It Came From YouTube: WWF wrestlers love their ICOPRO!

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Crapper Vincent Besse writes:

I found more IcoPro commercials, though I haven’t found the one with Tatanka that the Network uses.

Here’s a different one with Tatanka:

Here’s a Luger one that I didn’t even know existed, despite the fact that he should have been the IcoPro Guy:

Here’s a Scott Hall one:

And finally, a longer one with Bret Hart:

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5 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: WWF wrestlers love their ICOPRO!"
  1. Sean Bateman says:

    I thought Tatanka uses the finest Buffalo droppings….

  2. Christopher says:

    Hall looks like he’s on the toilet or taking a WrestleCrap if you will.

  3. John C says:

    “Hello, I am Dr. Leo Spaceman and some doctors may tell you about the benefits of eating healthy and exercising to realizing your bodies maximium potential. They are fools. They’ve been paid off by big eating healthy and big exercise to pull you into their web of lies. To truly reach the best you can be I suggest you mainline ICOPRO directly into your heart and genitals for the best results. Also you should my colleague Dr. Zahorian for more medical information and prescriptions.”

  4. KatieVictoriasSecret says:

    Hall managing to keep that toothpick tucked in his mouth while pumping iron made me laugh way harder than it should have.

    There were a bunch of Warrior promos for this at the very, very beginning of the IcoPro era (I think he was supposed to the product’s spokesman before his relationship with the E hit the skids).

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