It Came From YouTube: The Dungeon Of Doom introduces us to THE MONSTER MENG!!!

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Crapper Paul S. writes:

You know what we haven’t had on Wrestlecrap in awhile? A Dungeon of Doom Segment.

Weirdly enough less than a year before this Meng was already in WCW doing a “bodyguard in a nice suit” gimmick. Kind of weird how he went from being a normal guy to a kung-fu cannibal in some kind of gold loin mask.

I love these DoD vignettes so very much.

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15 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: The Dungeon Of Doom introduces us to THE MONSTER MENG!!!"
  1. Boz says:

    “loin mask”?

  2. JOSHSTANK says:

    Did anyone notice Sullivans thick Boston accent when he said his last line? “THE BALANCE OF POWAHH, HAS BEEN TIPPED!” Wonder if they went out in their cahh to a restaurant for some chowdahh after?

  3. Da DragonFly says:

    That’s funny, but the other clips of the Dungeon of Doom tops even that silly crap. I all but forgot about The Zodiac, lol.

    • Cenamark says:

      Smarks need to put aside their whines about the PG Era. These Dungeon of Doom segments always seemed like they’d have worked better on Power Rangers than wrestling. I could honestly see Kevin Sullivan working as a lackey for Lord Zed and Rita Repulsa.

  4. Da DragonFly says:

    I didn’t even remember Vader was I the Dungeon of Doom. What the hell was he doing there, or was that right before he jumped to the WWF and never even fought with that crappy stable?

  5. The Doctor of Style says:

    Awesome, an SCTV sketch on a wrestling show! They should’ve hired John Candy to play the mastermind, with Rick Moranis as his 2nd-in-command. Then Count Floyd could provide commentary.

  6. The Scanian Maniac says:

    Wasn’t “the Master” of The Dungeon of Doom, more known as the Wizard (not to be confused with the Grand Wizard) in the WWE where he managed Kamala and Sika in the 1980’s and actually made some very memorable promos?

    • Cenamark says:

      I read it was King Curtis Iaukea.

      • The Scanian Maniac says:

        Yes, it’s the same guy:

        You can hear a couple of samples of his promos in the WWE documentary “The Worlds Greatest Managers” ca 5:40 and 18:30 into the video:

  7. The Carpetbagger says:

    What is it with wcw and stupid giant masks?

  8. Ray Cornwall says:

    Sullivan kinda looks like Kevin Smith there.

  9. John C says:

    “Hey Meng this is Ricky Steamboat calling you back just wondering when you were going to bring back my dragon head. Might need it again so you know just drop it off. Thanks pal.”

  10. Chris says:

    During this era I was following WCW news/results but not actually watching the shows (didn’t have satellite TV) and didn’t know until very recently that the Dungeon of Doom had been promoted through these insane segments. How did King Curtis manage to keep up that voice through the whole thing…..?

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