It Came From YouTube: Wrestle Trivia hotline contest with Bruno Sammartino

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Okay; Crappers, this is a really big deal, so pay attention!

None other than wrestling legend Bruno Sammartino himself wants me to call his Wrestle Trivia hotline and battle him to determine the ultimate wrestling trivia champion!

And get this- I could win a Big Screen TV, a VCR, a wrestling tape library, and an NES complete with a POWER GLOVE?!

Yes, I could experience playing Duck Hunt on a Big Screen TV after I watch my wrestling tape library (whatever 70’s footage they could dig up, I imagine) on my brand spankin’ new VCR!

License To Be The Most Popular Kid In My School!(™)

I must say that’s a pretty sweet prize package! I wouldn’t mind wining that even in 2013, actually…

I mean; what could possibly be bad about the Power Glove?…

I bet Nathaniel Edward Rodham Davis was really great at this game. He probably won himself a Bruno t-shirt and wore it with great pride to his Dungeons And Dragons tournaments.

Wait a minute… It’s $2 for the first minute, and $1 for each additional minute?

Screw that noise! By the time I’d answer enough questions to win even an “I (heart) Bruno” bumper sticker, I’d probably have blown a good $60 or more on this thing!

What a ripoff!

I just can’t believe that there’s something this dishonest associated with the clean-cut, honest, and wholesome sport of Professional Wrestling…

My world is forever shattered.

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5 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Wrestle Trivia hotline contest with Bruno Sammartino"
  1. John says:

    “Sorry Bruno please don’t ask me any questions about David’s career especially after he bleached his hair.”

  2. Ezenwa says:

    I remember this commercial completely! WOW!

  3. Jim says:

    Is this guy the cousin of Bruno SaMmartino?

  4. Paul R. from says:

    And here I thought you were gonna link to the power glove scene from The Wizard.

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