It Came From YouTube: Wrestlicious (baby!) trailer

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Some guy won the lottery and instead of doing something noble or charitable decided to use that money to start up a woman’s wrestling promotion (so yes, Someone Bought This) complete with Jimmy Hart as an on-screen character.

If you were trying to make me hate your lame vanity woman’s wrestling promotion, this annoying trailer featuring a lousy song, shoe-horned lyrics, generic characters, and awful special effects is one heck of a good start.

It’s like something straight out of 1986 when nobody expected any better from the promotors or the women.

He essentially hired a bunch of pretty, untrained girls who couldn’t act if their lives depended on it, gave them cookie cutter gimmicks, and stuck them in front of a camera.

The ugly hot pink ring ropes make it really difficult to watch.

This almost makes WOW! look professional by comparison.

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21 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Wrestlicious (baby!) trailer"
  1. Jakki Steal says:

    This looks killer compared to WEW.
    Wrestlicious reminds me of G.L.O.W ( fun gimmick filled wrestling w/lots of eye candy)!

    Have you ever inducted WEW it is really awful?

  2. JyriErik says:

    Speaking of WOW, Lana Kinnear (Lana Starr from WOW) was Malibu McKenzie.

    One of the Draculettas (not the one in the video) was Daffney, Madison Rayne was Amber Lively, Sereena Deeb was Paige Webb, Mercedes Martinez was Maria Toro, Becky Bayless was Brooke Lynn & Daizee Haze was Marley, so there were some women there who had training. The rest…

    (Yes, I watched Wrestlicious. Everyone need their RDA of Daffney).


  3. Ramon D. Reyes says:

    Hot pink ropes are great. This is not.

  4. WP says:

    Sad thing is, there are actually were some good female wrestlers there like Jennifer Blake, Serena Deeb, Portia Perez, and Lorelei Lee. Probably more. Not that you’d notice from the ridiculous cartoon gimmicks they were stuck with.

  5. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    The Wrestlerock Rumble song this ain’t!

  6. James says:

    Noble or charitable? He won the lottery. It’s his money and he tried to have fun with it, sheesh. Many if not most of the women were trained indy workers, as has been pointed out. Don’t understand the hate, but to each his own I guess.

    • Matt Soileau says:

      It’s called a joke. It’s in the dictionary, between jaundice and junk…

      • James says:

        I get jokes, I just wish he gave a little more respect to the wrestling. It was surrounded by silliness but the in ring product certainly blew WOW away, not made it look professional.

        • FormerlyFromTokyo says:

          Agreed. Some of my favorite wrestlers (Daffney, as Draculetta and Daizee Haze [!]) was in the promotion.

          It was cheesy, but it was meant to be, and since it didn’t miss its mark on that account, I didn’t mind it. The fact that I’m still a wrestling fan after all these years proves that I have a rather high tolerance for crap. They played it for laughs, and I DID enjoy the in-ring product given that there were actual wrestlers there and not just models hired to look good (and KIND OF learn to wrestle along the way).

          I was glad for it for what it was: a promotion for people who like women’s pro-wrestling, with women who actually wrestled. The rest was indeed a distraction – that, I can admit – but given the gimmicks and story lines in regular (ha) wrestling promotions, …………yeah.

  7. TastelessOne says:

    I was expecting to hear “I’M GREG GAGNE AND I’M IN A RAGE!” at some point.

  8. big says:

    I recall listening to a Nicole Matthews interview about how she & Portia Perez got paid very well to be the “Naughty school girls” but just went out and acted like they usually did (just in different outfits). There were some other Shimmer athletes in this, too, all collecting a fat cheque.

  9. John says:

    “WHO’S BECKY????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  10. Anon says:

    As lame as a lot of this show is (was?), I’ve watched some of it, and if you can cut through the absolute piles of cheese, there’s actually some halfway decent wrestling.

  11. hulk6785 says:

    Man. This needs to be on TV somewhere.

  12. Sean Bateman says:

    Someone beat Blade to this idea!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I am 100% certain that this was still better than Women’s Exteme Wrestling.

  14. Rafique Tucker says:

    Wow, words really can’t describe how painfully horrible this looks–cheesy doesn’t even cut it. SHIMMer it ‘aint.

    • Rafique Tucker says:

      Although to be fair, it is cheesy enough to watch at least once. Looks like there’s some real talent in there, buried under all those cartoonish gimmicks.

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