It Came From YouTube: Tremble in fear at martial arts master “Judo” Joe!

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I was reading one of Brian Bayless’ excellent recaps of an old episode of WWF Championship Wrestling on Scott Keith’s blog and one of the matches from this particular episode featured some guy I had never heard of before- “Judo” Joe Black!

Since Brian helpfully linked to video of the match, I had to re-post it here.

“Judo” Joe is pretty terrible and one of the worst wrestlers I’ve ever seen (presumably he was not trained by “Judo” Al Hayes!), but I can’t help but love the stupid gimmick for some reason.

He of course loses to Hungry, Hungry Ken Patera pretty quickly as Ken destroys him faster than a plate glass window at a McDonalds. 

If you’re looking to see Judo Joe in any other matches, you are sadly out of luck as this appears to be his one and only WWE match.

I nearby declare “Judo” Joe an honorary Jobber Of The Week.

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17 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Tremble in fear at martial arts master “Judo” Joe!"
  1. Anonymous says:


    Anyway, this guy is a fairly typical jobber. I’ve seen guys 10x worse.

  2. Sean Bateman says:

    Hungry Hungry Pateras coming soon to toy shops near you

  3. Surfer Sandman says:

    Too bad Judo Joe didn’t give a promo beforehand. Wonder if it would be worse than anything that Jeff Farmer could come up with?

    • Adam Cota says:

      I’m willing to bet Jumpin’ Jeff Farmer, promo-wise, would be The Rock compared to Judo Joe, but perhaps we’ll never really know…

  4. John says:

    Did that guy ask Patera if he wanted fries with his order before the match to make him so mad. My pick for worst all-time is either Dave Barbie, EL Stinkante or either member of the famed tag team combination of The Beast & Kaluha (mmmmmmmm Kaluha-white Russians) from Clash of the Champion 13.

  5. Walt says:

    The way Black landed into the turnbuckle face first then flopped onto the mat was funny.

    I am more of a fan of catch wrestling than Judo, but why the hate on for Judo?

    Was giving this jobber the moniker of “Judo” meant to be a shot at Gene LeBell?

    • Anonymous says:

      There have been guys with “Judo” names for decades. “Judo” Gene LeBell was hardly the only one.

    • Hambone McSteve says:

      Judo/Jujitsu vs Catch was a pretty big “friendly rivalry” in the early 20th century. This was likely an echo of that.

      Bruno was also grasping at straws to rationalize (within kayfabe) how a guy like Patera could possibly beat up a Judo black belt with such ease, using only strength and basic wrestling holds.

    • Surfer Sandman says:

      Here’s how I imagine that “Judo” Joe came about:

      Promoter: We need to fill a gap between the main event and the mid-card. Would you be willing to go out there?
      Joe: Sure thing!
      Promoter: Uhh, you have any hobbies? Any skills?
      Joe: Well, I do teach judo to school-age children
      Promoter: You’re hired. Now, dress up in karate uniform and get the hell out there
      Joe: Karate uniform?
      Promoter: NOW! Or you don’t get dinner!

  6. Mark Cardoso says:

    Welcome to Xbox 360 WWE 2K14 community creations Judo joe Black

  7. Adam Cota says:

    Judo needs his own movie – “Meet Judo Joe Black” perhaps? You think Brad Pitt would be interested?

  8. Peter says:

    “Judo” Joe Black reminds me of like, Rex Kwon Do from the movie Napoleon Dynamite. In fact, why hasn’t any wrestling gimmick ripped that character off yet? I’m shocked.

  9. Eric S. says:

    This guy actually came in to the grocery store I worked at in the late 90’s. He kept coming into the store to shop and my buddies and I were constantly talking wrestling. He overheard us and said he was “Judo Joe Black”. We were nice but let him know we did not know who he was. The next day he brought in a picture from this very match. If I can dig it out one day I will post it. Actually was a pretty nice guy and indeed was who he said he was. He said he had another match in WWF under a mask but of course I never found it.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s awesome.

    • Judo John says:

      Eric S., do you have any more details on his whereabouts? Judo Joe is blowing up again and we all need more Judo Joe info! Did this happen in Poughkeepsie? Any info on this amazing talent is greatly appreciated!


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