…

…and then lives it up the only way one could while watching the WrestleCrap Roast…

Great stuff, guys. I could’ve just flipped a coin and picked a winner, but…I ain’t gonna lie. I just used this contest as an excuse to see if I could get any of the female WrestleCrap Radio listeners or any of the wives dressed up as a Nitro Girl on camera, showing their cans. Just when I was about to give up on any smut coming out of our WrestleCrap Radio Nitro Party contest, at the 11th hour I got an email from a loyal Crapper from down under, Paul G…

“Hey Blade, was too lazy to do a video but I remember you saying you wanted to see some titty in the vids so thought I’d send u the next best thing. Enjoy, I know I did!”

Whooo hoo!!! Finally!! Nitro Party Boobies!!! Congrats Paul, you are the big 200th episode/6th Anniversary WrestleCrap Radio Nitro Party winner!!!!

Thanks to all who submitted videos, and also a special thanks to everyone who’s been along for the absurd ride known as WrestleCrap Radio these last six years!! Like opening up and doing your business in a trashbag, it’s been a blast!”

Blade Braxton

Mr. Fitness II Gets In The Ring!

Blade Braxton: “So, the whole WWE Raw roster walked out this week. What’s Triple H to do about future superstars for the show? Well, Hunter, look no further than this week’s It Came From Youtube. You want ratings? You want talent? You want a Shake Weight-wielding grappler to counter the Monday Night Football juggernaut? From a few weeks ago, here’s WrestleCrap’s very own Midnight Rose introducing Mr.Fitness II in Fit’s cable television debut for ex-WWE creative Chris Gough’s Metro Pro Wrestling.

While he may have come up short that night, I think me..uh.. I mean the Rose and Fitness could easily make people forget about guys like CM Punk on Raw. Straight edge? Hmmmmph. Shake Weight means we’re better than you!!

Midnight Rose Invades Cable Television!

WrestleCrap’s very own Midnight Rose has invaded Kansas City cable television. Last week, the flowered one debuted for ex-WWE writer (and the man behind Katie Vick, HLA and Billy & Chuck) Chris Gough’s Metro Pro Wrestling.


The Rose is the best dressed manager since Freddie Blassie, so it was only a matter of time before the cameras were aimed his way. Here’s the Rose with the newest member of his garden, uh, stable, Superstar Steve Fender, as he faces Jaysin Strife.

For more details on Metro Pro Wrestling live events and tv availability, check out http://www.metrowrestling.com And in case you missed it, here’s a look back at my, uh, the Midnight Rose’s highjinks of the last couple years, alongside his longtime henchman, Mr.Fitness II.

Blade Braxton: Homeless Internet Sensation!

By now, I’m sure you’ve all seen the Youtube sensation of 2011, Ted Williams, the homeless guy with a golden radio voice. My thoughts?

Forget that bum!!

There’s a much greater “down on his luck” individual out there who deserves viral media attention, and he’s WrestleCrap’s very own Midnight Rose. Watch the following video, listen to his golden “Al Pacino in the movie Scarface” voice and then spread the word on all your favorite social networking sites so maybe Rose can get a gig with Kraft and Oprah as well!!

Blade Braxton Talks Black Friday with Jerry Only from the Misfits!

Keeping with the holiday madness, as well as our annual WrestleCrap Radio Black Friday spectacular, I’m pleased to present to you our latest celebrity interview featuring a punk rock legend (and one-time WCW star)…Jerry Only of The Misfits’ Celebrity Trip To The Grocery/Black Friday!!

Last Wednesday, while most people were preparing for the next day’s Thanksgiving Day meal, I was taking in a Misfits concert, one of my all-time favorite bands. Jerry, whose wacky holiday tour schedule saw him driving from New Orleans to Kansas City before turning back around to head home to Jersey for the holidays, took a few moments (Misfits fans should note the interview lasts exactly 138 seconds) to talk to us about the finer things in life. Finer things like…Black Friday shopping and breakfast cereal!!!

Blade and Mr. Fitness 2 Unveil their Foreign Object of Choice

Also, in case you missed it during last week’s surprise holiday update, here’s the video of me and Mr.Fitness’ latest indy appearance, laying out our oldest enemy, The Mike, with…drumroll… the Shake Weight!!!!

Sit Down for WrestleCrap!

Remember when Vince McMahon asked us all to Stand Up for WWE? We thought it was so brilliant we should copy it as closely as humanly possible!

Blade KO’s Demento

Damien Demento threatened us to never air this controversial final showdown, but we said who cares? Let’s all sit back and watch the final chapter heavyweight boxing showdown between Blade Braxton, WrestleCrap and Damien Dependo. Get your trashbags ready!!!

Damien Demento Retires. Maybe.

WrestleCrap and the world’s biggest dream came true this week. A cranky and pouting Damien Demento announced on Youtube that he is taking his ball and going home. No more Demento nonsensically rambling in Youtube shoots. No more Demento in the wrestling world. Sounds like a victory for all the WrestleCrappers in our two year long war against him.

With the war won, and no need to keep kayfabe anymore, I posted my “victory” thoughts (completely drunk and in my Midnight Rose indy fed gimmick), and let everyone know about our soon to be uploaded, very controversial final video in the WrestleCrap-Demento war.

EDIT: Just as this write-up was about to be posted, word came in that Demento had returned to Youtube. However, it appears as he has returned as a Blade Braxton gimmick-stealing, Midnight Rose wannabe. Somebody get me a lawyer!

Regardless of his latest “comeback,” check back next week for the climatic and never to be forgotten video in the war between us and one Damian Dependo.

Damien Demento REALLY Doesn’t Know When to Quit

WIll this thing with Damien Demento ever die? He’s resorted to call us out to a sing off of our favorite cartoon themes now.

His version?

Gotta think ours is better than that!

Rather have it with the classic cartoon visuals? Here you go!

I’d like to think this puts an end to the whole sordid saga, but knowing Dependo, I doubt that’s the case.

Damien Demento Doesn’t Know When to Quit

Damian Demento.

Myself and RD thought we had heard the last of him, until recently he fired shots at not only us, but Shelly Martinez, RVD and even our old pal, Dave Meltzer…

Ring rats? I’m offended. I’ve never even so much as given a wrestler a Dutch Rutter. After this video, which is about the tenth time he’s attacked us, I had enough. I gathered my two close friends from WrestleCrap Radio, Don Mason and Stubby the Hobo Ventriloquist Dummy, and we caught a flight to Russia. Arriving at the site where Rocky IV was filmed, I began some serious training in the snow, in order to challenge Demento to a one-on-one showdown in the boxing ring…

Don and Stubby pushed me to my physical limit, but I was now ready. The challenge had been made. It didn’t take too long for the word to reach our old, cranky, bedwetting nemesis Damian Dependo…

WHAT?!?! A singing showdown? As much as I’d love to put my prestigious FYBA heavyweight boxing championship on the line, this has the potential to be even more embarrassing for him. Does he not know who he’s dealing with? RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton…we’ve crooned tunes on WrestleCrap Radio for years. I don’t know whether to box him or try to KO him by singing the theme song to the Kwiki Koala show. Whatever unfolds, be sure to check back at the ‘Crap for the latest developments,

By the way, kudos to Crapper Forgotten Sin, for his awesome video summary of our latest spat with Demento…complete with Mickie James cameo!!!

Didn’t Know He Was Sick: The Music Video

Courtesy of the great Forgotten Sin, here’s the music video of the song we sang during WrestleCrap Radio’s Fourth Anniversary show. If you ever wanted to know nearly every joke we’ve ever done in 3:42, this is the video for you!

The Damien Demento vs. WrestleCrap War o’ Words – 2009!

No idea why, exactly, Damien Demento decided to start knocking us again (we’re guessing he wants free publicity), but he did so again in February of 2009, calling us, and I quote, “fruitcakes”. What a potty mouth. He also called Blade “that fat guy”. You can imagine how that went over with him…and with Stubby!

The Damien Demento vs. WrestleCrap War o’ Words!

When Damien Demento decided to shoot on The Official WrestleCrap Forum, you knew we wouldn’t take it lying down. Here’s our response…

…as well as a fantastic promo of the feud by the very great Bobbedy!

The Ultimate Warrior versus Phil Collins: Seriously.

Remember that awesome Ultimate Warrior-Phil Collins feud from back in the day? No? Well, why not catch up thanks to our very special video induction…

…as well as the unedited version!

Hulk Hogan’s Driving Tips

Not sure who decided that Hulk Hogan would be a go-to guy on how to drive, but he wound up in some safety video, which is now posted for your viewing pleasure.

We’d make a joke about how it’s too bad his son never saw this, but as always, we’ll take the high moral ground.

Revenge of the Scorpion: The Black Magic!

A teaser of what you’ll see if you order WrestleCrap Personified: The Very Worst of RD Reynolds, witness the magical mystical powers of The Black Scorpion, as portrayed by none other than Blade Braxton!

RD’s Pinball Machine!

As the grand finale to the first ever WrestleCrap Garage Sale, RD decided to sell one of his prized possessions: his WWF Royal Rumble pinball machine! Except this one had some very special modifications!

Mad props to fellow Crapper Forrest George who won the thing!

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