It Came from YouTube: The Self Destruction of CM Punk

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We covered this in Headlies, glad to see the trailer is available now as well!


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7 Responses to "It Came from YouTube: The Self Destruction of CM Punk"
  1. A says:

    This one makes me sad. That doesn’t happen often when I come here, but it did this time. Sniff…

  2. Jordan Mishkin says:

    I’ll be waiting for my royalty check in the mail.

    • John C says:

      Triple & Nipple H said they would be glad to give 75% off of (name edited by management)’s merchandise from WWE Shopzone. It’s weird you can now say Chris Benoit’s name but not (seriously we said cut it out already-The Authority)’s name.

  3. king1836 says:

    Well done!

  4. Walt says:

    I’m waiting for the Self-Destruction of CP Munk, who left the WWF after finding out how low he was on the Endangered Species list.

  5. John C says:

    And make sure to leave room on your shelf for, The Self-Obstruction of BM Punk: Unbinding a Superstar.

  6. Mr Maddog says:

    How could The Self Destruction of CM Punk not have this music?

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