It Came From YouTube: We Are Dynamite music video with Owen Hart and P.N News!

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Crapper Amanda White writes:

We are Dynamite, the predecessor to “Young Strong and Healthy?”

It’s got PN News, Giant Haystacks, Owen Hart…

Wow! I’ve never seen this before! Apparently it was for a promotion called the CWA (Catch Wrestling Association) out of Europe.

That’s a pretty catchy song, actually!

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3 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: We Are Dynamite music video with Owen Hart and P.N News!"
  1. John C says:

    It had a fun GLOWesque style to it which I dug. However it would have gotten 10/10 stars from me if Bruce Hart would have popped up at some point. Now I have this in my head instead of the Tatanka/Buffalo song.

  2. W.M. Pump says:

    Catch Wrestling Association seems like a misnomer. While they had plenty of guys that could work a catch style like Kendo Kashin, Fujinami, Benoit, Lance Storm and Viktor Kruger; having Road Warrior Hawk as your heavyweight champ kind of takes away from the name. Let’s face it, Hawk was good power wrestler, but style wise you can’t put him in the same class as Gotch or Thesz. Hawk is a forerunner for powerful slam bang style, not catch.

    The song had a good hook though.

  3. The Scanian Maniac says:

    I think it was this promotion Eurosport replaced WWE with in the early 1990s when they lost their broadcasting rights in the early 1990s due to a decision by the EU Court of Justice. Like going from fine, expensive wine to drinking denatured alcohol. I remember how sad and disappointed me and my friends were over this 🙁

    But it was fun to watch Owen Hart, Steven Regal and Ludvig Borga there just shortly before they went to WWF and WCW. The commentators even said Owen Hart was going to form the New Hart Foundation with Jim Neidhart in the WWF.

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