It Came From YouTube: WCW wrestlers walk to the ring in WCW Thunder for the Playstation

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From the Playstation WCW Thunder game (which we’ve covered before) here’s all of the video clips of the wrestlers walking to the ring.

Oh yes, it’s just over 7 minutes of nothing but entrances guaranteed to get you more exited than both watching paint dry and watching grass grow combined!

Feel the excitement!

Take a drink every time you think to yourself “I forgot/didn’t know he/she was ever on the WCW roster”.

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12 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: WCW wrestlers walk to the ring in WCW Thunder for the Playstation"
  1. Brandon says:

    No Ric Flair? Lawsuit get in the way?

  2. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    Only two shots (Rick Fuller [never heard of him] & Scotty Riggs [forgot about him]).

    Nice to see Pepe (Chavo’s horse toy, for those that don’t remember/know) made it into a video game.

    How come Disciple got a unique vid & his own entrance music, & Jericho didn’t?
    *Video gets to 6:58*
    Oh, that’s right.

  3. Big Jim says:

    Is it bad that I remembered that every single one of these guys wrestled for WCW at the time? Even randoms like Rick Fuller. Saturday Night baby!

  4. TMS says:

    I do remember all these guys wrestling for WCW, but given how poorly utilized and buried most of the roster was, it is easy to forget they were part of the company.

  5. John says:

    What kid wouldn’t want to book this for a dream match: Rick Fuller, Mike Enos & Mongo vs Disciple, Reese & Van Hammer beat that old wrestling magazines and your Dream Match issues.

  6. Anonymous says:

    What a horrible, HORRIBLE game. Anybody who wanted a quality wrestling game during the Attitude Era was on the Nintendo 64 anyway. No Mercy all the way!

  7. Sean Bateman says:

    Most of those talents were wasted in WCW, like Jericho and Hayashi. Both are now big stars (Y2J in two worlds [wrestling and music] and Hayashi in the Japanese Jr Heavyweight scene)

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