It Came From YouTube Who (no, not him!) killed The Undertaker’s parents? Kane? Or was it?…

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Crapper Anthony Nagle writes:

Let me warn you that what you’re about to watch is as ridiculous as the entry of Paul Bearer confessing to Jerry Lawler about hiding the salami in Undertaker’s mother. SPEAKING OF LUDICROUS SEGMENTS INVOLVING THE UNDERTAKER,, this ditty is about how Undertaker told the story of Kane burning down the funeral home, killing both their parents.

To figure that a year later, Undertaker (in a Vince Russo swerve) actually admitted to setting the house on fire himself.

Enjoy (or suffer, depending on how you view this)

The correlation between the Bearer segment posted and that first Undertaker segment I just emailed was that they were both easter eggs on the Tombstone: History of the Undertaker DVD set.
For Bearer: Disc Two, WrestleMania XIV, double-tap right.
For Undertaker: Disc Three, WrestleMania XX, double-tap left.

Oh, wow! A crappy angle, and one that contradicts itself, at that. That’s vintage Russo, baby!

Talk about putting the “Fun” in Funeral! Oh sure, not as much fun as The Big Show’s Daddy’s funeral (complete with The Big Bossman’s casket ride), but still…

Thanks for the submission, Anthony!

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