It Came From YouTube: What Hulk Hogan needs to fix TNA

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So, what does Hulk Hogan think TNA needs?

Unlimited resources! Endless noney flowing in from a new Ted Turner billionaire type.

Yeah, thanks Hulk. That’s very realistic and likely to happen.

That’s like when you were a kid, and Christmas was a month away.

Your parents asked you what you wanted, and you just went through the Sears Wishbook and circled $5,000+ worth of toys and games because you had no concept of what you really wanted beyond “a bunch of neat stuff that would be cool to have” because you thought that’s what would make you happy.

As we’ve seen with WCW, having endless resources can’t save a company if the booking sucks and a few wrestlers have complete creative control.

Oh, and putting Eric Bischoff in charge? That’s another fantastic idea that worked wonders for WCW in the long run.

Hulk Hogan- Real Man Of Genius!

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7 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: What Hulk Hogan needs to fix TNA"
  1. CarlMarksGuy says:

    My Hulkamania is now running mild.

  2. Joe T says:

    Ignorance is bliss. I know what TNA really needs to do if the rumor is true that Hogan’s contract is up in October. They obviously think we’ve all been mindwiped about the history of WCW. I still think Hogan helped get the business into the limelight where it is today, but he has had his hand in a lot of damage to it too. Bischoff’s ideas on what the business needs may have some truth to it, but I wouldn’t give him the keys to an outhouse much less another company.

    This is Wrestlecrap and probably the most irritating nonsense I’ve ever seen on this site. No offense to you Paul, I’m gald you posted it, so everyone sees this crap.

    • Joe T says:

      oh by …helped the business into the limelight… I meant the wrestling business not TNA where he just helped suck the coffers dry and good plug for the book, it keeps the irritation fresh and makes me want to buy it now if I could.

  3. Superstarl says:

    Its sad to watch this. Don’t get me wrong; TNA is doing a nice job now, but they also were putting on good TV just before Hulk and friends showed up. The quality suffered for a while after that, and I don’t know that it really boosted the ratings that much after all, but these two still insist that the best thing TNA has is Bisch and Hulk. Ratings and quality really didn’t improve that I saw. Just be a guy and don’t try to make this an ego thing, gents.

  4. John says:

    Yes I too have felt that if I opened a business and someone gave me unlimited resources it too could be a success. The only keys I would give to Bischoff are to a janitor’s closet. Someone really needs to tell Terry, “Hey brother your time is done brother, you’re washed up brother. Brother it’s over brother…” (Well you get the point)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hulk Hogan thinks that late 90s WCW was the pinnacle of wrestling. THAT’S why his “solutions” to TNA’s problems are to turn it into late 90s WCW. It’s as simple as that. The guy isn’t ignorant, he’s just operating on a premise that time has shown can’t produce a sustainable promotion.

  6. Peter says:

    So basically Hulk wants Bischoff to be ATM Eric all over again. Okay, well, there’s no stars to buy. There’s no Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage to get like the mid-90s. The stars they did get, Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy, their momentum has trended downwards for years, not to mention they can’t be relied on to be the face of the company due to their issues with drugs and alcohol. There is no other star power there in TNA, and they can’t fill arenas, so what’s more money going to help? They need to use the resources they have now and build from there. Then, once they have proven they have maxed out and need to upgrade to larger arenas, raises for wrestlers, etc. then get more money.

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