It Came From YouTube Classic: The Nitro Girls on The Dating Game

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Valentine’s Day. That wonderful time of year when a Hallmark card and flowers can disguise for about twenty-four hours the fact that you’d probably rather be banging the guy or girl who lives down the street instead. But what if you don’t have a romantic love interest in your life? Maybe you just got dumped, perhaps? Hold back those lonely tears, and remember, someone will always love you – and that someone is yourself. For your solo viewing (self)pleasure this Valentine’s Day, why don’t you draw a bubble bath, put some bows in your hair and sing along with “Exotic” Adrian Street, crooning the most romantic love song of all time!

Let’s say, instead, that you want a real woman, instead of just gazing into a mirror. Well, you should have been around for the Dating Game circa 1999! After all, who wouldn’t have wanted to have had a chance to win a date with a Nitro Girl?

That’s right! Chae, Fyre, and Whisper were all on the show, and boy howdy did we get to learn some FUN-FACTS about them. Chae likes to ride horses and motorcycles. Fyre is a fitness instructor AND a realty broker! And Whisper likes to carve animals out of fruit.

Don’t ask me, I’m just telling you what they said.

What they didn’t say, but would be readily apparent, is that Whisper is approximately 13′ tall.

Perhaps that would turn on our bachelor, Paul, who claims, and I quote, “it’s important to take a girl out on a first date to the circus.”

Yes, THE CIRCUS. I somehow doubt ol’ Paul gets a lot of dates. What a weirdo.

But it’s his lucky day, as he gets to ask the girls about such items as tricycles, Frankenstein, monkeys, and the International House of Pancakes.

Had WCW just aired this every week instead of, say, Thunder, I have no doubt they’d still be in business.

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3 Responses to "It Came From YouTube Classic: The Nitro Girls on The Dating Game"
  1. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    “Exotic” Adrian Street is one of the most underrated wrestlers ever, IMO.

  2. 80's Guy says:

    Come on, that was a catchy little ditty. Gonna add it to my music collection.

    Speaking of wrestling music collections, besides the awesome Piledriver and Badstreet U.S.A., has anybody heard Michael Hayes’ song tribute to Terry Gordy, Freebird Road? Freaking awesome tune, IMO.

  3. 80's Guy says:

    I don’t know if the guy can appreciate these women. Sounds like he keeps saying “bachelor” for a while there…

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