It Came From YouTube: WCW Monday Nitro from 17 years ago was awful

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Bryan and Vinny review WCW Monday Nitro from January 19th, 1998.

Spoiler- it sucked.

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  1. Andre R. says:

    At this point, it was almost possible to feel sorry for WCW. They just had the PPV (Starrcade ’97) that had the main event whose ending was so controversial, it lead to a series of events that was considered by some to be “the beginning of the end” for the company as a whole. I wasn’t following it at the time, but whoever said it, I’ll take their word for it!

    • Matt S. says:

      Shortly after that, Austin became WWF Champ. So what did they have to counter it with? Goldberg as Champion which did okay but then he had to contend with the egos of the “veterans.” That and we had about 48 flavors of nWo…

      • Guest says:

        Booking 101

        – Don’t book your face as a monster someone didn’t tell WCW that about hence why people are still salty about Starrcade 98 (and because that led directly into the fingerpoke of doom).

      • Vince B says:

        Splitting the nWo and having Sting join Wolfpac wasn’t the best idea, but Wolfpac at least got a little over, especially their catchy theme song. Of course, rather than just having the Wolfpac keep existing, it was sh*tcanned. Just like how the West Texas Rednecks got over with an underdog appeal and a catchy theme song, only to also be sh*tcanned in short order.

  2. John C says:

    What idiot today would have a 3 hour Monday night show and then later in the week have a 2 hour show. It seems like that would be a bit of overkill and make people start tuning out of the product.

    • Alexandru says:

      I know, you would think some people would’ve learned from history. Even Bischoff mentioned Thunder was his biggest mistake (he thought he was going to get extra funding for it but he didn’t). But yeah 5 hours of wrestling is just overload

    • Matt S. says:

      Certainly non Vince. He’s such a genius…

    • Guest says:

      There’s nothing wrong with having a 3 hour show, it’s when you don’t have good enough booking and good wrestling matches to support it when shit falls apart.

  3. Attitudeerawasawful says:

    WCW was a million times better than the crap that the WWF was putting out at the time. Only 2 bad matches The Cat VS Jerry Flynn & the Chris Jericho match. The 2 guys reviewing this episode must secretly work for Vince McMahon. They kept nitpicking every minor little thing. The WWF/WWE has repeatedly/constantly made all kinds of horrible worse mistakes from 1998 to 2015.
    They kept trying to make excuses for why the fans loved it, the fans loved it cause it was pretty amazing.

    The excruciatingly painful to watch “Attitude” era was the beginning of the end of good wrestling period. WCW though, was still kicking a$$ all the way up to 2001.

    • Guest says:

      You’re one of the few people I know who thinks Attitude Era WWE was bad the others being Bruno Sammartino and a few parent watchdog groups with nothing better to be offended about.

      • Attitudeerawasawful says:

        Everybody I’ve ever known or met who is a wrestling fan can’t stand the Attitude era & preferred WCW over WWF during that time frame. Personally, I was never offended by the Attitude era. What bothered me the most about it was Vince McMahon. Never in a million years when I was a kid did I ever think to myself “Man, I wish Vince would get heavily involved in the story lines”. Having a feud w/Vince McMahon is just plain embarrassing. Steve Austin was cool in WCW but just too forced & contrived in the WWF. The Rock was & always has been really cheesy. He always looked goofy & his catch phrases were very silly & he looked like he was having a seizure every time he did his finishing move the peoples elbow. The only good part of the Attitude era was the divas (excluding Chyna, obviously) they rocked.

        • Guest says:

          Yeah I can’t take your opinion seriously especially that bit about the Divas since that era gave us one of the shallowest women’s division in WWE at the time that included the likes of Sable & Tori and a bunch of non-wrestling eye candy.

          • Attitudeerawasawful says:

            Extremely cool with me, I can’t take your opinion seriously either. Especially that bit about having a problem with watching Sable. I’d much rather watch her than Steve Austin dressed like a gay biker.

            • Guest says:

              Yeah because wanting to watch an attractive woman struggle to actually wrestle is worth the price of admission.

              Tell me why she’s wrestlecrap material again?

              • Attitudeerawasawful says:

                Look, this back & forth is boring me to death. I agree 90% of the stuff talked about here is wrestlecrap but to say that WCW was no good & Attitude era WWF was good is ridiculously laughable to me. I was a teenager during those years & hated the Attitude era along w/everybody I knew. All of my friends jumped ship & religiously watched WCW instead of WWF. It’s only on the internet that I come across “fans” of the attitude era. In my life, I’ve lived at least 2 years a piece in 5 states & still have yet to come across a real person who has anything good to say about the Attitude era but I’ve repeatedly met people who can’t stop raving about WCW.

                P.S. I’ve never met anybody who complained that a hot blonde with big juggs can’t wrestle. Watching an attractive women “try” to wrestle is DEFINITELY worth the price of admission alone.

                • Guest says:

                  No one’s saying WCW wasn’t good but at this point in time they were circling the drain and nothing could stop it. You and friends probably watched it under pretense that there wasn’t anything wrong with the product (which their was), or simply out of favoritism.

                  If you’ve never met people who complained about ladies with huge racks that can’t wrestle you’ve haven’t been to many wrestling forums, also Sable’s breasts weren’t even that big anyway.

                  • Attitudeerawasawful says:

                    Thank you, that was the best response so far. I agree WCW wasn’t perfect, no federation ever was or has been. I never meant to imply that they were perfect. I was simply saying that in my personal life experiences w/other wrestling fans is that they were completely unimpressed with the Attitude era.

                    If for whatever reason some people like the Attitude era than that’s great. It just seems like people are really taking to heart the revisionist history that Vince McMahon is hammering down everybody’s throats. WCW as a whole is always treated like cr@p. Like that WCW-OMG DVD that came out last year it was basically made to just mock WCW as if they rarely ever did anything good. The WWF/E is filled w/cringe worthy moments just like WCW was but Vince will take any chance he gets to put a huge spotlight on any & every little mistake WCW ever made. Dude really needs to get over himself, he eventually won the whole “Monday Night War”. No rational person will think any less of him if he admits that WCW was responsible for some great wrestling.

                    Sadly (?), I’ve been to tons of wrestling forums & it always blows my mind that guys complain about hot girls not being able to wrestle. I was talking about people I’ve personally met, they’ve never had a problem whatsoever with a hot girl not being a great technical wrestler.

                    • Norman says:

                      Kelly Kelly should NOT wrestle!!! I have a problem with eye candy trying to wrestle if they’re greener than a traffic light!

    • Autrach Sejanoz says:

      Bob Ryder, is that you?

    • Jimbolian says:

      Go to bed Bischoff; you’re drunk.

      • Attitudeerawasawful says:

        Your comment makes no sense. If anything Bischoff would probably be agreeing w/all the WCW haters about the final years.

    • Jay "The Brain" Mann says:

      Whoa, calm down Sullivan. I think someone needs their daily dose of happy pills. 😛

  4. Mr. Jody says:

    THE STORYLINE SHOULD’VE BEEN… no one could beat Goldberg i.e Hollywood Hogan trying desperately to get his title back,, Hollywood’s the leader of the nWo,, somebody beats Goldberg for him and then lays down after the fingerpoke of doom. WCW handled it terribly though.

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