It Came From YouTube: Cheesy 80’s Australian Women’s Wrestling introductions

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Crapper Alyson Guard submitted this in the comments section of another article and wrote:

I didn’t know where else to send this, but my sole ambition in life is to make this clip from an Australian Womens Wrestling video VHS tape from the early 90s famous…

The introductions of the wrestlers are just extraordinary, if ANYTHING has to come from Youtube, it is this…

I hope you agree

First of all; you can send all your “It Came From YouTube” and/or “Someone Bought This” submissions to me at I just happened to see this one in the Comments but you should email me something if you really want to make sure I see it.

Secondly… Oh my yes, I agree. That is so very 80’s, and definitely WrestleCrap.

The announcer sounds like he just downed an entire bottle of sleeping pills just before the show started. How can he not get excited with all those hot babes parading in front of him?

If that video were any cheesier, you could use it as a fondue.

Thanks for the submission, Alyson!

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8 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Cheesy 80’s Australian Women’s Wrestling introductions"
  1. Bone White says:

    Classic! Really dig that crazy music in the background too!

  2. GeneMean says:

    I lost it at “Fingers O’Toole: Wrestling Rapist of Men.”

    • No Pants Mafia says:

      Me to, but then came the feminist who decided to train middle eastern special forces.

      To their credit, this is 100x more than the back story given to a WWE Diva.

  3. Dangerous Dave says:

    Its like a really lame theme-episode of “The Dating Game.”

  4. Ramon D. Reyes says:

    I’ve seen a few of the matches from this video. That announcer is SOOOOOO creepy. And he only gets worse when the girls get pinned or submit. Like I can only imagine he’s on the other side of the camera drooling into his dentures everytime a girl performs a basic takedown.

  5. James Mitchell says:

    What struck me was the 3rd woman’s intro. She was Russian and her parents ‘defected to the West’. There was no mention of them having gone anywhere but Australia, a place which I don’t consider to be all that ‘western’ in an actual geographic sense!

  6. Sean says:

    The Austalian version of GLOW!

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