It Came From YouTube: The Big Show does traffic and weather reports!

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The Big Show does traffic and weather reporting when he visits a newscast to promote a WWE event.

Hey, if this wrestling thing doesn’t work out, it looks like he’s found a career to fall back on!

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5 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: The Big Show does traffic and weather reports!"
  1. Shane Bugless says:

    He could also get a job as a babysitter. I know it’s a little unrelated, but I remember he once appeared on Conan back when he was The Giant in WCW. Conan was watching “The Wrestling Babysitter” channel on his satellite, and The Giant was shown babysitting some kids. Does anyone else remember this, because I can’t find this anywhere online.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      If anyone finds a clip of this, please send it my way! I must see it and put it on the site!

      • LCS says:

        Looking for it and haven’t found it yet. But did find a couple of clips from back in 2005 with him on Conan that are just as funny.

        Also found this odd site that lists wrestlers in TV/movie appearances –

        Will keep looking.

  2. Jake says:


  3. Gunga D says:

    Spots like this are depressing. When you see how naturally funny and charismatic he is, it only makes all the crap he’s been put through in his career that much more sad. Shoulda been a main eventer.

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